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  1. Hello I am Chinese studying in UK. I applied for a Driving Permit one month ago. I sent both my passport and Residence Permit. But DVLA sent me back only my passport. I have tried to contact them more than 20 times already. I have booked hotels and ferries already, as I was planning a holiday around Europe. Now I cannot apply a Schengen Visa, because they've lost it?. Please help me. I need to file a complaint and ask for compensation of around £2860 DVLA is holding me a prisoner in UK
  2. Hi I wonder if someone could advise me. I have been the victim of domestic violence and ended up in a financial nightmare. I could no longer afford the HP payments on my vehicle to advantage. I have not paid a third. I paid 6 payments of £340 for an £8k vehicle which quite frankly has been off the road due to faults more than it has been on, I received an email from Advantage saying that they had decided to repossess my vehicle and that someone from NW collections would be visiting me to remove my vehicle. I am presently living in a refuge and have not updated advantage of my address. on Friday evening I was pulled over by the police as the car had been reported lost/stolen on march 31st. The police officer listened to all I had to say commenting that finance company`s are doing this but as it was reported lost/stolen he would be taking it. I was taken to a nearby train station and I have yet to hear back from either advantage or nw collections both of which I have updated on email (bank holiday office closed) Please help as I am now so scared that I will be arrested
  3. My son was held up at knifepoint and had his i-Phone 5c stolen, phoned the service provider and blocked the sim card, they also asked for the IME number can they also 'block' the phone rendering it useless ?
  4. Hi, I am hoping someone can give me some advice! I ordered a mobile phone from very 2 weeks ago and received it all ok. I changed my mind before opening the phone and arranged to get it returned. Yodel collected the sealed phone last Monday and the driver helped me tape up an outer box so it was disguised! I returned home today to find the box I sent returned in bad condition with the phone box and a note saying something was missing from the box. I then checked the phonebox and found the seal had been broken an the phone is missing! I have emailed and phoned very but they are saying they can't help and are not willing to help me. What do I do next? Any advice would be helpful
  5. Advice appreciated. I sent a rare atlas to The National Library of Congress in Washington DC USA. The sale price was £550. I normally use Fed Ex for this sort of thing. This time I very foolishly used Royal Mail Airsure, without taking additional insurance. It looks like they have lost it. As interested parties are aware their terms of business & standard of customer service together are appalling to say the least. I consider that the product Airsure was miss sold and advertised in a misleading way (the name to start with) is there any chance of getting redress in the small claims court beyond the standard £50 compensation? Tracking indicates that the package has been in a UK sorting depot for about a month. I have paid for tracking and would not have used the service had I known that items would not be effectively tracked. Many thanks to responders
  6. Hi, I need some advice as Vodafone are being extremely unhelpful in a case with me. I lost my iPhone on Friday 31st Jan in the evening, due to various reasons I was unable to report it lost that night but did so the next afternoon in a Vodafone store where I was given a replacement sim card and told my old sim was now blocked. Between 5pm that day and 10pm that night a number of calls were made to Belgium costing nearly £100. Two of those were made before it was reported lost and the rest in a few hour window afterwards. At this point I didn't have use of my mobile as the new sim was still awaiting activation, this didn't happen until the following morning where I was able to make calls again. I spoke to Dave in billing who said that since the calls occurred after my number was suspended and then reactivated at 5pm (on a new sim apparently) they are unable to refund them. However, I did not make them and have never called a Belgian number in the several years I've been with Vodafone or the time since. It also took nearly a day to process the sim swap so there is a possibility the old one could've been in use until then? I'm extremely unhappy with the service provided and have been told that there is no chance of getting the decision overturned. How can I go about challenging this? Surely they must keep a log of the IMEI/SIM number calls are made from? Thanks, Sasha
