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  1. Hi, I have just begun(a few years late by the looks of it) my battle to claim back some of my bank charges and thought I would share the steps I take on here so as to help anyone else thinking of doing it, and also for anyone who has already been successful to perhaps guide me if I reach a brick wall.(as I am fully expecting) Several years ago I held a current account and joint account with my ex partner, both with HSBC. For one reason or another my account went overdrawn(unauthorized) by about £50, and so when pay day came I put this back in and then paid about £50 more in
  2. Hi, I recently had a copy of my agreement sent to me and although I know for sure I did not agree to PPI and other insurances, they are showing on my agreement and what makes it worse is. .there are boxes that have been ticked saying yes I want them all. I know I have not ticked these and the ticks look nothing at all like mine so where do I go with this please? Can I report them for this or can I try to claim the PPI and stuff back or would they say that because it is ticked, I said I wanted it. Feel like I've been proper screwed here
  3. hello everyone oh i dont even know where to start here! i seem to have debt letters coming out of my ears! here who and what they are... i have rent arrears of £700 with the council who are threatening to seek possesion i owe £230 to lloyds from a very old account (i got back £1400 banck charges an this is all thats left) and its now with westcott i owe £800 to a catalogue (now with moorcroft) i owe £300 to monument for an old closed credit card (yes i ahve tried an failed to get my ppi back from them twice) and fredricksons and brian carter are chasing me
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently helping my dad with PPI claims. He's in a fair amount of debt and on a DMP. He's had loads of loans/charges/credit down the years and i asked him if he knew about PPI because he could get some money back. We both don't know where to start and thought i'd ask for some help here, can you only claim from certain years ago or something? Is it best looking at a company to do this for him, if so which company is the best and charges no upfront fees? We need more help to getting started, do we need to be looking through original credit agreements etc, do we n
  5. CAG or a cooperative of members should start there own DCA. We could collect on behalf of people on here. Imagine all these accounts that have been in dispute due to no CCA etc. These have been sold on and passed from one DCA to another. Nobody is paying yet they go round and round being sold at something like 10% of the outstanding balance. Meanwhile people have defaults etc. for 6 years. Supposing a new DCA approached the latest holder of these accounts and offered to buy them for 12%. The DCA would accept as long as the account had been uncollectable for some time. This new
  6. Hi, just wondering whether back payments will start from the date given on the Tribunal letter which is 14/11/2011, or does it go from when I appealed the ATOS and Reconsideration decisions? Any help regarding this would be very much appreciated..
  7. I've a credit card with PPI from Lloyds (thankfully all paid off now). I got the card in 98 but I'm not sure when PPI was added to the card or how (it was either an 'account review' or when activating a card over the phone). Where do I start? Is it best to do a SAR as per "Full SAR for ppi" thread? Lloyds have a form to download, once I have the SAR information should I fill this in? Is there anything else I've missed? Although it was several years ago I believe the reasons I was missold were: I was not told you could buy PPI elsewhere to cover the loan I felt pressured
  8. Hi I am a positive person or at least try to be. But my health situation is not easy to live with. I have a number of ailments, the most relevant being that I am disabld in so much as I have arthritis in my spine which is just as painful as it sounds. I receive the higher rate of mobility component DLA and that is it. I have managed to work for myself for many years, but have now had to accept defeat with my health and call it a day. I have struggled a lot for the last year or two, but am not one to give in easily. However, sometimes you just know you are on a losing battle. Whi
  9. Hi, I am totally new to this, and finding the various and complicated threads difficult to follow or use as an example for me to use! I know that I am entitled to a claim for missold PPI as it was made clear to me by HSBC that my consolidation loan would NOT be granted unless I took out their PPI. This was despite my assertions that it wasn't needed due to me having full sickness and redundancy fall backs with my employers L & G I just want to get my money back - how do I start and what is the easiest and quickest way to get success? Any help whatsoever that a
  10. Hi all,I am hoping that somebody on the forum may be able to shed some light on a pension query. I was 65 on 27th May 2012 which I asumed was my pesionable date but I received a letter from the DWP to say that my pensionable start date will be the 1st of June 2012. When I phoned the pensions service for an explanation they really could not give me an answer except that "that is the way it is" and you and thousands of others are in the same situation, why should I loose 3 days of my pension. I am aware that the pension is payable a week in arrears but I have been told that I
  11. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice please. I am in debts to about 10 different UK companies totalling about 11000, the largest one being about 4000 pounds. All are either catalogues or unsecured personal loans of very high interest. Now I live in the Netherlands, when I left the country I basically ran away from my debts, but they play on my mind a lot and I really want to sort them out. I would really appreciate no negative comments on my actions, I know how bad it is, they are a result of being in an abusive relationship who basically used me in lots of ways
  12. hi i need a little bit of advice on how to go about claiming ppi back from a loan i took out with welcome finance, the loan was sold on to a debt collecting agency so can i still claim and were do i send the claim to ? the loan was defaulted on due to being out of work and then a divorce, is it worth all the bother? Thanks
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18141399 http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_9722000/9722410.stm
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