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  1. Hi all, I was hoping one of you good people could help. My Dad has received a letter from Chester County Court with part of it hand written stating that a warrant has been issued for collection of a debt. He advised me that this is from around 10 yrs ago and not paid a thing since. Am I correct in thinking this is statute barred? The letter looks a little dodgy to me, almost as if Arrow are trying to scare him into paying. It mentions a warrant has been issued, but no copy of the warrant was enclosed, also there is no dat
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31464897 I like most always knew that the man was a fool but this as well as showing everyone just how much of an idiot he is, this is asking for trouble, as forcing anyone to have treatment would surely infringe their human rights, as would be denying them benefits on those grounds, not to mention he has clearly forgotten that our broken NHS cannot cope as things are now without adding more pressure, He and his cronies really have no clue, They have obviously lost some of the grey matter they where born with ,(assuming that they had sufficient to begin
  3. Hi im not the best at explaining please bare with me. A few years back, I was declaired Bankrupt Afterwards i struggled getting a Bank Account. Long story short. I saw Gregorry Pennington in the paper offering bank accounts for 14.50 a month. They didnt have to manage me with anything. I was just desp to have an account and GP said id struggle after going bankrupt. I had health issues lost a friend and had a breakdown over the last ten years. Only now able to go out about due to anxiety Ive had a support worker out whos gone through all my paperwork
  4. Hi guys, I recently went to open a business account to start a new busines . I was rejected so joined experian and found out I had a ccj dated back to 2013. Couple of things. I wasn't aware of this ccj which is registered to my old address (which my ex wife lives at). I didn't get my post for the first year or so due to bad relations with her (2009-2010) but since 2010 I've been getting all my post and have no recollection of this. Should they send the ccj paperwork recorded delivery? I contacted Northampton county court and got the details. Then call
  5. Hi everyone I would like your views on this as I am not sure where I stand so here goes, I had a phone contract with Vodafone and I was coming to the end of my contract I received a letter of which I will add to this post and it states outstanding balance £90.66 and potential termination fee £13.20 and I quote from the letter "We need to make you aware that if you do not pay the outstanding balance within 7 days, we will end your agreement and no longer provide the services to you. You would still need to pay the line rental the line rental for the minimum period-the potentia
  6. Hey guys, really was unsure if I was going to bother posting this, but here goes. I purchased a used iPhone 5 from a Game high street store last July 2013. It is obviously now out of the 1 year warranty they give you. I purchased the phone for the sum of £380 & I was sold the phone as "unlocked". I had been using the phone since July 13, initially with a "giffgaff" simcard (I believe is run on the o2 network, but for the past 4 months or so, I have used a "3" sim card in it. This week i decided to sell the phone & I selected "Erase all content and settings
  7. I would appreciate any feedback you guys and gals can give me. I have just bit the bullet and splashed out on one of these babies. http://www.amazon.co.uk/MSI-GE70-2PE-051UK-17-3-inch-Notebook/dp/B00IZFMB6I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1396250496&sr=8-1&keywords=MSI+GE70+2PE-051UK+Apache+Pro+17.3-inch+Gaming+Notebook+%28Black%29+-+%28Intel+Core+2.4GHz%2C+16GB+RAM+%2C+1TB+HDD%2C+2x+128GB+SSD%2C+Windows+8%29 I have never heard of the make before, but can't find much negative response on the net. It seems to have similar specs as the Dell Alienware range, but for less than
  8. Could do with some URGENT advice please. I received a court claim from Lowell's in January, & completed acknowledgement of service as requested. At the time, I stated that I would defend in full. Deadline being tomorrow 28th Feb. Unfortunately, family bereavement & my own health (which tend to affect concentration & memory) have led to me lose track of time-scale, & unable to prepare any defence. This claim is for an amount outstanding from 2008 on an old catalogue. From the paperwork in my possession, I last made a payment in Sept 2008, with a balance of £333.49.
  9. Argh. Diagnosed in May 2012 with Arachnoid cysts and was told they don't know the prognosis and I was discharged. Went to GP about in July 2012 about headaches and was told to drink more. Went to the opticians in July and explained that part of the reason for my visit was because I was constantly getting headaches. The optician told me that he doesn't think it's eyesight related, gave me new glasses and told me to visit my GP. Did that was told by the GP it's tension headaches, he doesn't think it's to do with AC and told me to just take paracetamol and ibuprofen. I kn
  10. Hi all , I bought a new car on the 25 july. from evanshalshaw I traded in my Ford focus which had a settlement figure of roughly £6400. They gave me £4800 for it and put me on a negative equity loan for the rest. then got a vw polo on Hire purchase. through motonovo finance. Now before i went ahead with anything I explained I cannot afford the first payment with the admin fee on top. as its basically a double monthly payment. the person that was selling me the car said it will be all ok and promised they will contact motonovo and explain this and get the admin fee spread over
  11. Hello, I had car finance back in 2002 (apprx). I was with Welcome finance and was paying monthly. We fell on hard times and i could no longer afford the amount I was paying. So Welcome got me to sign a new agreement that was over a longer term and a less monthly amount. I've stopped paying it now but it went on for years before it was settled. I no longer have the contract, so I cant see the details of the accounts. I have no idea how to go about claiming ppi? I've had a good look round but I'm just getting more confused. Do I just call up Welcome and ask for my
  12. I wonder if anyone can help me? It was 20:30 in the evening and dark. I was driving along a side turning and stopped at a T-junction at the end, intending to turn left. I had my headlights on dipped beam. I looked both ways and was clear so I started to pull out. A white Transit van coming along the road I was turning into from my left, pulled out to the centre of the road to straddle a speed bump which was the middle of three across the road. The van was travelling at a speed I would estimate to be 50 mph or more. The speed limit in the road is 30 mph. I had pulled out abo
  13. My student loan comes out of my salary, and I think it should be paid by now. How do I find out if it has been paid off.
