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Found 101 results

  1. Hi guys hope all is well and hope im posting in the right place, i have a vehicles which have been reported as stolen, by the people who i leased from. the lease was for 24 months, i made payments for 21months the three outstanding payments i was unable to make due to money problems. the people in question are a ltd company, not registered with FSA or anyone else like that. i only found out it was stolen when i did a hpi check. my question is can this company do this? what can i do? what should i tell the police? i am willing to make the three outstanding payments once i am able to. the v5 is currently under my name.
  2. PLEASE HELP! I purchased two tmobile premium numbers for a £1000 each for my parents and they were working fine for three months. We went abroad for a few months and on our return we found that the numbers no longer work. I have called tmob who simply say the numbers were lawfully transferred as the person who called to do the transfer gave my password. I did not authorise this and tmobile are refusing to even look into it! I want my numbers back but dont know where to start... has any one had any experience like this and can provide some assistance? I hear tmobile have employees who transfer premium numbers not being used for a while for a bit of money under the table! Please help!
  3. Hello, In December alone out of 3300 large letters and packages we have sent using 1st Class Royal Mail around 120 which is around 3.6% got lost or stolen, we had to refund over £800 never mind our lost time or products costs. Can anyone share with me similar experience? Is that normal? Because there is nothing we can do to claim it back.... Shocking. Thanks Kamil
  4. hi guys just wondering if anyone else has come across my problem For 3 months i worked for a company that paid my wage directly to my bank account, the first months wage i wasnt taxed atall, on the 2nd month the double taxed me to make up for not paying tax the previous month... the comapny paid me directly into my bank, they worked out how much tax i should pay and then deducted it from my wage... then sent it to their accountant to pay my tax (2 weeks after i had been paid) then i got my wage slip.... it was clear they were dodgy. in the 2nd month of employment i had my tax code changed from 797 to 810 and HMRC informed me that all my over paid tax would be refunded when my tax codd changed, at the end of November i handed my notice in and they paid my to date. no sign of my tax back. in january i rang HMRC and they said my tax refund had been claimed....(i hadnt got it) they said it was paid through my wage on the 12th december my thoughts are that the company paid me and then sent it to their accountant on the 12thdecember, my tax refund was then credited and they haven't paid this to me. i have rag HMRC and they said to wait until April to see if they can resend it. the company are refusing to give me my p45 and payslip ( as i think this shows i should have been credited with my rebate) i don't know who to turn to, noone seems to understand how dodgy the wage system was in that company Any Advice? surely this this thief
  5. Advice needed on my rights. On a night out at the Holiday Inn Hotel, I put my coat (with phone in pocket) in the Hotels cloak room, they gave me a ticket for the coat. At the end of the night I went to collect my coat and it was missing, tried ringing the phone but it was switched off. At no time did the Hotel inform me the cloakroom was not manned or left unsecured, there were no signs up around the cloakroom. When we reported the missing coat the staff never mentioned the policy even though we asked if they had one. We went to the hotel the day after and again they never mentioned a policy, we asked to speak to the manager who was not available until the following day. I visited the following day and spoke to the manager who stated that they were not responsible for the theft and would only pay £50 compensation if found to be in the wrong. The manager pointed out a small sign on reception two days after the coat was stolen, saying the maximum compensation was £50. However no other member of staff mentioned this or showed me the sign. Is there anything I can do about this as the coat was worth about £150 and the phone was an iphone.
