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  1. Hi folks, For the last few months Cabot has been sending me letters demanding that I contact them. As the failed to provide me with the CCA in 2016, I ignored them. Today I received a letter stating that they are instructing Moorcroft to arrange a visit to my home. I sent them the template CCA letter on 28th July 2016, and received a reply on 3rd August 2016 stating that they were unable to get the relevant documents, and acknowledging the 12 day limit. (I still have all the letters). Up until recently I have not had any communication with Cabot for the past 2 years. My question is there a template letter I can send and where do I stand?
  2. Ive received a letter before action from Gladstones re an alleged parking violation on private land there aren't any signs at the entrance barrier stating the land is private and subject to a fine for illegal parking. Although there are some within the car park, these are placed in such a way that tree branches etc obscure them. Is the alleged violation enforceable if there weren't any noticed placed at the barrier entrance to the car park? Thank you.
  3. I have YW chasing me for money. The amount which is just over £600 for 11 months. To my knowledge water has never been this expensive. Can someone please shed light on this. I have not paid as the first bill I disputed, and it has just been going on and on. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Ok I'll try to keep this short Bought a car, broke down still awaiting the V5 and fully intend to scrap the car but will also remove some parts from it before it goes. In the meantime the car is whole and in tact and looks in roadworthy condition with MOT. The car is parked on social housing landlord car park and is SORN'd, untaxed but does have current MOT. Have had issues with neighbours and ASB for which I involved the police. They have moaned at the landlord saying the car is "abandoned" to get at me. The council came out and put a notice on the car last week: Polite Notice Refuse Disposal Amenity Act 1978 (as amended by clean neighbourhoods and environment act 2005) Road Traffic the removal and disposal of vehicles and regulations 1984 Reg********* Make xxxxxx Model xxxxxxxxxxx Colour xxxxxxxxx Location xxxxxxxxxx Vehicle reported as abandoned, if you have information relating to this vehicle or are the owner/keeper please contact the environmental protection team at xxxx if no information is received by x July the vehicle may be removed and destroyed ------------------------------- That is complete there's no date or other details on the notice. I emailed them immediately telling them the car isn't abandoned at all and up until today I hadn't heard anything from them. I have emailed them chasing up a reply and just got a curt email from someone with no job title saying contact the landowner yet it wasn't the landowner that put the notice on the car that was the council. I have no intention of leaving the car there any length of time, i've submitted a V62 to the DVLA to get the V5 as I haven't had one for the car yet and once I have it i'll get a scrappy to collect it. Unfortunately I hadn't acted as quickly as I could've done due to disabilities and ill health. So what's the legalities with removing the car in this way how much time do I have? The car is MOT'd until September but is SORN at present and quite happy to get the car gone as soon as I have the paperwork to do so.
  5. Didn't know whether to post here or in a benefits subforum. I recently received a letter from Jacobs chasing me for an alleged housing benefit overpayment of just under £2000 from over 7 years ago. I have responded in writing by disputing the debt and stating that as it is statute barred it is now unenforceable although I understand it may be recovered by the local authority through an attachment of earnings order (I am self-employed though) or deductions from future benefit payments. I had no prior knowledge of the alleged debt, have never acknowledged it, and no court information pertaining to it has ever appeared on my credit report. Jacobs have responded by giving me 7 days to pay in full (expiring 12 noon tomorrow) or they say they are going to take me to court. They have provided no breakdown of the amount they claim I owe, or any proof that I owe it. What's my next step?