  14. Anyone know anything about M'Ology which might also have been known as - think M. We are aware of a company which has been having a disappointing experience with them in relation to a website design and branding project and who would like to have contact with others. They are in the Northeast of England
  15. Anyone know anything about M'Ology which might also have been known as - think M. They are a website design and branding project and who would like to have contact with others. They are in the Northeast of England
  16. Hi Hope some one can help me on this. I sent santandar a CCA request for a credit card. They've responded by saying that they do not hold a signed copy as it was an online application and have sent me terms and conditions. Can i send them the default notice now are they in default? Can they enforce this now as they have no signed agreement. Many many thanks in advance...LLew
  17. i know this is for general messages but i have read the introduction now on how to post a question and still cant find it any advise:|
  18. Help needed for a newbie i was told a week ago that my job search record was not good enough and she did not believe that what i wrote was true. in other words she called me a liar without saying it. she then said have i signed on the new job match site which i said yes. she then said can i have your login details so i can see what jobs that you have looked at. i then said no to which she replied in that case i am sending your job search record for referral. and you are not getting a new sheet to fill out you can do it online. i then left. today which is the day that i get my JSA payment i fi
  19. hi, called d&g today to book an engineer to look at my servis fridge freezer. i thought it was covered but it appears the plan details are for a zanussi fridge that i have never owned The chap at d&g was very helpful and sorry but alas i am not covered i bought the fridge freezer from my sister approx 10 years ago who had taken out extended warranty on it so contacted the policy holders and transfered the details to me and have continued to pay these up to date. the chap at d&g said the policy was taken out with them in 2007 through comet. but as a say i never bought a fridge
  20. Basically with Payplan who have been amazing. Had 4 PDL's - all accepted other than Payday Express. Payplan told me that they wouldn't accept but will still be sent the payment - which is small to be fair but in line with my budget. I think I made the mistake of emailing them (Payday Express) and asking for their bank details and offering £20 per month in addition to the money that Payplan send them. This is the rather stroppy I got back, "Thank you for your recent email. Please note that the reason we have rejected your debt management plan is because you signed with you
  21. image ru They can't even be bothered to threaten me any more! Translation: Final notice, there's f*** all we can do and we know it. Made my day that has.
  22. Hi, Briefly: Im with Payplan. Here's link to my post about all my PDL's: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?363762-4-Payday-Loans-now-with-Payplan-but-.....&p=3974544#post3974544 Apparently all have accepted the offers but PaydayExpress have called about 8 times every day (no message) and 8 times today plus called work. Before anyone says I have just sent the harassment letter which they got today but where do I go from here? I know I can complain but to whom? Many thanks, Jon
  23. Hi, I'm in dispute with my car finance company at present over the amount stated on the agreement. However, in the process of going over the paperwork, I've noticed that the original agreement is missing 3 pages of terms. I am able to prove that I have never been provided with these missing sections as everything was done electronically. On that basis, is it possible that the HP agreement is void? Thanks, 1970
  24. Hi, I recently asked for a S.A.R from Welcome Finance due to receiving a DCA letter asking for way more than I think I owe. Anyway, it came today (bang on the 40 days allowed) and I am sure my original agreement has been doctored! What if anything can I do?? I distinctly remember telling the guy on the phone when I applied that I did NOT want any insurances or P.P.I and he said OK after badgering me for ages. I remember it well because I said to my husband, gosh that took a lot of saying no. Anyway, a photocopy of the agreement has come and it shows my signature and then just below
  25. Hi I've been out of work for nearly a year, have done supply teaching in that period but very infrequently, 2 or 3 days a month (often less). I've been lucky enough to have secured an interview with Ingeus as an employment advisor, helping the long term unemployed, I've already passed the telephone interview part and so now have face to face interview coming up. I would love this job, I'd be VERY, VERY HAPPY to never see a classroom again!!!! I'm a bit worried about the CRB check though. Last year I received a caution, I'm actually really angry with myself for
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