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  1. Good evening, I hope you can offer some useful advice. Looking at my credit file I have a Visa debt of just over £200 owed to Tesco Finance. It has not defaulted or gone to court, and the account opened in 1999, it is still open, with non-payment against the account. As I didn't recognise it so I asked Tesco to provide me with either a recent statement as the account was open, a new card, or some sort of credit agreement All the credit file shows is that is hasnt been paid, every month since about 2001, yet when I requested more information on the account Tesco wrote to me as
  2. I was perusing Tesco Direct the other day and ordered a new TV, I ordered (or so I thought) a 47inch LG 3D TV but today I received a 32” LG 3D TV and a completely different model to what I ordered. I went back and had a look at the listing and found it had been removed, I then checked my order history and found the 32” TV is what I had actually ordered and not the 47” the listing stated. I have a habit of printing off order confirmation sheets and web pages so I had a look, sure enough they both say 47” and are for a completely different model to what I received, my conformation
  3. The screens, which can tell a customers' age and gender, are being placed into petrol stations across the UK. Tesco is set to install hi-tech screens that scan customers' faces in petrol stations so that advertisements can be better targeted at them. The retailer will introduce the OptimEyes screen, developed by Lord Sugar's Amscreen, to all 450 of its UK petrol stations, in a five-year deal, according to The Grocer magazine. The screen, positioned at the till, scans the faces of customers to determine age and gender, and then runs tailored advertisements. The technology also adjusts
  4. I'm a Volunteer for Race for Life, Cancer Research UK... TESCO is the MAIN SPONSOR. Missed a payment by 1 day because I was heavily involved...... Result, £12 late payment fee, and absolute refusal to refund. Account was cleared and closed on the spot in utter disgust.. Money back time.... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ DMD @ Heaton Park Race for Life!! Comments would be appreciated guys....
  5. Supermarket giant Tesco estimates that over two million customers have unspent vouchers worth up to £16 million, which are all due to expire on 30 November. With Christmas just weeks away, it could be worth checking your Clubcard account to see if you've got any unspent vouchers before they're lost forever. To check if you've got unspent vouchers, log in to your online Clubcard account via the Tesco website and click on the My Vouchers tab. This will bring up a list vouchers you've accumulated with their expiry dates.
  6. Hello. Just require a little bit of advice please. May 2012 we bought a LCD TV from Tesco. It is in the bedroom and only gets used about a. Hour to two hour per night. The picture has now gone really messed up, there are lines all over the place, the sound is fine but the image is virtually unwatchable. Tesco state that there is a 1year warranty. Does the 2year EU warranty with regard to electrical goods still stand? And would the 'Sales of goods act' be of use here? If so, how do you apply it? Regards The Lion
  7. Hi I've just received my car insurance renewal from tesco (I've been with them for over 5 years). I've never claimed and have 8 years protected NCD. Anyway, the annual renewal price has shot up to £401, normally I just renew it automatically but this was a massive increase from last year when I just paid £250 (ish). I did change my car in March and it only cost me an extra £19 for the year to do that which was fine. I started to get some online insurance quotes through go compare and was offered a price of £220 from Tesco! Hmmmmm. Anyway I decided to proceed as this was one o
  8. Hi there, I'm a newbie to this site and would like some advise please. A Dell Inspiron laptop was purchased from Tesco.com in November 2011 for my mother and was put onto my nan's credit card. It was bought to give my disabled mother a link to the outside world and a way of making new friends and interests. Approximately 3 weeks ago it refused to come on and emitted a certain number of beeps - in this case, 7 which indicates processor failure. Sadly, the warranty expired in November 2012 so the laptop is not covered by either Tesco or Dell. I intend to contact Dell and r
  9. Unsure if this is the correct thread to give a warning regarding Tesco refunding, just wish to vent somewhere:madgrin: One Saturday evening (15Jun 2013), I went to a Tesco local store and purchased a food item On way home, realised that I had forgotten to buy something and did a small diversion to my nearest Tesco superstore. I saw that the same food item purchased in the local store was cheaper at the superstore So I requested a refund An assistant called the Duty Manager, who arrived, listened then said: "Can't give a refund because our system will only give you back the pri
  10. Hiya everyone, I'm new here this is my first post, I hope I'm posting this in the right forum, apologies if not. I work from home as a self employed chat operator, and on average I earn around £30 per day weekdays. From around 9 o'clock on Monday morning I had no dialling tone, just a fuzzy sound.Tesco is my provider. I emailed them straight away to try and resolve this issue, but on Tuesday afternoon, I still had no dialling tone and no emaill response. So I tried messaging them on facebook instead, this worked and within a few hours my phone was working again, by this time i
  11. Tesco fined over 'half-price' strawberries claim Tesco has been fined £300,000 after admitting it misled customers over whether strawberries on sale were genuinely "half price". Trading standards officers said the £1.99 strawberries on sale in Sheldon, Birmingham, in 2011 had not been for sale at £3.99 long enough. The store charged the same amounts at its other stores in England and Wales. Tesco admitted four counts of unfair commercial practice at Birmingham Crown Court. Judge Michael Chambers said the case was "shocking by its
  12. Have just seen this on Local BBC. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Tesco-Beverley-backs-plans-change-free-parking/story-19683071-detail/story.html#axzz2cX5aOjMv
  13. Hello, I'm after some advice on complaining to Tesco Direct. I ordered the 2 door Jsper Wardrobe and cest of drawers from them the first time i ordered both products where in correct i'll explain why; The Chest of drawers; All parts where correct apart from the side panels of the drawers themselves instead of having 4 of each side i had 8 of one. The 2 Door Wardrobe; All parts where correct apart from the bottom panel of the drawer for the wardrobe. It was short by 11mm. This lead to the problem that it would not fit correctly so therefore rendered useless. I cal
  14. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/tesco-bets-big-store-revamp-boost-uk-recovery-145329207.html#xMzcuzH So will they dump Parking Eye ??
