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Found 77 results

  1. A request for help to those more knowledgeable in this area: It's widely believed that instructing more than one debt collection agency at a time is not OK. Indeed, the Citizens Advice Bureau website states the following: Citizen's Advice do not cite where this advice comes from (e.g. relevant legislation). Despite best efforts, I have not been able to find it. Does this claim have any actual basis in law? If so, please provide details of where it may be found. Thank you!
  2. 'E-cigarettes are more harmful than regular tobacco with (up to) 10 times the level of cancer-causing carcinogens, Japanese scientists have claimed' http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/new-research-japan-claims-e-cigarettes-contain-10-times-amount-carcinogens-regular-tobacco-1476932
  3. http://news.sky.com/story/1373772/e-cigarettes-linked-to-more-than-100-fires
  4. I recently found out after a SAR request to a DCA that at least Experian provide more information about credit applications than we can see on our reports ! There was info about Employment Status, Number of Dependants and Property Value - none of this is shown on the credit reports Anyone know how they get this info and why it isn't shown on a typical report ?
  5. Hi there I am seeking advice about approaching creditors for a settlement offer, and wondered if this was wise, and what is the best way to do it. I have been on a DMP with Payplan for over 10 years, drip feeding my debts - no IVA or bankruptcy. Originally over 25K, now looking at just over 5K. One of my creditors last year offered me a settlement of 60% write off (mbna), and I was lucky enough to have a family member to help out in that respect. This drastically reduced my overall debt. Still chipping away, I wondered if there was any merit in approaching other creditors on my DMP to see if similar settlement figures could be offered. Has anyone done this? Many thanks
  6. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the price seemed high, but was told that it was right. On the phone when I was advised they were unsafe I'm sure I was told the brakes were £240 to fix which would seem more reasonable. I had paid for the service in advance online so when I went to pick up the car I was only paying for the brakes. What can I do? I was scared the car was unsafe so felt I had to choice but to agree to the work and pay the bill. I now feel totally stupid and ripped off.
  7. hi, im new so please be gentle with me:wink: been looking through my credit file and have notice welcome finance have put more than a dozen late markers of 6 ,s on my file ,actually over 5 years worth and has never been defaulted i had car with them over 7 years ago and had paid more than half and volunteered to hand car back and that would be it as i had paid more than half seems for over 5 years its geting late markers on my credit file and i heard from a friend that ICO says after 6 late markers it should be defaulted ,is this right ? ive heard nothing for over 6 years from WF and have paid nothing in that time ive also sent CCA over two months ago but no reply can anyone give me advice how get markers off my file also im from scotland and aware could be status barred after 5 years ?
  8. Hi All A new default has just appeared on my credit file for a loan from about 9 years ago, as far as we were aware this was a statute barred debt and it had already defaulted years ago. Is there anything we can do?
  9. In Nov 2012 we were subject to a CC judgement for £299.00 The court ordered us to pay £8 per month from Dec 2012. The claimant objected but was overruled. We have paid diligently every month and in one or two cases paid more.(We have every bank receipt). We have paid a total of £132.00 Today, a letter came from the court with an attachment of earnings and the claimant claims we have failed on our payments & still owe £211.00 !!!!!!!! They also have lumped £100 onto this. I have to fill in the attachment and send it within 8 days..What can I do? The claimants are telling lies and I have the receipts to prove. This is scandalous...Should I see a solicitor on Monday?
  10. Hello, I have taken a loan from Lloyds TSB 2 months ago. It was to consolidate a £4K debt (high apr). The guy that sold me the loan said that in order to get a low apr I should get a higher loan. I told him that I was planning to pay it off early and he suggested that I don't touch the money apart from the actual consolidation amount. I took a £15K loan at 11% and 3 month buy now pay later. I came into the bank today to pay it off early and I was told that I had to pay additional £670ish in fees. so all in all £15670. I was told that the fees would be minimal. I complained that I have been missold the loan and have a meeting with the manager this week. Now the guy that sold me the loan called me couple hours after my visit and it seemed he tried to convince me it was ok and the other guy was wrong about the fees. It seems to me he was worried that he messed up. Any similar situations/any hints how to sort it out? Would finance ombundsman help? If I knew these fees apply I would have never taken the loan - the seller convinced me it was the right way forward which clearly it isn't. Help! (Many thanks)
  11. "The company, which offers short-term loans to households and businesses, said revenues rose by 67% in the period to £309.3m and it lent £1.2bn - 68% more than in 2011 - in total to more than one million people. The number of borrowers defaulting on their loans rose in 2012, to 7.4% from 6.4% the year before. The payday industry is currently facing a Competition Commission inquiry amid concerns over how it operates." :- http://uk.news.yahoo.com/wonga-confirms-weekly-profit-more-1m-092822996--finance.html#OpU2r4O
  12. Would it be likely to be placed on the WP for a 2nd time i.e. 4 years.? Work programme 2 years>6 month post work programme support>employed temporary for X months>back to JSA for 3-6 months> Work programme for another 2 years?
