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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to view my post. I really hope someone can offer advice.. I'm going to be blunt, and please forgive me, but I've never spoken about this to anyone before. nearly 5 years ago my marriage broke down, I had to leave my family home, and close down my business. I moved away from the county I lived in as I didn't have any work any more, and my sister let me live in a flat above a pub she owned. I slipped into a deep depression that was lifted when I started to see a new lady. She left me, My sister helped me until she knew I would be OK. She then made me move into her home. I was seen by a GP and referred to mental health services. I was put on medication, and had a direct line to support workers. Around this time I applied for a credit card. I had nothing, and I guess (I honestly don't remember) I thought it would make me feel good about myself. (I had already pawned my wedding ring) I made a few payments, had to move in with mum n dad. I moved to my brothers, but I had to leave there, moved in with an old school friend - sofa surfing. Sadly I had to move out, and was living in my car - only for a few weeks, but it was bad enough. As you can guess after a while I had stopped paying the credit card. I'm not proud to say I often bury my head in the sand. it's now 4 years later, and I have a job - been working 6 months! I have a flat I rent now. Things started to look up. I am now on different medication for acute depression and anxiety, it's still there, but as i said things have been getting better. My ex wife and I are on friendly terms, and in July she is about to remortgage, which means I should get about £40,000 - which although having a bad credit score I was hoping would help me secure a mortgage to buy my own flat and save me a small fortune in rent. Until now. Today I got a letter from nottingham county court telling me I have a debt of £1550, plus costs with a company called restons solicitors - they are acting on behalf of Cabot who bought the debt from capital one. I called the solicitors, and said can I sort out some payment plan. They said the only thing I can do is pay it off in full with charges. They were not willing to enter any payment plan, and stop the action. I cannot raise the money unless I get a very high rate loan. And I can't risk that. I know lots will say it's only money - but I have just started to see sunshine, and now my only chance of ever owning my own place is fading fast. I'm rambling. Sorry - You have no idea how long this has taken to write - I have deleted pages. I am 49 years old, I know in 6 years noone would want to give me a mortgage. Oh - I'm sorry. When I told them i took the credit out during my worse mental health time the guy really seemed to sound concerned. He kept saying, but you're better now - seemed to be prompting me what to say. I was wondering if any of you can advise me? I'm not trying to get out of paying it at all. I want my life on track - with a future that looks happy. I can probably manage £50.00 per month, but it would be tight. What can i do to get this stopped, or held up so i don't get a CCJ? Is there anything? I really am so sorry to get my point across. thank you all for staying with this and reading to the end.
  2. HA have done things i believe are a breach of data protection and it is bascially to turn everyone against me, it is two particular housing officers who are starting this hate campaign because they have lied and claimed the tenant upstairs is allowed laminated flooring and he is not. 1) I asked the HO not to speak to police about my case, she did this anyway and she also used my "block" on her speaking with police against me (even though i found out she did) 2) HO has told tenant above me I am getting an eviction notice. I was informed this information via the mediator. I spoke to the mediator today who claimed the HO only "said if there are any more complaints" funny he knew I was being served one though 3) HO has told mediator I had issues with another neighbour, she also told mediator i am from a domestic violence background which is why i had to move out my last property and the criminal is from "said area" 4) HO has told tenant upstairs i have other ASB against me, she said "loads" (from who?) the only thing i have written proof on is her saying she hasnt spoken to police due to my block but an email from police to confirm she is and that "several neighbours" apparently have a problem with me what can i do about this? I dont know if the mediator will admit to anything maybe if she was interviewed or required by court
  3. Hello all from this forum, Lets start back from 2012, on september 2012 I was going to complete 14 year living in this country and for the ones who think I am another foreigner trying to reach the easy life, i can assure you that I have done more to the english elderly than a lot who has bourned here and I am very well documented about that. but the matter is not that yet. Two months before I completed the 14 years life in the UK which would give me the right to apply to the ''leave to remain'' the prime minister, Mr Cameron changed the rules of 14 year to twenty two years, but gave the right for the ones close to complete the 14 years, we need to prove our good character and that we lived in this country 14 years or ''close'' uninterrupted and also be able to pass from the test life in the UK which I done, so with all my homework done and a dossier made by myself explain everything I had done in this country during these 14 years and with all photos you can imagine sustaining my claim, it was a matter of time as it couldn't be any better application as far the home office were concerned, so got all together with the solicitor application and I issued two cheques, one of four hundred something for the solicitors fee and another of nine hundred something for the home office fee, my account had all the funds in it just waiting to the cheques to be presented and one day before the closure for the applications to the home