  6. Hi everyone, I've read a few posts on here with similar situations to mine, but didn't really see any outcomes, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out! I ordered a PS3 from a private seller on ebay, and paid through Paypal, and was given a parcel tracking ID for parcelforce. On the night of the 5th of Jan, I tracked the parcel and was very pleased to see that its status was "Loaded to vehicle for delivery". I assumed this meant it would be with me the next day, (the 6th) and spent all day waiting for the package to arrive, anxiously keeping an eye out for the van to stop or go past the window. It got to about 16:00 when I started to give up hope that my PS3 would arrive that day. I checked the tracker one more time to see if the status had changed, and to my amazement it said it had been delivered! I noticed that there was a new option for me to 'see proof of deliery' so I clicked the link, to find that the parcel had apparently been delivered at 14:06 to M Cooper, followed by a signature stating 'M Cooper'. The strange thing is, M Cooper is me! But it was definately not my signature, and the parcelforce man had definately not rang my doorbell! I've read that, although they are not supposed to, the delivery men will sometimes sign on your behalf, and leave the parcel somewhere outside, but it's nowhere to be seen, and there was no card through my letterbox! I thought maybe a neighbour would bring the parcel round that they had taken delivery for by mistake... but then, why would they sign for it in my name?! I'm so annoyed, not only that the delivery man would hand the parcel over to someone at the wrong address, with no proof that they are the owner of the parcel, but also that someone would do that! I've e-mailed parcelforce, but have so far just recieved an automated reply saying that they aim to get back to me within 12 hours, which will be Monday now. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything like this, what they did, and what was the outcome? Many thanks, Mitch (the real one! )
  7. As ridiculous as this sounds - I think it's true. I'll try to be brief - basically I had a parcel to send to an associate (someone I only know through Facebook and a group I am a member of). I arranged through Parcel Monkey for the parcel to be collected from my home on the 28th November by City Link and delivered down to Kent the next day. I had to go out of the house for a few hours on the 28th and, typically, the driver came while I was out. He left a card saying 'parcel collected' in my postbox. I thought this was a courtesy card to let me know he had been and gone, as the parcel was in my kitchen so unavailable for collection. I assumed I would have to pay again for the collection of the parcel as I had missed my slot. When I contacted City link to rearrange collection they told me they had attempted to deliver the parcel that morning (the 29th) but had been unsuccessful. "I'm fairly confident that that is not my parcel, as my parcel is still on the kitchen side" I told them. "Oh dear, I'll try to get hold of the driver and try and find out what is going on, I'll call back and let you know" they said. I called back the next day to be told the parcel had been delivered that morning (the 30th) - I then them that wasn't the correct parcel, and that I needed them to collect the right parcel and deliver it be the weekend as it was time critical - I was told someone would collect and deliver the next day before 12. This didn't happen. During this time I had contacted the lady due to receive the parcel to see if she had indeed received a parcel she wasn't expecting. I also contacted Next because I was expecting the delivery of a mirror and it was showing as delivered online but I didn't have it. (Can you see where this is going...?) The lady replied to say that she had received a mirror from Next. So, it turns out that the City Link driver came to my house while I was out, saw a brown box outside the door and decided to take this for delivery, even thought it was not marked as delivery to Kent, but was in fact marked for delivery to me at my house - hence that being where it was. In what I can only assume an attempt to be helpful, he created a label back at the depot and sent my mirror on it's merry way. This mirror is worth £110 by the way (who knows why the other delivery driver left an expensive parcel without a signature but that's another story). Anyway, they came to pick up the correct parcel once I informed them of the situation but said they would keep the correct parcel ransom until the mirror had been collected. Both parcels have now gone missing and City Link are telling me to raise it with Parcel Monkey. I accept the correct missing parcel is to be raised with Parcel Monkey, as it was insured, however what to do about the missing mirror which has been stolen from outside my house. I have written confirmation that it was delivered from the lady who received the mirror but now I don't know what to do. Surely the fact they have been unable to retrieve the mirror is nothing to do with me? The only thing I can think is to report it to the police but that seems a bit extreme to me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. My car has was stolen over 4 weeks ago. Insurance have made me a payout offer on Friday and today are issuing payment by cheque. BUT the police have just this minuite called and said the car was found yesterday! My question is now that payment is being sent today and I was lead to believe the insurance company now own the car??? Can they cancel the cheque and make me take the car back (which has no doubt after 4 weeks been ragged about and more milage on it) The insurance company have the key and all documents and I really dont know where I stand now as I wouldnt feel safe in the car now and payment is already being sent today. Any advise Thank you in advance
  9. Hello All, I just noticed last night that some money was missing from my account, (Santander), after speaking to the bank it turns out two payments have been made, apparently using my card, and chip and pin. I am waiting for them to investigate. The problem is I still have my card, and I am very careful with my Pin, how is this possible? there is no way someone cloned my card, and if somehow they did, they could not of got my pin as well!. I have read banks are blaming customers if funds are taken using chip and pin, and there may be a new kind of fraud around where fraudsters have bypassed chip and pin, but I'm concerned now, if someone can steal funds without my card or my pin, and it still show up as chip and pin then nothing is safe?. How did they do this? are the bank going to try and not refund my funds as it was "chip and pin". Confused and concerned, Thanks for any help.
