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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Not sure if this is meant to be on the online retailers as it was bought from Microsoft online but the online area seem to be more for eBay and Paypal issues. The issue at hand is this: Early 2016 I purchased a Surface Pro 4 specced fairly high (i7/256gb ssd/16gb ram). On the whole, it's been ok - there have been the various bugs that MS have been fairly quick to resolve and overall what I wanted has been ticked - a tablet style laptop without all the restriction of performance. Fast forward to December 2017 and the screen startedto play up. At this point I will say the laptop is in near new condition. It's always been in a case when "parked" and when used, it's on a desk at work in a non food/drink environment so not much to go wrong. And despite it being a tablet, I rarely actually use the touch screen functionality. Issue with the screen is crazy flickering/shaking. I ignored it initially thinking it was software related but having done a full reinstall and drivers etc, it was still happening. 2 days ago, it got worse...to the point that it became unusable. So I looked on the forums etc and to my suprise, it's become so well known, there is a dedicated website - no other than flickergate.com Every single example on there is the same as mine and they claim around 1600+ customers have signed to say they suffer from it too. The general consensus is it happens generally after the 12 month warranty MS supplies and is most likley heat related. Sure enough mine has started to warm up a fair bit - especially the screen. As this is a sealed unit, not much can be done to keep the fans clean apart from a blast of air but I suspect this is not the issue as the fans rarely kick in when the screen starts to flicker. So why am I here? Well it turned out I had purchased extended cover on this and so it will most likely be a swap out and everyones happy....or are they. a large number of people have stated the replacement units are also doing this - some immediately and some after a while. With the cover running out at the end of Feb, that does not leave me with confidence. So given: 1. This is a known issue though MS refuse to accept this 2. A replacement in my case will be given but will most likely have the same issue either soon or later on in it's life 3. There is no current fix as this is hardware related and most likely to do with the design What are the options? Surface Pro's are not cheap and this was a £1500 unit + the cover at £150 - Am I looking at potential hell should the replacement die after March when the warranty ends? PS: This was paid on credit card. Appreciate there is the consumer rights especially as this was purchased after the consumer rights act was launched but surely this can't be the only way? I'm not sure what I am asking for really - just advice on what one should do if the problem at hand has no fix and so this could be a vicious circle until warranty ends at which point I have a £1500 brick Is there an option in law in the case of the above 3 points to not get a replacement but get a pay out instead? Obviously not the £1500 ... Thanks all
  2. So... Lets see where to start. Back in March I purchased a Surface Pro 3 Keyboard, Knowing that i was going to purchase a SP3 at somepoint in April. That I did. It remained in storage for a while until I purchased a SP3 and decided to use them together. When i started using it, I noticed a rather severe battery drain that would kill the battery life of my SP3 when attached. When not attached, it was fine. Lasting almost 8 hours with one use. So I returned it back to Curry's while I was home in Portsmouth for a quick holiday. They said to me that they would take it away and that I would need to talk direct to Microsoft about getting a replacement. I was told the existing one was going to be recycled / destroyed. So going along with this (Microsoft did this before a long time ago), I left it for a little while then on the 14th May, I contacted Microsoft to be told that I had been informed incorrectly and that I would need to get it back from Currys. I was also told it would fall under standard warranty and that it would need to returned direct to them for exchange. I wasnt impressed as it was clear that Currys had lied to me and by this point I Realised I was £109 down and also without a working keyboard. This is when I finally decided to email into CEO Sebastian James after getting nowhere with trying to track down my keyboard (Apparently Microsoft hadnt received the original back) Yesterday, I got a less than impressive response after fighting it out over the weekend. Well.... Lets say I was fuming after receiving this. So I kicked off on Twitter today. And Oh BOY! It got a result. I finally managed to persuade them to look into it again today and they eventually folded. They gave me a voucher for £109 that was used in store to buy a brand new Type Cover 3. Needs to say, it shouldnt get this far in the first place, but Im glad its finally resolved. Ive just picked it up and works a treat! For reference, if anyone does have any issues; You can contact; And also on twitter.
  3. About 4 years ago when I lost my job, I had a couple of HFC group cards - Golfish etc. HFC persueded me to take out a loan with them to repay the card debt at a discount. Is that legal, bearing in mind the cards were probably taken out about 2001 and are probably incorrectly executed?
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