  13. hi all, bit of info needed please if you can help.i'm trying at the moment to get my finances in order as i have just been told that i will be changing shifts at work and will be losing a small fortune in salary. i have a car that i would like to try and hand back as i'm paying nearly £180 a month for i have paid 16 months into a 39 month contract and i know you can hand the car back at 50% ,which i just fall short of. What i want to know is want are my options on this am i better to try and voluntary terminate it (what would happen) or am i better to voluntary surrender it (what would happen)the car is in negative equity and at this point my credit rating is this least of my worries any help would be great as i'm at my wits ends to try and get my outgoings down to try and make up my salary. thanks
  14. Five of Britain’s biggest lenders have been told by the Bank of England they must raise more than £13bn between them to close a £27bn blackhole in their balance sheets. Lloyds Banking Group has been told it must set out plans to raise an additional £7bn, more than double the £3.2bn Royal Bank of Scotland has been told it must raise, while Barclays will have to find an additional £1.7bn of new capital and Co-op Bank £1.5bn. The capital raisings follow a stress test exercise on the lenders conducted by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which found a total capital shortfall in the British banking system of £27.1bn. RBS was identified as having the largest capital shortfall of £13.6bn, however the bank has already put in place plans to raise £10bn. Lloyds’s had the second largest overall shortfall of £8.6bn and before the exercise had plans in place to raise an additional £1.6bn of capital this year. In a statement the bank said had generated £5.8bn of additional capital this year and was about "three-quarters of the way towards" meetings its 2013 capital requirement. Co-op Bank had already disclosed a £1.5bn shortfall earlier this week and has put in place plans to raise £1bn of additional capital by the end of the year and a further £500m in 2014. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10131483/Lloyds-RBS-Barclays-Co-op-and-Nationwide-responsible-for-higher-than-expected-capital-shortfall-of-27.1bn.html
  15. Lloyds Banking Group paid 25 of its bankers £1m or more in 2012 as its total bonus payouts hit £365m, according to the BBC. This month Barclays revealed it has 458 employees receiving more than £1m, while HSBC has 204 and Royal Bank of Scotland has 94 staff.Lloyds, which is 39 per cent owned by taxpayers, paid 20 of its bankers between £1m and £2m, while five earned between £2m and £3m. Most bonuses were paid in shares with a £2,000 cap on the maximum cash payment. Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio took home £1.5m in shares as his annual bonus which he will only sell if the Government sells one-third of its stake above 61p. He also received a basic salary of £1.1m and long-term incentive of £1.5m, bringing his total remuneration to £3.7m. Earlier this month, the bank reported losses of £570m and set aside an extra £3.5bn to deal with payment protection insurance misselling claims, bringing its total PPI pot to £6.8bn. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/lloyds-banking-group-pays-25-staff-more-than-1m/1068463.article
  16. Hi, advice please? I have made a claim on my contents insurance (1st claim in over 5 years), my son lost his mobile phone at a music gig, it is nearly 2 years old so he has not got the receipt just the box with iem number and charger and earphones. They say without proof of ownership they won'y pay! It doesn't mention this on my certificate nor did they say this when I took the policy out, and after thinking about it, I don't have receipts for over 90% of my possessions and home contents! so this makes my whole policy useless, it can't be legal surely?
  17. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. The bank could be fined the sum as early as next week as part of a settlement with federal prosecutors, according to reports yesterday. HSBC has put aside $1.5bn to meet the cost of the fines, but admitted at its latest results presentation that the eventual penalty could be “significantly higher” and that it could face criminal charges. Yesterday’s reports put the likely size of the fine at $1.8bn. HSBC declined to comment. The fines relate to an investigation of HSBC’s US and Mexican operations that found the bank had allegedly ignored warnings that billions of dollars of funds being moved between the two subsidiaries were linked to drug trafficking. A Senate committee described the bank as “pervasively polluted for a long time”. It highlighted what it said were lax controls and inadequate compliance by staff as the bank was accused of handling transactions involving terrorists, drug lords and rogue regimes. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9728409/HSBC-set-to-pay-more-than-1.5bn-to-settle-money-laundering-probe.html
  18. Nationwide has launched a self-service current account paying more interest than most High Street savings accounts. The new FlexDirect account pays customers 1.6 per cent after tax (2 per cent before) on balances up to £2,500 — a rate well above the average 0.74 per cent (0.92 per cent) payable on easy access deals. However, it has been dubbed a self-service account because you won’t be able to do any of your everyday banking at counters in branches. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2239359/The-Nationwide-bank-account-puts-branches-limits.html#ixzz2DXYAQbOJ
  19. More than 80 payday loan websites are breaking the law or are pushing the limits of existing rules to woo customers. Financial Mail has uncovered sites targeting the vulnerable, offering damaging advice and potentially bending the rules. A dossier containing the results of the investigation has this weekend been passed to the Office of Fair Trading. In it we name lenders that regularly advertise on TV. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2237977/We-hand-payday-firm-dossier-OFT-80-firms-breaking-law.html#ixzz2DLnNdBUc
  20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2211111/Amazon-pricing-bestselling-ebooks-higher-discounted-hardbacks.html