  6. I naively filled out some PPI claim online Pemberton Associates ages ago, gave all info I had to hand. “Electronically” signed all documents. Was sent something in the post which was lengthy, eventually completed & returned. Cut a long story short but I started getting A LOT of emails from this company. Regarding all sorts of things, claims against pay day loans, claims against all sorts of things, there was that much I lost track. I was only ever really interested in PPI and I assumed everything I filled in was to do with PPI. I got a final response saying once they’ve checked my credit history there’s only two companies I could claim against - one being a mail order company (which I owe a mere £80 and the other being my current account, which at the time was overdrawn) I replied saying I didn’t really see the point in perusing a claim against these for the reasons above. To which they agreed. I then started getting emails regarding some payday loan I took out a while back, asking me to send them a copy of some letter. I had no idea what they were talking about and told them this, on top of the fact my balance was zero I didn’t understand why they were looking into it. Fast forward a few weeks and they’re now saying I’ve breached the contract and that i’m Liable for cancellation fee’s if £360 for each company they originally persued (sure there’s about 12 all together) The guy who was emailing me was horrible, very threatening, making out like I was lying, saying they’ve now realised I’ve breached the contract for a second time as I’d not returned documents (this isn’t the case - I’ve returned everything I’ve received) I was getting no where with him, ended up leaving a lengthy yet honest review on trust pilot to which he replied saying if I didn’t remove it they’d sue me for damages. Cut a long story short he reckons he’s issuing court proceedings first thing tomorrow. He’s literally not left me alone all night, threatening all sorts, telling me I am liable for court costs on top of the damages and fee’s already mentioned. Apologies for any spelling errors, currently in the middle of something & frantically trying to explain myself on my phone! Any advice greatly appreciated!
  7. I got letter from solicitors, on behalf of Robinsons Way acting as agents for HPH (ex Barclaycard) on a debt they say originates from a legal agreement from 2004. This I believe relates to an old Egg debt, but BCard bought my Egg debt in 2011/12. I was paying Egg card small amount monthly, Egg stopped taking payments (not me defaulting) when BCard bought debt. Bcard wrote to me said I needed to change SO to their details and quote my Bcard as a reference!!! I didnt have BCard, it was an Egg card. I wrote and told them, they didnt reply, I didnt resume payments (Never made any payments to Bcard). That was in 2011/2012 not too sure of last payment date - have to scroll thru old bank statements, but never made any payments to BCard. Had various letters from Bcard, Robinson Way and other companies over the ensuing years, debt been passed off from one co to another. Now just received a Letter of Claim from solicitors saying they have legal agreement between me and original creditor (who they seem to be implying was BCard as no mention of Egg), and the date of that agreement. Said their "client" (think they mean BCard) purchased the account and it was legally assigned in July 17, Notice of Assignment sent to me - I not received! I have drafted a letter asking for a copy of the CCA, a full breakdown of the costs involved in the debt, and a copy of the Notice of Assignment. Will send recorded delivery tomorrow. I know they have 14 days to supply a legible true copy of the CCA -. My main thought is why has it taken them so long to initiate legal action if they have a good case? Any thoughts or advice please on what else I can do, Sorry for War and Peace!!
  8. Since becoming unemployed I've fallen behind with my energy bill to what was GB Energy, now changed to Co-OP Energy. I'd managed to pay various amounts off but setting up a DD with Co-Op has proven a nightmare with random sums being taken, or attempted to be taken, from my bank account at random dates during the month. They're now threatened to move me onto a higher rate tariff. Can they do that ? And can I stop them as it seems pointless to move me to a higher rate tariff when I'm struggling to get back on track with the current tariff
  9. Hi Everyone right here is my story, i took out a mobile phone contract with orange about 3 years or more ago now im not going to lie 3 years ago i was a little bugger and thats just say i took the contract out not for the contract and never paid a PENNY so i do owe orange the money, lowell have been sending me letters for years but have only recently threatened court action The thing is a week letter i receive this letter for a discounted offer, does this mean they have no evidence if they are offering me 40% discount, it does say if i dont pay this by the 30th they will take me to court the original amount is for something like £778 and now there offering me to just pay £467 something like that. Below i have attached the letter if you would like any more information please do no hesitate to ask Best Regards Backswine https://ibb.co/iDjBH5
  10. My Landlord, a housing association, is threatening legal action for access to examine a gas boiler in my rooms. I think that the application would go before a magistrates court. My question is do I get notice so I can defend the case? There is no gas boiler in my rooms. The landlord knows this. I have reminded them several times and they don't seem to believe me. It is a case of administrative chaos rather than deliberate harassment. Any ideas, please?
