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  1. I was caught shoplifting nail varnish from tesco today, to be honest I have been stealing nail varnish for awhile now I don't no why, my Nana pass away last year and my relationship of 5 year broke down, not that this is any excess only reason I can think of its really not like me to steal, normally I shop at sainsburys and I haven't been caught, but when shopping at tesco today I got caught, I payed for my shopping (not the varnish) and went to walk out the shop, when I got stopped and taken to a room out the back, I can hardly remember anything that was said, I think they said there was cct
  2. You will have seen on the news today that Tescos have suspended a number of senior managers, because they managed to over estimate half year profits by £250 million. How can any company manage to get their sums wrong by that amount ? Does it just confirm how much money these companies are involved with. Last year it was revealed that supermarkers took 58% of all retail spending. They keep building all these extra large supermarkets, as well as all the small high street stores. Perhaps they are getting too big to be able to run them properly ?
  3. On 28th July I was falsely accused of shoplifting by a very intimidating security guard at Tesco. I was marched into an office at the rear of the store and the duty manager called. I was accused of concealing a mascara under my bag in my trolley. I explained that I had place it there to stop it falling out and that I had had a long emotionally hot draining day at training and was not concentrating. They then found a birthday card and a pack of pens and some spot cream that I had also forgotten about - having paid for the rest of my shopping I offered to pay im
  4. Hello, In 2011 I went on holiday to Egypt. The bill came in at over £4 per MB. I spoke to Tesco and we agreed a different figure than the £400+ that the originally wanted. I also got my pac code as I was out of contract, asking them to send me a revised bill. Which they never did. Since then I've had a couple of different collectors send me letter but they've pretty much always gone away when I asked them to 'prove it' I've now had a letter from Lowell who inform me they have bought the debt and that I should now deal with them. They've told me T
  5. Hi, I've been reading a lot of threads here similar to mine so didn't know if there was any point in me posting but in the end thought it was best to because I don't know what to do. Last month I did a really stupid thing and tried to shoplift groceries from Tesco. It was nearly £200 worth. I was caught, arrested, held in a cell overnight and the next day I was cautioned. I'd never done anything like that before and I'll never do it again, I don't know what I was thinking. I just want to forget about it because I'm ashamed it ever happened but about a week afterwards I got a letter from R
  6. Dear all, I am looking for any others that have experienced similar issues with Tesco car insurance, and/or missing communications from them on a wider basis. If anyone has any insight or advice, I would be very glad of that too. I present my nightmarish experience below: Three months ago, I chose Tesco car insurance for renewal due to their good price and well known brand. This was a month ahead of the current policy expiry to ensure a good deal, and to ensure ample time for policy documents to arrive before the new policy began. Approximately one week later, I received the
  7. Good morning, Is anyone being affected by a Tesco advert "Farm to Fork" appearing as a pop up regularly causing computer screen to flicker but stop when add is opened??
  8. Hi, if I explain the details then i'm hoping that someone could offer advice. Me and hubby shop in my local Tesco every Saturday morning. We go in together then he goes for his magazines while I walk around. After 5 or 10 minutes we find each other and he puts the items he's picked up in the trolley, I push the trolley coz it saves me using my walking stick, i'm registered disabled. Then he goes off for other items and I also shop, we find it's quicker if we separate rather than shop together (iyswim) We then find each other, head to the fruit & veg section
  9. Tesco has today announced the introduction of a current account. It will cost £5 per month unless you deposit £750 per month. Although it will pay interest on credit balances, this is one not to get involved with unless you can guarantee funds deposits exceeding £750 per month every month or have funds left over at the end of each month. There will also be an 18.9% charge on arranged overdrafts plus fees on top of that for unarranged. So if you went over by £50 and could only afford to repay at £15 per month, you overdraft will continue to increase plus the fees on top.
  10. I am currently pondering whther to submit a claim for mis sold PPI to Tesco for a number of loans I have held with them over about 10 years or so. The PPI was always included in the loan (front loaded), I was never advised of alternative products, never aksed if I had adequate cover in place already and also advised that it would make the success of my application more likely should I opt to take thier PPI. A number of loans were rolled over & I need to do some calculations about the exact amounts (probably after sending SAR), however things got a little complicate
  11. Hi all, I have a problem with Tesco Opticians regarding a purchase that I made a couple of months ago for prescription sunglasses. As you may be aware, Tesco do not make the lenses for their glasses on site, instead having them sent from an off-site location. When I ordered my BOGOF prescription sunglasses, I specifically and directly said to the assistant that I wanted normal tints in one set, and reactions lenses in the second pair. Having gone through the details and paid for this order, I went away looking forward to receiving my two pairs of sunglasses. However, when I received
  12. Hi, Looking for some advice on my situation... On April 25th, I ordered 2 new sofas from Tesco Direct for home delivery. They were delivered on Monday April 28th by Yodel. They were really well packaged, but upon unwrapping the larger of the 2 sofas I found a tiny scuff. I decided this wasn't a problem and continued with unpacking the smaller sofa. We then found that the smaller sofa was very badly damaged (the bottom fabric had been completely torn away from the frame work) so I called Tesco and asked for 2 replacements. Tesco arranged for their courier to exchange the
  13. The other day myself and 2 colleagues were shopping and as we left the store one of us got stopped and it transpires she had stolen a packet of sweets. She claims she wasn't taken into an office and was dealt with in the shop floor. The police were not called but the store manager said he would inform our employer as he had a duty of care due to the hysterical state she was in. The security guard also allegedly stated that he knew all 3 of us had been taking things. The next day we were all summons to head office as the sore manager had phoned our employer
