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  1. Hi, I have just been banned from all Tesco stores for life and had my key fob taken off of me. I was using the click and scan device and had not realised an item had not scanned. The security guard stopped me as i was leaving the store (in a panic as I thought my phone was sitting in the centre console of my car). I was taken through to the back room and had my photo taken (without me knowing), had my driving license copied and my key fob removed from my possession. The lady said she was about to finish her shift and she didn't really want to call the police. I explained that
  2. My Grand daughter purchased an Amazon Gift card at Tesco Metro store for my Christmas gift. She received - Gift card in display pack and a receipt as shown below. I had several other Amazon gift vouchers as well - so I logged on and started entering the numbers. To ensure no mix up - I put one number in - sent the thank you - put the card to one side. Get to this particular card above and I receive an 'invalid number' message. Checked number and thought perhaps the 2 x 8's could perhaps be 'B' so re entered - still receiving the message invalid. Spen
  3. I have discovered that ALL new televisions sold by Tesco in April 2014 were on a special promotion for the world cup. As such they were all sold with a free 5 year warranty with square trade. So, if you have a TV from Tesco that has packed up, check your purchase date carefully. It does not matter if you have the receipt still if you paid by card they can confirm the purchase date as long as you can say which store and the date purchased. I hope this helps at least one person out!
  4. Hi guys. ANY help here would be appreciated. We bought a brand new TV in March 2014. Our old unbranded one was still going strong after 10 years, we just fancied a newer flatter type and a slight increase in size from 32 to 40in. We went to Tesco and looked at the wall of dazzling TV's. A salesperson asked if we wanted any help so I explained I what I was after and he recommended the Toshiba as it was a 'great make' and was reasonably priced @ £279. So we bought it. Yesterday the screen just went black. The sound was still there but no picture. I did a little online research and all
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/nov/07/tesco-bank-freezes-transactions-online-attack As long as their money has not been stolen !
  6. Tesco Direct has dropped its minimum payment charge for click and collect. Until now, shoppers were charged £2 for orders under £30. The supermarket said in February it had to introduce the charge to cover rising costs and was in line with rival supermarkets, which charge similar fees for their click and collect services. But now it says that it wants to give shoppers more choice and convenience, particularly in the run-up to Christmas http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/money/mortgages-bills/tesco-direct-drops-minimum-payment-charge-for-click-and-collect-11364098202576
  7. Died on me last week, took it into the local branch. They can't do anything. Called up the hotline, gave them my Mum's Tesco Visa Clubcard number, she gave them it, I gave them it again. Told me three days ago they would get back to me with as decision. I don't hear back, so I call them up today and they are now saying again that they can't find the details on the system and that they need proof of purchase, and can't do anything without that. Item was bought for Xmas nearly two years ago so it's just over a year and a half old. I've tried quoting the sale of goods act 1979. I
  8. Hi All, I bought an LED TV from the Tesco Ebay Outlet in December 2014 and it has now developed a fault so cannot get a picture. Can I try to get Tesco to fix it or is it too late. Thx
  9. Hi, I have a strange question, and hope someone familiar with debt collection procedures / DPA 1998 are able to assist. I am disabled, living with elderly parents. My father has never been in debt, and would absolutely freak out of he knew I still owed Tesco Bank a considerable amount of money. I am in comms with them regarding token payment on debt, its been over 10 years of intermittent token payments, DCAs etc but recently I keep receiving letters from their recoveries department but with the fact it is the recoveries department clearly showing on the front of the envelope.
  10. Hi, Just spotted this article in my local paper. Please note the use of language - i.e. "Fine", "Penalty Charge". Very misleading! http://tinyurl.com/hpwlpe5
  11. My parents purchased us an expensive (£49.99) Morphy Richards Pyramid kettle Sept 2014. In Jan 2015 it failed and we had to exchange it for a new one. Roughly Jan 2016 it started to drip from the bottom and is now pouring out so have had to stop using it. The kettle came with a 2 year warranty however it appears you had to register it online to get that. It is my understanding all electrical items are covered in the EU for 2 years and under the sale of goods act I feel I am covered to. I have presented this to Tesco who said that would do a 12+ month claim but then told me it come back
  12. I am really grateful for this Forum. I am watching other people's reports with great interest so I thought I would share my own and see if I could garner some advice along the way. I am currently a Student with some Debts carried forward from a crisis past where I lost my home. I am pretty much on route to starting over. I never took the BR option but was hoping to wait out the clock ( didn't have any other options ) on some of the debts and deal with what I could. This is the second CCJ Claim and as far as I can make out it is over 6 Years since I have had any contact from th
  13. Good Afternoon, Firstly I appreciate everything you guys do on here, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate any advise you can give me - I'll give as much detail below in relation to my situation however if you have any questions let me know; So, at the moment I have a defaulted loan outstanding with Tesco Finance to the amount of - £ 8,900. I defaulted from the loan in October 2013 and haven't been in contact with Tesco Finance since. In January 2013 I moved to Australia to complete a two year working VISA, at the time I had enough money in my UK accoun
  14. If you've been enjoying Tesco's Clubcard Boost events, where you can double the value of your points and the like - bad news - the last one is imminent, as the supermarket are scrapping the scheme. The last boost will be held from 16th May until 26th June, so don't dither. The idea is to make these schemes easier to understand, and to make Clubcard points simpler. Clubcard Boost events have given the opportunity to swap points online or in stores, in multiples of £5 for £10 vouchers which you can spend in specific departments. However, over on their website, they've said
  15. Hi there - I park in tesco wealdstone every thursday and saturday night, the sign was so small i had no idea that you were not allowed to park there. I use Tesco a lot. I received a letter with a £40 fine and a picture of my car entering and exitng the car park. I've googled it and read lots about this being non enforceable and hoping this is true! Can anyone give me guidance on what i need to do? Thank you v v much
  16. I am very embarrassed to admit that I have been caught shoplifting at Tesco. I took a £5 lipstick. I will certainly never do this again as it was one of the worst days of my life, be assured of that. =( I have read many posts about this here. They sent me a RLP letter asking for £89.50. I don't have this kind of money. When the incident happened, they made me pay for the lipstick so they lost no money at the end. I was so terribly sorry that they did not call the police and banned me from that particular Tesco for 3 months. I read your advice about not paying anything to RLP. If
  17. My husband left a credit card debt of £5000 when he passed. It was on a tesco credit card. Tesco agents are now chasing me for the debt which in theory should come out of his estate. This comprised one commercial property that I can't sell cause I am dependent on the income. Is anyone familiar with their agents and how vigorously they will pursue the debt? Or how likely they will be to write it off?
