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  1. I am a litigant in person and a defendant in a civil claim in the high court. The judgment went against me based on a witness statement of Mrs X in support of the Claimant. Mrs X was not present at court and her witness statement was only made available to me 30 minutes before the hearing on February 3rd. During the hearing, the solicitor of the Claimant informed the court that he had made contact with the witness. Following enquiries at the address supplied and at the place of work stated in her witness statement, Mrs X is not known at either. A check on the voters register revealed no s
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already but I noticed this statement and linked adjudication on POPLA http://www.popla.org.uk/statement_28-01-14.htm It seems that the adjudicator has been slightly annoyed by the decision of the PPC involved (redacted but almost certainly Parking Eye) and the BPA to use the transcript in a private section of the BPA website to (according to some suggestions) provide instruction to other PPCs in order to combat the 'no genuine pre-estimate of loss' argument. The Adjudicator is concerned that in doing so the impartiality of POPLA may be compromised so
  3. Hi all, My tenant has made a claim against me for harassment a few weeks ago. As a defence to his claim, I made a counterclaim providing a witness statement but the tenant is now asking the court to consider my witness statement as invalid since my signature on this last is not the same than on the tenancy agreement signed. Many thanks,
  4. Hi I'm new to this so bare with me. To cut a long story short I have a judgement against me on the 28 february 2013 by Wescot Spv Limited. I had a Variation order to pay the claimant the sum by instalments of £1.50 every month. My question is this; just received a letter from Wescot dated 30/12/2013 ( Happy new year to them as well) with attached Financial Statement Form the letter states ' you may feel that you are not in a position to start making an acceptable payment against your balance or that you don't know how best to manage your way through your cur
  5. Hope someone can help with this. I have been going back over some old Capital One statements from around 2000-2004 and found some charges etc. which seem to be rather unexplained. They appear as "Finance Charges", and later as "Special Purchase Interest". It is unclear what these relate to and I am tempted to think they may relate to some sort of semi-disguised PPI payment. Am I being paranoid, or has anyone seen anything similar?
  6. Hi Folks Arrow Global has purchased my credit card debt 1050 pounds, they are using Wilkin Chapman solicitors as their collectors. I wrote asking for a signed copy of my credit agreement with MBNA the original owner of the debt, which they have sent me 9 months later. Now i have other debts and they are being managed in arrangements with no issues. Wilkin Chapman have sent me a personal financial statement,. that wants to know more about what I own who i work for my national insurance number how much is left on my mortgage do i own a microwave, but nothing about my outstanding debts a
  7. hi could anyone tell me where to post a new thread regarding an interim charge order being made on a county court judgement please.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me deal with the weird dates which barclays apply to pretty much EVERY transaction on my account. Whether I transfer from one account to another (both at the same branch) they only show on my account statement a day later than I actually made the transactions. Whenever I make a card payment (VISA Debit), the transactions only show up between 3-5 days later, sometimes, a weeks worth of transactions all of different days all get batch processed all in one day. Now I do understand that card payments can show up later on your statement,
  9. Very quick (or thick) question If a fitness for work statement states you should refrain from work from 25/11/2013 to 02/12/2013 does this mean you go back to work on the 2nd or the day after? Thank you in advance need to know for my son....
  10. As this is the forum I have contributed to most I feel it best to post here that I will no longer be contributing to CAG, my apologies if I'm leaving any one awaiting a reply from me. Brig.
  11. Hi All, Needless to say I got myself into trouble with Wonga and I am currently paying this off as part of my payplan arrangement. I do feel that I am being ripped off on the interest so I asked them for a statement from my account which they have provided. The problem is that it is not very clear what is what on it. I would like to fight them to get the interest reduced as its roughly about 6 times what borrowed in the first place. The question is, is there somebody that would take a look at it for me and see if they can make any sense of it. I am overly worried about
  12. Hi Caggers, I need some advice on statement of educational needs. Can I change the named school in my child's statement or will I need to ask for him to be re-assessed? It has been 9 months since his last review and 4 years since I actually named a school in his statement.
  13. Hi I'm just looking for some advice, I had a guy from Marston turn up this morning, guessed it might be debt collector as going through a bad time at the moment (unemployed) so did not answer. However he pushed a 'Removal Notice' through the door, on which stated that despite previous visits and notices the matter had not been settled. 1, I have had no early visits or note saying they had been to the house. 2, I am sure I have had no correspondents from them ( may have binned one ?) 3, I thought a warrant had to be issued. There is a Parking Fine to Andover Council from last ye
  14. Hello Can my employer change the hours on my contract to suit themselves. Have been informed that if we dont work overtime our hrs will be changed from 7.45-4.45 to 7am to 4.45. The contract says we must do a reasonable amount of overtime to suit the buisness. Thanks in advance
  15. If a DCA gives one amount on SOA,,then writes back and said they got it wrong and its this amount ..Which infact would be higher..Are they only allowed the first amount?..
