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  1. Hi, Not sure if I am in the correct part of the forum, I have applied for a grant from an energy trust. They have written to me, that they want proof of 2 incomes i recieve,amount and frequency via a bank statement. This is not a problem, but can i delete/cross out all other transactions including the front page (my bank balance) for privacy reasons? Do i have a legal right to do this and just leave showing what they ask for, the 2 credits?
  2. http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/uk-news/2012/11/01/banks-plan-paper-statements-change/
  3. Good Morning, My court hearing is on the 22nd October, I have posted before re my situation, however i need to put a witness statement to the court by next Monday. Can anyone please help me.,
  4. Hi, I am (unfortunately) having to go to through an employment tribunal process against my present employer. I had an initial case management discussion meeting (CMD) a few months ago. At that meeting my employer's legal representative stated that my employer intended to call several witnesses. The names of these witnesses were not listed in the CMD agenda - even though I had openly listed the names and number of my potential witnesses - and I had expected the employer's side to do the same thing for the CMD meeting. My employer's legal representative stated at the CMD that they (the emp
  5. Hi there guys, came across this forum while looking for help with a growing problem. Very long story, but will try to summarise: I've been in debt for a *very* long time - never let a messed up 18 year old have a full-time job, they'll still be paying off that debt into their 30s... as I've found out the hard way. Contract ended, I couldn't find another f/t job and fell into arrears. Been drifting from p/t job to p/t job ever since, when I haven't been on the dole, that is. When I realised (or rather, accepted) that I needed help (in early twenties), I followed advice from the CAB and hav
  6. Hi, I was chased by a company called Link Financial last year for a debt I owe. The debt was an old bank account overdraft that was withdrawn unexpectedley when the banks got jittery in 2006. I ended up getting a default on my credit profile and it is due to expire in November this year. Up until last year I did nothing with the debt until it came to a DCA called Link Financial. I decided then to start getting rid of it and told Link I would pay £30 p/m via standing order and not one of their direct debits. I've paid this without fail for the past 12 months. Li
  7. The question is - When attempting to negotiate with a Bank/DCA/Solicitor/Court etc regarding amount you an afford to pay off a debt, should any benefits you are in receipt of be included in your Income figures ? The reason for seeking clarification is that whilst it is illegal for benefits to by taken at 'source' by virtue of having them directed straight to a Creditor, is it then also illegal for them to be taken into consideration as valid Income to pay a debt when included in an I/E Statement ? Logic would say that if the benefit/s are not allowed to be re-directed (because they a
  8. Hi everyone. I have cabot chasing me for £750 from a Citi credit card and I have no idea of where it has come from. they would not give me any details, so I have reported them to the FO, but they say that Cabots records show that i paid money up to 2009. I have asked Cabot for proof (signed agreements etc) but they have ignored me. They have even ignored letters that I sent saying that i have lived at my present address for over 6yrs and never seem anything to with Citi until they started writing to me 18 months ago. The FO have just sent me a statement from Citi which cabot sent them as
  9. I have been fighting a sum it is incorrectly alleged I owe to a small loans company through my local court for about two years. This is the second time it has gone to court. On the first occasion, I successfully defended the case. I then lost contact with the creditor and court, and today have received a 'Request for Statement of Earnings' letter via the court, which they say is in respect of an application for an attachment of earnings. I assume, reading between the lines, that the matter has since gone back to the court and the creditor has managed to convince them to make a judgement
  10. Hi all, Wonder if anyone could shed a bit of light on this situation My in laws, who are in their 60's, have a washing machine from Brighthouse, which they have had for about 3 years. They have never had an annual statement in the 3 years and when they asked their local store they were fobbed off with excuses. Does anyone know how they would go about getting one of these that would cover from the period they got the washing machine til now as they have been told that the machine wont be paid off until a week before christmas which we think it longer than what it should be. They have
  11. Statement: 2 July 2012 The ICO now has the power to issue a monetary penalty for serious breaches of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. The powers allow us to issue the worst offenders with a monetary penalty of up to £500,000. The ICO currently has a team dedicated to enforcing these Regulations and is actively pursuing specific cases. In March this year, the ICO introduced a web based form that allows individuals to report their concerns. So far around 12,000 individuals have responded and the ICO is using this information to trace the companies responsible for
  12. Customer Update Many customers should continue to see an improved position on their accounts today, with account transactions continuing to update. We now expect that next week (commencing 9 July) will be the final week of any significant delays for Ulster Bank customers. We expect gradual, but significant and noticeable improvements throughout the remainder of this week and next. It is our expectation that by the week of the 16 July the vast majority of customers will return to a normal service. There may be some final reconciliations required to customers' accounts.We will prov
  13. Breaking news BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18685040 Full statement-Telegraph; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9371741/Bob-Diamond-resigns-from-Barclays-the-full-statement.html Sky news; http://news.sky.com/story/955415/barclays-chief-executive-bob-diamond-resigns Bob Diamond has quit as chief executive of Barclays bank in a shock twist to the rate-rigging scandal. Marcus Agius, who resigned as chairman only yesterday, is to return to his role and will take over the running of the bank while a successor to Mr D
  14. Follows an investigation by the OFT into 3 high Street electrical retailers http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  15. Follows an investigation by the OFT http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2012/53-12
  16. Hi Im hoping someone can give me some advice please after 2 days of arguements with a ex I have recently had my Derbyshire Building Society statement sent to a wrong address which unfortunately was a ex and my childs mum. I havent lived with this person for 9 years and have had at least 6 previous addresses. I use this account frequently and the last thing I need is for this ex to have any information and also me being accused of using her address! I changed my address in may and have received a statement to my address on the 29th May. My ex has recieved my annual statement
  17. As published by BIS in May,the codes will include; a good practice customer charter explaining how the loan works and the costs involved; a commitment to inform customers three days before money is withdrawn; increased transparency about loan repayment so that consumers can make informed decisions and are not surprised by hidden payments; more help for customers in financial difficulty by freezing charges and interest; robust credit and affordability assessments to ensure loans are suitable for the customer’s situation; and effective compliance monitoring
  18. Hi, If I want to disclose / use a witness statement from a non-english speaker, do I (or can I) need to translate it myself (I can speak this language fluently), or do I need to submit the statement in a foreign language, and the court has to translate? Will the court then send the statement translated to the defendant? Thanks
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