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Found 23 results

  1. Ace and Studio customers who purchased optional accidental damage and theft insurance are entitled to a refund Through our own review we have identified concerns with this insurance, which was sold through the Ace and Studio brands, and have notified the FCA. We concluded, along with the FCA that the insurance did not provide adequate value to customers. Therefore, together with Assurant General Insurance Limited and ANV (which is now part of AmTrust at Lloyd's) who were at various times the underwriters of the insurance, we wish to put customers back in the position that they would have been in had they not purchased the insurance. What we're doing to put things right We have designed and agreed a customer contact and refund programme and will refund Ace and Studio customers the premium they paid for the insurance together with interest. The average premium amount to be refunded will be approximately £38. We have identified approximately 330,000 affected customers. https://www.express-gifts.co.uk/looking-after-our-pp-customers And ... https://www.thinkmoney.co.uk/news-advice/bought-cover-from-a-catalogue-company-how-to-get-a-refund-0-8575-0.htm
  2. Hello, I used Resolver to find out if I had any PPI with Studio catalogue, I attach the response and although the sum would be very small if I were successful, I feel that it is a matter of principle as this response is, I think a fob off. Studio response1.pdf
  3. I have had a studio 24 account for some time. I am paying it off and have never missed a payment although there have been some late payments, usually no more than a day or 2. I have had a statement saying £12.00 default sum. I was a day late this month. the last 'default' is on my credit report Can I claim these charges back? I have looked in the library as I thought I could use the bank charges template and adjust accordingly but I am finding it difficult to find
  4. help!! I received a county court claim for northampton county court off lowells on the 18th july for £393 for an alledged old studio debt. I sent lowell a prove it letter asking for the deed of assignment, notice of assignment, default warning letter and the default notice. I received a letter back from them stating the deed of assignment will not be sent as it is a confidential agreement between their client and the original creditor and no other agreement/deed of novation exists between you and our client. I sent a second letter asking for the same details plus the original credit agreement , today i have received a letter off lowell with what they claim to be a copy of the agreement , which is printed on cheap paper , my details are printed on it but where there should be my signature it is blank with the date of signature printed next too I would like to add that I have filled in my defense to court saying I note i have had a account with studio but do not recongnise the amount or any of the account numbers. Where do I stand ? Do they have to produce proof of the original debt? That im liable for this debt?
  5. Hi, I would be thankful of some advice please. In 2012 I defaulted on a Studio account and my debt was sent to a debt collection agency/solicitor dept due to low earnings due to illness a £10 a month payment plan was set up, this went without fault for nearly 3 years and I used to make payment by phoning up every month and paying via debit card over the phone. The company name I used to pay the £10 a month to now escapes me however for the final month I phoned up to pay there was an answer phone message stating that the company no longer operated due to being removed from some kind of authority to practice in the collection for debts, I forget the exact terminology but when I googled the company it seems they had been struck off for some kind of illegal practices. There was a phone number of a company that were now dealing with this struck off companies affairs and when I contacted them they could not find a record of my debt on their system and advised me to speak to the original creditor, I called Studio to ask them for information regarding the outstanding debt and was told the debt had been sold and they no longer had any recourse on the funds that were owed. I felt I was going round in circles and could not do any more so I forgot about the debt assuming when somebody wanted the money they would write to me. In November of last year (2 months ago) I received a letter from Restons solicitors demanding the full balance of a little over £600 by way of a "letter before action" I called them immediately and explained the situation regarding the struck off company and the payment plan I had in place and was told if I wanted to set up the same payment plan I had to complete an expenditure form on their website to show affordability which I did just before Christmas. I expect to receive some kind of response when they had analysed it but not the response I did get: Today I have received a claim pack from Northampton county court, This is new to me and after a bit of research I figure this is the start of a CCJ they want to get put on me. Now I have a few questions. Firstly how do I resolve it at this stage so I dont get a CCJ, Its only for a relatively small figure inc fees a total of £800 and if possible I dont want to get a CCJ for this amount, I have read if I pay the balance within 30 days It does not get recorded on my credit file, is this 30 days from the date on the claim form or from date of judgement against me? I have tried calling Restons to get some answers as to why they did this, however i get through to an answerphone message that states they will call me back but they havnt yet and Id like to be informed of my next moves before I do actually get to speak to them, thank you in advance for any help. I would like to add on the claim form it shows Cabot as purchasing the debt in march 2016 yet the first I heard about this was November from Restons, Cabot had not even wrote to me to try and get a payment plan set up.