  15. Car in the garage, certain Unleaded put in but garage smells faint diesel. Anyone else had problems with Tesco Talbot Green this week?
  16. I've got a contract with Tesco Mobile which is due to expire in October. However, I want to get out of the contract early as I am unhappy with the service they are providing me. It all started when my mobile, an HTC Desire HD A9191, started acting up by randomly rebooting itself every few minutes. I sent it away for repairs and it came back to me some time later — but the fault hadn't been fixed. I sent it away again, and I got it back. It turned out to have been a waste of time, as the problem STILL persisted. I decided to use this when trying to get out of my contract. After a
  17. WELL DONE TESCO. You've lived up to my expectations. Charged full price for a reduced price item.
  18. Tesco Bank bucked the trend by offering the first 0pc credit card without a transfer fee since the credit crunch. But it has been pulled after just three weeks. Tesco Bank has withdrawn a unique credit card that offered fee-free balance transfers just three weeks after launch. The rapid withdrawal of the product underlines the large appetite and need among debt-laden consumers to shift their debts without costs. Many will be disappointed at how quickly the offer has been removed from the market. Such deals - balance transfers without a fee - were commonplace in the consumer credit boom w
  19. Hi I applied for my ppi payments back from tesco cc that i had proof i paid but they say it was apostal application and i ticked the box and they say i chose to do this i spoke to an adviser who said i could not have the card unless i took this out they posted me the application so they have refused to pay
  20. Hello everyone I am writing this for a friend. He is self employed as a sole trader and last year made a purchase from a supplier on his personal credit card from a supplier. He also has a business credit card with LTSB The products were faulty and he attempted to send them back but the supplier refused so he tried to get a credit from Tesco They have written back saying that they can not help because they do not cover business transactions. He has at no time said they were a business purchase Does he have any rights and if so what should he do next thanks
  21. I wrote to Tesco a month or so ago to reclaim the PPI payments made on my credit card account, I received the first letter thanking me for my letter etc and that they are looking in to it and will reply withiin 8 weeks. Today i received their final response which reads.... I have reviewed your concerns and the information we hold from when you added PPI to your credit card account. I have been able to confirm that your applications were completed via out postal application service. The application form that you completed gave you the option to include PPI by ticking the bo
  22. Hi, I wanted to share this story, as it may be useful for some. I bought a sweater from Tesco some time ago and it tore apart reasonably quickly. I didn't have the receipt anymore, so I was worried that I would not be able to make a claim. However, when I brought it to the store, I was told that since the product was faulty, they can replace it with another product of the same value, even if I don't have the receipt. They also told me that if I had the receipt, they would be able to get the money back. That was good service. So if you have a faulty product from them and don't
  23. Hi I am a regular user of of Club Card, but after see a few TV programmes and reading articles on consumer data I am concerned what this data is being used for. Does anyone know what the Tesco Data Protection notice allow them to use my shopping habits to assess me fo Credit in Tesco Bank for instance, and do they sell my data to anyone else. I love my Club Card vouchers but at what cost am I receiving them ?
  24. Hi I've sent in a PPI Complaint to Tesco Personal Finance on behalf of my fiancee's brother however we seem to have hit a brick wall. They've had the complaint on record in excess of 8 weeks now, they've acknowledged the complaint but a recent letter has intimated they are not near to providing a full response. I understand they have 8 weeks to provide a full response? Is there anything i can do to push them for a response without having to complain to the FOS? They have written to us and acknowledged the complaint and the fact they wont provide an answer in the stipulated tim
  25. Im sorry this is so long but i was struggling to convey upset i was with a synopsis so found it easier to just post the e mails ive already sent/received. any advice will be greatly appreciated ....................... Dear Sir or Madam, To whom it may concern, I tried to write to you recently in regards to the poor "customer service" i received in your store at the Swan Center in Birmingham. However your customer service form only has a 1000 characters on it so you only received part of the complaint and a request to contact me ASAP. I will outline
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