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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-3136488/When-mum-died-Lloyds-grief-harder-bear-Money-Mail-s-writer-moving-account-big-firms-change-insensitive-way-treat-bereaved-families.html
  2. Hi Really sorry to ask a question many have probably asked before!!! Where do I start with PPI!! I have managed to find out through the Land Registry all of the Secured loans and mortgages i've had on my property since I purchased it in 1999 but I don't have all of the account details I just have the dates. What is the best way of going about this? am I likely to have more success with some more than others? am I wasting my time if I don't have the account numbers? The companies that had secured loans/mortgages are from 1999 Nationwide, 2001 Abbey & A&L
  3. HI Ive got a start date for a job for 15 hours a week ( 1st June). It is my first job since a major breakdown last year, ( suicide attempts, irrational behavior, [paranoia etc etc) I am on ESA now since January 5th and have my assessment a week on Saturday. However, do i tell them about my job offer at the assessment? I am terrified of people, being assaulted, being raped, etc When do i tell the DWP, i have the form ready to fill in. I need this job to help me back to my old self so i can look at getting back on my feet and getting back in to permanent work. However, without the ext
  4. hi there , i am helping a friend appeal to tribunal for ESA after a mandatory reconsideration. appealing being put into WRAG group. which form should we use.. it isnt clear from the mandatory reconsideration notice is it the SSCS1 or a GL24 appeal request needs to be in the post this afternoon..so prompt reply would be much appreciated
  5. Hello folks Im considering starting High Court Action against my former employer for failing to act on a promise made. I brought a County claim against my former employer last year and the claim was thrown out of court as it could not be heard in the County Court. The Judge said that as I had mentioned the rules of equity it could be heard in the High Court (Chancery Division) I wont go into the nitty gritty on here but wondered if there were any Legal experts around to offer help and advice please? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to work out where to start in sorting out a debt I've had since 2007 with Natwest. It's in two parts, a personal loan (£17k) and an overdraft (£2.5k) on an old bank account which together come to £19.5k (though £2k of the loan amount is interest, and there's probably bank charges on the overdraft amount too). I haven't been in a position to pay it for some time as I only earn around £400 per month, but I haven't wanted to go bankrupt because I worry it will affect my future ability to get a mortgage, I've been paying them a token £1 a month
  7. http://m.bbc.com/news/uk-31545417 If the forthcoming Court of Appeal case goes against the Bounty Hunting industry then people should start getting their claims in fast. If the Bounty Hunters are obliged to start refunding all of their victims, then they won't have enough money to do it. The result could be that they start closing themselves down pre-emptively. People should consider issuing small claims for refunds without hanging around too long
  8. Hi folks After an eventful year (Last) of going between 3 jobs (First part time, second and third full time) and benefits, I am once again in a 34.75 hour per week job. (One thatis liekly to last this time) Trying to get my head around the whole WTC thing. Do you claim for the previous year etc?
  9. Hi, Just need some advice please. I submitted my ET1 in December 2013 following advice (from a union rep - I am no longer with them) that the deadline was approaching and I must submit my claim by xx to be accepted. I was still very unwell at the time and was not in a position to file it properly but still submitted what I was able to write up. In my statement I missed out many things and the various allegations I was bringing. It was also during Christmas so I was unlikely to get any help at the time. I was at the time of filing my claim a self litigant with no legal training. I have
  10. Hi, I trade through my own limited company. My accountant has received a letter from HMRC, addressed to my company, stating that student loan deductions must start next month. My position is that any alleged debt is statute barred. Reading through other threads on this forum has confirmed this. What is my next step? The letter says that a penalty can be charged to my company if the deductions do not start next month. I would send the standard statute barred letter. However since this has gone through my company is there any other action that I n
  11. I have accepted and signed an employment contract for a new job. However I've been offered a new job opportunity elsewhere which I would like to accept instead. So my question is how binding is the contract that I have signed considering I have not yet started? Does consideration mean that the contract is only enforceable once I have started the job?