  18. More Than & Tesco are about to shaft pet insurance customers even more than other insurers. It's bad enough having to pay a huge excess AND a further 20% if your animal is over 8 years old, which is what happens with Virgin & why I'm about to leave them - now we're being forced by More Than & Tesco to treat our animals like trashed cars - change your insurer if you're with one of them. (I currently have 2 with More Than and am hugely disappointed because til now they were a good insurer.) They are going to charge £200 for using the "wrong
  19. Hello all, I am extremely embarrassed to have to post this I was caught shoplifting from Tesco last month. I had just found out the company I work for was going into liquidation and therefore was having one of those days where you could cry at any misfortune that might happen to you. I went to use the self check-out in a large London Tesco. After scanning all the items through and put them into my own "Bag for life" it came to £47.00 and so I took out my debit card and went to pay, after putting in my pin it said my card had been declined and th
  20. Tesco is to charge customers for click and collect orders through its Direct arm costing less than £30 The supermarket giant, will introduce the £2 fee on Tesco Direct orders on 2 February. It already has a £4 charge for grocery shops below £40 which are ordered online and collected in store. In July, John Lewis introduced a similar charge for orders collected in its stores and in branches of Waitrose. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/jan/06/tesco-direct-charge-click-and-collect-orders
  21. Hi Hoping for some help regarding this matter. My wife had a Tesco Mobile contract, it was £10 per month. The contract started on the 23rd August 2011, the contract was for 24 months and ended towards the end of August 2013, she called Tesco at the end of September to cancel her plan as she wasn't happy with it, she was told she needed to make a further 2 payments towards the account, she stopped using the sim, waited for 2 more payments to come out of her account and then cancelled the direct debit. We moved house and so she hadn't received any letters from Tesco regarding
  22. Hi all, firstly I am very ashamed of this. 2 days ago I was caught shoplifting from a TESCO store. (I had put 2 reduced prices £3.25 labels on 2 not reduced ones £5 ones meat steaks which I took from reduced ones) paid for them before leave the shop caught by Security guards! very very stupid all for £3.50 ( I got a bipolar character and had been diagnosed with very high depression and severe PTSD - taking 1000 mg quetiapine daily - did it because needed to feel high (NO EXCUSE - just describing the details)) they took me to back room - no police involved
  23. Hi Everyone, I had a debt management plan about 10 years ago, which is long since pretty much paid off / written off etc aside from two things which I would like to ask advice on. Firstly, I pay Collect Direct £45.00 a month on a standing order. I no longer have any idea what it is for but believe it may have been for an Egg credit card I have received no correspondence whatsoever from Collect Direct for about 8 years and I have no idea how to contact them or find out how much I may still owe. Nor do I really want to open that can of worms really as life has moved
  24. Tesco are seemingly intent on annoying absolutely everyone in the UK at the moment. So what are they up to now? Well, they’ve just announced that, from 23rd July 2015, the minimum basket spend for those of you who shop online for groceries, will change from £25 to £40. Of course, you can still spend below that amount, but if you do, you’ll find yourself paying the £4 surcharge. http://www.bitterwallet.com/tesco-up-minimum-spend-for-online-shopping/86484
  25. I bought a samsung tv from Tesco Direct 22 months ago. This tv has developed a fault..i rang Samsung but they told me to ring Tesco. On doing so i asked for a out of warranty form and told them the problem. They said they would get it mended but if it couldnt be repaired give me a refund. they then got in touch and said they were not going to repair it and offered my £165. The tv cost nearly £600. I said i was not happy with this but they will not back down from the £165. could any one please advice me or do a template letter to send to them. thanks
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