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  1. Here on the discussion section of the forum there have been various threads that have touched upon the matter of 'in house' bailiff enforcement. For those unfamiliar with this term....this is where local authorities are setting up their own 'in house' bailiff operations. The decision to do so is mainly a financial one spurred on by the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 which provides that enforcement companies may charge a 'Compliance fee' of £75 when sending a statutory Notice of Enforcement to the debtor. If payment (or a payment proposal) is not made within the 'compl
  2. I have lots of problems finding where to start a new thread so end up joining someone else's every time… I know when I have asked before I'm told there's a button in the top left hand corner which states "Post New Thread" but on my computer this doesn't appear … Is there anything i can do, please?
  3. Good day to you all. This is a little unusual but I hope someone can advise me on my legal position? About a year ago I started a Facebook group, it turned out to be quite popular and so I appointed some members as administrators to help me run it. One of these administrators asked me if it would be OK for him to design a new header/logo for the group to which I agreed. He designed it using a proprietry computer program, used public domain and royalty free images, the name of the Facebook group and also the accompanying website that I also registered the domain in my name. He has now
  4. hi, can anyone tell me what has happened to my thread??? was on Lowell,carters o/d?? its gone!!
  5. Used to just get an email when someone replied on a thread I posted on, and then wouldn't get any others unless I visit the thread again, and then someone posts another reply. But now, I am getting emails for every thread update regardless if I have visited it recently or not. Resulting in 8 emails within an hour just on 1 thread. Is this something changed recently?
  6. Hi All, I am going in for the PPI fight, I will track my progress and hopefully successful outcomes here. I have had loads of loans and Credit Cards over the years, in fact so many that I can't remember them all, I have written a list and will try put them in some order for SARs and then hopefully get some advice from you guys as to which to go after 1st. I am doubtful how many will come up as being mis sold though as I recall saying no to protection insurance on most occasions, but you never know. My List: Mortgages Natwest Norwich & Peterborough UCB Intelli
  7. Dear Sir/Madam, I work in health care. While working I received a phone call from enforcement officer who had court order to seize my assets to recover debts. Now having said this, let me begin with this - never asked for any debts and nor have borrowed any money from banks. I still don't even own car or house. Fortunately no educational loan either. Following this initial shock and support from senior colleagues who understood my situation kindly offered to help and contacted the officer. Came to realise that there was overpayment from nhs
  8. Hi, this is my first post. I'm having a few problems with Cabot Financial. In 2002 I had a credit card with Morgan Stanley, everything went well until I was made redundant in 2003. I got into quite a few problems with cards loans etc, as I didn't have enough money to pay everybody. I went to the CAB for help, and they sorted things out for me. I was paying off this credit card at £35.00 er month. I have never had any statements or payment advice from Cabot at all. After I saw your forum late last year, i read quite a few posts and realised I was probably being "Cash
  9. Since they now seem to know exactly who I am I see no point in continuing to keep my fight against this particular 'company' under wraps, though of course I may not always reveal all details in advance ... For those who haven't seen my previous posts re this particular parking company, some background is that I live in an apartment, the car park for which can only be accessed by crossing an Aldi car park for which we have a right of way. The Aldi car park is of course managed by PE who have ANPR cameras pointed at the entrance/exit, but nowhere else. This means of cours
  10. A number of frequent posters on the forum have said that they would like to have a thread so that we can discuss the procedures available for debtors if they consider that a bailiff has done something wrong. The thread can be used to discuss a variety of scenarios such as: What is the correct procedure for debtors to take if a bailiff clamps their car which is on finance? What should a debtor do if the bailiff has clamped or removed their car and it is needed for their employment. Can a bailiff charge a fee if the address on the warrant is wrong. PS: We had a similar
  11. Have a look here, 17 pages long but well worth a read on a Forum not afraid to sail where it's windy. http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=10&t=1473466&mid=0&i=0&nmt=Fallen+for+a+[problem]%2E%2E&mid=0 Maybe he reads CAG in his spare time H
  12. Hi, I posted a thread this afternoon about MWA. I got some good advice and asked a few more questions, now it's vanished. Am I looking in the wrong place? Thanks. Really need some advice before inevitable phone call from Seetec tomorrow morning...