  21. Number of PPI cases lodged between January and June 2012 rose by 129%, as LLoyds and Barclays top list of most-complained about banks. Banks need to set aside more money to settle claims related to mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), the consumer group Which? has warned, as figures revealed the number of new complaints about the cover more than doubled in the first half of 2012. Data from the Financial Services Authority showed banks and other firms received 2.2m complaints about PPI between January and June 2012, a 129% increase on the previous six months. Which? said refunding these customers could cost much more than the industry has anticipated. PPI is sold by lenders alongside credit cards, loans and other consumer credit and is designed to cover repayments should a borrower be unable to work through sickness or redundancy. However, policies often have exclusions and in 2011 the high court ruled that companies should refund anyone who had been mis-sold cover they could never claim on. Across the industry banks have set aside a total of £10bn to settle claims, but Which? said if complaints continued at the current rate some banks will have used up their reserves before the end of the year. It suggested Lloyds could run out of provisions by November, Barclays by December, RBS within the next six months and HSBC by August 2013. Which? chief executive officer Peter Vicary-Smith said: "With well over 2m PPI complaints being made in just six months, PPI is now the biggest financial scandal of all time. The banks must set aside more money for PPI claims and make it easier for customers to get back what they are rightly owed, without any hassle." The PPI claims drove a 59% increase in the total number of complaints made to financial services companies, which led to £2.8bn worth of compensation payments to individuals. Santander and Barclays received more complaints about their banking services than any of their high street rivals in the first six months of 2012, figures from the FSA show. The banking groups were the subject of more than 150,000 complaints each between January and June, and in both cases half of the complaints were upheld in favour of the consumer, the FSA said. Santander blamed some of the rise on the introduction of the faster payments system in January, which it said led to an increase in fraud across the industry. "Santander responded by increasing the protection of customers' accounts. This resulted in some instances of customers contacting us because they were unhappy about the additional measures put in place to protect their accounts," it said in a statement. Overall, the number of complaints about banking services rose by 5% in the first half of 2012 compared to the last six months of 2011. The highest number of complaints to any financial services group overall were made to Barclays, with 442,266 lodged between January and June. Lloyds TSB was next with 431,708, while Bank of Scotland, which includes Halifax, had 362,869 complaints made against it. In all three cases, the vast majority of complaints were about PPI. Lloyds TSB had more PPI complaints made to it than any other banking group, and upheld 81% in the consumer's favour. Lloyds Banking Group said that when PPI complaints were excluded its overall number of complaints were down 18% in the first half of 2012 compared to the last half of 2011. "The figures continue to show that relative to the number of customers, we have fewer complaints than any other bank," said Martin Dodd, customer services director at Lloyds Banking Group. "Despite the real progress we are making we understand there is still work to do, which is why we've committed to reduce this even further by the end of the year." He pointed out that while Lloyds Banking Group had 1.4 complaints per 1,000 accounts, Santander had 5.2. Within banking complaints across the sector, the percentage of grievances about current accounts fell by 13%, while complaints about savings, loans and other banking products grew. Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/sep/27/ppi-complaints-double
  22. Banks are offering recruits up to £900 a day to work on interest rate swap mis-selling claims. Banks are offering pay packages worth more than £200,000 a year to recruit staff to handle the compensation of small business customers mis-sold complex interest rate derivatives by their investment banking arms. Potential recruits are being offered as much as £900 a day to work on lenders’ redress schemes, according to job adverts placed on the website of City headhunting firm, Aston Carter. Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group are understood to be the two banks behind the majority of the hiring. RBS has not yet begun hiring any extra staff to handle its swap mis-selling compensation programme. Lloyds is said to be looking for as many as 80 extra staff to work on processing swap mis-selling claims, according to one banking industry source. In a statement Lloyds said: “We are fully engaged and participating in the review of interest rate derivative products, which will provide redress to certain customers, as set out by the FSA. We are taking this process very seriously and we are committed to ensuring we have the appropriate level of resource to manage the review process effectively.” More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/rate-swap-scandal/9504489/Swap-mis-selling-staff-offered-pay-worth-more-than-200000-a-year.html
  23. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) could face a deeper exposure to the Libor scandal than Barclays, according to a Labour MP who is a member of the Treasury Select Committee (TSC). John Mann MP has claimed that RBS could face a higher find than the record £290m fine imposed on Barclays by US and UK regulators after it was found to have manipulated the interbank rate.More than a dozen other leading banks are being investigated over their alleged involvement in the rate-rigging of the rate that is used to price trillions of transactions. Mr Mann wants to know the level of George Osborne’s knowledge of the Libor investigation into RBS, bearing in mind its status as a bank that is 81 per cent owned by the UK taxpayer. Mr Mann said: “The suggestions being made are that RBS was more chaotic than Barclays, the whole way they were operating and, therefore, whatever was being done, RBS was doing it more crudely.” "It's not credible that UKFI, who represents the main shareholder ie, the taxpayer, was not kept informed of the investigation and it's seriousness. Either George Osborne is failing to run the Treasury properly or he is failing to tell parliament what he knows." A spokesperson for the Treasury said it would not comment on a current investigation. More: http://www.myfinances.co.uk/investments/2012/08/25/rbs-libor-liability-could-be-higher-than-barclays
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