  12. feel like i am bombarding the forum with questions here but thought this would be the best place to ask. i currently get income support but i am 99.9% sure i will need to be getting ESA either now or some point in the near future. how do i go about it since i am already getting a benefit? do i need anything from the doctor before i apply? ive got an appointment at the job centre next week for a work focused interview so i was going to mention applying while there because realistically who is going to employ someone who a) cries in the middle of the workplace due to pain an
  13. hi all had the brown envelope through today to start migration from dla to pip as my hubbys award runs out feb 2105 so did the first phone call and are getting form sent through to complete, so by doing this do you think it will be sorted by the time the award runs out on dla or are we being to hopeful as hubby is on hr mobility and no care at moment although his illnesses have got more complex and so has his needs . we are on esa wrag group as well
  14. 2008 I suppose..... The finger in the dyke finally gave-way and everything hit the fan. I have no idea what the state of play is at the moment, but there were some big loans which the DCAs are probably still chasing. Iam only now looking at things as next month sees the first "6 year" anniversary with the first problem. I had contact with lenders, DCAs, door-knockers, etc throughout that year before finally dropping off the radar and disappearing to another part of the country. I was fortunate that I had left an old bank account dormant for 20 years & I have b
  15. This maybe a long thread. I will try to keep it short and add info as required. Major concern at the moment is the constant council tax bills. Since May they keep sending me bills for higher amounts because my circumstances have changed. No changes in May though. Quick bit of basic info. I have been off work since 2007 with a prolapsed disc which in turn affects my toilet and bowel works. Originally on IB but now i guess ESA? The job centre call me overy 6 months or so and say hello any change. Then say they will call in another 6 months. In the meantime my Daughter has
  16. Hi everyone. I have used the CAG successfully for debt matters, and I am hoping you will be able to help as I ask for some direction again. My husband had a loan with Barclays about 10 years ago, re-negotiated about 7 years ago, and PPI was added. At the time he says he was told it had to be there, and he wasn't given a choice to have it or not, the general feeling was that they might not give him the loan if he didn't have it, so we think he has been mis-sold PPI and we wish to put a claim in. My problem is I am not sure where to start! We were sent a barclays claim p
  17. Lucky me I shall reach the State Pension Age (65) in a few months, and I would appreciate some thoughts on the best way to proceed 1. I currently receive Guaranteed Pension Credit and I have a part time job plus a small works pension 2. I don't intend to stop work at 65 (it would drive me crazy) So, anticipating the soon to arrive bumf from HMG whatis the best course to follw? Defer taking state pension and continue with GPC until such time as I do stop work or?? Any thoughts gratefully received
  18. if my first shift begins at 0400hrs and my employer tells me (with only 9 hours notice...) that my next shift day will start at 0745 hrs, is this legal? does it not have to be 24 hrs notice if the start time changes more than two hrs either way of ( 0400 )? and, does the first shift day then count all week, ie; on the fith day the employer still cannot change the time by more than two hrs ( without 24 hrs notice ), either way. basically, can my shift start time be changed by more than two hrs without 24 hrs notice? thanks
  19. I am really needing some help. I have a house valued at £110,000 and a mortgage of £105,000 which I may need to sell. The only problem is I have a secured loan of £34,000 on my home through Picture (or whoever they are now) which has arreas of £650 and they will only get bigger as I am no longer able to afford the loan. What I am wanting to know is am I allowed to sell my home even though the secured loan won't get paid off. I am intending to rent if I can sell my home. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to sell if I don't have to but will Picture?? take my home even if t
  20. Got myself into a mess with PDLs and really worried about where start.I've been following some threads on this site and I know that is out there and it's possible to get back track with my finances but I'm just feeling so overwhelmed at moment Here is a breakdown of what I owe Wonga £800 Quick quid £375 Pounds to pocket £600 (150 for four more months) Money shop 500 Cheque shop 600 I've built this debt up over year or so right I'm finding that I do not have any wages left for the rest of the month. I'm paying all my priority debts eg mortgage, council tax etc they are al
  21. I would like to try and sort / clean up my account as one day I would like to be ‘’normal’’ have a mortgage again etc. I haven’t heard that much recently from any one, the occasional letter arrived but I just chuck it as im unsure of the process I should follow and not to deal with DCA’s I have a recent copy of my Noodle credit file, most of the debt has been sold on, I have not acknowledged or paid anything towards any debt since 2010, supported by my credit file as they all state default every month. I have no recorded CCJ’s from what I can see. Could someone pl
  22. Hi all I am looking for some basic information at this stage about how to handle swift finances. I don't have the exact figures in front of me but here is the background. About 8 years ago I was very stupid and ran up a lot of unsecured debts. In my wisdom I decided to get a secure loan to clear these and this is what lead me to a deal with Swift Advances in the first place. I struggled for years to make the payments till 2 years ago I was made redundant. I was off work for just under a year and fell very behind both with Swift and my main mortgage company. This all came to a h
  23. A bad day for benefit fraudsters read here more Bailiff bad news http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/mar/14/bailiffs-benefits-claimants-credit-records-dwp and here http://www.sundaypost.com/news-views/uk/bailiffs-to-deter-benefits-cheats-1.268129 MM
  24. Hello, I am looking for some advice about enquiring about PPI. I had a Capital One credit card from 2007 till 2013. I was thinking about enquiring where I was charged for PPI without my knowledge. One prob me is that I only have the last four digits of the card I had. Would Capital one still have my information on hand? What is the best way I go about finding out? Thank you.
  25. I have a lot of debt, all of it is defaulted and I have had my head in the sand for ages and ages. I have literally made no payments for almost 48 months and other than sign up with a company who promised to help me with ppi and reducing debt, I have done nothing and I know I am an idiot - no excuses. I have negative equity in my house but have kept my mortgage payments up to date, as I am self employed my income is up and down, last month really good, this month not so good. I have looked at my debts online and listed it below, a credit card and a loan were taken out in 2008,
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