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  1. Just in case anyone is interested - I had an Additions account from the end of 1998. I was told that this was the account I had to have when I finished my studies and was no longer a student. Unluckily for Barclays, I kept ALL my statements! So when I heard about reclaiming charges, I added it all up and sent in a form. No arguments - they paid me back all the fees plus 8% interest per year, even though the account has been closed for a couple of years. I also sent in a claim for the Overdraft PPI that I was charged for many years. Got that back too! Good luck to
  2. I have been helping a friend over the past few months. They were struggling financially and asked for my help. They had been aware that I often post in various forums on CAG. But did not ask for my help until it was almost too late. The debt was a credit card from 02/02. Defaulted in 2007. Since I started to help them in early January '14 and I have written just 9 letters and 11 calls (recorded). Today I got an email from my friend stating that the account is now closed and will be marked as satisfied on their credit file, plus a nice amount of cash left in credit that was refunded by
  3. Hi I regularly took payday loans out from Wonga as well as many more companies over a period of 4 years. i continually rolled over or paid it off only to have to re-loan the same day. By the time I realised i could no longer continue with this cycle i had loans with 10 companies and owed nearly £5000. I had paid many thousands in interest over this time. All my loans are now paid off after requesting repayment plans. My last loan with wonga was paid in 12 installments the last one being may 2014. When the announcement came at the beginning of october that they were writing off thous
  4. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) could consider a time limit on Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) complaints as part of a wider review to decide if the scheme has been a success. The FCA said it will use this evidence to assess whether the current approach is securing appropriate protection for consumers and enhancing the integrity of the UK’s financial system. It will look at how banks are handling complaints and how PPI complaints are being made. The regulator will then consider whether further action is needed such as a time limit on complaints o
  5. Happy New Year To Me!! Slightly misleading as no court time needed - I had multiple mobile accounts which I stopped paying after informing them due to bad customer service & failure to provide everything promised under contract or implied contract. This they didn't like and each contract was apparently sent to a DCA etc - about £1000 in total maybe. I had got into the habit of ignoring because I'm stubborn and righteous haha but couple years later just before Christmas I was surprised to receive court papers for one of the accounts from infamous (on here) soli
  6. Just got back from an eviction hearing - though I didn't ask for help - I have read endless threads and derived a great deal of strength from this site. I thought I'd briefly outline my story to give help and hope to others in my situation. Long story short bad payment history - secured loan in arrears of £2,400 - lender wanted repossession and would not agree to payment proposal. I knew I had no option to but to submit N244 to save my home. Filled it in and secured budget sheet and wrote a rather lengthy statement outlining my reasons for getting into arrears
  7. Hi, I was paying these back via step change since November. They still wanted over 900 pounds on an original 200 loan. I left step change thanks to the support of you all on here and today after a few emails they have accepted the original 200 plus one month interest of 72.50 minus what I have already paid. I will pay them 202.50 on Friday and they will mark as settled. Agreed on writing. 2 down, loads to go but there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  8. just like to thank all who post on this site ,dont post much myself but do read and learn and thanks to this have just had £4000 debt wiped out by lowells, had hfc debt sold on to lowells who chased me for two years bombarded me with phone calls and letters never produced any documents or paperwork i ask for today got a letter stating that they had wiped the debt off and would no longer be pursuing it, so to all those still figting dont give in and i found all my answers on this site big thang you to the many good people who pos
  9. After them trying every possible trick to wriggle out of their obligation to do so and then unnecessarily wasting both my time and the time and efforts of FOS, after a fully 2 years, Halifax Bank have finally conceded (after being instructed by FOS to do so) and made me a settlement offer for miss-selling me PPI more than 15 years ago. If nothing else, this paragraph, should simply say, be patient and stick at it On reading the settlement offer letter, I was surprised to that the bank have unilaterally decided to make a deduction from the amount due to me for “taxati
  10. Good morning Firstly I wish to extend my thanks for providing the inspiration and the means to support the victims of unscrupulous behaviour. I would like to seek advice. I live in a borough with a known shortage of residential parking spaces. The Council acknowledge they issue more residential parking permits than spaces available. After a very late and long drive I was unable to park outside my house and so parked my vehicle at the end of my road. My vehicle was not visible from my window and I had no cause to walk past it for a few days. When I returned to m
  11. Hi all today i was successful in getting TWO yes TWO defaults removed from my credit file. Please see below my story, this show that with persistence and not being bullied can work, if anyone is having issues with this company then give it a try, this was all done via email. Its long but certainly worth a read I received an email from MMF stating that they had bought the debt from another company. I had not received any default notices/letters for this debt so i emailed asking for details. This was the first reply Dear John Balance £326.00- Wage Day Advance Payday Loans Goo
  12. I rang welcome on 28th jan 2014 for all my account details as i had loans historically with them, they gave me all account numbers and explained that i would have to contact aviva about loans prior to 2003, i rang them and they sent me a questionaire that i filled in you cant imagine how shocked i was today 21/3/2014 to receive offer of ppi redress for 3,200 less than 8 weeks and no fob off amazing underwriter pays out. I had read on most forums that it would be a battle but it wasnt so if you have a claim do it yourself and just go for it.
