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  1. I have been reading a few threads about 1st credit just to try to get a flavour of what to expect in my dealings with them, and am unable to get a clear picture (probably due to my browsing skills, or lack thereof) I recently received the standard 'please contact us' letter, and will wait until they write with more details of what exactly they want from me. I had a CCJ for a debt to customs and excise over 6 years ago, which has only just dropped off the bottom of my credit record, and so only recently have been able to open a 'proper' bank account. Due to personal tragedies a
  2. just a quick thread. my mate bryan rang council. i.e council tax. they want to see him on wednesday afternoon, with his outgoings n incomings, and paperwork etc,etc. so to the prat who started the thread. unbeknown yo you have helped bry out. so thanks must go to you aswel. yeagh rite
  3. Pam Pam, following your PM, I've started this thread for you and will add the link to the forum sticky you requested in a mo. My best, HB
  4. Hi there, seems to be already a few threads on very. I have been happily paying up my debt from them for the last 2 years or so and i haven't missed a payment. My debt was going down and as far as i knew i had about £5 left to pay. Until i went on their website a week before Christmas and i seen a charge for something like £146. I was wondering where this was coming from, so i phoned them up to query it. I was told that it was a buy now pay later charge from last Christmas. I was unaware of this charge, no one told me about it. Wasn't happy about it, but thought i will have to pay it.
  5. Hi, please could any one help me at all. I receievd a letter exactly the same wording as tttf's. I had a joint account that was was in a overdraft for 1000 pound with an ex years ago (hsbc). I recieved a letter today which i can only presume is to do with that as when we split the account was just left. I dont know if my ex has had the same letter but funnily enough my letter is for 299.99 court fee 15.00 total 364.99. Its from Sigma Spv 1 limited. Funnily enough the the wording is exact, spelt without the T on credit and the date of 21/12/2011 for
  6. Can anyone please advise on this case? in the CAG forum upgrade - my thread seems to have moved into the wrong category and im not sure how to move it back... ...this thread below is under private parking and instead should be under this one... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?304065-URGENT-PLease-Help!-Harrow-PCN-appeal-deadline-tomorrow!&highlight=parking can anyone help- this is a case from years ago that i am still fighting! thanks
  7. Good afternoon, I have been browsing the site for a while I thought is about time I posted with a query of my own. First of all a breif history. I care for my wife as well as look after our three children (19,17,10) all in fulltime education. My wife is in receipt of high rate care and high rate mobility of the DLA benefit. This was awarded indefinatley after two two year awards at the same rate been awarded after two atos assessments. She also claims I.B and I.S. We recieved the ESA 50 two weeks ago for the transfer. I have completed it and requested any face to face to be audio r
  8. Evening all Very simple question - how do I close a thread? I cannot see anyway how I can do this. Thanks
  9. This isnt really a Pay Day loan issue - however loan sharking is as big a problem. LoanSharkNews Follow the link to have your say in how loan sharks cash is spent in Birmingham! Voting closes Friday 30th November - so please even if you dont live in Birmingham - vote surveymonkey.com/s/loansharkmed…
  10. *******EDIT******** This is a discussion thread continued from here; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?350867-Car-clamped-on-public-road-by-JBW-for-old-pcn I have every way of knowing that as I have seen plenty of TE8a forms. I also know that the stock argument that local authorities put up is that they are allowed to pass on details electronically to bailiffs under CPR 75 4 even though they don't seem to know that this applies to Orders for Recovery and not warrants and that bailiffs are not applicants to the proceedings (House of Lords 19
  11. Is the site having issues as my thread does not seem to exist any longer:???: Thank YOu
  12. Really sorry cannot work computers:sad: I did have a thread going but i am on a different computer. Could you please email me with instructions when you get a moment i am waiting for some info. Really sorry but all this is so new to me Now you know why i have that username
  13. Hiya All, I posted this thread post No.2568071 ( Sorry cannot put link in as I have not made enough posts) as you will see it was 2009 but I never got to finish it and apply for judgment to be set aside, I was still unsure of my position following my last post. I would like to know if I have grounds and can proceed with setting it aside Best wishes Zeb
  14. I have had a quick look around here but I cannot find the info I am after. I have had a letter with a £65.50 fine after travelling with the wrong ticket. My mistake entirely, I got mixed up with another similar sounding station, when the error was pointed out I offered to pay the extra 50p but this fell on deaf ears. I want to pay the fine to avoid court action but I need to pay in instalments as I do not have £65.50 as I am a student and have no money now it is the summer. my query is does someone have a template of a letter for this kind of situation? I have come to write to them and have no
  15. pleade delete
  16. With Nadel out, Murray stands a great chance, but there are still quite a few 'hurdles' to cross.
  17. England to reach the Final of Euro 2012, with lots of luck.
  18. HI all, me again. Just a couple of quick questions regarding the dreaded ESA50,,,,, 1, I've just received one and have just rung the dwp about my last form asking when the decision was made, he said it was made 18/10/11, so it's over six months so they must have given me 12 months esa, well to my thinking. When I asked him why I've received the form 4 months early he couldn't answer and said he'd get someone to ring me to discuss my concerns. Has anyone had this happen? 2, I notice that the form came from ATOS and has to be sent back to them, is this usual practice? I thought the esa
  19. Hello ladies and gentlemen, In 2008 I received a CCJ from the Open Univeristy (or OUSBA, acting as the person factoring payment) for the sum of £500, just out of interest I recently made the following request to OUSBA: The only two relevant pieces of paper they returned (on the 38th day) were: (My name isn't Mr Benn by the way....) Then: Then two sheets of T&C's (no area to sign etc...) I can upload these if requested. As I have specifically asked for a default notice and they have not supplied one (I do not remember receiving one either), loo
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