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  1. Hello, Firstly like most others on here, I find myself feeling sick to the pit of my stomach about the most out of character and utterly mortifying thing Ive ever done. A few days ago I walked out of Tesco with a few bottles of wine. My reasons for doing so are far reaching and the crux of it comes down to having no money, not on benefits but money coming in does not cover bills let alone food (debt problems are another story which I wont go into). After a few months of living off food rations and a feeling of utter desperation it led me to do something I am beyond as
  2. Tesco has launched a new price comparison and voucher scheme to ensure customers are automatically compensated if they could have shopped at a rival for less. The new 'Price Promise' will compare the overall cost of a basket of shopping against the same or equivalent products sold by Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons. If the products could have been bought elsewhere for less, Tesco will automatically issue a voucher at the till for the difference in price, up to a maximum of £10. Tesco: Newly launched 'Price Promise' which will compare both branded and Tesco's ow
  3. Hi there, A few weeks ago, my wife had an eye test and bought two pairs of glasses from the in-store opticians at Tesco. One normal pair, and one with the type of lenses that darken in sunlight. They were only a very weak prescription, so she does not need to wear them all the time. Ever since she got them she has said that something didn't seem right, but we put that down to her eyes getting used to the new prescription (I know this can take time as I'm a speccy four-eyes myself ). Last week, when wearing the glasses, she noticed when looking at a light, that she could see two
  4. hey guys hope this is the right place to post this basically what has happened is i went to do my shopping in tesco yesterday day and gt charged £104 for £52 worth of shopping due to an apparent 'ghost payment', i only realised id been charged twice once id got home and looked at my online banking, so i contacted tesco to get the problem sorted and not only has it taken them just under 24 hours to phone me back about this they are now saying i have to wait 7 days before it the £52 will be put back into my bank, i wouldnt mind waiting that long if it was a couple of pounds they had over c
  5. Hi all I have only just joined this group and this is my first post, so please be kind! Apologies if it is in the wrong forum. OK, the background to the story is that some months ago I put some petrol in my car at the local Tesco garage, and went to pay for it, only to find that I had forgotten my wallet and didn't have any means of payment. As you can imagine, this was very embarrassing, but I explained the situation to the store manager who took all my details down in a little book that they kept for this very purpose. I only lived about a five minut
  6. Why is it the above companies cannot give you a discount but if you cancel and restart a new policy from them they then give you the 10/20/30% discount even going as far as giving you 2 months free insurance ?
  7. Can anyone advise please? My husband is on Tesco mobile and has had his contract just under a year. He has been having problems with his handset for almost 6 months now and has spoken to Tesco handset support on several occasions where they tell him they will send a jiffy bag for him to return the phone for repair and it will be back with him within 21 working days.....he explains he cant be without his phone for that period of time, but there is nothing they say they can do. Up to yet, he has rang them several times and been told the same thing and up to yet........no jiffy bags have
  8. We sent a PPI claim form to Tesco for a loan that had been paid off several years ago. They took longer than the 8 weeks to give a final response, sending a couple of letters inbetween. On 23rd feb we received an offer from them as they agreed they couldnt confirm accurate information had been supplied when it was taken out, the amount was £3016. We sent the acceptance form back which said payment would be made within 7 days, its been longer, so my husband called today and was told there had been a 'mix up' and the payment team would call him back. They have calle
  9. Anyone used Tesco mobile? I see on their website that when I purchase from their phone shop, I m in contract with O2. Does Tesco have their network? Do they partner with O2? Is it reliable?
  10. Hello, I am having trouble with Tesco Mobile . When I got the phone in may 2012 it was ok but as time went on the signal got worse and worse. I complain to customer sevises to be told that Tesco cannot garuntee a good signal in some kinds of buildings. so I persivered with them. I complained again a few weeks later to be told the signal is fine in my area . so again a persivered and again I complained yet another few weeks later only to be told that according to my bills I have managed to make a can for 8 minutes one day and 5 minute another day. Then I wrote to the head of Tesco only to b
  11. Pre Xmas i visited a Tesco store and purchased a few items. I paid for my items and was exiting the store when i was stopped by the store Security officer and the Duty Manager. I was informed that i had been stopped because i had been recognised on their instore security camera as someone who had insulted their staff the week before whilst hastily exiting the store without paying for goods. They held me in the exit area for quite some time(20mins) whilst insisting that i was guilty of theft and that i should admit it as they could prove it with their instore security cam
  12. Tesco has confirmed that it has called in the police to investigate a possible data breach after a number of complaints from Clubcard members who claim to have had their online accounts compromised. Clubcard holders informed moneysavingexpert.com that they have found hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers missing from their accounts, with vouchers being spent miles away from where they live, as well as some claiming that their account details have been changed. Tesco says that the number of compromised accounts is less than 100 and it is working with the relevant authorities to r
  13. I wonder how much information Tesco have on their Clubcard database.Would they have enough information for you to make a claim for compensation;in that, the likelyhood is that you bought their horsey burgers in the past few years and as they were not described correctly you would be entitled to your money back???After all if it works for them guiding you to buy their products with coupons etc....