  11. Hi there, I'm currently struggling to pay off $AU 7k debt that is owed to an Australian bank, which has now been sold to a Debt Collection Agency in Oz. T hey tried to find out where I was living by contacting my ex partner and have tracked me down in the UK. They said they will forward this to their overseas affiliates Stevensdrake. I received a couple of letters from SD, the last one stating 'in the absence of any response we are instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. Court costs and interest will become payable (where applicable) in addition to the basic debt if those proceedings are successful.' Having studied most of the threads most people would recommend ignoring them. I have made no contact with them at all and this debt is pretty recent, only about 1 year. So I have about 5 years before going down the SB route. It looks like SD do bring people to court in relation to this...which is my fear. Unfortunately I have zero money or assets here. Just UK debts which I'm trying to pay off every month, I'm on min wage salary and I actually can only just about pay my bills, rent and food every month. My Mum isn't well so I had to move back within a year of being there. When I moved back to the UK from OZ I was unemployed for 6 months because I couldn't find work. I'm just not sure what the best way forward is as most people say to ignore them but I've seen some people recommending to make contact as to not let them think they will get an automatic judgement against me if they did bring proceedings forward. Any advice would be so appreciated.
  12. Hi all At the end of April, my last bad debt falls away from my credit rating However i just got a letter from shoosmiths ( debt already gone from my credit report) saying that 'If we cannot agree during the next 14 days how you will repay the amount outstanding to Arrow Global limited, we will issue Court proceedings against you for the full sun outstanding together with legal costs. We will not contact you again to warn you that the proceedings will be issued. They have been sending letters in bursts over the years but I've been ignoring them, this one seems like the end of the road. - out standing sum is just under 10k - i cant afford to pay or even offer a lump sum at the moment - it's a loan taken out in 2006 and I remember signing the agreement with HSBC. - I'm nearly 99.9 per cent sure i have made payments in the last 6 years -I don't want to ruin my credit rating by another 6 years ccj - Should i call them? If i ignore this letter how likely are they to issue Court proceedings? I rather pay them 20 quid a month ( currently not working) then have a ccj
  13. I took out a no contract gym membership as i needed it temporarily since i was coming back from uni to stay with my parents and wanted to be on top with gym. The gym i found was a no contract no joining fee membership which was ideal since i needed the gym for 2 weeks. The first payment had come out and then upon the 2nd week so around 1.5 weeks id told the gym i wanted to cancel which they said was fine, i filled out some forms and that was that. But the person had said that id need to cancel the DD with my bank and they said to do this after the next payment comes out. However i didnt think this would be a problem for me to cancel before the second payment since they said id need to give 30 days notice but nowhere upon email or conditions did it state that. All id found was something to do with harlands stating that they need 14 days notice that i need to give to the bank and harlands? Id cancelled the DD upon 1.5 weeks into the first month of the DD bearing in mind the first payment had already come out. I now got told and recieved a letter to my parents address since i dont live there atm stating from harlands id been charged admin fees of £25 plus the cost of month gym at £16.99 coming to £41.99. However this from what i understand cant be right since the contract wasnt a fixed contract so dont see why i need to give a months notice and why in the email that i received for joining id need to write to harlands before cancelling. what can i do, i really need help since i need to pay by the 30th otherwise id be charged more.