office, I had mine sent by my solicitor. After one month got a letter from the home office confirming the receipt of my application and that I should keep waiting until their decision, by this time I had all the monies laying on my account ready to cover the cheques I issued, and then first come the four hundred something cheque cleared without any problem whatsoever and strangely the home office cheque was taking too long to be presented until after a month I got the letter from Barclays stating they had refused to pay my cheque to protect my money as I didn't have a mandatory signature and making things worst the letter from the home office saying that my cheque bounced and my application was not considerate, it was like the impossible happened, i couldn't breath, I couldn't react to that news and after proving the solicitor it was not my fault we agreed to sent the home office another cheque with a explanatory letter from barclays proving i had enough funds on my account and after a couple of months I had my entire application sent back to the solicitor office still saying that my application it was refused because my cheque bounced and that was their final decision and since then my live become a hell, after spending so much with solicitor and having to move due to the home office threat of deportation and many other events related drove me and my partner to contemplate suicide every single day until now, we are suffering from a very bad depression which make us fell really numb for anything and wanting to die, everyday I think about taking my life, it is so bad that I got phobia to answer and make phone calls and also having depraved sleep. So if anyone could help me with some advice I would really appreciate and please believe me, if I had done nothing for this country I would really leave without a question, but apart of learning to love this country I gave my bit for some guys life which really made a difference on their lives and would again and again if needed. Thank you all SM
  4. Details of our complaint with HSBC are explained below; HSBS COLLECTIONS DEPT ARE CALLING UP TO 7 TIMES A DAY FOR PAYMENT. SHE IS 8 MONTHS PREGNANT, IN A WHEELCHAIR AND CRUTCHES. CONSTANTLY IN PAIN. WHEN RESTING IS CONSTANTLY BEING DISTURB BY HSBC BABARDMENT OF CALLS. MY SON ILL WITH WORRY EFFECTED HIS CREDIT RATING I AM DESPERATE I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT TO HELP IT’S A LIVING NIGHTMARE. PLEASE IF THERE IS A SOLICITOR OUT THEIR CAN YOU HELP US. My daughter in law, has had a current account with HSBC for 20yrs. She took out a loan from HSBC 5yrs ago and was repaying the loan at a rate of £260.31 per month; the loan is due to finish September 2016. She has not missed one payment whilst paying back the loan over the last 5yrs. MARCH 2013 I suggested she try and reduce her loan repayments, and at the same time perhaps she could release some more money by re-structuring the original loan and she would be able to perhaps gain a better interest rate. APRIL 2013 She was made redundant from her job. She immediately rang up HSBC in April and asked them for advice through their Finance Department as she knew she would have difficulty paying her loan repayment of £260 31 in May without going over her agreed overdraft limit. She informed them she would be able to continue with the repayments the following month in June as per usual as she had already found new employment (she is a Paramedic) however, there would be two weeks during which she would be without employment and therefore earnings. The result of this was that she would be missing ONE Month DD payment in May with agreement. She specifically asked if this would affect her credit rating and was assured that up to 7 payments could be missed or deferred before any action would be taken. At no point during the conversation was she advised that this would be registered as a default on her credit rating file. In the meantime, to reduce payments she stated to the financial team that she would stop using her credit card but she also stated that she did not wish to cancel the card. HSBC informed her “that was absolutely fine” and the May payment could be paid back at the end of the loan time or earlier if she were able to. HSBC did in fact take the May payment from her account but immediately refunded the payment into her current account. She was then expecting the loan payment to be taken from her account in June as normal, as agreed in the telephone conversation to HSBC in April. Loan payments continued to be paid as normal and as agreed. AUGUST 2013 She an her partner made an evening appointment with the local HSBC customer service manager in Solihull during the week commencing 12th August, now knowing that they were expecting a baby and sensibly planning ahead for the additional financial pressure this would put them under. They asked the customer service representative, if they could re-structure the loan, hoping to be able to get a better interest rate and another loan. He took some details, and started the process of entering information, saying that he was hopeful she could consolidate the loan with her credit card, borrow some more money to help with the baby and still reduce her monthly payments. The application was refused, much to everyone’s surprise, so he investigated why that should be. It transpired that HSBC had without consent or any contact with her cancelled the direct debits paying back her HSBC gold credit card. As a result of this there was a note on the file cancelling the credit card and registering a default. At no time was she informed that the DD payments had NOT been taken from her account. She at no time received any correspondence from HSBC informing her that she was behind with the repayments of the Credit Card. The Customer service manager telephoned Head Office to find out why the Direct Debits had not been taken from her account. He also tried to contact the assessing agency to see if they would change their mind, pointing out that she had been a loyal customer since December 1993, and had never, in all that time, defaulted on