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Found 41 results

  1. Hi Guys, I was looking at my credit report today, I've had an account with Welcome for donkeys that was being paid off gradually £100.00 per month. Anyway been doing that for a couple of years while I try to get my PPI claim upheld so thought I would have a look to see what was outstanding. Its completely vanished from my credit report, its not one of my active accounts, its not a closed/historical account, etc etc (I use the noodle one by the way) when previously it always was. I have closed accounts which are even earlier but still show. Any ideas? If its not on there with a load of defaults what does that do to my credit score, I'm guessing its around somewhere? Thanks, Steve
  2. Hello all, I can do with some good advice about the above mentioned PCN. It was on Lymington Avenue N22. I parked (with legitimate Visitors Permit) well away from the immediate vicinity of a displayed suspension notice attached to a pole...about 25 metres away, only to return and be faced with a PCN on my car. I accosted the CEO and asked him why. He said the suspension affected the whole length of the street. Upon reading the notice I realised he wrote the MAKE of my car to be a Ford. Though he got the reg number, colour, and excise date right, my car is a Kia and not a Ford. My aim is to challenge and request cancellation, in that the notice was deceitful and set as trap for motorists who assume the notice only affects the immediate vicinity, and the fact he was not wholly referring to my car. Sincere and quality advice would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Guys/Gals Had a final notice posted to me fromJBW last week with charges for an alleged PCN, amounting to nearly £600. I wrote to them for a full cost breakdown. They replied that the original was put through the door on a certain date, the strange thing is, my door was off the hinges due to a new door being fixed so i know they did not attend. The one charge I have been hit with over and over is for 15 telephone calls to my aleged answerphone on a landline number I used to have over 2 years ago. They state this was given to them by a service provider. I have checked the bailiff fee scales and no where can I see a scale for telephopne calls etc, can anyone advise on this.Thanks
  4. had a strange call this morning, from 01454 772155 female caller asked 'is that Richard' ? when I asked who they were they hung up does anyone recognise this number , looks like Chipping Sodbury ? (do agencies use caller ID spoofing ?)
  5. Hi All, First post hope you can help. I recently came the end of a 6 month tenancy I gave notice to move out on the rent due date of month 5 (last day of month) I then vacated the property and moved into new place that same week (7oct) after paying full months rent on the 1st Oct (House was burglarised twice in same week, Didn't feel comfortable staying there so just got out) The tenancy at my old address then formally was ended on the 31st of Oct and the checking out was done on the 1st Nov they then returned my FULL deposit to me on the 10th. However I have today received an email from my previous letting agent saying that as the check out was done on the 1st of November I owe 2 weeks rent....even though they re-let the property beginning of Nov? This sounds fishy to me and of course I have no intention of paying them a penny unless of course I am legally obliged to. Anyone know where I stand with this? As they have returned full deposit I assume they have no leg to stand on? Thanks all
  6. I paid off my account and closed the card down well over a year ago. Last week, out of the blue, they sent an account statement to my old address, showing the balance as £2500 (my old credit limit) with £2500 available to spend and £0 to pay on the statement! I'm really annoyed as it looks as if they have not closed the account. On Credit Expert the account shows as closed and settled with a zero balance, over a year ago. Anyone else have the same, or any idea about what's going on? Thanks lapchien
  7. OK, so this morning I got served with a court summons. Well, I say me, but the name on the court order is "close". For a debt of nearly £2k taken out at this address on 3rd April 2008. 1) I didn't move in here until Feb 2009 2) That isn't my name on the "official document" Where do I stand? My name is James but everyone knows me as Jim, which is the name on the court summons. In fact, I was homeless in April 2008. I genuinely have no idea what this debt is for.
