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  1. Long story short I bought a car on finance had it for three months and life changed enough that I missed the next payment and would miss further payments. I agreed to them having the car back. the repo men turned up we had a cuppa and they went with the car no bad feeling. Due to family circumstances I moved house very quickly to another town to a farm yard hard to find. I stopped paying into a pension and months later thought they were still taking it to find out it was an ATE £100 they have taken me to court for payment including interest - almost £10,000 for nothin
  2. I have got my second assessment for ESA on Thursday, presumably with Maximus this time unless they too have been sacked? I had been away for four months from the flat I've lived in for 21 years and feel a bit panicked to learn of this appointment being so near ( and this time it's due so early in the day that the train fare will be double). This is in part because I am severely stressed out because I already have another concurrent fight on my hands with the local council over its handling of a violent and antisocial neighbour (documented on another subforum here). When I was coerced back to t
  3. Old Tawnyowl here with entrepreneurial adventure number 966. For various reasons,a small heart attack a while ago and i suppose slowly aging i had to change my life around. Could not do what i used to do.It hurts a little but just the way,i miss my life in the construction industry and the people and customers i met.To myself it was fun and looked forward to going to work each day for many hours. I find now after a few hours i have a little pain,probably due to the medication.Hospital and doctors says i am ok. At the time i did not go on the sick but struggled on after coming out of
  4. sorry still new to this ppi stuff? is this offer right? i have scanned in the details as pdf. rbsoffer.pdf
  5. Hi, Can anyone explain legal term in Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement'...execusion of this agreement..' Rent in advance was paid on execusion of this agreement and then mothly afterwards. The agent twists this part. Thanks,
  6. I started an 18 month contract with vodafone about 12 months ago. I lost my phone and asked for a replacement sim card twice (via online live chat) and was sent nothing. For months now I have been charged for this contract even though I haven't been sent a sim card to use the number I'm suppose to be paying for! Absolutely nobody from vodafone will speak to me via any support channels and still, every month, without fail, I am being charged for my contract! Now listen to this part. I receive 2 e-mails from vodafone a few weeks ago saying the barr on calls abroa
  7. In 2010 I got a PPI ppi refund from Black Horse for a policy which they had sold me years before. My account was in arrears and so from the PPI refund they took an amount which they said in a letter had been "netted from the arrears". This I took to mean that the account was now up to date. Within a couple of months I started to get letters saying that the account was in arrears so I wrote to Black Horse who offered no explanation other than to demand payment. The account eventually ended up being investigated by the Financial Ombudsman who found in favour of Black Horse. (no surprise th
  8. Dear Cagger's, I need your advice/guidance, as i am very mythed at todays "interview". I was struck off ESA at beg Sept, after scoring zero points and declared 'fit for work' after an atos assessment. I have been advised to appeal under numerous points, one being the assessor falsely claiming she physically examined me, this is untrue. Also, stating that i showed no signs of respiratory or muscle wasting disease. I have never claimed to have had any of those illnesses and have a feeling my case was mixed up with another person. I have until 7th Oct to appeal this but have decided to
  9. I have received a letter saying "If we do not hear from you by X we have instructions to issue legal proceedings against you in county court to recover the full balance outstanding. PLease be aware that, if it is necessary to issue legal proceedings, there will be additional costs incurred for which you may be held liable" Should I call them, if not what would you suggest as my next action? Think this is around 6 months from SB. Thank you
  10. we bought a lodge to live in was informed by holiday site this was ok, we spent £82k on this my life savings this was in November 2015. since this happened I have been diagnosed with primary progressive m.s and decided to sell up and return home to Huddersfield. we informed the site and they have said they will buy it back for £37000 clearly we are all in the wrong business, since this happened we have found out how much they do this I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has purchased anything on sand le mere park in tunstall hull and h
  11. Hi All, I urgently need assistance. Background - I'll try to be as brief as possible.. my husband entered into an IVA agreement over a year ago and listed all his creditors with some being debts from repossessed properties. An arrangement was agreed which he adhered to around March this year he received a letter from PARATUS that we were about to sell our home and they object to the IVA citing the fact that they were not included in the arrangement (which according to them they would have voted against anyway, as they can see there is equity in the property!). Alarm be
  12. I'm doing a online quote for renewal insurance does third party hit driver mean I got hit by a third party driver
  13. I have a letter from CSS.. They want money for DWP, not sure what it could be, I had a DRO that went through and i think it could be related to that? I know that it's best not to call them or speak on phone, what do I do now? Could they be potentially messing my credit score up (what's left of it)?? Thanks.
