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  1. Hi, I need some advice about Sure Start Maternity Grant.I am pregnant and last week i sent filled form for this fund.As they write you can get if you or your partner receive benefit.So I sent because my partner receive income related employment and support allowance.I received letter today.They said I am not entitled to a payment because I don't receive benefits but they didn't mention nothing about my partner benefit.Do I have to contact them to look at my case again?
  2. I'm new to the forum andcin need of some advice about where to begin please. Myself and husband have been ina a DMP for several years. Some accounts are being pursued by different DCAs and after reading various posts on CAG I wonder id we should be challenging some of these, who frankly are making our life a misery with harrassing phone calls. Can anyone advise me (in simplecterms) where I should begin please ?
  3. Hi, I have just rec'd my bank statements from Aug 2001. On them I see that I had a Gold Service account, for which I was charged £8 a month. No idea why I had this, I cannot see what advantages this Gold service account gave me. I understand that I reclaim this back. Also I had an overdraft and regulary had O/draft interest (which I know I cannot claim back obviously) and O/draft usage fees and later charges called O/draft excess fees - varying from £25 to £85 a month. Now and then they would charge me £35 or so for unpaid cheque and Direct Debit. Does anyone know what the diferen
  4. Hi, I am going to be looking into starting a PPI claim for some old Welcome Finance loans and Capstone mortgage I had, but I dont have the reference numbers. Can I still send an S.A.R. without stating the reference numbers? Can I use the relevant addresses for which the loans relate to? Many Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, My first post. I'm trying to help my son get his finances sorted out. Besides the fact that he needs to become much better at managing his money I think he has valid claims for the following:- 1. PPI mis-selling on two personal loans 2. PPi mis-selling on a Credit Card. 2. Overlimit charges on a Credit Card 3. Bank overdraft charges Problem is which do I tackle first? What Subject Access Requests do I need to send. All of the above potential claims relate to the same bank. Will one SAR cover all of them. How do we obtain copies of loan agreements and PPI policy
  6. My husband had a debt with Abbey National years ago in 2002, for £8k. He was doing OK paying it off, but then had a few years of intermittent work and it defaulted. It was sold to Moorcroft and he made repayments each month for years. When he was made redundant in 2008, he followed the advice of the Debt Advice Agency (charity) who advised him to ask for the original agreement and statement and as they were unable to, did not make any more payments (stupidly, we were a bit naive to follow their advice). We want to put this to bed, now that we are in a
  7. Hi im very new to this site. I banked with lloyds tsb until 2006 and I know for sure I had 2 loans with them which were consolidated later. I was told I had to take out ppi or they wouldnt give me the loan (s) despite the fact that ive worked for the nhs for 17 years and get full pay for 6months and then half pay for 6months. I dont have paperwork from the loans I had and they were taken out in my maiden name, ive sinced married in 2006 so have no id from maiden name apart from my birth and marriage certificate. Could I go into lloyds tsb with birth and marriage certificate and proof of ad
  8. personal tax code is 820 and if pay £4000 to pension so; £8200+£4000=£12200 so taxed at 20% from £12200 for the next £32000. £12200+£32000=£44200 so tax at 40% on everything over £44000 to £150000. Is this correct, need to earn £40200 to start paying 40% if no pension contributions?
  9. Hi, im new in here, and i really hope im in the right place to post this. In october 2007 (or thereabouts) i took a MasterCard credit card with LoydsTSB, and like everybody else, i've been paying (and i think im still paying) PPI on it. A couple of moth afterwards, i took a £2000 loan with LoydsTSB, in which i am most certainly sure i had to pay PPI as well. I live in Scotland (i've heard that the laws are different than in england, hence the reason i clarified it in advance). Now, for quite some time i have been wanting to do something about it, but for one reason or an
  10. Hello all, First post here. I am looking for some general advice regarding my financial situation. As there is some really great information on this site, I thought I would register & see if anybody could help, or at least point me in the right direction. (Please don't shoot me!) To give you some background information: I am a 24 year old who has been absolutely hopeless (irresponsible) when it comes to managing my personal finances over the past 6 years, running up quite a bit of debt in the process. I have been burying my head in the sand and not dealing with it. Recently
  11. Hi. I have recently started work (not enough hours to claim working tax but i do claim child tax for my 2 children) and have had a form from tax credits asking me for employers details and the date i started working for them. Does anyone know if hmrc will contact my employer to confirm my start date,pay rates etc once they've received my form? many thanks
  12. Hi, I am trying to start claiming back PPI of which I think there is a lot. The forums tell me it is best to do it yourself rather than through a PPI claims company. A lot of the ones I am trying to claim were debts which were sold on although a lot were also settled. I am told I can still claim the PPI on all of them. I have written to Blackhorse with SAR letter and am awaiting a response, however I have found a copy of my agreement from 2007 which has PPI on it. What would be my next step on claiming this amount, also there is a print out with char
  13. I have all documents from past bank charges ie account numbers etc but not sure if i did pay PPI on them so were do i start would appreciate anyones help as i would like to try and do this myself rather than use a company..