  6. I have received a claim form from Lowells solicitors for a studio catalogue debt. I have responded to the claim form but need to put in a defence but I am unsure what to write. I have sent a cca request to lowells solicitors and they have responded saying the account is on hold until they receive it from studio but I still need do the defence. help please..........
  7. Hi all, I am after some thought and hopefully some pointers on my late payment charges with Studio. After getting myself in a pickle I am on reduced payments for a few things and most have frozen interest and waive any fees. Due to a zero hours contract I often have to pay my priority bills first. My payment to Studio is £5 a month and no interest is being added. As of today the Debt stand at £120. However i have noted that if I am late with a payment I get charged £12 which means that the debt doesn't go down and another 2 months is added to the payment plan. Say for example over the course of a year I am late with just 3 payment that's £36 which increases the plan by 7 months which I feel is a bit harsh. More so that if it got passed over to a debt collector the amount is frozen. I have read other studio threads but not sure if it is still relevant as they are from a few years back. I am not sure how to proceed, Is it worth doing? is it similar to claiming from the banks? can anyone help with a template?
  8. Hi there, Can anyone help me, I have recently been going through some old paperwork whilst clearing out and have found some statements from credit accounts I had. These were paid off earlier this year after a lengthy repayment period however I do recall questioning the charges once before on the phone. One of these accounts was with Studio/Express Gifts. I have found a thread on here from 2007 but was looking for some up-to date information about reclaiming charges. The Default sum on this account was £20 a time, and I recall that there were many of these placed on my account over a 5 year period which ended in the account being handed over to debt collection as I was unable to pay the arrears. the account was eventually frozen before the balance was cleared but I still maintain that the balance was mainly created through charges and not the original purchases. I also have accounts with New Look, Simply Be and Marisota with similar issues. Any help or advice anyone could give would be great appreciated.
  9. I've read some threads on here regarding claiming PPI, charges etc from studio cards, I have had a account with them since approx 1999, and have bought things on & off since then. I currently owe £80 but about £30 are charges, over the years my balance has been paid off then used again and balance has gone up to £800 at one point. I cancelled PPI on the account last year when I used my account after having a zero balance and realising they were adding PPI. I had letter saying I couldn't reclaim for ppi after I cancelled it. I'm wondering if its worth sending studio a SAR to see what charges etc I have and try and reclaim them. I know the PPI wouldn't have paid out as I was a housewife when I first had studio account so wouldn't have asked for it anyway. Is it worth sending SARs to any catalogues etc I have/had and try to reclaim? Whether they have balances on or are zero balances? Thankyou
  10. Hi, I have been eligible to defer my student loans since forever. I went on maternity leave march 2014 around the same time as Erudio started sending me deferal forms. Due to having a new baby and zero sleep I struggled to understand what was happening but didn't send the forms back. I was also made redundant a few months later. I told them verbally and by email that I had been made redundant. Fast forward to now, I'm a full time mum and my income is zero. I've sent them a letter from my previous employer which confirms redundancy and my final salary which was below the threshold. They have now sent a default letter I'm pretty certain a debt collector rang the doorbell last night at 10pm and today at 8pm! Help! What do I do?
  11. Hi can anyone advise me I have had to finish work due to illness had an account with studio 24 for a few years my current balance is 650.00 I had no problems paying when in work I phoned and explained my situation and they said as long as I carried on making minimum payments monthly I would be fine I am struggling to pay but have not missed any payments I made a mistake last month and paid twice in march beginning &end of march now they are saying I missed April and have given me a default notice and charged me 17.00 plus I have to pay 73.00 this month I have told them I can't pay but they weren't interested and saidi would incur more charges is there no way I can get them to stop interest and service charges sorry for long post
  12. Does anyone know if I can reclaim the service charges that Studio keep applying to my account? I make a payment every month and my account isnt getting paid off because they keep applying service charges!! frustrating is not the word! Thanks
  13. I just got a bill from 'STUDIO' which is a kind of catalogue. It states my balance is £330 odd + 23/01/2014 Default Sum £12 + 23/01/2014 Service charge £16.22 I can only think 'Service charge' is an excuse to add more. Is this legal? What shall I do? £28.22 extra for paying late is a bit much isn't it?