  13. Please could we have an explanation why this thread was closed. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?434085-How-to-beat-All-IPC-windscreen-parking-tickets/page3
  14. Hi all, Great forum and some good advice, but I feel I still need to ask again as some of the info is conflicting. I parked at A Euro Car Parks site in Bracknell. I over stayed (I was there for over 6 hours) as I never recalled you had a limit before and that it was free (it is for an hour or 2 I think). I got a letter from ECP demanding the £70 or £40 if paid straight away, but I lost the letter. So awaited letter number 2 so I could pay. Instead I got a letter from DRP demanding £130 or they would recommend to the creditor's solicitor that court action should be taken t
  15. Was the "How bailiffs are paid" discussion just a spoof thread to distract attention from the 15% MET bribe issue?
  16. What was the actual reason for overstaying the two hours?
  17. It won't let me view the post thread button when I click on works section
  18. Hi all, Im finding it hard to follow the existing threads so i thought it easier to create my own. Ive been with BH for several years now and on every contract i was told i had to have OSC. Have people been successful in reclaiming? What are my first steps? i keep seeing the word SAR floating about ... do i need one of these, i dont have all my original paperwork. Thanks for your help oh also, I finished paying for a tv last november, it had been in for repair whilst being paid for and a few weeks after i had finished paying for it the fault reoccured, so i took
  19. What's the reason for the ' appeal generator' thread being deleted?
  20. Dear All I've been reading the various forums regarding this company from afar for the last few days. I have two payday loans which have been passed to MMF on 13 February and so have a personal interest. To give some background, I worked for a debt management company for ten years and so have relatively strong knowledge of the tactics employed by DCAs. This company seems to have stooped to new levels in terms of blatant disregard for acceptable debt collection practises. This morning I emailed the OFT summarising the complaints highlighted in this forum in the various threads. I hav
  21. Hi all, I've been looking through today for advice on what to do about the infamous Harlands, but thought I'd create my own thread as I've mostly seen pages about cancellations. Basically what has happened is since, as a student (or indeed, a human being), I don't often have money, I reached the end of my overdraft on 19th November. Now I applied for an extension to my overdraft which was set to take place on 25th November, however my gym membership fee comes out of my account on 24th. So I went to the gym (Xercise4Less) and explained the situation and they said that's fine, we'll so
  22. Hey CAG, I've been a silent reader for a while and find myself requiring a little advice. Basically I took out a 24 month contract with Orange, beginning 1st March 2011. The contract was due to expire on the 1st March 2013. I was paying by Direct Debit, up until a few months before the contract ended, where I cancelled with my bank so I could delay the bill payment for a few days. No issues there. However, when it came to the end of the contract period, according to my contract small print, I was required to give one month notice of cancellation. After having trouble actually contact
  23. Hi i recently received a letter from Provident stating unless i paid them an outstanding amount of £25 within 14 days then they would hand the debt to a debt collection agency, register me with the credit rating agency & that court action may be taken. I was expecting this letter as i refused to pay my agent anymore,since December. The reason for this is that my agent asked for my payment book in November 2012, as she said that she needed to refer to it. When she eventualy reluctantly returned my payment book there had been some alterations to my payments, goi
  24. Hi everyone. So a week ago I got caught trying to shoplift a bottle of aftershave from Debenhams. A stupid thing to do obviously and have no excuse. Anyway, leaving aside the morality if my actions, I got the expected RLP letter this morning. It said that I owe them £147.50 which strikes me as a tad excessive seeing as the item was recovered undamaged and I was only detained for about half an hour. The police came but didn't arrest or fine me, just made me apologise to the store detective. From reading the threads on here it seems that a one line letter denying liability is the way t
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