  14. Hi all, Wondered if anyone could help, Around half a year - year ago I signed up to virgin active on a 1 year contract. Long story short, Life caught up with me and I couldn't get there at all, I think I made the monumental mistake of cancelling the DD directly with my bank and not telling the gym. I understand this may have been the wrong way to handle the situation but I had a lot going on at the time (personal issues with my health). Arc Europe are now contacting me and are threatening court action etc and I am unsure the right course of action to take now... I am not financially fit to be paying back the money they're asking for (£280). Any help/ advice at all would be appreciated. Kind Regards Lo
  15. Hello I had a dartford crossing penalty charge that I never paid as was in & out of my property due to domestic violence issues. Equita now have the debt. On the 7/2/2017 they gave me an enforcement notice after only having my debt since 27/1/2017, the notice stated I had until 17:30pm on the 7/2/2017 to talk to them before a bailiff was sent to my house. I was not at my property to recieve this letter to meet their deadline so it went unnoticed. I called equita as soon as I returned home to explain my situation & they just said it's in the hands of their enforcement officer now so deal with him. What a monster this man is!! He has told me I am to pay him £50 a week or the full debt, I'm on ESA & currently awaiting a decision on my pip award, I told him I don't even have £50 a month but could do £20 a month at a push. He refused & said he will return to my property with the police to take my goods this was on the 18/2/2017 On the 20/2/2017 he came to my property but I was not home. He then sent me this text: Due to your failure to pay a Bailiff, under the instructions of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service has attended your premises with the intention of taking control of goods and removing your goods. The Magistrates Distress Warrant empowers the high court enforcement agent , by virtue of Schedule 4A of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004, to enter your premises by force should you wilfully refuse to pay the outstanding fine and costs. To prevent the removal of your goods and the expensive additional removal costs you must make immediate payment. Failure to do so will result in the re-attendance of your premises with Locksmiths and the Police to remove your goods even in your absence. NO FURTHER NOTICE WILL BE ISSUED. Is he just being a bully or can he really get a locksmith to drill out my locks while I'm out over a dart charge penalty? I thought it was only council tax, HM revenue tax debt or criminal fines they could do this. I have a debt relief order coming into place in about 10weeks which this debt is included in but until this locks in I'm stuck with it. What am I supposed to do about this bully?
  16. Hello - 5 months ago I had a new composite door / frame set fitted by a supposedly reputable company . Long story short they made a terrible mess and the door was faulty , damaged and the fitters damaged the door and my property whilst fitting .They also took my old door and frame away as they had to smash it out trying to get it out . I never signed the job off and complained straight away . The company sent the 'fitting company' manager to assess the door and he agreed it was terrible and verbally said that we would get a new door and fittings ( that were also damaged ) but not a frame . I was annoyed about this as they come as a factory calibrated set and also the removal of the frames would cause damage and scratches to the frame which was not what we ordered ie a brand new door . We asked for a full replacement of the door set and that was refused .We then noticed further damage to the brickwork under the door that was just placed back and never reported to us .We have since asked for a refund / been refused and had to go the bank for section 75 claim .After legal wrangling with the bank ( suppliers of the interest free credit) the company now wants to 'cancel' the contract and says we have 30 days to get a replacement door and we have to inform them to collect the door so we will be left without our perfectly good old door - a large hole and damaged brickwork ! Do we have any rights to 'restore' us back to the way it was before the work was done - can they legally come and remove the door if they cancel the contract ? Have we any legal redress for the fact we have to get another fitter and get the damaged brickwork mended ?
