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  1. I apologize if this may be a stupid question. I've recently been looking into getting defaults removed from my Credit Report, one method I come across was sending letters to the relevant creditors stating I never received a letter warning of a default, and asking for them to provide evidence of this within 28 days, if they are unable to, then hopefully resulting in the Default being removed. Would this method be wise to try even if the default was issued with a debt that was in conjunction with a Debt Relief Order? Thank you
  2. Good afternoon all, I'm hoping someone can help with regard to a housing benefit issue. I am currently employed by the NHS but have been off sick with a serious condition for quite some time. I believed I would get sick pay for 6 months and until recently I did get a flat wage. However, when I checked my pay last month I had only received £41. I called payroll to investigate. They advised that due to an audit, they had discovered they had been overpaying me and that my sick pay should have stopped in January! (My length of service meant I should have got full pay for 2 months and then hal
  3. I was looking to where to buy a book called 'the truth of the lie' by Goncalo Amaral which I couldn't seem to find for sale on Amazon. Any ideas ?..
  4. Hi, I have just received a PCN from "Civil Enforcement" and I wondered if this template was a good one to send as an initial appeal to hope to put this to bed quickly. It seems pretty comprehensive and I thought I'd include it in it's entirety in case it can help others as a useful template/guide to the possible appeals. Is it good or are there any flaws? Thanks!: [removed lengthy templates dx] PCN.pdf Here is my PCN notice. It is unclear whether it is a notice to driver or a notice to keeper. Is this a grounds for appeal? I see that POFA 2012 requires notices to keeper to:
  5. https://twitter.com/search?q=npower%20-welcome%20from%3Areal_cag&src=typd
  6. I recently received a CC claim form regarding a Vanquis card from 2008. Leaving aside the issue of whether I did/didn't have such a card... my view is that they probably speculatively issued the claim, hoping for a default judgment knowing they didn't have the supporting paperwork and might not be able to get it. So far... Claim issued August 19, 2014. MCOL acknowledgment filed Aug 25. CCA/CPR letters sent by me August 26. CCA/CPR replies sent to me Aug 28. Defence due by Sept 21? CPR from Mortimer Clarke states: 'Taking client instructions... will come back asap..
  7. I parked up in a car park last year which I did not realise was split into 2. One side apparently belongs to a hotel & this is who is chasing me for payment. I did not leave my vehicle, I pulled up to take painkillers & wait until I was fit to drive again, which took me somewhere in the region of 1.5 hours. When my first letter arrived it was to an old address so it took time to be forwarded on, but I did research & decided to ignore it as it was worded in a way that everyone insists isnt enforceable. The online advice was if you don't respond they giv
  8. Hello, I'm sure I'm probably starting off on the wrong foot. But I received a letter from Lowells yesterday morning. They've been assigned a debt which I'm 50/50 might be statute barred. I googled for help on how to handle them and your good selves came up, but also a lot of links warning me that this site gets paid by Lowells to get posters to reveal as much information as possible so they can use it. CAG is apparently letting Lowells post here and view threads, etc, and even certain posters keep asking for documents to be scanned up as pdfs so Lowells can get a better idea of who/wh
  9. Experts say most people only use 10% of their brain’s potential. What if there was a pill that could unlock the other 90%? Clinical Trials have shown that the ingredients in this pill can boost your brain power, sharpen your mind, and sky-rocket your energy levels. Has anyone heard about this Pill. Good,bad etc.Just came across the article.Not had time to go into it in great depth.Just wondering. The link. Is This Smart Drug The Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World? http://secret-brain.com/?source=socialpubs&a=69 Another article. Scientists: Drugs to boost brain po
  10. Two years after I disposed of my car for scrap at an authorised waste treatment facility I received a letter from debt collectors saying that I'd ignored letters from the DVLA about failure to tax/SORN the ca r and that I owed a couple of hundred pounds. I had received NOTHING from anyone. I'd only kept the paperwork I'd received after scrapping the car for six months and that included the bit of the registration document that you keep after you return the "scrapped" bit to the DVLA. I rang the waste treatment facility and they said "you're lucky" they had the informat
  11. Hi All, I have a HSBC finance credit card, I was hoping to take a loan out but i havent paid this credit card of £2800 since it was defaulted in Feb 2012. I am being rejected for any application but this is the only default on my account. I was wondering if I make an payment arrangement or settle the account will it make any difference in applying for a 25k loan which is very much needed at the moment? I understand a default is on your credit score for 6 years however, as I have not paid anything at all on this HSBC credit card since 2012 so if i start paying som
  12. Hi All, I had started a CCA process with Idem servicing with the OL being Citi Financial. I took out the loan in 2007 and have had a minimum payment going out. All payments have been stopped whilst my CCA request is in process. Idem promptly replied within the set time of 12+2 days with many copies of the signed contract with Citi financial, i just want to make sure that what they have sent is enforceable, if so should i resume my payments and send a F&F offer to them. I have uploaded the documents that were sent to me.