  14. Hi there, Recieved a letter back from RBS/Tesco saying signatures do not match up for CCA. Will send them back a reply stating that signature not requiredfor CCA and will pick up from local branch if required. gchads [ATTACH=CONFIG]41609[/ATTACH]
  15. Tesco Fullborn Cambridgeshire. Order to be delivered to my son and family on 21 1 13. At 5.30 they phoned to find out where it was. They were told loaded and then unloaded, No delivery Money would be refunded in 3 to 5 days. If re-ordered delivery would be 2 days forward. It was explained that there should have been a phone call, they had insufficient funds to re-order and that 3 to 5 days was too late. 3 small children. No luck, then spoke to customer services who spoke to the store manager, a Mr Marco who would not give a reason for non delivery and would not help. Customer services were not
  16. Hi everyone I ordered some grocery from Tesco online this week and received 2 packets of expired Maggi. The Maggi was expired in Aug 2010 which they sell in 2013:-x !!??? I wonder don't they check their products at all before selling? If anyone at home had eaten these 2.5 years old expired product, some serious/non-serious health issues might have occurred ..and this wasn't the first time , once from store i bought veg patty(clearly labelled as vegetarian) and found non-veg patty inside after taking a bite, since i don't eat non-veg i exchanged it with sam
  17. Hi all, Ive had a contract pay monthly mobile with Tesco for a year now and have always paid by DD but a of recently with problems including debt and having to get my tax credits etc paid by giro now I wish to pay by payment slip..theyve just told me I cant??!! Obviously Im thinking theyre reckoning me for a muppet so I wanted to ask those in the know what the crack is with this?? Surely I can pay how I like as long as I pay?? Basically I will have a new bank account at some point but Im trying to get out of the fee-charging cycle for missing DDs and such so really want to be clear of any
  18. I am in the process of making a claim with tesco credit card under section 75 CCA and have written to them several times since November and not had even an acknowledgement!!! of any of my letters. Now you can contact them by phone, which I tried, using my mobile which is all I have, and cost me about £8 just to get through all the auto speak, to be told, put in writing? and we will get back to you! Apparently there is no email address or one that they will give out, unless somebody knows otherwise? Dealt with banks, most have email contact, but never hit a stone wall like this before.
  19. I bought a Samsung laptop from Tesco's for £575 which went faulty and bought a new power supply to fix it costing me £25 and within a few months broke down again I contacted Samsung and got them to admit via email they would expect the Laptop to have a reasonable lifespan of 5-6 years. Based on Samsungs response I contacted Tesco's telling them I want 2/3rd of my cost re-imbursed as the lasptop had only lasted third of its time ie £400 back taking into account the £25 ive spent on a power supply Tesco initially offered me £179 and then increased it £225. I said I would settle for £30
  20. Placed order at tesco.com yesterday for 54 bottles of Coke (2lt bottles) they have it on deal 3 for £3 plus delivery it worked out 58.50 minus £10 voucher for first groceries shopping I had to pay £48.50. Booked slot between 12 pm - 1 pm for today. Waiting between those hours and no sing of the driver, so after 2 pm loggoed into account on tesco website and next to my order it says it was delivered. Contacted tesco by on-line form and just had the phone call from them saying that they canceled the order because of stock shortage and because items are too heavy to deliver. Why do they sell
  21. Can someone give me some help or advice please Not sure where to post this so hoping this is the correct place Last week I went onto the Tesco Travel website to buy some currency (Euro's). I went through the order and spent £500 but the order declined for some reason, however Tesco have still tried to request the money from the back - Because of this the bank have reserved the £500 stopping me getting access to it. Ive called Tesco who just apologised and said they will do something on their systems to tell the bank the un-restrict the money Ive checked again this morning a
  22. i bought a tablet from tesco direct online. i paid for the tablet and collected it a few days later instore. a few weeks later i checked my bank account and noticed that tesco had refunded the money for the tablet in full. and i also had an email saying there was an error and it was not in stock therefore they were refunding the full amount of £398 to my account. Two months down the line i get a call from tesco CS asking if i had received the tablet which i said that i had. she then went on to say they had mistakenly refunded me the money. My question is, do i have to pay for the t
  23. Can anyone advise me what to expect from an insurance buildings assessor visit (company called JHS restoration, sent by LAS claims management) I woke up at 2am on Tuesday for the toilet and heard water in the kitchen which was coming from the ceiling, I turned the water stop cock off and returned to bed to deal with in the morning. I had a football sized hole in my ceiling water on top of my units and a little had got under my tiled floor, also water staining to the bathroom ceiling above the kitchen, my insurance excess is £500 so my wife initially said we should just get a builder
  24. I realize this may have been covered before, but I think the scenario I have is complicated. I took the 1st loan out with PPI cover which was over 60 months period. After 36 months I took the 2nd loan out to pay 1st loan off and leave me with some cash over, this was over 60 month period and had PPI cover. After 36 months I took out a 3rd loan to pay off the 2nd loan and leave me with some extra cash, this is over 72 months and has PPI cover. I had to claim on this loans PPI cover last year. This loan is still active till 2013. I would like to know best way to tackle this.
  25. About 8 years ago I took out a loan with Tesco, I made payments for a number of years but then I got sacked/left my job, I thought the PPI on the loan would cover me but it didnt. Evenually it went to debit collectors and a ccj. When I moved house 3 years ago I didn't tell the debt company in the hope they would forget about it which I know was wrong. The debt company have never contacted me yet but today got a letter from tesco saying i may have been misold ppi. do i contact them as i felt i was or do i ignore it?
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