  17. Hi guys, loving this site for information. Apologies if I'm flogging a dead horse here as I've seen some threads about CRS and people being chased for "unpaid" gym fees. I'm just looking for any information how people have got on. Long story short, I was contacted by CRS approx two years ago regarding a default £20 payment from my old gym surprise surprise excercise4less. My apparent debt was now £106 after CRS fees had been added on. I lettered them back saying in my opinion I had submitting my last payment on time and cancelled in writing. We sent a couple of letters back and forth but as I wouldn't recognise the debt, they eventually forwarded it on to a recovery agency who I refused to engage with. They sent one letter telling me they would reduce cost to £76. Over a year has passed (in this time I threw out all kept correspondence) now CRS have emailed me twice , the later threatening me by contacting a named solicitor. Has anyone got to to this stage? And what's next? Finally I like a good fight as much as they next guy and I'll gladly have my day in court Out of interest tho if I lost how much can they legally claim from me? Am I entitled to pay thousands in legal fee's? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  18. Hi, and thank you in advance for any help and guidance on this matter. I requested a cca from Lowell regarding a debt of £9000 (which consists of mainly interest charges) from very catalogue. They eventually returned an in signed agreement that has discrepancies on. There appears to be 2 different dates they state the account was opened, one is 07/12/2008 and an alleged credit agreement with an electronic tick for my signature dated 29/06/2011 The total debt is for £9,000.38 Of which £6,434.63 is made up of interest. I am wondering what my next step is, do I contact shop direct about discrepancies or Lowell ( who are demanding full payment or they are sending the debt to the collections department). I have a neurological disorder which hinders my thinking process and mobility and I have been classed as disabled because of it. I find the constant texting and phone calls disturbing ( I had written asking for all correspondence to be delt with by way of letter when I asked for the cca as my speak is slurred ) As I am unable to work due to my disability the funds would not be available to pay the disputed debt. Would I need to request a sar at all? They have placed the debt onto my credit score now as being in default. Sorry for the long post (trust me this has taken far longer to type than it has for you to read it Once again thank you in advance for any advice given
  19. Hi all. I'm hoping some of you caggers will be able to relate to my experience and hopefully provide some advice. I've received notification from DWP that I owe about £500 in overpayment of tax credits. A brief overview of the issue: We were claiming £53 per week while I was working. My wife was at home looking after our disabled daughter. I ended my employment some time in April of this year, and attempted to apply for JSA. I was advised that my wife would be better applying for ESA and having me included on the application, which she did. We informed DWP that I was no longer working, but they continued to pay the tax credits into our account. It was a good job they did because two months, and then three months later we still had not received any of the ESA or other benefits we had applied for. We basically lived on family handouts for months, and relied on the good will of our housing association as we began to fall behind on rent payments. Our arrears on council tax and also TV license all mounted up. Thankfully in June I returned to work and the tax credits payments stopped. Now I have received a demand for payment in full or they'll take it out of my wages. I've explained that their mistake in continuing to pay us was all we had to live on due to receiving no other benefits, but they aren't interested. I'm not denying we spent tax credits and I'm more than willing to make affordable payments back. However, what I do mind is the fact that they want their overpayment of tax credits back but that was just a fraction of the entitlements we were never paid. We struggled like hell as a family and now we're trying to get back on our feet and paying our way, they are forcing more hardship on us. I just want fairness and a level playing field. Any help or advice will be truly welcomed. Craig
  20. I've had a letter from Cabot for an old barclaycard I took out last century, and have been paying a small nominal amount since I left my previous job. What does prescribed terms mean? I also read elsewhere, asking for a copy of the CCA was an admission the debt was correct, is this true? I was considering asking them for this, as currently I am off work recovering from a serious illness and really do not want the stress of this. They have also credit searched me recently, I'm pretty sure that's not legal as I have certainly never given them permission to do so.
  21. The following is a short extract from a press release that featured on SCOOP yesterday regarding the trial of a debtor (Danny Williamson) who threatened bailiffs with knives and an imitation gun when they attended his property seeking payment of £1,100 for a fine relating to alleged traffic offences. From the report, it would seem that the debtor had claimed that he had not known of the debt. Bailiffs stated that they would be taking control of his vehicle. He was finally arrested at gunpoint by armed police. Judge Ian Graham handed Mr Williamson a 12 month prison sentence at Basildon Crown Court yesterday suspended for 18 months, and ordered him to pay £520 in court costs. Further details can be read here: http://www.basildonstandard.co.uk/news/14875264.Grandad_grabs_a_fake_gun_to_scare_away_two_bailiffs/ http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  22. I have an ongoing dispute with 2nd charge / secured loan company regarding outstanding arrears. Submitted Formal Complaint. Response received and no mention that it is final but do mention that I have six months to refer to FOS. I went back to them with my response to their findings before deciding whether to refer to FOS. No reply yet from them apart from today receiving a letter from their arrears department stating that I have 21 days to pay the arrears or they will instruct solicitors to proceed with repossession. My question is, if a dispute is still ongoing including option to still refer to the ombudsman can they still carry out their actions / threats? Thank-you for looking.