  7. Tesco has been forced to suspend more than 2,000 customer accounts after hackers posted their details online. Cyber thieves then used the login details to steal Clubcard vouchers, the supermarket giant admitted. A list of thousands of usernames and passwords was posted by hackers on a text-sharing website . It is thought the data was taken from other websites in high-profile security breaches and used to access Tesco.com customer accounts to steal Clubcard points, with 2,239 hits where the same usernames and passwords were used. But only a "handful" of people are understood to have actually suffered theft of their Clubcard vouchers, as secondary security information was needed to fully access the accounts. Tesco has now deactivated the affected accounts as a precaution and is contacting all customers impacted, pledging to reimburse those who have lost out. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tesco-suspends-thousands-customer-accounts-3144560#ixzz2tbtgKU82 Although this only affects a tiny percentage of Tesco's 16 million Clubcard holders, even if you've not been affected, it's worth considering changing your password
  8. For the full story : - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/thousands-of-barclays-customers-data-stolen-and-sold-to-on-rogue-traders-9117329.html
  9. Hi all I brought my daughter a Blackberry phone for £79 from Cash Convertors in April using a debit card. Fast forward 31/2 months and i get a dawn raid from the old bill telling me the phone is reported stolen. Luckily i had the receipt so they didn't cart me off but they took the phone. I rang Cash Convertors who put a droid on the phone telling me that the 60 day warranty was up but if i brought all paperwork in they would investigate the matter? When i asked there policy on refunding for goods that are found to be stolen she said she cannot discuss this with me?? The shop is quite a distance and i don't want to waste any more time if they are just going to flannel me and not refund my cash. They seem to be hiding behind a warranty that's over and to say they will investigate leads me to believe i will get the old letter saying sorry but tough luck. So i want to pursue this further because it cannot be right that CC can sell stolen goods then wriggle out of any responsibility. When the police turned up i thought someone had died and then i was treated like a crook until i hunted down the receipt. Any help appreciated
  10. Hi there, not really sure where the best place to put this is, or if it's even something the kind experienced Caggers can help me with. Last week I parked my car at an airport using their on site Valet service - basically means I pull up at the terminal and they go and park my car for me nearby. I returned late at night a few days later, but by the time I got home I noticed my sunglasses were missing from the driver side door pocket. The next morning I did a more thorough search of the car and found nothing. I called the reception desk who confirmed they had nothing in their lost property and should contact head office and provided me with a number. I've called that number, and another I found on their website maybe a dozen+ times but never get an answer. I've penned a letter to them (below) but wonder if I should add any other wordings / take other actions in the mean time? Any thoughts? thank you
  11. Hi I'm currently on maternity leave and has to hand my phone into the office - this has meant someone else having my usual mobile phone for the last month! Today as recorded a text looking for me and threatening to report the goods stolen to police if I didn't call him by tomorrow morning. I have actually missed my direct debit this month which I know is my responsibility - payment comes out on 1st every month and this is the first month I have missed it (my last payment is July 2014 so I'm a fair way into my contract). I will probably not be in a position now to bring the payments up to date now until 20th (next Friday) and I have never been behind or missed a dd before with BAYV. I am disturbed however that they can contact the police to say I have stolen goods?!?! Another thing - I moved house a year ago. Was I supposed to inform Them as he mentioned this to my colleague too. Thanks for your help. Just want to get it resolved now but it's also got the added embarrassment of my work now being aware that I am in potential financial difficulties and have people chasing for money.