  10. I am going to try and keep a long story short! Sent 4 parcels with MyHermes on the 9th November. On the 5th working day only one had been delivered (They say all parcels delivered within 3-5days) After lots of chasing, unhelpfulness and general disinterest, a further two were delivered on day 7. (resulting on me also receiving negative feedback on eBay). So this leaves me with one parcel missing. After lots more chasing, I have just relieved a call from their customer services to say that they have found the packaging, but the parcel has been "tempered" with and the contents is missing. They suggest that it has been stolen. When I posted the packages I paid for the maximum compensation they give on the website which is £250. However the item was sold for £297 and the postage cost me £7, giving a grand total of £314. They have suggested that I could report the crime and potentially claim on my home insurance, however, with excess, I wouldn't retrieve the additional £64 and this would let them get off with paying anything. Is there anything that anyone knows of that I could use, either wording in a complaint letter etc that could help me retrieve all of my out of pocket expenses? Many thanks in advance for any help and advice.
  11. Hi all, Didn`t know where to put this but if someone got something off a demolition site or outright nicked an item(truth unknown) Then 25yrs later dies, is wife liable if item is still on he property? Andy
  12. Hi Hoping I am in the right forum here. My motorbike was stolen and then due to fingerprints and blood being found on the parts left behind when they dropped it, 3 youths were taken to court. Unfortunately on the day, the prosecutor told me that police had not correctly marked up the fingerprint evidence and no statement had been put in with the blood evidence, the judge would not allow a delay and threw the case out of court - which leaves me well out of pocket even with insurance! Is there anything at all I can do to try and claim some money back - I know even if it hadn't been thrown out of court I would have probably got the '50p a week is all I can afford' brush off, but its so annoying that these 3 scumbags walk away due to police incompetence!
  13. Hi Not sure where to post this but help would be appreciated. My husbad works for a large telecommunications company. At the end of July he upgraded his phone and was told he would receive an email to confirm when it would be delivered. He is not allowed to have the phone delivered to home so must be delivered to the post room at work where he must take his work ID and sign for the phone. After a week or so still no phone so he phoned staff accounts who said the phone has been signed for by xxxx. He sent the person a email and they said it had been passed to a manager for safe keeping. As my husband and this manager work opposite rotations the manager came in on his day off to give my husband the phone only to discover the phone missing. As the phone hadn't been registered his insurance wouldn't cover it but was told by the manager that the company would cover the stolen handset. Over 9 weeks later and the company are stalling on replacing the phone. They says they want to try and find it. The phone has never been used and the IMEI never registered so they are unable to trace it. My husband asks all the time what is happening but they just say they are looking into it. What I want to know is where do we stand? My husband wasn't even at work when the phone was signed for but yet they are refusing to alter his contract to reflect he hasn't got the phone and he is still in a 2 year contract with no phone. Many Thanks
  14. I am wondering if anyone can let me know if this has happened to them also as I am feeling very distressed and upset at the moment. I had my phone stolen last Saturday 25th August and reported it stolen as soon as possible after the theft in an shop once I got home. Probably about 30 mins after the act. I spoke to Vodafone reported it stolen and they told me they would put a block on the phone and sim. I then went down the route of an upgrade rather than insurance for a new phone as I was due an upgrade anyway and this would mean I would not have to pay for the claim on insurance. Anyway I managed to get my phone on Friday after days of delays from the courier company. I managed to get them to let me collect in store due to the delays etc. Today I receive a call saying my phone had been suspended as in the past week I had spent £2,000 on the phone! After a few minutes they realised that the person doing my upgrade had taken the block off my phone and so for the last week those horrible criminals had been using my phone freely until I got my new phone on Friday. I feel sick to the stomach that this has happened as they have been using my identity and phone with all my details and pictures etc and I want an explanation. In fact when I did get my new phone I did hear a few strange voicemails and texts but thought nothing of it. Now I know why. SOmeone had been using my phone. Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. Hi there, this is the first post I am adding. I replied to a resolved post but thought it important that I start a thread as this needs solved asap! I would be very interested to speak with someone from Vodafone about my query. Excuse the length of the email but there is simply too much I need to spill! Recently I went on a trip to Barcelona. My phone was stolen along with my money and various other items in my bag. I was unable to make a call to Vodafone to inform them of this as I had no access to a phone and no money in which to make a call or purchase internet time to email them. I went to the police station to file my report and was also unable to make any calls from there due to costs etc. When my friends form Australia joined me I was then able to use their phone to call vodafone and cancel my phone and inform them of the theft. Vodafone said at this time that no suspicious calls had been made and that they would cancel the phone. At the itme I was not very worried as I had pin protected my phone and assumed that there would be no way of a mugger being able to use the phone, more fool me. Getting back to the UK I was sent a replacement sim card by Vodafone, which I was charged for. Having lost my Iphone 4 which I wasn only halfway through a 24month contract of I was unable to afford a new phone so used an old phone I had lying around. Everything seemed to be going very well until a month after I got back form Spain, and upon checking my online banking I see £1000 has been debited from my accoutn from Vodafone. You can Imagine my reaction, I literally burst into tears. They had not only forced me deep into my overdraft facility but a further 500 in the red. I immediately called Vodafone. The first cust rep I spoke to said he could see I had been the victim of fraud and he was escalating the matter to his manager immediately so that I could have the matter resolved. He said as I was unable to report the incident immediately I may be liable for the calls made but that his manager would be able to wipe the calls as a 'gesture of goodwill'. I was slightly relieved for a moment then the phone went dead, I was cut off. So of course I then began explaining my story to the next cust rep in India, 30 mins later and I'm speaking to the 3rd cust rep reiterating my story, sick of my own voice at this point and having to consistently repeat my security info to speak to a new person! The new cust rep said there was absolutely nothing to be done, I am liable and I will pay. I was destrought, and I asked to speak to her manager, she refused. I had to spend 20mins convincing her I have the right to speak to her manager. Finally I am pushed through to a man who is far more aggressive and rude than neccassary, hardly someone I deem able to ease my worries. He again tells me I am completly liable for all calls and he will do nothing to help the situation. I am highly frustrated at this point and ask to speak to someone in the UK. He spend 25mins telling me I am unable to speak to anyone in the UK, it is a physical impossibilty, I am in utter disbelief, after being on hold for some time he says he will transfer me through, why he pushed it this far I have no idea. Finally I speak to a rep in Glasgow, where I'm from! The girl speaks with her manager and discusses my case. She notes that the first cust rep I spoke to has escalated the matter and it is possible that the manager will call me back to discuss the 'gesture of goodwill' but for now she cannot help. She did however point me in the direction of my bank to file an indemnity claim to bounce back the direct debit. I immediately phone my bank - The Bank of Scotland - who dealt with my matter with the most kind and efficient mannor possible. I cannot say how relieved I was to have the indemnity claim happen, I got my money back and the cust rep forwarded me to the Financial Ombudsman as he was appauled at the way i have been treated by vodafone. Two days later and still no word from Vodafone or a mysterious manager call. I do however get a text telling me I will be charged £5 for not paying my direct debit! The cheek! Followed by a call from vodafone asking me why I haven't paid my account bill. After having to, for the 4th time, explain my case to someone he escalates the matter AGAIN to a manager and says I will be called within 48 hours. Next thing I know vodafone haver barred all my outgoing calls and texts. I am outraged, they are charging me fees and barring my calls but not even having the courtesy to call me back! Finally I am called by another 2 days later where agin I explain my case and the man says he still cannot do anything. I explain to him that I have been a customer with vodafone for 4 years, 2 of which were in Australia and I transfered to the UK vodafone becasue I had such great customer service in Australia. I pay £500 a year for my contract, I am a loyal customer, I imagine in the entirity of my future I will be spending in excess of 20k on a phone contract. And for them to treat me this way would be to lose a valuable customer, not only that, but to get a measly £1000 off me which is for fraudulant usage anyway. I am disgusted to be frank. The cust rep says he can do nothing and escalates again to his manager who will call me within 2 hours. So now for the 6th time I am explaining myself to a stranger on the phone. The end on this conversation comes when he offer me 30% off as a 'gesture of goodwill', I almost cringe with insult. Why would I pay £700 worth of fraudulent calls? I tell him I am going to the financial ombudsman because vodafone have been unable to solve my query and he says I am not allowed until he escalates it further to his manager. He said she will ring me on Mon/Tue. It's Monday night and I have heard nothing. In my bill I can see all the calls are going to a spanish number obviously filtering the funds into an account, the calls are costing £20-30 each for hours. I am shocked vodafone has no interest in finding out who this number belongs to or how they and funnelling funds into it, shocked more that they have no regard for a longstanding and loyal customer of theirs. I'd like to see a cust rep who might be able to treat me with a bit of respect and call me when they say they will!