  23. Hi all I've been dealing with the company guardian recovery limited over the past few days and have to say they are the worst company i have ever dealt with. My wife owes a debt to a veterinary clinic of £139. To cut a long story short my wife simply forgot to pay the bill (the cat died so it was out of sight out of mind type thing) Then after hearing nothing guardian recovery started chasing me for the debt and threatening court since the beginning. I refused to accept liability on the off chance they did actually take it to court. I should point out that i never signed any agreement with the vet, which the vet agrees with and have offered to provide my wife with the signed agreement in her name. They told me they didn't care and i am liable, i asked for their complaints department and was told i am an idiot and they won't bother looking at my complaint. I told them i would formally dispute the debt in writing and was told the same thing (i have put in a complaint and dispute anyway). The last conversation i had with them was today and told them i will not deal with them anymore and will instruct my wife to deal with the vet and was told it wouldn't matter they would carry on chasing me even if it was paid to the vet. 5 minutes later my wife was on the phone to the vet and they told her that they won't deal with her as they just had an email from guardian recovery saying if they take payment from my wife then they will be liable for the fees. I have been getting daily calls from then which i don't answer anymore and several emails a day. One email stated that they would be calling round to my house or place of work to make a list of assets that will be seized if i don't pay. I know this is a bunch of b.s without a ccj Several emails have threatened Bankruptcy/winding up proceedings. Again b.s and completely disproportionate to the level of debt. The last week i have been getting letters from a solicitor from Leighton Croft & Partners which is a trading style of Guardian Recover Limited. The first said i have 7 days to pay or "you will have to stand before a judge and explain your actions" lol. I got another on Monday with 7 days to pay, then i got one this morning saying that's it we are putting in court papers today. Yes these guys are terrible at maths to. The debt is also £183.9 now but i have had no mention of fees and i'm pretty sure the solicitor named on the email isn't even a solicitor. So all in all I'm getting some good laughs from them but also getting fed up of the threats and wondering what action i can take. My wife is willing to ring up the vet in the morning and pay but they won't accept payment from her. BTW these people are the same people as Clear Debt Solutions.
  24. Hi Just received the attached today 12th July. I was back in the car 4 minutes before the parking expired I was unaware that there were cameras up and was loitering near the exit waiting for the family to catch up. I thought as I was in the car out of the space that there wouldn't be a problem as I wasn't aware as I say there were cameras on the entrance/exit. I presume i'll have to pay this now, i'll need to pay in installments as my only source of income is my ESA so can't afford even the £60 discounted figure. There is signage up in the car park but I didn't see mention of anything to do with ANPR cameras anywhere, as it was a pub car park with a ticket machine I assumed it'd just be the pub enforcing it. Any suggestions gratefully received, thanks
  25. Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the correct forum, if not then please move it to the correct forum My partner is a professional carpenter. Last week he did a small job for someone who wanted some decking repaired. Customer stipulated that he didn't want the whole thing replacing, which is what my partner recommended, due to rot. So my partner said he could take some of it off and replace the broken boards. The customer was satisfied with the repair job and so was his wife, and paid my partner in full, by cheque. The cheque cleared, but a few days later the customer text my partner saying he wasn't happy with the quality of the work and could he come back and have a look at it. As my partner now works full time for the ambulance service to make ends meet, and the carpentry work is now only part time, he has been unable to go back and inspect the work, but sent an e-mail detailing that he was satisfied that he had done a good job and that had the customer not been happy then why didn't he say so at the time? He claims that the repairs are unsafe and the workmanship is poor. The photos he has sent don't look good to be honest but he has taken the photos in such a way that you can't fully see the whole thing in true context. The customer has now sent a very long e-mail detailing problems and saying that if he doesn't received a full refund by 12th July then he will take him to small claims court, and that any further contact from my partner by email, phone or post will incur a £10 charge! My partner had very little to work with and did the best he could considering the customer didn't want the entire decking replaced, and simply repaired. The customer was happy with the work when asked to inspect it. My question is, can the customer really take him to small claims court over this? What grounds does he have to do this?
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