  16. I need help.... The other month I was driving around a roundabout in Essex and went past 2 police officers on motorbikes. I was followed by one officer and he pulled me over and the officer said I was on the mobile phone. I explained that the van has hands free kit fitted as standard by mecsedes (2012 Mercedes vito). the officer still charged me with the offence by the road side, I said I wanted to go to court to defend that I was not holding the phone. as a mobile engineer I spend a lot of time driving from site to site contacting customers and the office, and was chatting hands free at t
  17. I though that this one might interest you as lidl's have today made the following statement in a Scotiish (Midlothian) newspaper. All Lidl UK car parks are equipped with signage informing those parking there of any time limitations, as well as the penalties imposed should they remain over the allowed time.
  18. ET Age discrimination in recruitment EQA 2010 questionnaire sent 16th January 2013 ET1 submitted 28th January 2013 ET3 response 6th February 2013 (does not give their version of events just says we do not discriminate) ET CMO 20th February 2013 ET hearing 10th May 2013 My questions 1. I need to do statement of loss by 5th march 2013 to respondent ( I know about VENTO mid band £15,000) 2. Any other amounts applicable I am not able find out 3. I am right that the total remedy is statement of loss + 1 off compensatory award or not 4. Respondent will not
  19. Hi, there are plenty of threads on this (excellent) forum which highlight many of the ways that respondents will attempt to restrict evidence (against them) in the bundle being brought before the Tribunal panel. Can respondents also control/restrict what goes into the claimant's witness statement as well or is the content of the claimant's witness statement 'off-limits' to interference from the respondent?
  20. what are my rights? I'll try and keep this short. Based in Northern Ireland - I received channels from Rep of Ireland and Mainland UK - via freeview and analogue aerial in UK and analogue aerial from ROI. Well aware that both UK and ROI would be switching to digital, my requirement was that the new TV should receive both freeview and ROI equivalent. When shopping (more than 1 year ago) I asked assistant if the TV in question would be able to pick up Channels from ROI without the need for separate set top box(this would have been a common request for consumers in Northern Ireland) and the
  21. Hi New to the forum and wonder if anyone can advise. I'm currently in dispute with my own and the third party insurer about the fault / liability of a recent accident. Do I have a legal right to view the statement given by the third aprty to their insurer. Many thanks.
  22. I have taken daily medication for epilepsy that I have had for many years and this has controlled my disability for more than 10 years but I have recently suffered a recurrence of seizures due to stress at work. The type of seizure I always suffer is a grand mal or tonic clonic where I have fits and eventually lose consciousness. When I recover I have no recollection of the event. I have been asked to provide a statement of the effect of my disability on my day to day activities. I don't understand the question. Can I just say that when I suffer a seizure I am unconscious f
  23. I'm in arrears with a secured loan but trying to work out which is right and which is wrong on my statement. An example of what I've been trying to fathom out. Installment due date: 117.87 = Arrears 2.990.84= Balance=4.739.97 card payment : 20.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.719.97. monthly admin fee : 60.00 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.779.97. interest : 48.76 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.828.73. simple interest : 9.09 = Arrears 2.970.84= Balance=4.837.82. The 60.00 per month is for the second class franked letter
  24. Hi there Can anyone tell me if I have to fill in a financial statement to a DCA? I have been making reduced payments for 4 years to DLC and the debt was moved to Moorcroft. As I became unemployed I negotiated payments with them of £1.00 per month starting 8th March 2012. The debt has now been passed to Allied International Credit who want to renegotiate the payment and for me to provide a financial statement. I have since found out that Moorcroft did not collect the £1.00 from my account as arranged. I keep getting calls from Allied. Many thanks SusieQ33
  25. I have to make a call to Lloyds tomorrow and wonder if someone can give me some advice so I am better prepared. Unfortunately I had to close down my business about 18 months ago leaving me with a Personal guarantee of around £90k to deal with. The bank had taken a second charge against my house when I took out the business loan. The business had made all the repayments in full and on time until we closed. I was fortunate to get a job fairly quickly and i negotiated with Lloyds to continue to make the monthly repayments personally at the same level as the business had been makin
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