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  1. My father passed away on Tuesday last week and we are totally devastated as you can imagine. Mum is in care as she has althzhiemers. Dad left a will which said that he wished his half of the house to be divided between my brother and I and obviously the half my mother owned would go towards her care under the asset rules. (i believe anything over £14,000 is used to pay for her care) We have since learned that mum and dad owned the house under a joint tennancy which means that dads share of the house doesnt become part of dads estate and passes to my mums sole ownership. The ho
  2. we had our house repossessed around 2 1/2 years ago and it was subsequently sold for below the market value leaving a shortfall in the region of 25k. We have heard relatively nothing since apart from a few letters. They are now chasing heavily for this including people coming round to the house from a company called Field Call. We took the mortgage out with Future Mortgages who i believe sold out to the company that repossessed (can't remember the name but it started with an 'E' trying to remove all thoughts from my head as the repossession was the last thing after being put on Statutory S
  3. we're looking into getting a mortgage and in terms of my husband even being on the application is pointless. He's got about 4 defaults, one for over £5,000 which naturally any lender wont accept. We're making payments towards two of them, one's in dispute and another one we've just left because it's only £400ish and they haven't contacted us in about 2 years! I was thinking of making an offer for an F&F (for the big one) but not sure if I can do this because he's currently paying £10 per month towards the £5,000 debt. But ideally, we need to clear it or we'r
  4. E-Sure cancelled my insuance without notification. Below is the email i sent to them. Good afternoon, Please could you re-instate my cancelled insurance and refund the newer insurance(taken out 25/11/2013), or revise the new insurance to equal the premium of the previous insurance. I didn’t receive the welcome pack hence the following email was sent to you on the 1st of October. ---- Hi, Please could i have my policy documents sent to email 2 rather than email 1 (email removed due to zero postings) Car Reg is:AM**UC* Cover set to start from 30/09/2013
  5. Hi, my friend is currently claiming ESA for mental illness which is anxiety,depression and OCD. They have been assessed a few months ago and were awarded ESA and put into the support group, they have been with various mental health teams and were finally put into CBT therapy where they was diagnosed with OCD,anxiety and depression. They finished this 2 weeks ago and their scores have come down to normal levels, however their OCD was not treated as there was not enough time to work on this, they tried coming of their medication 2 weeks ago and then went into complete panic and suffered fr
  6. Hi, Sorry to trouble you - I am looking for advise following a written mortgage offer being sent by Nationwide Building Society ... then withdrawn. It's a long story, so don't want to post in the wrong forum ... but basically the mortgage offer 'was sent in error' and it has now been withdrawn. Please could you let me know where I would be best posting this. Many Thanks
  7. Hi, I need some advice about Sure Start Maternity Grant.I am pregnant and last week i sent filled form for this fund.As they write you can get if you or your partner receive benefit.So I sent because my partner receive income related employment and support allowance.I received letter today.They said I am not entitled to a payment because I don't receive benefits but they didn't mention nothing about my partner benefit.Do I have to contact them to look at my case again?
  8. Hi, I'm hoping Lee picks this up. Got some issues with my account. I've spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone in three separate phone calls. Basically I setup an account and had no signal so in the first 7 days the only way vodafone secured my business was by providing me with a Sure Signal 2. I was happy with this till recently when i'm planning to move to London. Basically its the same old issues with signal. I sent it to my friend who lives next door to the property im planning on moving into. I had to deregister it from my account so he can trial it and send me it
  9. i got a bit behind with Vodafone toward the end of last year and organised a payment plan with them which apparently wasn't put in any of their notes, I had tried to pay them over the phone but they couldn't find any record of my name, phone number or address on their systems. January this year I found out why, they had passed on my debt to FPC (Fredricksons) and added an extra £600 to close my account, obviously I wasn't willing to pay this and at this point voda wouldn't speak to me, so I got in contact with FPC to explain voda's cock up they were very helpful, and put my debt acc
  10. Hello I have received a letter from Aktiv Kapital regarding an old debt they have managed to drag up. I requested an SAR and they sent me the signed contract and photocopies of all the last few statements to GE Captial Bank where I have made no payment and they have charged me all sorts of legal costs. The last date on this document is 12/09/02 and this is not a payment I made but charges I incurred. This debt is no longer on my recent credit report and one I had forgotten about to be honest. Does this mean I would be ok sending a statue barred letter to them?
  11. I have recently lost my job and am finding it tough to find employment. With no income and a large amount of outgoings, I am under a lot of stress and cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have cards, loans and overdraft to deal with on top of the mortgage, bills and food. I have some savings that wont last long. There is zero or negative equity in my house. I have seen the template letters for putting bills on hold with no interest for 6 months. Should I send one of these and letters to each account and also send a cca request? maybe if I send a cca and they
  12. hello! am new and I need help with my problem with warm sure. just over a year ago I had a ideal logic 24 combi boiler fitted by grant called warm front. my boiler is still under warranty, unfortunately it broke down. The boiler seems like it's got a mind of it's own it comes on and goes off itself. I called warm sure up to come and repair it since it's under warranty, the company the warranty is under is called corrillian. the first time I called them was two months ago. they sent an engineer out and it seemed like he didn't have a clue what was happening so he called another engineer. af
  13. hi all please could some help with my question as cant find anything on line. my husband is out on bail for conspricey on suspicion of burgely . he has just been offered a job and they need a standard crb check. even thou he has not been charged with anything will this show up on a crb check.
  14. Had the misfortune to deal with One Sure in November last year, taking out a motor insurance policy, which I had to cancel after less than a month, due to an unforeseen change of personal circumstances. I contacted One Sure when I realised I had to cancel, and they advised I would have to confirm in writing and send the policy documents back. This was done the next day, as well as cancelling the direct debit arrangement related to the policy. I did expect to pay some sort of additional fee for cancelling early, but was surprised that it took threats of legal action before O
  15. I have had advice from Cab and shelter regarding deposit - When I moved in to a private rental I paid the first and last months rent. (Wasn't the reason for my call to shelter) But shelter asked about the deposit. Shelter advised me the landlord can't do this as any money held for the duration of the lease is classed as a deposit and must be protected as such. Needed further advice so went to local citizens advie who told me the landlord can do either first and last months rent or take a deposit. Who is right? I don't want to call shelter back, I'm not on the verge of homeless
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