  8. Hi I recieved a letter from HL Legal solicitors yesterday. I believe they are just trying there luck but just wondered what people on here thought. It says I have until the 27th Jun to pay in full or have a satisfactory proposal. Then it goes on to say Court proceedings may be issued against you without further notice. I would have thought they would have put "will be" not "may be" if this letter had any real meaning to it, am I correct in thinking that? thanks Getstraight
  9. Hi all, Today, my girlfriend and I were called into separate meetings to explain that we have effectively 'run out' of contractual sick pay, and that any further periods of sickness would only be covered by SSP. Our contracts say: You will be paid any SSP to which you may be entitled. Payment of your salary or any part of salary during any period of illness will be at the absolute discretion of the Company and will include any entitlement to SSP and will normally be given at a rate of one day for each completed month of service subject to a contractual maximum of 8 working weeks. The 40-day tipping point has been calculated against the total amount of time that we have worked there, which is nudging four years. Is this normal? I have a mental illness which has caused time off recently, and at no point was this mentioned. It seems odd to have a clause which increasingly detriments the employee over time - my manager even admitted that they are looking into it as people who have been there for up to 10 years might be negatively affected. The timing is also odd - my gf's manager gave her a dressing-down this week over her sickness record, but actually the majority of the time off he blamed was actually dependant leave to look after me, or parental leave for her children. These meetings only happened after she pointed it out. This is causing me to panic a bit, as we are already fully dependent on both of our salaries, and if I have time off and lose wages - which is likely in the future - we can't afford to pay all of our bills, or actually get to work in the worst case. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a problem I have just discovered on my cash minder account. I paid in a cheque for £6070 on the 22/05/13 yesterday I went to the bank to take some money out, When I did this I checked my balance as always and it said it was £59100DR! I was gob smacked and then I remembered that the co-op debit before credit so thought nothing of it as I could still take out the money that was cleared. Tonight I went to the cash machine again and my balance was £160 and that was it, no sign of the cheque waiting to clear. Just said, Accout balance £160, available balance £160. I got worried at this stage as it should have been showing available to take out if I so wished too (I wouldnt im not that stupid) I only discovered you could do this last month when I paid in another cheque and see I could take it out 2 days later. I went and asked if the cheque had cleared early because it was from a big company (Vodafone) And thats when they explained that it hasnt cleared yet but becomes avalaible, something to do with interest or something. I just got back and logged straight onto my internet banking and am shocked at what I have seen and im now worried something has happened. On my statement is shows 22/05/13 counter cash crd £6070 23/05/13 ADJUSTMENT £6070 Withdrawal What has happened here? Why would they adjust my account? Im thinking maybe its the amount as its a lot bigger then any of my previous deposits etc but then I have never drawn on uncleared cheques before apart from last month when I genuinely thiught it had cleared but even though I took it out. When I was told I really shouldnt have, I put it back in and waited for the cheque to clear just incase, So im wondering if this has triggered something on my account? I dont mind the funds not being made available just aslong as it will clear when it should but now its not even showing. I was relying on this money for next week and now if they have done something its means I am going to have to wait even longer. Anyone know what could have happened? I would phone them but I dont have a home phone atm and im not calling on my mobile and im trying to get some advice so I dont sit up all night worrying what it could be before I can get to a branch tomorrow. Hope this all makes sense and I thank anyone who can advice in advance.
  11. Dear All I was reading some threads re- PPI charges and how to reclaim and calculate etc. I put an SAR request and I received 2 parcels of paper work as my bank account goes back to 1999 - one of the first direct customers. I was going to through my paperwork and realised that the gentleman who prepared the papers for my request; wrote me a letter stating that: "He was unable to find any documents/statements for "february 2005 and May 2005 (inclusive) and apologising" I am very concerned with his response. Is anyone able to help me what I should do? Thanks
  12. I started back to work almost exactly two years ago, before I went back i tried to claim Jobseekers allowance as it was then, but, as I wasnt working in the test period, I was ineligable. So, this January, I received a letter from HRMC, stating that they know I have received in excess of £3k in Jobseekers Allowance and now I am going to be given the priviledge of paying the tax on it . Hang on a mo, I never received a penny, so I call them to clarify. Oh yes Miss Lula, we know you claimed, we just ESTIMATED how much you received. YOU DID WHAT?? you have computers don't you? Surely the computer that told you that I claimed, also told you that i didn't receive a penny? Err, No Miss Lula, our computers dont really talk to each other, we have to estimate. Me, incredulous. So you are allowed to MAKE IT ALL UP, and I have to prove that I have received it or not? That, it appears is the long and the short of it, but , my story doesnt stop there, oh no ! It takes them 5 weeks to respond to any letter, so, not being blessed with a great amount of patience I ring them this afternoon. Firstly, it took 15 minutes to get through to a "human" voice and then, he goes through my note and confirms that, yes, they received