  12. Hi, It's a bit long, sorry. A friend was burgled, and had his spare phone stolen. It is locked to orange and the contract had finished, ie out of contract. There was no active sim inside as kept for a spare phone. Insurance require IMEI to be blocked. The IMEI number was on a laptop, also stolen. So he explained this to '3rd party electricals' (who are dealing with claim on behalf of insurance company). They said, IMEI MUST be blocked, friend requested they contact insurance company to establish what happens in this situation and to call friend back. One week passes, not heard anything. Calls 3rd party again. Seems no action taken. They state they will contact insurance company again. One week passes, not heard so calls 3rd party. They are Waiting to hear back from insurance company. By Failing to block IMEI on this phone, the 3rd party are refusing to replace ANY electricals, I.e. failing to get this phone blocked is holding up the entire claim. So, after some great advice on here he calls orange and manages to attain the IMEI number. He asked orange to block phone. ORANGE REFUSE TO BLOCK PHONE AS OUT OF CONTRACT. It is still an orange phone. He called '3rd party elctricals' explaining situation. Still no joy, no block = phone holding up all of claim. 3rd party state it is orange responsibility to block IMEI. Calls 101, enquiring about 'blocked IMEI' register. 101 state orange responsibility to block IMEI. Calls orange again. Same answer - refuse to block as out of contract. Tried to phone insurance (yesterday) = cant get through, in queue (understandable from previous nights storm). So I call orange (this is 4th time), same answer. Again no contract= no block Request to speak to uk. Declined. Request to speak to fraud department. Declined. Request to speak with manager. Put on hold and left for over 10 mins. I hang up. So, stumped as what to do we email [email protected] Brilliant response: Call orange (yes already done that 4 times) If not happy escalate to team leader (tried that, was left on hold) That's it. So now stumped. Looked on twitter, seems other have problems blocking phones too. Obviously formal complaint, but who to? And how to get this sorted ASAP? Anyone any ideas how to escalate to somebody in orange who isn't abroad, and who can help? Thanks me_too
  13. My son bought a small VW van for £100 intending to work on it and get it back roadworthy. He parked it off road on his drive, behind locked gates because it wasn`t insured. Some vandals damaged the gates, smashed 2 windows in the van and pushed it a short distance away. This was about 9.30pm, my son was out but left house lights on etc. at about 11pm my son found out that the van was taken and The Police had already called the garage out to tow the van to a garage about 5 miles away. The van was taken a second time without the owners permission by the garage, now the garage want my son to pay £150 recovery charge plus a daily rate. My son, given a choice would have pushed the van back onto his drive. The bill is over £250 which my son doesn`t have , he`s trying to support his young family on an apprentice wage, the van is not worth much now it`s been damaged - so who`s liable for the garage bill? He didn`t ask the garage to come out, he didn`t want the garage to come out the Police called them.
  14. My son won an Ipad in Australia, the only problem being, he was no longer there. A friend sent it via TNT, who say it got go the UK but has got lost. In reality, seeing as it had a customs label saying "Ipad" on it, I assume it has been stolen. They've paid him the usual £50 and credited the import duty they had paid on his behalf, but surely they should repay the shipping fee as well? He contracted them to do a thing which they have not done, so I don't see why he should pay. Does anyone know whether he would stand a chance?
  15. Hi don't know how to sort this but it's being going on for a while now. About 5 months ago I was in a curry store in Manchester and I left my iPhone in the store. I then went on a volunteering trip to South Africa which was amazing and fulfilling but is neither here nor there. Whilst there I received a email from Vodafone letting me kknow that a member of staff had found my phone and rang them to say it was in there store. I was overjoyed as I now didn't have to buy a new phone and felt honesty was in the world still. . Upon arriving back onthe UK I went to the store to pick up my phone. It okay 15 minutes till a member of staff bothered to talk to me! at which he informed me it was him who found and reported my phone I expressed my happiness to him and thanked him profusely for being such an upstandi citizen. He went to a room where he said he locked it away. Coming back a few moments later saying it must have been moved. He checked with his manager who didn't want to know me. And just brushed it away saying it'll work in the sage but no one could check it till the day after. They sent me away with th promise to ring me. The day after they rang me saying they had checked and it wasn't there. . But But another member of staff wwho was on holiday could have placed it somewhere else. . They were to arrive back in store a week later. This was two months ago. I have since rang the store and asked to speak to the manager who sends the first member of staff on the phone phone to speak to me. . All I want to know. Is where is my phone. Why was I told it was there if it isn't. And why curry think they can send a person who isn't a manager to the phone when asked for a manager?
  16. My annual travel card was stolen earlier this week. I informed the police and TFL (who I assumed would cancel the stolen card). However looking at my journey history (online) I can see that the individual who stole my card is making daily journeys throughout London on my card. I just called TFL to ask whether they would cancel the card and the gentleman replied that unless he is stopped by an inspector he does not believe that there is much that can be done. However he said that he will escalate my query to his supervisor. I am very upset, because not only was my card stolen, but this individual is getting a free ride off my hard earned cash. Is there something more I can do?
