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  1. Please read this first about Swift Money before you apply for a loan with them. I am going to include a copy of my emails and their replies to them. They barred me from applying to any more loans for making a query or posting a comment about their policies. You will see from their replies that they act like a dictator in the way they run their business and give no thought to any of their customers. They charge £25 for a same day advance even though the banks offer it for free nowadays under the faster payment system which every other payday loan company use. They are a complete rip off so
  2. hey all my nan wants to re-write her will and i have just seen an offer on WOWCHER offering a will writing service for £19 from a company called WSL limited? how can i find out if there legit? (sorry if this is posted in the wrong section) thanks all x
  3. HM Revenue and Customs has received a bloody nose from a ruling which shows the courts will side with taxpayers and order HMRC to repay fines with interest where it can be shown to have acted unreasonably. Judge Geraint Jones QC ruled against the taxman and in favour of Kathleen Loma who was first told she had to complete a tax return in January last year, when HMRC sent her a paper form, which she returned before the January 31 deadline. However, HMRC then fined her £100 because paper returns had to be filed by the previous October 31. HMRC had not told the taxpayer she should file elect
  4. So speed check credit put these emails across today This was sent 24/07/12 This is a reminder that you committed to pay back your Pay Check Credit Loan* debt. This debt is now very overdue. We have allowed you to extend the loan as a goodwill gesture. As part of settling this debt you are committed to paying GBP 108 by 24.07.2012. In accordance wih the Standard Terms and Conditions you agreed to, we will be automatically taking payment tomorrow as agreed. Please ensure the amount of GBP 108 is available by midnight tonight. If there are insufficient funds in the
  5. My friend posted this on facebook and wondered if it was legal to specify that only single parents can apply for this.ive never seen anything like it but thought i would ask anyway. PDF_Output.PDF
  6. Speaker John Bercow spending taxpayers money like confetti http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176420/Speaker-Bercow-spends-1-320-new-shower-screen-taxpayer-funded-Commons-flat.html This beggars belief, people get imprisoned for not being able to pay the fine for not having a TV licence and he gets his paid for! What, so he can't afford one then? Or is a TV a necessary tool of the job? I don't think so. Why should these people in high places who don't actually do anything resembling a proper job but get paid huge salaries with untold perks be special cases? They rub it in o
  7. Think someone on here said that we should start complaining to the ICO regarding welcome and their credit file habits.
  8. I took out a debt relief order in March this year, it was approved and I have all of the paperwork with the debts listed on it, including one that was with bristow and sutor. Bristow and sutor still visited this year for some reason chasing the debt that should've been written off. Cue a few days ago when I recieved a court summons for this years council tax.. which I found confusing as i'd made two payments, one of £100 and the other of £97. I have email receipts for these. I rang the council tax offices today to be told that the money that i'd paid had infact gone to B&S this year
  9. Hello, I recently took out a home loan (silly, I know!) with Provident. Within the 14 day period, I thought better of it, withdrew my application and returned all monies to them. I have just had a look at my Credit report to see that it is now on there. As I did not go ahead with the loan, should it appear on there at all? Thank you Claire
  10. not sure if this has been posted already http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/jun/29/judicial-review-work-capability-assessment
  11. Is it classed as fraud if a LL gives you multiple what he classes as 'receipts for work carried out', expecting me to pay for them. Then when I do a little digging, the companies on those receipts tell me they are just estimates and the work was never carried out? I have a total £713 worth of 'estimates' which I have proof haven't been done.
  12. hi just wondering the best way forward to claim ppi refund the loan was with welcome finance, i lost my job and welcome finance ended up selling the debt on to a debt collection agency who now own the debt, the debt may have a ccj attached to it, can i still make a claim for a ppi refund on this? if so who do i go to welcome finance or the DCA? any help appreciated Lee
  13. Hi Caggers Just after your thoughts on dealing with this on behalf of a friend. Now approx 2yrs ago they took out a small load all payed off and settled. Since then Shopacheck has constantly been sending out letters trying there best to get them to take out another load even though they never agreed to these letters. I have the latest one which he gave me and I was quiet surprised at there tactics to basically try to keep people that for whatever reason they end up using these companies in there debt with these constant letters. I have even seen the BBC article from 20
  14. Didn't know where to put this so hope this is ok. I pay a management company money each month. I have a mortgage on my flat which I pay to a separate company - nothing to do with each other. A while ago they (management company) asked for £500.00 for repairs for the building. I didn't pay it. I have now received a letter threatening court action and that they will also go to my mortgage provider to retreive the money. 1. Can they do this? 2. Is it right to ask for money for work to be done before it's been done? I have never heard for anyone receiving payment for work bef
  15. I wanted to reclaim my Halifax bank charges under the financial hardship rule but i can't find the template. I did find this and i am currently receiving benefit.but i wanted to now if it is still relevant before i updated & posted it. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?138290-letter-to-get-charges-back-when-on-benefits thanks
  16. Hi - we currently have two overpayments of around £3000 combined on tax credits, and have now been informed that we have to pay them off as we no longer get any tax credits. I was hoping to ask for some advice, as one of these in particular seems a little bit "iffy" to me… The first overpayment was for the 2008-2009 period. This was a period of upheaval, where I had been made redundant in June 2008. I finally got a new job in Feb 2009, and phoned the tax office to say that I was now earning £35K (this is very clear on the phone recording – I had requested a copy of all our information alo
  17. My clothes were damaged accidently by a member of staff at B&Q accidently spilling varnish over them. The will only partially reimburse me due to wear and tear on the clothing. I have to produce proof of cost and they will decide how much to pay me and keep my clothing. I will have to pay full price to replace them - is this correct? Please anyone who can help
  18. Hey all back again Seeing as I was on the site I thought I would ask seeing as the guys and gals here are the bee knees for this kinda stuff. Had a Welcome loan, paid it off, paid a final balance to clear it off. At no time was PPI ever mentioned but I keep hearing of Welcome being involved in this kind of stuff. Is there any way of finding out if any PPI was paid on my loan?
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