my letter and the letter THAT I HAD TO GET, from the Benefits Agency, confirming that I had received no benefits from them. So, I said to him, my tax code for 2013/14 is going to be 944L . Err no, Miss Lula it will be 943L For why? I ask, we have established that I owe you no money, why is my tax code stating that I owe you £1. Well Miss Lula, it is the way the computer reckons it, it rounds up or down. So, I say, this is the same computer that cannot talk to another computer within the great Behemoth is the Welfare State? Yes, he replies. No, say I. I do not owe you £1 and i would like my tax code to reflect this, i want the full 944L. Errrrrr, he says, i will have to pass this on to a supervisor. Thats fine by me says I , but I mean to have the proper tax coding and have it I will. I find it totally unacceptable that you can make up figures and them expect me to roll over meekly and pay it. Watch this space, I expect a letter soon, i will not be expecting anything other that my 944L bastards
  13. Hey all, Looking for some advice on this one. Have a default registered on my credit file with Motormile Finance. Queried this as per the 'Prove it' letters, no response, so sent a CCA request and queried it with the Credit Reference Agencies also. 43 days after sending the CCA request I received a 'reconstituted agreement' which they claim I signed. This was apparently for a payday loan - which I have never taken out. I immediately sent them another letter asking for details of how this was taken out in my name, statement of account, notice of assignment etc.... EDIT: Sorry Notice of Assignment was sent to me a few days after this, dated 2xth September 2012 stating that on 1x July 2010 Motormile Finance bought the alleged debt and all payments should now be directed to MMF. Nothing further for two weeks, I received an email (not letter) stating that: True to their word, no further contact from them... new tactic? What concerns me though is the Default on my credit file. I have had emails from Equifax and Experian, stating that they have failed to respond to their communication, as such the data is assumed correct and will remain on my file What??! In what world, does a DCA failing to respond to a CRA's request automatically prove legitimate data? On a side note, Motormile have now exactly 4 days before they are in breach of my Section 7 Subject Access Request
  14. In May 2012 a old Morgan Stanley account of mine was sold to Crapbot. Had all the assignment letters etc. I then sent off a CCA request to Crapbot and as I thought due to the age of the account no CCA could be found. Well told them that until one was forthcoming the account was in dispute and that enforcement could not take place. They agreed they could not enforce and the last correspondence was in August saying you were paying Barclays so that is proof of debt. Sent them the various cases on here quoting that basically they were talking bullocks and to either put up or shut up... Well today is the day I met the man from the mortgage company to hand in me keys to my old property and the last chance to pick up my mail. To my surprise I have a two letters from Barclays asking for payment on this old Morgan Stanley account. ??? !!!!! Surprise it is, they say they are going to default me the usual threats, this must be the most defaulted account in history, defaulted by Barclays back in 2009 then Crapbot in 2012 and now Barclays again ??? What I would like to know is, if as they say they purchased the debt have they given it back to Barclays and is this usual ???? Barclays have been sent my reply stating, Account in dispute blah de blah ( basically where's me CCA ) and how many times can I be defaulted on this ??? Very strange as Crapbot has an old Yorkshire Bank Visa Card which they tried to get money out of me for but again due to age no CCA. Have not heard about that one in nearly two years. Can they get there money back from Creditors who sold them the accounts when they know they have bought a lemon. ???
  15. A bit of a weird one, I have a sort of phobia regarding ear spaces/ flesh tunnels, they make me physically sick when I see people with them. We have had a new lad start who is sat right in front of me (sideways so i am looking at his ear) who wears them in both ears. Yesterday I mentioned to my line manager that I have the phobia and was physically heaving in front of her. I was told I was being melodramtic and get on with it. I went in today, after not sleeping all night worried about having to sit there all day lookng right at them, i sent my line manger and dept manager an email this morning asking if the person could be asked to remove them due to the dress code - which states all piercing other than earings are not permitted, and they were making me feel physcially sick. I havee checked the definition and they are termed as piercings not earings. They reply I got was they were aware of his "earings" at time of interview and they are permitted so there was nothing they could do. I have had to come home due to feeling unwell i was heaving at my desk, when I informed my line manger I need to go home she told me to go and sit in the break room for 5 minutes and get over it. I said I couldn't stay there feeling that ill, I had emailed this morning to try to resolve the issue and told nothing could be done. I am now at home and feel unable to go back in, I have been there over 2 years and love the job. Is there anything I can do to get round this - other than counselling for my weird phobia. Do i have any rights?
  16. I am dealing with Vanquis and some other issues on behalf of a relative. We sent them a signed letter from her, giving me full authority to deal with them on her behalf. We received a "response" today - demanding I fill in their own little form, and supply a photocopy of my driving licence or passport. On reading the rest of the form, despite me only dealing with the relations issues on her behalf, signing this form will give them the right to access MY credit files, and other databases, and to communicate my details to 3rd parties. Is all this Normal, or are they taking the mick?
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