  17. Hello, really hope someone could help me in this matter. Car insurance issued me with a cheque for cancelling policy, but I never got the cheque. After many calls to get my cheque, I was being told it will be reissued. Still nothing. Then 6 months later they tell me it was cashed long time ago. They claim I cashed it, which I didn't. They refuse to help any further and will not be issuing further cheque. They gave details of bank account where it was cashed (Lloyds account). The account is not mine. Upon calling Lloyds, they don't have such account (the account number appears one digit too long). Again, my insurer, don't even want to give proper bank account. They suggest there is nothing more they can do for me and that I should contact Ombudsman. How do I go about it? Any help greatly appreciated P.S. I only have 2 suggestion where my cheque is. It either got stolen in post or some at the insurer. . It definitely never arrived at my address.
  18. " Eight men have been arrested after a gang stole more than £1m from a high street bank by taking control of one of its computer systems. The money was stolen from a Barclays branch in Swiss Cottage, London, earlier this year, using a device known as a "keyboard, video and mouse" (KVM) switch. The hardware, which can be purchased online for as little as £10 and is the size of a small laptop computer, allowed the gang to transmit the contents of the computer's desktop and take control of the machine remotely. It is believed the device was installed by a man who pretended to be an IT engineer to gain access to the branch. Some £1.3m was withdrawn from accounts, although much of the money has since been recovered." http://uk.news.yahoo.com/arrests-1-3m-barclays-bank-theft-072554030.html#DATSVA3
  19. Hi all - relatively inexperienced poster here, so I apolgise in advance if I have lumped this thread in the wrong section, anyhow feedback is welcomed on the following situation........ In May of this year I raised a cheque for just over £1000.00 as payment for services carried out to my home following a recent move. I sent the cheque in the post via a third party whom they were an associate of, to be forwarded on to the relevant payee as I did not have their current address details, but the third party did (an established local business who have carried out excellent work for me in the past). Anyway, I sent the cheque on its way (via regular mail) and thought nothing else of it. I had already budgeted for the debiting of the monies when reconciling my personal accounts (I have a list of unpresented cheques) and so did not pay much attention to the fact that the cheque remained uncashed for a number of weeks. To bring the story forward, I received a phone call from my bank (Lloyds) last week asking me to verify the details of a cheque drawn on my account. The cheque in question was that described above, and it soon become apparent from the details I was being given that the cheque had been altered. I informed them that the payee was indeed different to the original and correct one and was duly informed that they would reject the cheque and log it as stolen. Needless to say this was quite a surprise, I had up until that point forgotten about the cheque entirely and so was caught a little off guard to say the least. The lady from Lloyds briefly explained that the cheque would be returned unpaid, and that I would incur no charge for this given the nature of the situation. She also mentioned that collecting bank's fraud team would open an investigation into the transaction and that a copy of the cheque would be sent out to me, but my brain was that frazzled at the time I didn't push things much further. So the gist of my posting is that I am seeking advice from anybody who has experienced a similar scenario to mine, and what the due process is? Given that the bank have told me that an investigation has been opened by them, I assume that I am not required to inform the police etc?? Do I need to do anymore or should I just await the banks response?? Many thanks Matt
  20. Hi All, My phone was recently stolen in Barcelona - I notified Orange approx. 7 hours later. In that time the thieves managed to run up £1610 by calling numbers and that is now appearing on my online bill. I called Orange 3 times, 1st rep said they'd report to their fraud dept and see what could be done. 2nd rep said point blank that I had to pay, his supervisor was more understanding, said was 'unbilled' at moment and would call when becomes official bill - 3rd Sep. I'm looking for advice in what to do in the meantime as I'm worried sick. I'm thinking contact CEO (does anyone know the email?) contact Ofcom, arbitration, deadlock letters, contact the press etc. Or, should I wait for them to contact me again first? My arguments as to why I should not be liable for this bill (or maybe liable for say, £50 as per a fraudulent card transaction) are as follows. I was the victim of organized fraud. I take responsibility for losing the phone and fully accept that is my fault - but I have been an Orange customer for approx. 15 years and have never lost or had a phone stolen, so I can genuinely say I take reasonable care of my phones. It is in the terms and conditions that I am responsible for bills until reported stolen, however I feel that, as a duty of care, that Orange should make this much more clear and also the costs that can be incurred. If I had known that could happen then I would never have taken the phone out - I don't walk about with £1600 in my wallet! I think Orange should be able to monitor usage much more - I have an approx. £20 bill every month and virtually never go above my free minutes. Orange and other phone companies are basically causing phones to be targeted by these organized crime gangs, cards have a £50 limit so are not as attractive - phones can be ran up to over £20,000. If the phone company faced the bill, I'm sure they would implement systems to stop this fraud. Any advice welcome. Thanks, Iain.