any payment. As it was now around 5.30 pm in the evening, head office informed him that it would be looked into immediately the next morning and they would telephone first thing the following day, but for now they could progress no further. She was totally unaware that the JUNE, JULY and now AUGUST Direct Debit had NOT been taken from her current account until this appointment with the local HSBC Branch. The HSBC customer service manager informed her that “had it not been for the Direct Debit mistake there would not have been a problem for her obtaining further credit.” The following morning HSBC head office listened to the tape of the telephone conversation which she had made in April. As agreed, the customer services manager telephoned her to advise her as to the results of the investigation. The Customer Services Manager stated the following: The telephone conversation confirmed that she was not advised about the default. The telephone conversation confirmed that she was not advised that the direct debits would be stopped on her credit card. The policy of the bank was to automatically cancel all direct debits associated with borrowing through the bank (loans, credit cards) but again she had not been advised of this. The member of staff she spoke to had been “spoken to” and would undergo retraining. Payment of £142.00, the amount accrued by the bank cancelling the DD would be taken from her current account on 2nd September. HSBC person apologised for the error but stated that they could not “undo” the effect their error had had on her credit status. Later that week she returned home to find a letter from HSBC dated after her meeting with Customer services manager Solihull branch informing her that her credit card was in arrears and would be cancelled if she didn’t make a payment. This was a direct contradiction of the information that the Solihull Branch had found on her file, which showed that the account had already been closed. This is a further example of the mis-management of Paula’s account. 2nd September 2013 The direct debit was NOT reinstated, and the credit card payment was not taken despite having been promised as resolved by the customer services manager. She had to make a manual payment to rectify this. 5th September 2013 She noticed that the loan repayment had not been taken from her account either, for the first time. She had not asked for this to be cancelled, delayed, deferred or anything else. At this point she was under immense stress, upset, and had a complete lack of faith in HSBC and its staff. 21st September 2013 She and her partner made another appointment with Solihull HSBC branch Manager, to discuss the effect this had had on them, and requesting her help. The stress of the catalogue of errors was by this point causing her to suffer blood pressure problems which are especially dangerous in pregnancy. She explained that the DD had still not been taken from her account for the HSBC Credit Card and in addition HSBC had cancelled the Direct Debit for the LOAN without informing my daughter in law Ms Bond agreed immediately to refund any late payment charges she had incurred as she agreed that the defaults were not her fault. However, the default would still remain on her credit file. Ms Bond informed them that Branch Managers do not have any authority to remove defaults from credit files, and despite previous requests with two employers at HSBC head office to have the default removed not one individual within HSBC company says that they have the authority to do so. Ms Bond stated she wanted to further investigate and although she would be going on holiday she would make sure that daughter in law would be contacted personally by herself on the Wednesday and after that her colleague would deal with it. Ms Bond contacted her on the Thursday and stated that she could confirm everything she had told her – however, a loan default would permanently stay on her file with regard to the agreed deferment because in actual fact their policy is that you cannot defer payments and settle the loan a month later than agreed. Again, a direct contradiction of what Paula was told originally. While they were with her, Ms Bond initiated a new standing order mandate for the personal loan and credit card which would go out around 5nd October 2013. Since she initiated this, payments have been taken correctly. However, daughter in law is still not able to get any credit due to the default placed on her credit file by HSBC, and is unable to restructure her loan to gain a better interest rate. She is now 7months pregnant and has had to start her maternity leave earlier than anticipated because she has developed a serious medical condition associated with the pregnancy which has means she must now be on a wheelchair. It is more necessary than ever that she consolidate her loan and card, and despite the fact that Ms Bond confirmed her credit rating within the bank was “very good”, they will not assist Paula further. Ms Bond assured her that she would receive a letter detailing the results of investigation and offering a full unreserved apology in writing regarding their error. This letter has still not been written, now nearly 3 months after meeting with Ms Bond. My daughter in law and my son are extremely distressed and she is suffering severe anxiety attacks as a result of the financial stress. Both her midwife and obstetric registrar have cautioned against further stress as it has the potential to be detrimental to her unborn child. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE FOR US ALL. I am so sorry this explanation is long and drawn out. I wanted you to have the facts that I/we am aware off. I/we would be so grateful if you can help us to get the default removed from her credit file. It would make such a difference to their situation as they are feeling quite desperate with life at the moment. We are all incredulous at the ineptitude of HSBC and the lack of logic and common sense in refusing to consider her for a consolidation loan which would reduce her repayments – a refusal directly caused by HSBC own error!