  14. hi I haven't been on the forums for a while just over 18 months ago my dad became ill and I took on the role as his full time carer I carried on using studio in that time as I needed to buy xmas presents etc as I was only on carers allowance a couple of months back my farther passed away and at the time I was paying about £75 a month now since the end of November they have increased the repayments to 10% and my repayment has almost doubled I managed to pay the full £134 last month but as I am now of carers allowance and on job seekers I cant afford to pay the full amount this month which is due on the 17th jan. has anyone had dealings with this company as it looks like I will have to ring and tell them I cant pay the full amount each month ive been with them over 3 yrs and have never missed or had a late payment I am really worried about this as xmas has been harsh for me without my parents does anyone have any advice with dealing with them... many thanks
  15. I found a thread on here relating to issues with this company from 2012, however as there is nothing more recent then I thought I would start an additional thread. Unluckily I was also spoofed by these people, and my partner and I ended up paying £450 in total for photographs we didn't want, and are now in dispute. I wondered if anyone else had any more recent dealing with these people. So far our communication with them has gone as follows: After having to pay £450 for photographs, and being informed we would be charged £800 other wise we emailed them to request a refund for the £200 as we thought having read over the T&Cs that they might have us on the having to buy 5 photos for £50, but we were informed on the day that we could only buy the cheapest which was a CD for £450. Received the following response after insisting they speak to us via email rather than on the telephone: Dear Ruth, As you know management we have been trying to contact many times via the telephone for a brief report f rom you and once logged then the company could have efficiently reviewed the circumstances. You ultimately request a refund of £200.00 for the purchase of your artwork. Unfortunately we have to decline your request. There a variety of reasons for this. To confirm, you applied for a competition we held for a professional makeover and photo shoot session valued at £399.00 per person which was completed on 18/10/13. There was specific terms as there are with any promotion / competition attached to it. I n regards to this, Makeover London requires a small deposit of £50.00 per person to ensure arrival. This deposit is made fully redeemable at the end of the session meaning you put it towards an artwork package which you did. The reason why in this occasion we are unable to process a refund is you have purchased the images on a copyrighted CD hence the reason why both parties sign a legally binding agreement which clearly states it cannot be refunded and cannot be cancelled. You knew this before you signed it and before she paid using a chip and pin. As you know the copyrighted images on a CD is the most luxurious format the studio offers a customer as it allows a customer to back up the images on a computer, copy it, create their own frames, prints, portfolios and promotional uses hence the reason it cannot be returned. This also was explained on the day. You cannot return a copyrighted CD as you have ability to copy it and back it up before you return it. You entered your chip and pin entry into our card system voluntarily, you chose the images your self you wanted to purchase, you signed legally binding contract yourself with a member of Makeover London with specific Terms and Conditions stating it cannot be be cancelled and is non refundable and finally you took the copyrighted disc home with you at the end of the session meaning you probably have already made use of the images. Because of this, Makeover Studios have considered this case as remorse buying where you regret the purchase but it cannot be returned or refunded because of the format you made the purchase on. No one can force you to make a purchase Mrs. ....... What you should have done was to leave it, not sign any contract / agreement, not chose and pay for the product / service you do not want and discuss it with customer service the following day to go over options. These are the reasons we cannot process a refund and we do sincerely apologies i f you thought the service was not up to your expectation. As compensation, purely because you have been booked under a promotion, we are able to offer to release 3 extra pieces of artwork valued at £300 on a fully copyrighted disc format. These will however be random as the studio does not keep the artwork but a backup copy is always sent to the legal department as evidence the service has been completed. We will have to have it redelivered to the studio and you would need to come back to the studio at some point to pick and choose your chosen artwork. (please note you selected images will come in a raw format with no editing) We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Mark Responded yesterday as follows: Dear Mark, Thank you for sending me a reponse to my enquiry. I am unsure when you have tried to contact me many times via the telephone. I received one voicemail from your staff, but since then have only recieved your email. I am afraid that although your response addresses the request for the refund due to the art work it fails to answer a number of issues we raised relating to the competition, the package, the artwork