  21. Hello, I'm a new user and new to forums in general. I would really appreciate some opinions from everyone on a large bill from orange. After several phone calls I was finally told to email the executive.office @ ee.co.uk I have since sent the message to executive.office @ orange.co.uk as there was no response but all I get back is their template email. I will copy my message below as it details the situation. Thanks. -------- Dear Sir or Madam. I very much hope that you are able to help me. On May 4th I went on a two day trip to Barcelona and whilst there my phone was stolen. At my earliest opportunity (and easily within 24 hours) I had to use a stranger's phone to call my mother back in the UK to block the phone on my behalf. When I returned back home I called Orange myself to make sure that the block had been implemented without any problems and I asked if any calls had been made before the phone was blocked. I was told that there was a call made and the cost was 14 pence only. I requested a replacement SIM which arrived soon after. This call was made on May 6th at 9.47pm. On the 29th I was in my local EE shop to look at a replacement handset and by chance alone was told that my monthly bill was more than £1068, there had been no other notifications of this. I was advised by the staff in the EE shop to cancel my direct debit until this issue was resolved. On the 29th at 17.05 I called Orange and spoke to an operator named Trilok. I explained the situation and was told that as some of the calls seemed to occur after the phone was blocked, the billing team would be contacted to recalculate the amount. I told him that all of the calls made on May 5th were fraudulent and I was then told that 'all the calls made on the 5th would be waived'. I confirmed this with him several times. I was told that the billing team would contact me within 48 hours. On the 31st at 13.37 I called again as I had not heard anything. I informed Orange that my direct debit had been cancelled on the advice of your staff. On June 3rd I received two voicemail messages from Orange billing team. Unfortunately I was working in court that day so was unable to take either call. However, at approximately 5.40pm on the 3rd I called back. I spoke to an operator called 'Bryan' who confirmed that all the fraudulent calls were removed from my account and that my bill should be no more than normal, as my bill had always been under £20. I re-confirmed this with him several times and was told that would be the case. With that assurance I agreed to set up a new direct debit for July and told him that as my previous direct debit was cancelled there may be a month where I hadn't paid. I asked if this would cause any kind of problem and was told it wouldn't as it should be rectified in the next payment. I also asked if there could be a £50 cap placed on my account but was told this wasn't possible. After the call ended I received a text from him at 6.06pm asking me to fill in a survey on his performance should one arrive (it didn't). I was under the belief that all matters were resolved until I then had a text on the 8th demanding payment as there was no direct debit. I assumed that it would be an automated message as my June direct debit had been cancelled. I phoned all the same. I had a lengthy conversation with Mags Douglas who told me that there was no record of the recalculation of fraudulent calls as discussed on my 29/05 conversation with Trilok and she also informed me that the 03/06 conversation with Bryan didn't even appear on her system. On the 11th (after several failed attempts to get on touch with Orange) I finally spoke to someone who confirmed that all calls are recorded and can be traced. It was also obvious to him that the fraudulent calls on May 4th were not made by me. He also confirmed that there was no record of the conversation I had with Orange on June 3rd. I would like to formally request a copy of the phone conversations that took place on May 6th, May 29th, as well as the 'missing' call that took place on May 3rd. I would also like to formally request a copy of the phone conversation that took place when I moved over from 'pay as you go' to 'contract' detailing my terms and conditions. I am a long standing customer and have always been very happy with Orange and the service you provide. I have recommended Orange to all friends and family. I have recommended Orange to my mother's company, which now has a business account with you which includes all her employees. On a personal note, I discovered this news after returning home from my wedding on May 25th and as I'm sure you can imagine it came as a very unwelcome surprise, our honeymoon plans are now on hold until this issue is resolved. Kind regards
