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  1. Dear All Back after 2 years last time beating ANPR at POPLA ! with help from this site Upto date advice needed on PCN issued in Scotland at Tesco Car park Linlithgow (by Eurocarparks) ,for an over stay of 34 mins .The advice for PCN in Scotland used to be Ignore Is that still the same advice due to POFA not appling in Scotland ? and therefore no need to give driver details I live in England and the car is registered in England ,I haven't responded Thank you in advance
  2. While insured with Tesco motor insurance, we've had 2 bumps. Both times, within months of the accidents, we've had accident and injury claim companies telephoning us on our unlisted landline number asking if we want to make an injury claim. Both times they knew every detail of the accident and our full names, address and all contact details. Do insurance companies have the right to pass on our private information to other companies, and if not, do we have a claim against them?
  3. Tesco Bank is reducing the rate its credit card holders can earn Clubcard points when spending outside of Tesco, blaming a looming cap on interchange fees coming later this year. Currently 2.8 million cardholders can rack up Clubcard points when spending using a Tesco credit card, wherever they spend. But soon the points Tesco Clubcard Credit Card holders can earn on purchases made outside of the supermarket will change from one for every £4 spent to one for every £8 spent. Tesco’s Clubcard Credit card customers will see the change from 1st December. https:/
  4. Did you know if your Tesco Mobile malfunctions, even under guarantee, the store you bought it from will not take it back. You have got to post it in a jiffy bag to a TESCO repair dept. Is that within the Sale of Goods an services Act 1982 or within the spirit of the Sale of Goods and services Act. This policy by Tesco seems to me to be a weasel way of avoiding their responsibilities and passing them on to their customers. Policy seems very similar when companies tell you to send it back to the manufacture which you can refuse to do. Did you know if your Tesco Mobile malfunctions, even und
  5. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/every-little-helps-supermarket-giant-5461757
  6. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is in the right section or whether it should be in the motoring section. I had a car insurance policy with Tesco Bank but my vehicle had to be scrapped in June due to being uneconomical to repair following a breakdown. I wrote to Tesco on 14th June to cancel my policy and I cancelled my direct debit on 16th June. The first I heard back from Tesco was a letter from them dated 28th June in which they informed me that there was a problem with my direct debit and they said I needed to pay the outstanding balance or my policy would be affected. I w
  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/07/28/tesco-ribena-ban-reaction_n_7885776.html People have taken to twitter and other social media and it seems they are NOT happy
  8. Hi and thanks in advance. I wondered if anyone could tell me if I am being, or have been, treated fairly with regards to a debt i have been paying off for some time now. I originally took a personal loan of £15k to buy into a business. It wasn't secured on the house I own, as at the time I was quite credit worthy and didn't expect there to be any problems. This was just before the recession. The business that we had worked hard to build up failed. Sadly my marriage did also. I started to fall behind on my payments and tried to negotiate with Tesco, but was given sho
  9. Hello Everyone, I took out a car insurance policy with Tesco Bank Car Insurance on 16.03.2015 and emailed my proof of NCB on 19.03.2015. I was told by them that I should receive an 'auto-response' email, which I did. It was stressed to me however that I should receive a confirmation email that the NCB had been accepted and applied to the policy, which I haven't. I therefore rang them today to ask them for this confirmation and they said that all calls were recorded and could confirm that they had indeed received and applied the NCB. They said that because I hadn't supplied a mob
  10. Hi All Wondering if I could get some advice from people who have possibly be successful with a query with Tesco affecting their credit file? The long and short of it - plus from what I can remember it was a while ago! I had a mobile phone contract with Tesco in 2012 and cancelled during the 30 day period, I returned the phone to store (where I had taken the phone out) as it was freezing a lot and I wasn't getting on with it. I had to pay the first month upfront so when I returned it the guy in the store the guy helped me transfer numbers across and said 'that's it - nothing mor
  11. Start of story, around about last year summer time in tesco i checked a cream by taking out a tiny size amount on my finger to check the fragrance and if it was suitable for me. I didn't like it so put it back. On my way out after i had paid for all my shopping i was approached by a manager and a security guard saying i had used the item and i had to pay for it and if i didn't they will call the police, the manager was being overly and unnecessarily aggressive. I was asked to pay for the item which i did and that was that. Or so i thought. just
  12. Hi all again, I've been trying to arrange a repayment plan for my sisters credit card. I started by sending a "payment holiday request" on the 13/11/2014. They didn't reply to the letter but didn't ask for any money at all in the next two statements. On the 05/01/2015 I send a pro-rate offer letter to start the repayment negotiation. They signed for the letter on the 07/01/2015. My sister got a Default Notice dated 28/01/2015, their letter still didn't mention anything about are offer to repay. Are they allowed to do this? I guess sinc
  13. Hi, I have this CCA from Tesco's that I believe is not enforceable I have tried searching for a that I have seen along the lines of thank you for the CCA but thats not enforceable but I cannot find it does anyone have a link to it or something similar? Thanks in advance