  13. I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has had any success in re claiming unlawful arrears etc charges from GE Money while their mortgage/loan was still current, I'm wondering how difficult GE made the process, and if they tried to make things difficult afterwards (hope I'm making sense here). As you may guess I'm thinking of going down this road, but do worry about how GE will react afterwards if I'm successful, they seem to be a law unto themselves. Look forward to your replies.
  14. Hi all I have been dealing with this old ladies debts for 5 months, when I sent in a CCA request 17/01/2014 this was not forthcoming, a letter was sent in requesting them to write off the debt off, due to being uncollectable due to no spare money,Also a complaint was sent in last week for failing to supply the requested CCA. I was very surprised to have a letter back so soon, stating a zero balance was now due. This is the quickest that I have ever known a DCA to do as much so all in all just 3 letters for this debt and success in record time.. The DCA was Robinson Way.
  15. Today Received a form from Northampton Court/Restons Solicitors claiming £8635.55, apparently relating to an M&S card, contract dated 'on or about 17/7/1989 and assigned to the claimant on 20/02/13. It was sent to an old address and it is is in my old married name. I had an M&S card but don't think I owe anything to them. I haven't had any credit cards since I sold my house in 2010. My husband died jn 2006 and he had several credit cards, one of them an M&S card, it may be his debt? Can you tell me how to respond to this, there is no evidence that the debt is mine, th
  16. I do have a thread on this but didn't put this on there in case it got missed ..Firstly I like to thank DX for his expertise Couldn't of done it with out your help AN Angel in the making .....Well Halifax have upheld my complaint no questions asked ..And are refunding £3, 100 just over a 1000 short from what me made it , But Im very happy with that ..DONATION WILL BE MADE WHEN RECEIVE AND CHEQUE IS CLEAR ..Thank you guys soooooooooooooooo much
  17. Hello all just wanna say some things here. So i received my ESA questionnaire last month, i was worried and my mental health issues got a lot worse due to the worry and horror stories i read, just a little over a month later (yesterday morning) i received a decision and was put into the support group WITHOUT a medical we provided nothing to them only my story and contact details of my doctors. Now don't get me wrong i am grateful for the support but i can't help but feel terrible about it, i fill in a form and get it without an eye blink BUT someone who is terminally ill or seriously
  18. Just received a cheque from Natwest almost 2 years after I started my complaint. They finally capitulated after a complaint to FOS. Total PPI payments were £2329 but they have only added interest (at 8%) of £965. No contractual interest. What is the next step? suvin50
  19. Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of the thread for the success case against RBS under BCOB? Or the news link. Each link I find seems to go nowhere. Cheers
  20. Have been chased by Lowell for a debt I am unaware of for months. Have just returned their letters up to now. I then discovered the cheeky scamps had recorded a default for the debt on my credit records. I know there are template letters but I sent my own on 14th May and got a response on 17th May! Response states that they have closed the account with immediate effect AND have removed the entry from my credit files. I'll post the body of my letter once I've removed personal info. Obviously delighted by the outcome so feel free to copy the letter I sent.
  21. HiGuys, Ihave had a PPI claim in with John Lewis Financial services, who provided mewith a mastercard from 2004 to 2010. I have todayreceived a response headed "WITHOUT PREJUDICE SAVE AS TO COSTS" It goes on to say, "Unfortunately,we can confirm we are unable to uphold your complaint. Notwithstandingthe above, and without prejudice, a business decision has been made to refundall remaining PPI premiums, Please note that as we are only obligated to retainrecords for a maximum of 6 years, the refund is based on the premiums we haverecord of." It also refers tothe ref
  22. Guest

    PPI success but....

    So Barclaycard have paid me out for miss sold PPI but there is still a balance outstanding on the credit card. I received a cheque last week for over 11k I assumed that Barclaycard would clear the debt first then post a cheque for the remainder. The thing is, because I am on ESA and on a low income now, I have been making reduced payments and they have stopped charging me interest. I am also making reduced payments to 3 other debts who have also stopped charging me interst too. Obviously Barclaycard are going to notice their error and ask me to pay the balance off.
  23. Hi, Fos have been handling my claims as my health is none to good at the moment. Have had a small success with Santander with a BHS store card £700 Recently had a response from Barclaycard with an offer which looks pretty much spot on £11345 So they've said that I should receive payment in the next 8 weeks But, just how accurate is that 8 weeks? Whoops....almost forgot to say that both were for PPI claims Lola xx Obviously a donation to CAB will be following
  24. Guys, I made claim to barclaycard and demanded to receive a list of schedule of charges document, showing all charges made against my credit card , they sent me a list of charges which totals £811.98 and accepted to refund me everything. But on my credit history, every-time they charged me £12 or £24 for these months, i have missed payment 1, 2 or 3 strike. My question is; can i get these removed ? And what do you guys recommend i should write to Barclaycard? Where do i stand legally for these to be taken off from my account? Any input appreciated thank you
  25. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any experience similar to mine regarding separate claims with same bank. I have today received a letter from the Halifax upholding my claim for PPI on my credit card, its not a massive amount but I'm just happy and surprised that they are paying out as I wasn't expecting them too. I have also got a claim in with them for 2 personal loans from around the same time, my circumstances and reasons surrounding the claims were the same but I know that a different department are dealing with it as I received separate phone calls, are they likely to uphol
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