  22. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help please. My Brother in law has been renting a flat in London and has been paying his rent regularly to his landlady. However today Bailiffs came to his premises saying that he is to be evicted on Friday due to non payment. It turns out that the Lady in question has done a runner with my brother in law's rent and deposit and has fled to Jamaica. So now my brother in law is broke and is going to be homeless. We were just wondering what he could do to be able to one find somewhere to live quick and somewhere to put his things as he has no money now to rent somewhere else as she has taken £1500 deposit and £800 a month as well. He is of course going to the police but other than that we do not know what to do. We unfortunately cannot help as we don't:-x have the space and live to far away for him to travel. If someone could please help then that would be great. Thanks
  23. hi there i have a question about my stolen vehicle my car was stolen with key that only i knew where was hidden within the vehicle, however the police have now found my car and had it towed to an impound. CID are saying one of my "so called" friends are involved in taking the vehicle and selling it on. they wont tell me who is involved or anything really for that matter, now this has been going on for about a month or two and the man at the cid is now saying i need to go and give a written statement and possibly go to court over the car. now im really angry as i have already lost my job due to working long distance and have no car now, im the legal owner and want my car back!! now the questions are is this the normal procedure ? do police have the right to keep car untill they find who stole it? as its my car am i not entitled to get it back any sooner life is a major struggle without it afterall i worked hard to buy a car to make my daily life easier, regards ian
  24. Hi I have heard about this but don't think it will help but thought its worth asking. I today had my iPhone 5 stolen and I've reported it to the police and had my network cancel/block the phone. I purchased this from my network in Oct 2012 and although it didn't cost the full amount it costs to buy it off them. My credit card is with Tesco and is a Mastercard. Just wondering if anyone knew whether I could claim it back. Just a thought not holding out much home and I didn't have phone insurance.
  25. I wonder if I could get some help with my latest detective project. My sister sent me €200 from Cyprus for my birthday. She did this as she cannot transfer funds out of Cyprus. She sent it by "registered post" which I guess is equivalent to our recorded/signed for delivery. It cost her €2.24 and has 3 bar coded strips on the envelope. I received this today and when I opened the envelope, the taped-up card containing the money had been opened and nothing was in it. On closer inspection the main envelope looks to have been steamed open and resealed using brown tape and old style airmail stickers. My sister confirms she did not seal it this way. Although sent recorded, my postman handed me the mail and did not ask for a signature. I went to the local sorting office and they said it was strange, but they did not have a log of the recorded item and I am becoming very suspicious about this. They suggested I speak to the manager tomorrow morning and want to prepare myself. The sorting of the letter from Cyprus to me, I assume, would have been handled by machines with minimal human intervention, and that's why I believe it happened since arriving at my sorting office, however, I am not totally sure. My sister has known the post mistress in Cyprus for 25 years, but the envelope has three barcoded stickers, two are identical stickers, one of which I would have thought needed to be retained at the sending post office. My sister is my closest living relative and survives on a widow's pension that has been reduced by the Cypriot government. I am so, so angry, out of all proportion to the problem, but I cannot believe some wretch of a human being could do this. I lost my 19 year old dog two weeks ago and it seems one thing after another. I have spoken to Royal Mail and my sister has to start things from her end as the sender. If I sent a letter by registered post/special delivery from the UK I would be insured for the full amount and if I sent it recorded, substantially less. However, this is if the letter is lost. What is the situation when the contents are stolen? Thanks for any advice. Ruth
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