and the day itself. I feel that the failure to address these issues in themselves undermines the reasons given for not providing a refund. Firstly I would like to address the point you raised regarding the purchase of the copyright CD with images. The purchase of this CD was at the end of the day. After having waited for an hour to view the photographs my partner and I were taken to a room where we were quickly shown the photographs. We were then informed that we had to purchase a minimum of 5 photos (which is stated in the terms and conditions relating to the promotion) and that the £100 deposit paid prior to the day was reedemable against this purchase. However, as I raised in my earlier email, rather than the photographs being priced at £50 each (as stated on the website) we were informed that we were only allowed to purchase in sets, the cheapest set being 5 on a CD. T his was not stated in the terms and conditions. We were then informed that failure to do so would result in our being charged £399 each, a total of £798. At this point my partner and I requested that the sales representative leave the room so that we could discuss our options. The main reason for this being the adjustment of the price that we had expected for the photographs. T he sales representative left the room for a maximum of 5 minutes. Whilst my partner and I were still discussing the options available to us the sales representative returned to the room. My partner requested that we be given further time to discuss b ut we were ignored and informed that we were required to make a decision at this time as there were other clients waiting. We were then told once again, that failure to purchase the photographs in a set would result in the approximately £800 being due. Due to the pressure and the prevention of discussion we therefore opted for the cheapest version of the photographs that we could: 5 on a CD for £450 (minus the £100 deposit). I therefore agree that we did purchase the CD, but this was a result of the threatening behaviour of the sales representative, the surprise at the price increase, a nd the threat of being forced to pay approximately £800. The situation on 18th October involved us being forced into a position where we either otped to pay for the CD or were charged almost double this. I therefore dispute the claim that the choice was made freely, or that we were able to make an informed decision. In addition to this, your response fails to answer why the website advertises the cheapest photographs as being £50 each, and yet we were informed on the day that we were unable to purchase 5 photos at £50 each. I would also like to note that the single photographs for £50 each were advertised at the studio itself, we were informed that we were not allowed to purchase them as competition winners. I would be grateful if you would clarify whether we should have been able to purchase the photographs at this price; and if so why the sales representative gave us incorrect information leading to an additional £200 payment. Or if the cheapest photographs available to us were those on the CD, why the terms and conditions did not state that we were not allowed to purchase the photographs at £50 each. Your response mentions that you suspect our complaint and request for refund is due to buyer's remorse. However, considering that the day lasted until approximately 3.30pm and we sent the email to Briana at 5.02pm this does not logically follow; we sent the email as quickly as possible once leaving the studio. In addition to this you mention that we would be unable to receive a refund due to the nature of the purchase i.e. a copyright CD. Both myself and my partner have not made any copies of the CD or the images. We would both be happy to sign a legal document to this effect if necessary. Secondly, your response fails to address all the concerns raised in my original email. Most specifically that relating to the fact that the package advertised, and that which the deposit was paid for did not meet expectations. As noted in my original email, although I received make-up and hair-styling, my partner did not. Additionally, we were told to leave the studio for over an hour and offered no refreshments. Both of these are included in the advertised package, and we failed to receive them. In conclusion: The prize advertised and the prize the deposit was paid for in good faith was not what was received on the day. This in itself could be considered false advertising, especially as it led to a binding contract with the studio in regards to the purchase of artwork. The CD purchased was done so whilst under duress, and therefore the purchase of the photographs and the decision to do so was not a free choice. This in itself makes the contract contestable. As stated earlier in this email both myself and my partner are happy to sign a waiver stating we have not and will not use those photographs. The information given on the website states that prices of photographs begin at £50 each. There is nothing in the terms and conditions on the website that state we would not be able to purchase 5 photographs at £50 each. So we need clarity as to why the sales representative stated otherwise. Based on the above, we continue to request a refund for £200. If you are unable to fulfil this request we will be taking the issue to a Small Claim's Court, and informing the Office of Trading Standards. I look forward to your response. Obviously going to see what they say next, but doubt they'll give in. So.... any advice on taking this to small claims?