  5. Hello, I am new to the forums, i'm not sure if this is the right section for this thread, if not, please move it. Thanks. I have been housebound for 8 years, after numerous consultations and physio etc, different reports and studys, opposing opinions, misdiagnosis, bad advice, Psychiatrists trying to convince me its in my head is the latest one. My problem is I have a winged scapula and a severely damaged long thoracic nerve. My local hospital can not offer me surgery for this, i know this can be fixed, i've read many cases and studies of this and its possible for donor nerves to be used and the scapula fixed back to the ribcage. I am in severe pain all the time and nothing will be done, I am on the NHS as i have no money to pay for the operation, i live alone and havent been out for 8 years, im mostly in my bed. Im suicidal sometimes and dont know how much longer i can cope. Can anybody give me advice or help on what to do, im going insane with the pain. Thanks very much. Dee.
  6. Hi everyone. I wonder if some of you might be able to offer some advice. Long story short, my mother in law has split up from her husband who has run off with another woman. My mother in law was in full time employment up to 15 or so years ago and how is a housewife. Her husband has always been the bread winner since they were married and has a good job I would estimate earning around 80K a year. They have a joint bank account which his wage is paid into, and my mother in Law (Lets call her Jan), manages all the household bills. Although she no longer works she is certainly not work shy, but she helps us with the grandkids/babysitting, etc., and has seven dogs (her dogs are her life), so could only get a part time job if needed. They have no savings and seven years remaining on the mortgage. They split about six months ago and all was amicable at first. He used to work away 6 days a week so not a great deal changed, he just didn't come home at all. He told her they should just in effect pretend nothings happened with regards to finances and he would continue with the joint account. The last three months have been different. He has basically been spending money out of the account left right and centre, and rackign up huge bills on their joint credit cards. He has been paying out rent on another property (we assume the new womans), buying furniture, holidays, gifts, all sorts. Jan has been getting letters from everone saying the bills are not being paid as direct debits are being returned, and the mortgage has not been paid for the last 2 months also. Last month he spent £7K!. She has rung him to say the spending has to stop as bilsl are not being paid and he simply said he wil see what he would do, but I think essentially he has wiped his hands of her. As per the thread title she has obviusly been upset for a while but the last week has been suicidal and we have been staying with her in turn as we are that worried. She says the only thing keeping her alive now is her dogs, and obviously if she loses her house she can't keep her dogs so that would genuinly be it. She has always been very black and white and for her now this is simply a matter of fact. She now has piles of evelopes through the door each day that she now can't bring herself to even open. She has been to the CAB who said that she is entitled to no benefits at all as she stopped full time emplpyment before a certain date where the regulations were changed. She has not sponged in her life but right now she needs some real help and we are in debt ourslevves so unfortunately simply cannot bail her out. Any advice you can provide would be greatfully received. If the mortgage continutes to be unpaid what happens next, what kind of timescales, etc. What can she do ? Kind regards.
  7. Can anyone give me some advice, i feel suicidal and have no one to turn to, i am guiltyof claiming wtc still when my husband came back home for the last year, I have a son in long term hospital and suffer from severe depression myself, most days i don't know if i am coming or going, but have still managed to keep working. i had aletter from wtc saying they knew my husband was living with me, and i had 30 days to prove otherwise. i am at my wits end, do i do nothing , or just tell them that i have made a bad mistake and own up, will i be definitely prosecuted , will i go to prison, i don't know what i should do. i have claimesd about 2100, overpayment , please can anyone give me some help..
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