  14. was in my local tesco earlier, minding my own business in the biscuit aisle when i felt something smacking me on the back ..turned and looked around to see 2 pieces of the concrete roof on the floor so thats what hit me, must have fallen a good 50 feet. each bit was about 10cm x 10cm. told a member of staff and the checkout lady and she got he manager and assistant manager, they logged it over the phone in the accident book and i spoke to the person that logged it. i already have something wrong with me that the consultants have yet to diagnose but im under orthopedic
  15. Supermarket giant Tesco has named the 43 stores it is closing across the country, a move that will see 2,000 staff lose their jobs. The company is currently informing staff at the affected stores. The Express and Home Plus stores will close on 15 March with the Tesco Metros and Superstores on the list closing on 4 April. Tesco warned earlier this month that 43 stores would be shut as part of plans to cut costs. Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said the decision to close the stores was "exceptionally difficult". "Our priority is to explain what this announcement m
  16. Due to Torie government cuts i lost my job and i have been shoplifting for a couple of years now to carry on trying to support my family as best as i can until i find another job. Sadly for me my luck ran out and I was caught shop lifting via the self checkout service in Tesco just before Christmas, i stole £93.67 worth of goods and police were called etc. I was fined £90 on the spot fine which i have paid. I recieved a letter today from RLP today asking for the sum of £147.50 which i will be ignoring as unenforceable etc and i have already paid the fine for my punishment to the police
  17. I bought a salvage vehicle earlier this year. Repaired it. It was a cat. Then later on the car was reversed into by a tesco insured driver. My vehicle was taken away to the body shop while i had a courtesy vehicle. Two weeks later i was told that as my vehicle had been involved in a previous accident and the damage had not been fully repaired. My insurance company offerred me £100 as salvage and told me the vehicle would be a cat c. I asked for the engineers report which stated that the damage was similar to the damage the vehicle had
  18. Poor ol' Tesco, they just can't seem to get anything right these days. They proudly trumpeted a new app for Google Glass: http://www.bitterwallet.com/tesco-launch-app-for-google-glass/82686 The very next day Google announce they're withdrawing them from sale: http://www.bitterwallet.com/deathwatch-google-glass/82727 Doh!!
  19. Hey, so im gonna try and not bore you all with unnecessary detail basicly i was caught shoplifting yesterday at tescos, it was not a mistake i knew i was doing it and i accept my wrong doings. They treated me fine and took down my details, i gave them back the products (a shampoo and conditioner) that total cost came to £8 something (which i was not asked to pay as i returned the products), i was not treated badly or wrong by them. I was informed that i would be getting a letter from the RLPicon with a fine of between £70-150 and i am banned from tesco for 3 months. I am 17 and live of be
  20. Hi everyone, My story: I've been caught with a pair of headphones for 25 GBP. I know what I did is very wrong and I apologise and I swear to myself that I'd never do it again. I did not get any letters yet but they said that I will. Police was involved and they came to my house to confirm that I live there (my parents were at home). I also have no criminal records and I am 16. Can you please tell me what is going to happen and what are the procedures? Any suggestions? Yes, I will never do it again. Thank you
  21. Evening All,* Just wondered if anyone has any comments on an issue were having with my 17 year old brothers car insurance..* was involved in accident Monday after college. Not sure who is at fault yet but his little Punto is a write off.. He has a box/tracker on car so wasn't speeding but the other car was. He rang insurance up Tuesday morning to inform them and he was told he couldn't have a courtesy car as car was a write off - fair enough.. They went through all his details and he told them he had changed his apprenticeship / job last month.. That was th
  22. Anyone had any problems with fuel from tesco? Apparently i am the 4th person to breakdown and also had purchased my fuel from tesco. Awaiting correct diagnosis until i write complaint! Just wondering if anyone else has had problems.
  23. Supermarket's banking arm accidentally breached Consumer Credit Act Thousands didn't receive loan statements while accruing owed interest The average customer is set to receive a £228 cheque in the post Tesco Bank is set to pay out £43million in compensation after a loan statement blunder left 175,000 customers out of pocket. The supermarket giant's banking arm has offered an apology to customers after a 'technical breach' meant they failed to send out personal loan and credit card statements. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2817564/Tesco-bank
  24. Hi folks, I'm really at the end of my tether. Had an ongoing problem for well over a year now re poor broadband speed. I've complained on numerous occassions to Tesco and lately have been dealing with their head office. My speed has never been great. We're about 7 miles from Invernes and 3 miles from our exchange ( Croy ). Tesco are blaming BT telling us that we have line noise which we do. We've had numerous engineers out and last month open reach came out after a fault WAS discovered. Open reach told us it's a ground loop noise and it's underground, and they can't trace it
  25. Many people will have been watching Tesco's recent debacle. I have lost over £5000 with the share price fall, over the last 4 months. Tough, you may say. The reality is that I bought my shares based on the financial accounting data published by Tesco in their annual report. Yesterday, I watched the new CEO Dave Lewis, parachuted in from Unilever. He said the "accounting errors" appear to have been undertaken for several years. They have declared £265 million in profits they actually don't have, and won't have. A definition of fraud is: " the intentional misrepresentation or con
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