  14. I have recently lost my job and am finding it tough to find employment. With no income and a large amount of outgoings, I am under a lot of stress and cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have cards, loans and overdraft to deal with on top of the mortgage, bills and food. I have some savings that wont last long. There is zero or negative equity in my house. I have seen the template letters for putting bills on hold with no interest for 6 months. Should I send one of these and letters to each account and also send a cca request? maybe if I send a cca and they
  15. hi i have been referred to your website to look at claiming ppi back i have loans in maiden name and different address could i please have some advice on where to start
  16. Up until 3 years ago I was totally uncaring about my money. Just buy what we wanted, when we wanted. If the balance at the bank was greater than the overdraft then play on. I've been fortunate to have reasonably paid jobs and left everything financial to the wife. Big mistake. I found out we'd been playing a lot of borrowing to pay off loans and finally escalating it to the point of the cash point refusing any money. No cash, no credit - Oops. A lot of reading on here helped me sort that lot out and now we're back in the black, and have learned how to stay that way. So we've had
  17. Hi Guys Hope you can all help me got a few threads going on these forums at the min just trying to sort my finances such a great forum both me and my husband have Wonga debts my hubbys is 873 and defaulted on 29.12.2011 mine is 559 and defaulted on 5.1.12 both are being handled by mackenzie hall do i deal with them or with Wonga? Are there any charges or fees i could get removed any help would be great Thanks Guys
  18. hi there, i hope i have posted this in the correct place, if not please could someone let me know where to post it i became un employed in january 2012, after six years of working for a decent company it was made impossible for me to return to work after suffering from reoccurring depression. Since then i have been applying for at least 6 jobs every week for the past nine months with very few interviews and responses for potential employers. about a week ago i was offered a job as a web designer in an up and coming local company where i was more than delighted to accept with
  19. Hi folks Please don't hammer me for not reading the forums. I have! - just finding it a confusing mass of information, really need to find guidance on the first steps. I've read a lot about what PPI is, SAR letters, and the letters to make the claim. Read lots of peoples experiences etc. What i am not sure about is the first steps i should take - i have no idea whether i have a claim or not. Should i ring up all my previous lenders and ask if i had a policy? Should i do a SAR to literally every lender (cc's, personal loans, mortgages) - to get the info first? that's a £10 x
  20. http://www.startups.co.uk/startup-loans-scheme-receives-2-000-applications-from-young-entrepreneurs.html
  21. Hi. I have a query regarding an outstanding debt of my wife's that is being handled by Rockwell. I'm new to all this, so if someone could point me in the right direction (ie. which forum title/board to post under) I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance. J
  22. Hi, I am receiving housing benefits, the landlord has told me to move out by 18th October because they need the room. I have paid the rent til the 18th. I had big trouble finding this room because people dont want to rent out to people on benefits and many of them cant give you a tenancy agreement because they are not allowed to rent out rooms. If I find a room now, will I be able to get HB for that room now or wont I get it until the 19th? I am worried that I wont find a room with an agreement but at the same time I cant pay a room on my own if I find one tomorrow. I am
  23. Hi All, Apologies I am sure this post from others has been posted many times but I really wanted some useful help and advice for myself. I am really, really keen on setting up and starting my own business: I know its not easy, I know its not all good, all of the time, and it comes with stress but after working for people for years I just feel if I dont do it now, I never will. I really want to sell in my own shop, but I think starting out online would be a good starting point....But I want to focus on gifts, home accessories, cards and wrap a very tough market I know... So I've got my
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