  13. Saw a notice round the corner from my local train station about legal name fraud. It stated its illegal to use a legal name. What's all that about ?..
  14. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/this-driver-had-his-parking-fine-overturned-after-091032871.html The most important part of the article is the last sentence from Athena;
  15. I currently work as a Deputy Manager (one of 300) for one of the big four supermarkets, and they have recently announced a new contract change that comes into force on Monday 18th April. In effect we are being demoted to a lesser position, that being of a duty manager. They argue that our job role is not really changing as we will still be doing the same job we have always done and they will not be reducing our pay. However it is a HUGE drop in status as our current contract states we are 'autonomous decisions makers' which classes us as senior business leaders and opts us out of working
  16. :-)Hi Have 2 NatWest credit cards taken out about 1995/1996 - on which I have been making token payments of £2 per month which just jogs along. £1400 outstanding on one card - £2200 on the other card. Token payments commenced about 2 years ago as lost job due to illness and have not worked since. I am 65 and now have heart failure problems - so trying to sort out affairs in case of further problems. I know I should CCA them - but what then. Do they write off debts? My GP can confirm my health position. It's crazy really - we all bailed out NatWest during banking crisi
  17. As the CPI was minus 0.1% as at 30 September 2015 the Government has confirmed there will not be an increase in April 2016. All AFPS Pensions will therefore remain at their 2015 level.
  18. Hello everybody, I recently purchased a guitar effects pedal from a store over the internet via PayPal. I sent it back the next day during the cool-off period. The shipping in the online ad states free delivery. They have refunded me the cost of the item minus £6.99 for postage. I did a quick web search and came up with: The Office of Fair Trading; “The OFT’s view is that the normal postage and packing charges for the delivery, but not the return, of distance sales purchases must always be refunded in addition to the cost of the goods when orders are cancelled during
  19. A retired guy sits around the house all day, so one day his wife says “Joe, you could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week”. The guy gives it a moment’s thought and says, “Sure why not. Where’s the vacuum?” Half an hour later, the guy comes into the kitchen to get some coffee. His wife says, “I didn't hear the vacuum running, I thought you were going to do the vacuuming”? Exasperated, Joe answers, ”The stupid thing is broken, it won't start. We need to buy a new one”. “Really?” she says “Show me - it worked fine the last time!” So he did… (
  20. I've recently sent a parcel via their service but it was simply left on the front doorstep of the delivery address and then stolen. Drivers have guidelines for leaving parcels. These guidelines clearly weren't followed on my delivery. The driver left the parcel next to the front door, clearly visible from a public footpath which runs adjacent to a busy main road. The value of the item inside was £112 plus the delivery fee. I have just received a refund of the delivery fee plus £50 as that's all I was covered up to. I accept that I should have increased the cover for this item but hav
  21. Hi Guys, Hope you can give us a little advise. We moved into our property December 2013, and went with SCS, they organised the fitter as seems to generally be the case and all was well. Or that's what we thought up until fit. The fitter did a very, very poor job, and we've been working with SCS to try and get this resolved for over 2 years. The original fitter came again out once shortly after the original visit, repaired a few issues and tried to fob us off saying let it lie and it'll sort itself out, as time went by more and more flaws became glaringly o
  22. Hi, I lent my son and his then partner (not married) £10k as a deposit to buy a house in 2014. A verbal agreement was reached between all 3 parties that once they were in the house, I'd give them 9 months grace and then they could pay the £10k back at £150 per month (between them). My financial advisor produced a very short document which stated the £10k was a gift to both parties. This was signed by both parties. However it is very important to note that despite this it was always very clear the £10k was a loan not a gift. I did not sign this document nor was I requested to. I do no
  23. Restrictions in Freedom of movement Being “Forced to work,” From Dawn to Dusk just to be given food to eat Not being allowed to accumulate and “Assets,” – Personal Possessions Being “Punished,” if you attempt to air an objection about this. This is what I learnt in History and it is called SLAVERY. Being forcefully ejected from your home. Even though the piece of paper says you own it. Being forced to “Pay Additional Costs and TAXES,” while others not of your hue, Religion or creed are not told to. Being hearded into Segregated Areas for Educatio
  24. Guys, The wife and I have each received claim forms from South West Water after missing 2 payments which were missed because the direct debit was cancelled (but not by us!!!). We've had no correspondence from them whatsoever regarding the arrears which we're more than happy to pay but they're claiming for the whole year's payments upfront. Now I'm not sure what to do about this claim, I can't afford the full year in advance so I presume I'll have to fight this. I've acknowledged the form so have to think of something soon. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.
  25. Hello. A got car insuance through a broker called Adrian Flux. They sent through details of the insurer which is Trinity Lane. They’ve sent me through the paperwork and I was looking through it and in the Trinity Lane documentation it says this. We are authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the Insurance Business Act 1998 to carry on the business of general motor and accident classes of insurance. So basically I don’t know if this is OK or if I should be wary that it is not authorised and regulated by an authority here in the UK. I can stil
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