  16. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I've come across a problem with a retail store, and I'm not sure who to turn to. I ordered a very specific part from Studio Spares at the beginning of February this year. It's a metal faceplate, made by a German company called König and Meyer. I was given a delivery date of the 19th of April. When the part didn't arrive, I phoned Studio Spares hoping for an explanation. I was told that they hadn't received it in their last K&M shipment, and they were expecting it in the next one. I was happy to wait, as I need the part to use a keyboard stand (also made by K&M and sold by Studio Spares) that cost me over £100. 2 months later, and 5 months since I first ordered the product, I phoned Studio Spares again today for the fifth or sixth time since the first delivery date I was given. Each time I've called, I've been given a different excuse as to why the they don't have the part in stock. What's worse, I've now been told I'll have to wait til at least the end of August. I'm frustrated, and disappointed with the company. I've been offered a refund for the part itself, which costs less than £10, but I need the part and not the money! I've also spent a great deal more than £10 in phone calls alone trying to chase the part. I finally managed to get through to a manager today, who I've been told is now finding out why it's taken so long. I still feel that there's a possibility I'll be told at the end of August the same thing I was told in April - "The part didn't arrive in our last K&M shipment". If there's anyone that feels they can help me get hold of this part, or at least receive some fair compensation from Studio Spares, please let me know. Thanks.
  17. Hi all I am new here so hope I am doing this correctly. I have had a catalogue with Studio for many years now, always paid on time ( approx £220.00 ) every 28 days, although from that amount I was actually only clearing just over £100.00 from the balance. Late last year my husband was made redundant and has since found another job but significantly lower wage. As soon as I knew I needed help with the Studio payments I contacted them and for several months now I am going round in circles. They refused my offer of payment (£20.00) and refused to stop adding charges. They say they can only accept repayments based on the balance outstanding ( £3700.00 ) this was around £3000 when I asked for help but as I say they are adding interest etc still. I last emailed them to say I would not be carrying contact on with them as its getting me nowhere, they wanted approx £150.00 every 28 days which I simply cannot afford, if I could I would happily pay it. Now I have received a debt collection letter saying they want the full amount, it also says I can apply to the court for more time . . can I do this? Also, can debt collectors call at my home / collect goods to clear the debt? Sorry for the long story but I am at a loss as to what to do Thank you
  18. I recently contacted studio who sent me a list of all past transaction from 2000 to 2008. I have invoices which total approx £1000 but I have paid back approx £2900. The list consists of admin charges (£600) , service charges (£750) and PPP. I have put in a claim for the admin charges and studio have agreed to send me a cheque for £400 (£300 plus £100 interest) they will only go back 6 years. I would like to try to claim all these charges back. I don't think the agreement is the original one. Can somebody PLEASE help me as this cheque could turn up anytime now, do I send it back and continue with this claim or bank it?
  19. I have received quite alot of pages from Studio!!! These include listings of orders, returns, charges, payments, telephone calls - no agreement! The long and the short of it being - I now have to reclaim these charges - do I reclaim using Statutory or Restitution interest! Am I missing anything else that I should be doing? Thanks in advance
  20. My account has been closed for several years now but I recently contacted studio who sent me a list of all past transaction. I have invoices which total approx £1000 but I have paid back approx £2900. The list consists of admin charges , Service charges and PPP. I have put in a claim for the admin charges and studio have agreed to send me a cheque for £400 (£300 plus £100 interest) they will only go back 6 years. I would like to try to claim all these charges back. As for the PPP what is it? There is no mention of it on the agreement but I don't think the agreement is the original one. Can somebody PLEASE help me as this cheque could turn up anytime now, do I send it back and continue with this claim or bank it?
  21. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has been successful in reclaiming Service Charges and Default Charges from Studio Cards? I have today contacted Studio requesting my full trading history by transction, so I can calculate the total goods purchased Vs Service charges, Default charges and PPI. I had an ongoing issue with them for several years in that I was receiving their statements just before and occasionally after the invoice due date - giving me no time to make payment. I am new to re-claiming charges and am uncertain if I am within my right to try and reclaim service and default charges, or how to go about it. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hi Could anyone advise me on my situation with studio. I have started a claim and after being sent pages of transactions most of my default charges are over 6 years old, Studio will only pay back up to 6 years. Is this correct please? Thanks very much.
  23. Hi, following information from this site I have decided to take the advice and reclaim charges that may be owed to me, I am totally new to this,so here goes, my first claim is going to be studio 24, I have statements going back to when I opened the account in 2010 and in total I have £180.00 of default sums at £20 each, I am not sure what a "Service Charge" is, these charges are gradually going up starting at £7.56 to presently £8.49 and are taken each month ,firstly, what do I claim back ? and secondly how do I claim back ? I am sorry for asking these questions and I have trawled through this valuable site, I feel I must be going through a dumb time in my life as I cant seem to get my head around the process. Many Thanks in advance
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