  14. Hi all Can an Enforcement company add all there fee's on after the compliance stage (£235 and interest) before they try to enforce? I know it would be irrelevant if they take control of goods just curious if that was allowed. leakie
  15. Hello all I'm sorry for requesting assistance, but I have a situation which is making me lose sleep. in 2015, my company announced it would be buying another company, and the deal would close in March 2016. In Feb 2016, my manager at the time told me that following the deal, she would no longer be my direct manager, but would be a key stakeholder. My reporting line would change. Immediately after that call, I had a call with a lady who I was led to believe (and still believe will be) was to be my new manager, and she was coming from the acquired company.
  16. I defaulted on a debt in 2006 but the bank did not register the default with the CRAs. I paid them reduced sums through the CCCS. In 2008 I came out of the CCCS and paid the bank direct. I received the attached letter. No Final Demand received but it was managed by Metropolitan. Is it a valid default notice? I continued paying First Direct what they were asking for but in 2012 commenced much reduced, token payments. At the end of 2012 HSBC marked my credit files with details of the account as an Arrangenent to Pay. Is the 2008 letter a Def
  17. Hi All, Having the same run around as a lot of other members it seems, I used a claims company for some credit card PPI claims and saw it was an easy process so I decided to go after Halifax myself, I had records that we had three mortgages with them: 1) 1994-1997 2) 1997-2000 3) 2000-2007 June 00 - July 07 I didn't have all the details so called halifax - they first said we didn't have any mortgages with them!! I gave all addresses and dates. I had to go through some old credit files which gave me one roll number, then they found them all! what a surprise - at t
  18. Please forgive me if I'm going over old ground and the info I seek is already out there but I'm very distressed and up against time. I have an outstanding debt to a private members club which despite my disputing the charges ( i cancelled the membership when i hit hard times) has apparently gone to court I received a NOTICE OF ENFORCEMENT a couple of weeks ago for the sum of #1200 approx from CES.. ..asking me to pay or make an arrangement by 21st July I am used to being sent intimidation letters by DCA's and I took no notice this morning 22nd July two CES enfor
  19. Hi all My gf decided to send some CCA requests after i had done so with the brilliant advice on here and i enclose the reply she got from NEXT. I know they can send a true copy but what does that actually mean? If you look, they say they enclose 3 sheets: true copy, current copy, statement of account BUT there are only 2 bits of paper attached, so i dont know if thats a genuine mistake, or if they mean the true copy and current copy are the same thing?? My main question is, what should we do in reply- keep paying? (its currently on a DMP) or tell them feck off as far a
  20. Hi guys I rang the DWP about a change in my circumstances. The guy on the phone told me I had to send some evidence in but the address he gave me sounded really weird- I wonder if anyone knows if this is right?: FREEPOST DWP ESA 36 Thankyou
  21. Hi all. I got a letter this morning saying my Universal Credit "will be paid on 12th July" (tomorrow). Does this mean I will get the money tomorow? Or does it mean they will pay it IN tomorrow and I will really receive it in 3 working days? HELP! I have been without any money now for 4 months. I am sick of them plaing games. I wish they were mor clear in their letters.
  22. My house Insurance company has charged me £30 for an unpaid direct debit. the payment was due on the 28th and I had forgotten about it because of a hectic work schedule of working night shifts. I had a notification of a failed Direct debit payment of £14.30 I phoned them up on the 30th on my day off and paid in full and asked if they would waive the £30 fee and he said he cant do that. I said I thought companies were no longer allowed to charge this much and he replied the company can charge £30 for unpaid direct debits and there is nothing I can do about it.
  23. HA have done things i believe are a breach of data protection and it is bascially to turn everyone against me, it is two particular housing officers who are starting this hate campaign because they have lied and claimed the tenant upstairs is allowed laminated flooring and he is not. 1) I asked the HO not to speak to police about my case, she did this anyway and she also used my "block" on her speaking with police against me (even though i found out she did) 2) HO has told tenant above me I am getting an eviction notice. I was informed this information via the mediator. I spoke to t
  24. Technology advances-videos for you. Virtual Trip To Ireland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R5J8Je2j_4&feature=youtu.be
  25. Hi My gf has some debts, and she is thinking of trying the same thing. One of the debts has put a ccj in place on the house value, and the creditor is listed as solicitor so anything we can do there? i thought id ask just to be sure thanks
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