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  1. My first time using a forum ever, wish i had done this sooner .... ill try and explain best i can. had a Lloyds bank account roughly 5 years ago, changed bank accounts since and thought nothing of it. I then received a County Court Claim form on 28th April 2015 then a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors on 29th april 2015 out of the blue saying i owe £270 The claim form states : Particulars of claim The claimants claim is for the sum of 181.10, being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit ac
  2. Allegedly I drove into the bus lane in august 2014, twice. Bmth Council have sent PCNs and all corespondense to my old address. I moved to the new address in january 14. My oversight was to notify driving licence department of DVLA and presume they will share information with vegicle registration people.. . I letter has been delivered to my on 04/08/15 by the new owner of my old address. Its from Equita. They have been trying to reposess my car for the debt of £579. Since them I have been in touch with Bournemouth Council and TEC,
  3. We have just finished (finally!) building works at out house. The price of the works exceeded £30k (we did not have a signed contract - lesson 1!). There were snags and damages that they attended to, but some were unable to be fixed, which leaves a balance of £308.00 on their invoice that I did not pay (which I explained to them) as I'm going to have to pay / have already paid for the following damages: damaged flooring (£180), decs for the replacement flooring (£100), broken window (£140), replacement of shower hose (£25), replacement of broom (£20). In addition, we now have a broken mar
  4. http://www.popla.org.uk/ParkingEyeLimited-v-Beavis.htm ParkingEye wanted and got, cases stayed at POPLA until the Beavis case was heard at the Court of Appeal. They 'won' the at the Court of Appeal. An appeal has now been filed at the Supreme Court. I believe that PE have ' bitten themselves on the b*m'.... Could every appeal to POPLA potentially be stayed?
  5. Hello guys:) Just returned from a long stint overseas and walked into Santander to open a bank account on Wednesday. I stupidly forgot that my account was written off in late 2009 with 490.00 inside. The clerk noticed a closed account and pulled me to one side to confirm the situation and advised it would be wiser not to try and reopen a new account and would be much better off going elsewhere (good of her to be open and honest) Within two days of my visit I have received a Transaction Summary Statement. I've already researched what this letter is used for so issues there. They
  6. Went to ATM link cash machine in my local shop .i wanted to withdraw £500 the machine made the right noises £180 came out the cash machine and then the machine came up with an error I then checked my bank statement which showed £500 taken from my bank.now am £320 down what can i do? Lady in the shop said this evening when the shops closes the machine will be checked will i get this money or not my bank has made note of this
  7. Cabot have sent me this today. Do i just ignore it? See post below for bigger picture. sorry
  8. Hi, I have issued a claim on MCOL and the defendant has filed a defence on an additional sheet of paper which has been signed and dated, but he has not signed the statement of truth or given his date of birth or an address. Is the defence a legal document as he has made statements which I have documentary evidence are untrue. Surely they will be in trouble in court for telling blatant lies? Thank you for any help.
  9. List of events Received claim from Northampton CC Acknowledged service Sent CCA request to Lowell and CPR 31/14 to BW Legal Reminder sent to both after 14 days Embarrassed defence submitted as could not reply to particulars without agreement, DN and NOA. Directions sent out for witness statements no later than 14 days before hearing I filed my witness statement to court with 15 days to go 2 days before the hearing I now get claimant witness statement with copy of agreement and NOA attached but no DN What can I do from here? I am surely prejudic
  10. Hi Caggers For anyone who is self employed and claiming WTC they will be subject to scrutiny and have to prove they are effective and working. They also have to earn each week the equivalent to min wage at 24 hours. If not will be stripped of the WTC. I have heard rumourned we will be forced back on to JSA to look for better paid work. Even with UC the rule would have given us 12 months grace to make the business work to that level of profit, no such thing with this new ruling.
