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Found 4 results

  1. Hope someone can advise me please. I am a landlord who has rented to a 'guaranteed rent' letting agency and they have been fine up to now. My house has been let via the local council housing as temporary accommodation. But, now I find myself in a situation where I need to either sell or remortgage and the tenant's son is refusing entry to another agency with interested buyers and also the biggest problem I have is that a surveyor is due to attend to survey the property next Friday and the letting agent is advising that I arrange with the tenant's son for the surveyor, which he is refusing. The tenant's son was very abusive and aggressive to a prospective buyer who arrived to view as arranged with the tenant (viewer intended to still rent out as a landlord) and the selling agent and viewer were forced to leave the property. What can I do?
  2. Hello, 6 months ago i called the council to report a road fault and they said that we live on a private road which was the first i had known about it. I asked a few neighbours and they didnt know that either, apart from one who purchased their house 5 years ago . They had said that their solicitor had made them aware. We have tried to get the council to adopt the road but they have quoted silly money to get it up to spec and i am in no financial position to afford this. There are 10 houses in the street and we all chipped in to get the bit of tarmac repaired which was under £200 by a local guy. The council say that the kerbs are not to spec. We bought our current house 8 years ago and were not informed that the house was on a private road and would not have bought the house knowing this. Surely this is something our lawyers / surveyors should have picked up on ? The houses were built in 1972 Any advice? Thanks
  3. Hey, I am in the process of buying house and had ordered for building survey. But this Surveyor seems to be real un-scruplous one. Having opted for building survey, I thought I will get a thorough report but I was surprised that the survery-report says that they cannot check the rain-gutters as it was not raining at that time. Is that acceptable? So if it was raining, he would have said that he could not check say the garden area because it was raining and he could not go out or say on the roof. I want to know if it is acceptable for the surveyor to say that he cannot check rain gutters because it was not raining.He could have easily got a bucket of water and poured it through the pipes and checked? Please let me know if that is okay and common ?
  4. Hi Any advice please. We recently looked to remortgage our house to get a better rate. We paid £300 for a survey. We had two options depending on how high the house was valued. The average price of houses sold on our street in the last 6 months is £170 k. If our house was valued at £165k we would get the best mortgage rate, if it came in as low as £155k we would get a slightly worse rate but still a better rate than our current one. Based on current sales on our street and the fact that, among other things, we have the largest plot on the whole street we felt this was a safe option and we paid the £300 survey fee. The surveyor valued the house at £143!!!!!! This meant we were left with no mortgage and were £300 worse off. We went back with a list of houses to prove what they are going for but they have sill not budged. The majority of comments the surveyor has given to back up his valuation are mainly personal opinion. eg preferable decor in other properties, approach to the drive is on an angle. He even turned our huge garden in to a negative by saying next doors was small and neat!! He also said that we needed to get a wooden floor specialist in because there was a small nick in the floor in the kitchen.....our kitchen floor is LAMINATE!! Can anyone offer any help or suggestions?? I have now gone to the financial ombudsman and they have taken the complaint on. The mortgage company now have 8 weeks to reply. I have since had my house valued by 2 estate agents and it has been valued at £165k and £160k. I know surveyors generally value less than an estate agent but £143 is a joke. Please help.... Thanks Vicki:-(
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