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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Folks Re: Debenhams I browsed the forums and can't see an answer. Apologies for the Newbie post, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have all my old store card (Debenhams) statements, along with the original consumer credit agreement (signed 30.10.03). I understand that Santander took over the running of my store card from GE Capital Bank 7 years or so after I took the card. I paid-off the card and closed down the credit agreement in 2011. So my question is this: Do I send the completed form that I downloaded from the Ombudsman onto to GE Money UK Ltd (I can't find anything for GE Capital Bank Ltd) as it was with them that I signed the original agreement 12 years ago, or Santander UK plc as they're now running the store card scheme, or someone else? Thanks in anticipation Hartley
  2. I hope this is in the right place I am new to this and have never taken part in a forum before, I recently took over my mothers finances as she has been unwell and discovered that she has 2 large mail order catalogue debts and a large store card debt there has been quite a few charges applied to all of them does anyone know if I can claim any of this back and how, one of the catalogues has an insurance which I cannot find many details about will this be ppi? I have read similar posts but I do not understand the abbreviations. Is there anyway I can claim any of this back as my mother has recently moved into shelterd accommodation and can no longer make the minimum payments, I feel totally lost with it all.
  3. Hello, I was hoping someone could provide some advice. I took out a storecard with River Island/GE Money when I was 18 which was around 9.5 years ago. I also took out an overdraft/credit card and stupidly defaulted on all of them. I started paying them off and was convinced that I had paid in full the storecard years ago. I paid off the rest in full last year. However around 1 year ago I was contacted by a debt collection agency out of the blue in relation to a £270 storecard which hadn't been paid off. I've since changed banks and didn't keep statements etc from around the time as it had been so long (I also often used my mums/grans card to make payments on it) so I don't have full records of payments towards the storecard. I've called the storecard providers several times over the past year requesting payment breakdowns for all payments made to the account however as GE Money no longer exists and is part of Santander they told me they do not have this and I need to speak to DCA dealing with it. What I find is strange is that the storecard had a £250 limit and they are chasing me for £270. I definitely made payments to this storecard so I don't understand the amount etc. If I've made a mistake and there has been an outstanding balance then I'm more than happy to pay but I'm almost 100% it was paid off. I've asked the DCA for statments/payment breakdowns and they all say they will put a hold on acc for a few months till they get them from the creditor however they never materialize and then DCA changes. All I want is a breakdown of payments made/dates so I can see proof that I owe this but noone seems to be able to provide this information. Can anyone help? Also I'm in Scotland and current DCA is Rockwell. Thanks in advance Lori
  4. Hi there i'm new to the forum. I have been browsing through a few posts but nothing seems to answer a question i have. I currently work for the ARCADIA group. Which is the business empire run by Sir Phillip Green. As an incentive for staff, like most retail companies we are offered a discount in store. To claim this discount we have to apply for an Arcadia staff store card which has an automatic credit value of £250. If we don't pass the credit check we are encouraged to apply again, then if again we are not accepted we have to wait for a photo id card (which i'm told by other members of staff takes forever). Is this legal? Can a company you work for actually force you to apply for credit to get a staff discount?
  5. I have been paying CL finance on a regular basis for about a year but in March i missed a payment and April too, i called today to pay what i had missed and continue my payment plan and they said i had to pay the full amount with in 3 months as court proceedings had already started to issue me with a CCJ. I have received letters but about taking me to court but i ignored them as i thought they wouldnt do it. The amount was £980 but has gone up to around £1180 with fee added on for letters and solicitor fees, i could afford to pay it in around 10 months but not 3. I have checked my credit report and CL Finance do own the debt even though it was originally a Debenhams store card, I dont want to go to court and they seem adamant i cannot start a new payment plan, what can i do?
  6. I have two old store card account cards which were last used around 2000/2001. I had a small credit on each of these cards as I always kept a positive balance on them. I did not close the accounts. I was informed by both companies involved that the accounts had been closed due to inactivity when i phoned them. They said they would have had no credit in order to close them. I received a reply to my second letter after no response after 8 weeks to the first sent re Evans Store card, now owned by Santander cards but administered by GE capital Global, from Santander. They say they no longer hold information, such as statements on my account due to the statute of limitations and they can't investigate further. They also say the FO Service have no juristiction on this matter. Is this correct? They have given me the address of the Finance and Leasing Association if i wish to complain further. Creation Financial Services who administer the Selfridges card have ignored both of my letters requesting information and a formal complaint. The first letter was sent in Mid December. Is there anything I can do? The balances in question are only small, but its the principle that matters. As far as i understood it banks are required to return balances from old inactive accounts. Do they differ from store card balances? Please advise. Puzzled. Thanks Iris.
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