  16. Hello, this is my first thread on this forum and I have a question which I fear I already know the answer to, based on reading similar stories on here! Last week I was on a business trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, where I was beaten by a gang and robbed of my phone in broad daylight on a busy street. I was taken to the police station to file a report and recover from my injuries, all of which which took many hours. At the earliest opportunity I called Vodaphone and reported my phone stolen, and the person on the line reported that no unexpected calls were made, much to my relief. Unfortunately I have now received notice from Vodaphone that there were actually over £500 of charges that occurred during the hours between the mugging and my call. I called Vodaphone about this, and the customer service representative was unwilling to consider reducing the charges. I have done everything in my power to minimise the risk - the iphone was PIN protected, and I called the Vodaphone at the earliest possible opportunity given the circumstances. I understand that people lose their phones and run into this problem on a regular basis, however this situation is particularly difficult since it was not a case of simple carelessness or negligence, but the result of a violent assault that is being investigated by the police. My question is whether goodwill on Vodaphone's part is the only way to reduce these charge, or is there some other arbitration arrangement that I might investigate? Thanks for any advice.
  17. Hi everyone, I tried posting this before, but my internet went down, so this is going to be abit shorter! Anyway, I have two contracts with T-mobile for use as a work phone. One was taken out last year. The other was taken out in April this year, as I broke the original phone, so took out another low tarriff contract, essentialy for the phone. The original sim was put into the new phone. I just put the new sim in the glovebox of my van (stupidly) and forgot about it. Anyway, the last few months I saw my bill rise from £30 pcm (which it was meant to be) to £90 and then on the 23rd it flew up to £163. They have all been taken out of my bank by direct debit. Out of curiosity, I contacted T-Mobile and asked them for a break down of the charges. I thought that maybe it was due to a few 0844 numbers that I had contacted. They told me that that made up about £3 of the bills, and that the rest of the charges were made on the sim card I thought was in my glovebox. So, I rang the insurance company. They have said although the sim is insured, the phone has to be stolen aswell, and reported within a shorter time. So thats that plan out of the window. The direct debit left me £100 over my overdraft limit, so the £163 has now cost me around £200. I asked T-Mobile for a few of the most frequent numbers they have been using. I rang them, but just recieved abuse down the phone. The number itself appears to be dead, and I have now suspended the sim. Is there nothing I can do? Except lean a hard lesson.....
  18. Hi all, My phone was stolen roughly 3 weeks ago and £600 of unauthorised call charges were made before I realised it was stolen. My phone was stolen / lost on Saturday 26th May and I only realised on Monday 28th upon which I called O2 to inform them of this. When accessing my account online I noticed the £600 of unauthorised charges and filed a claim with customer services. They told me they would get back to me within five days. My bill came through on 16th June and it listed the unauthorised charges (plus VAT) - my bill stands at about £737 inc VAT. I am on a simplicity plan at around £20 per month. The money is due to come out of my account by direct debit on 30th June. I absolutely cannot afford this. I finally received a response to my claim today which stated the following: I have been a customer with O2 since the first iPhone came out (about 5 years) and a broadband customer for over four years, so I am obviously devastated that they would not offer any goodwill gestures in relation to this theft. I have never been late with any payments and the most my bill has come to is about £60. I have only ever called international numbers whilst abroad, so I am surprised that O2s fraud detection systems did not notice this irregular activity. I would appreciate any assistance in dealing with this matter. I am in the process of writing a complaint letter to O2 regarding this and to request a review of their decision not to offer any goodwill credits. Thanks all in advance
  19. An Audi A3 was stolen off the owners driveway in South Manchester on 7th June 2012 The thieves entered the house via the insecure front door and threatened the owner with a crowbar before stealing the keys and then the car itself. The owner however has quite a good CCTV system and has uploaded the theft and images of the thieves on youtube to try and identify them. It's worth a watch and worth circulating further to help try and identify these **** to the police http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NSvrtmGMmUI
  20. Hi, My father was in the toilet of a gym the other day. He's a taxi driver and popped in for a workout after his week of work before travelling home (he commutes into London and works 5 nights, then goes home). Whilst at the urinal, his bag was opened and his watch, wallet, cab badge and earnings for the week were stolen. He was using a urinal with his back to the bag at the time. CCTV at the gym showed the guy making off but there was no clear facial. He had "Personal belongings cover" from Halifax, as a part of his home and contents insurance. However, they refused his claim on the phone today because he'd left the bag unattended. He explained that if he'd turned around, he had line of sight to the bag but they just said it should have been in a locker before his used the urinal. I can't see anything in the policy terms about this. The only sentence I could see related to not leaving things unattended whilst abroad (though I can understand that if you just went a placed a load of money in the street and walked off you wouldn't expect to be able to claim for it!). All in all it seems a little harsh. Anyone have the full T's and C's for Halifax personal belongings insurance? All I've been able to find is a 40 page policy booklet, of which the personal belongings section is tiny and wooly. I'm not sure what he earns, they only cover up to £500 cash anyway, but he's very upset about it. James