  11. Good evening. In a two-year small claims case (yes - two years!) it looks like things are finally heading to trial*. I am the defendant/counter-claimant and litigant-in-person. Other party also representing themselves. I have just exchanged documents with the other side. On reading their witness statements, I find that one of the statements makes explicit reference to previous settlement offers from us that were clearly marked 'without prejudice'. The figures cited are figures that were presented, but are used to misrepresent the actual offers/counteroffers dialogue (to make me sou
  12. Hi Lowell have been chasing me for a debt for some time. The letters they have sent have always been vague and I have written to them asking for assignment notices / original credit agreement and other information but never received a thing. They are taking me to court and today I have received the court bundle they have submitted. They are saying this is a debt to Vanquis Visa for £807.95. They have a copy of my on-line application and statement. That's fine - I don't dispute a debt to Visa, it's just never been clear what Lowell are chasing for Lowell have
  13. I am in the situation where i was the victim of ID Fraud from a previous address. Hillesden have been at me for the last 18 months. I told them i had no knowledge of this debt, put up or shut up and take me to court. I did the usual and put it into official dispute. They came back and stated they believed i was the person that they were after and now seek payment. Now after a 6 month lull i get this. Looking through various threads it seems that hillesden purchase the right to use the Alpins letter head as a frightner. Is this true, or do i nee
  14. Interesting one from the MAS https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/static/standard-financial-statement-consultation W
  15. Taking someone to court at the moment, and the Defendant has very clearly lied in their statement of truth about three things. By very clearly I mean I can actually prove it very, very easily. For example, the Defendant says that they have carried out action that should limit their liability when no action has been carried out and the wrongdoing is continuing. They state the wrongdoing finished within 2 hours of them receiving a Letter Before Claim. Another example being that I have made no attempt at mediation and have merely threatened them, when
  16. I'm taking a large company to court. They have been very naughty. They have admitted wrongdoing in the without prejudice letter, and then completely denied wrongdoing in their statement of truth. My response to their Defence mentions this. Their lawyer is very upset and threatening to have it struck out. I am aware that the procedural fight about this would be very expensive and I do not have the resources compared to them. Apparently I also broke the Without Prejudice rules in saying that I was unable to negotiate with them because they only offered, in their reply, to speak to me
  17. Hello All - Ist time post. In seeking further disclosures from the Respondent prior to ET, is the correspondence to and from them able to be discussed at the ET hearing?
  18. Hi, HSBC have made a claim against me which is in court next week. The district judge requested that by 19th August that we had to file at court and serve on our opponent a witness statement and by the 26th August the claimant (HSBC) had to pay the hearing fee. It says on the court order: I have complied with this order, however HSBC have not sent me a witness statement. I've just rang the court, who have informed me that HSBC has paid the hearing fee, however they haven't received the witness statement either (however there is a 10 dayish backlog - so
  19. Dear all I took 3 court actions against hsbc based on BCOBS unfair treatment and breach of data protection act as well as breach of contract The deadline of the witness statements was on 17th July which I (claimant) provided them within the deadline I received a letter on 19th July dated on 17th asking me by CPR 3.8 extension of this deadline I gathered some information on the internet and this website and responded to them the following (as I did not want to be seen who is not co-operating but at the same time I don't want to allow them to get away with their mistake a
  20. Hi Everyone. Hopefully a simple question here. A WP08 form was filled out by A4E, because I turned up for a course and asked to leave 20 mins early to sign on, they reused and cancelled the course saying they would rebook. So I received a sanction doubt, replied to it but received a sanction for the whole month of Jan 2013. I put in a Subject Access Request (SAR) so I can appeal the sanction. The paperwork I have received includes all paperwork from A4E. Two sheets in particular interest me. One sheet looks like a memo, but all the details have been blanked out with two big bla
  21. I am a litigant in person and the Defendants Solicitors have served upon me three witness statements. Not a problem, but these were gained in a Criminal case brought against these individuals who were subsequently found guilty. I have several problems. Can a witness statement that was used in a Crimanal case (written on a "Statement of Witness form) be used against me in my civil claim ? All of them state 10 pages and the last page is missing. One of them has no signature at the end of the text ! ! ! (the note at the bottom of the form clearly states on every page that it "
  22. I was caught driving in my HGV not wearing a seat belt. Caught red handed and have no excuse. I received a summons to attend my local Justice of the Peace court with police statement attached. The statement is very inaccurate. Officer states he was sitting observing traffic when he noticed my driving without a belt. The officer actually passed me while I was stationary on a roundabout, he was driving round the roundabout and doubled back to pull me over. Whislt I do not contest the charge at the time, why can an officer make up the situation and put it in writing. I
  23. Please help me in preparing the witness statement for employment claim. I have hearing on next month and I have to submit witness statement on Tuesday. where to put facts and where to put opinions. what are the tricks and strategies.
  24. Hi I have to produce a statement of evidence and do not know what this is I have tried to search for a example/templet on the web and also tried to see if there is guidance in the CPR surprisingly I cannot find any info anywhere. I'd be grateful if someone can direct me in the right direction or to a template/example. I have tried to search for one on this site and there are references to one but I have not found it yet. Thanks.
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