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice...went shopping this morning at Tesco and as I got my trolley I put my handbag in there Got some shopping,about £40 worth and was about to make my way to the checkout when I thought I'd look for some makeup as I'm going out this weekend. I decided to get a lipstick and put it in the trolley then made my way back to the checkout when I bumped into someone and stood talking for ten minutes or so Went to the checkout put all my shopping on the belt,paid and left. I'd just got outside when two security guards shouted excuse me have you any it
  15. Thank goodness for Tesco. But for their constant vigilance, the streets could be swarming with spoon-wielding teenage gangs. A 16-year-old boy was told he was too young to buy a pack of teaspoons by a supermarket in Lancashire. Liam Whelan was sent by his stepmother to their local Tesco in Haslingden to buy replacements for the spoons he keeps losing. But staff refused to sell the 57p pack of teaspoons to Liam, from Deardengate, because he was not 18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-26574789
  16. Just wanted to get a clarification on the law. My next door neighbour called in at Tesco to fill up in the works van [ well known firm & van is sign written] . Filled up & went to pay, he had forgotten his wallet. Informed the lady behind the counter & immediately he said she barked " stand over there". Made him wait while she served everyone in the shop, then told him to produce some ID. He reminded her he had forgotten his wallet , she then produced a book & asked him for his details. Normally he would have signed , but her attit
  17. I shop in tescos nearly every day but last week was in shopping as usual with shopper bought bleach and toilet cleaner and sweets and went to checkout as usual to empty shopper and pay which i was doing untill distracted by attendant alerting me i had dropped item so picked it up and put it through checkout totally not realising trolley was not empty so thinking i payed for items happily walked out of store when approached by security i was surprised and shocked but quickly relised and explained took out purse to pay for the items which came to 1.40 after paying for items that came to 7 poun
  18. I have had my fill with Sky so i am transfering my phone and Broadband to Tesco. They are doing free Broadband for 12 months if i take out a phone line. Looking into reviews with Tesco broadband, it seems they have quite a few negative responses and lousy customer service. It seems they used the Thompson router which was always dropping out, These reviews are 12 months old and i cannot seem to get any current reviews.I believe they have now changed the router Has anybody on the forum got phone and broadband through Tesco now and can give me an honest review. Tesco are about to g
  19. Tesco has been forced to suspend more than 2,000 customer accounts after hackers posted their details online. Cyber thieves then used the login details to steal Clubcard vouchers, the supermarket giant admitted. A list of thousands of usernames and passwords was posted by hackers on a text-sharing website . It is thought the data was taken from other websites in high-profile security breaches and used to access Tesco.com customer accounts to steal Clubcard points, with 2,239 hits where the same usernames and passwords were used. But only
  20. Hi Today I got a letter from RLP stating that I had been involved in a wrongful act and my actions caused significant loss to their client Tesco. They are demanding 147.50. What really happened - I bought a lot of electrical items, totalling 110 pounds. The cashier must have not scanned one item without me knowing (honestly!) which was a 12 pound set of headphones. I was stopped at the door as it beeped, I apologised and paid straight away at the customer services desk. The security guard said no further action would be taken, he had to take my details for his records, along wit
  21. Surely this cannot be allowed as they are not filming for security purposes but are in essence selling on your personal data without your permission. I know it is not data as it is generally known but it is still your data. However we have no idea how else that data coudl eb used. Tesco have your card details which gives your address plus your photo? Luckily we do not use Tesco so not really an issue for us. http://www.signal1.co.uk/on-air/breakfast/topics/tesco-advert-face-scanner/
  22. any body know if Tesco do their own pcn's or not. just found the info. aI was at Tesco on official business when I had parked my vehicle on their car park, i noticed that my stay may be over the said time limit of 3hrs, I informed a senior member of staff of this who then proceded to inform the security office of this to cancel any pcn being issued. now ! she asked for my reg no to cancel the charge but explained that the security cameras could or did not register my vehicle on arrival. because instead of going onto the site the way most people do where the cameras monito
  23. A father was arrested and accused of fraud after complaining to his local Tesco that he had spent £470 on an iPad that turned out to be just a box with clay lumps inside. Colin Marsh, 47, rushed back to Tesco in Whistable to complain after discovering that the iPad he had bought there as a present for his 10-year old daughter Maddie was actually an empty box stuffed with clay. Instead the staff reported him to the police on suspicion of attempted fraud. Two days later he was arrested and held at the police station for hours before being released on bail. The missing iPad
  24. Hi Caggers I have just had a call of the lovely moorcroft group about my debt with Tesco broadband. I was with tesco for my internet, they gave me a go live date and it didnt happen, apparently there was a issue with their side, even though i told them it needs to be switched from fibre optic tonormal broadband, after about 1 month with no internet they decided to listen and send a engineer out and he sorted the problem. I received my 1st bill which i disputed because i had no internet for that month, in the end they knocked the internet bill off and gav
  25. Tesco persistently report to my credit file an account' unpaid for 6+ monhts' Every single month! It doesnt default or anything, been there since 2003, it looks like an open account. Ive asked them, they cant find me on the system. Ive told Experian to remove it they say its with Tesco customer service. I asked Tesco for a credit agreement, they said I needed to provide more information as they cant find me (??) I told the data controller to remove me, I got another letter saying I had to call customer service, which I did, but as Im not on their system they couldnt help me. I went
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