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2152261/Orange-let-1-700-rung-stolen-phone.html
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills/article-2152261/Orange-let-1-700-rung-stolen-phone.html
  23. My mobile was pick pocketed whilst in Barcelona last weekend. o2 was notified as soon as possible some 9 hours later (had no phone or money). Today i've received a bill for £22,336.96... yes, 22grand! The bill shows close to 2000 calls made to Serbia, Russia and Afganistan, many of them lasting about 15 minutes and most of them concurrent to within 30 seconds. As a result there are nearly 350 hours worth of calls in the space of only 5-6 hours totalling £17k and a similar amount of incoming calls bringing the total to nearly £19k + VAT Ive read stories on the web in connection with this where people are liable to £1000 bills etc up to one a £8,200... but £22k?? o2 are investigating and appear helpful as well as completely astounded by the magnitude of this. Any advice out there on this one?? Thanks
  24. Hello all, I am new here and registered in the hope you can help me help my friend. She is a Mother of various aged children, is married, he is working, she is not. Approx 3 or 4 months ago she recieved notice that money had gone missing from her account. Various sums from £300-£500, totalling £1900.00 She was asked to fill out various forms, etc and they investigated her and her family etc. They came to the conclusion that no one in her family had anything to do with the theft of money and decided it was somehow stolen online. She was advised tthat the money would be refunded to her, and was asked to fill out a claim form. Now, this money, or a large part of it was rent money, and as such she couldn't pay the majority of her rent to her landlord. Her landlord was not sympathetic at all and put pressure on her to pay her rent. This she simply couldn't do, as funds were very limited, she has kids and other bills needed to be paid also. Needless to say, her kind landlord served an evitction notice on her due to non payment of all her rent. So, her bank keeps telling her she will be refunded but they do not know when. "it takes time". My friend has since moved out, into another house, has had to borrow off friends and family, (inc me), to live. She has been in finanical dire straites since this money has gone. The bank, STILL are saying it could take a few more weeks yet!!! This has been at least 2 months, probably 3, since the money was first discovered missing! What are the rules for banks to have to pay back money that was fraudulantly removed from an account, unknown to the account holder, and proven NOT to be the account holders fault? Is there are time limits? If there is financial hardship as a direct result of the loss do they have to help? Should they have paid the money back earlier? I hope you can advise please, as my friend is pulling her hair out and this is making her ill. As you can apprieciate, £1,900 is ALOT to have stolen! Thank you in advance. I see from the page on the FSA site it basically says the money should be repaid immediately? **above reasons
  25. A few weeks ago my scooter was stolen from outside my house - they cut right through the security chain, busted the ignition, had a jolly and dumped it a few streets away. Police recovered it and my insurance company arranged for their authorised repairer to collect it. I had been told that the only real damage was to the ignition so it should be repaired; however, I have just had a call from the estimator saying the repair will be too expensive for the value of the scooter, so I am now waiting for my insurance to get in touch regarding a pay out. There's a number of issues I am wondering about and I'd really appreciate any advice you can give. 1) I had only owned the scooter for one week when it was taken.This means I was still in the initial period of temporary insurance (1 month) while they sent me a direct debit mandate to sign and return with a copy of my CBT. With the upset of the theft I have not yet sent these; the deadline for them receiving these documents is next week, at which point my insurance would be cancelled instead of continuing for the year. I have currently paid just under £70; the full year cost would be £330. Can I just let this expire rather than shelling out for the remainder of the policy when I effectively have no vehicle to insure at this time? 2) Does anyone have any experience of how long it would normally take to receive a payout? I am currently unemployed and cannot get work until I have transport again - in the last couple of weeks I have actually had to turn down jobs because I simply cannot get to them, and I am reluctant to apply for things as I don't know how long I will be without transport (public transport facilities in my area are extremely limited and not a reliable option - in fact I have been told several times that employers just will not consider me without my own transport because it is so bad!) 3) Given the extremely short time I owned the scooter can I expect to get back what I paid for it (minus the excess) or will it be subject to the insurer's valuation? Thanks for your help.
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