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Found 6 results

  1. Morning all, looking for some advice before I email M and S. I bought a bed 2 years ago £350 and last night the support that runs through the centre of the bed has detached itself at the bottom of the bed. Where do I stand? I paid with m and s credit card Thank you
  2. Hi, I took back some items after Christmas with gift receipts, and was given a credit voucher in early Jan. I then spent some of the credit voucher that day and received another credit voucher in change. I wasn't feeling well that day, and probably shouldn't have been shopping, but I did, and obviously wasn't thinking straight because, it later transpired that I had the receipts from the two transactions but no credit voucher. I went yesterday in store and fully expected them to be able to track and trace the credit voucher via the receipt and replace it. At the time I was unsure as to whether I had even been given the voucher. Customer services asked the securityto look at the security footage and they have told me that they saw me place the credit voucher into a carrier bag I was carrying, but when I asked them to identify the carrier bag so I can check at home, they were unable to give me any information other than it was a dark carrier bag, possibly a marks and spencer one (when I then asked how they knew it was a credit voucher that went into the bag if they cannot see that level of detail they said "we just know what they look like"). I was told that a replacement is not possible - that in their terms and conditions it states that credit vouchers should be treated as cash, and that they are unable to trace the credit voucher from the transaction. However, in my opinion they are not the same as cash for two major reasons: number one, if they had refunded me cash, and I had lost it, there would be no way to trace it. number 2, if it were cash I had lost, they would not be benefitting from my loss. If this were a small amount of money, I would probably just let it go as lesson learned. However it was £90, and that is a lot of money to me (I know I should have been more careful, I realise that). Obviously my number one concern is getting a replacement voucher, but also I would have thought that they would wish to prevent any person who may have found the credit voucher from using it (if they haven't already) I certainly would like to prevent that. My understanding is that for somebody to use the voucher it would be theft, and so presumably they would wish to find out if/when that transaction occurred? I cannot believe that a huge company such as this, who use a barcoding system to track transactions are completely unable to link the credit voucher to the transactions. I would have thought in terms of an audit trail that would have been a basic requirement just from a HMRC point of view. So I suppose my question is, do I have any avenues here, or do I need to suck it up and not waste my time? Thanks
  3. I am interested to know who has been rejected by M and S for a PPI credit card claim on the basis it was non advised when they were "strongly recommended'" the policy on the actual application form? Has this happened to you? The Ombusdman clearly argues that this is an advised sale (where advice OR a recommendation has been given). So I wonder what experience people have had? eg - did you challenge and win? - did you go to the Ombudsman - what did they say? I would like to gather as much info to raise it formally with the Ombudsman.
  4. Hi CAG users. This is my first post. I'd like to make everyone aware of my bad experience with M&S since they have been so unhelpful and unappologetic about their terrible service. I had ordered flowers from their website for my fiance. They were due to be delivered the night before our wedding. That night, 6 minutes before the deadline for delivery, I received a text from m&s confirming that the flowers had arrived. I later called my fiance to see if she liked the flowers. She hadn't received any. On the morning of my wedding I checked my email to get the order number so I could call to see what had gone wrong. I had also received an email confirming delivery. I called the helpline with my complaint. Their cutomer service woman told me the flowers had been delivered. I assured her they had definately not. She then put me on hold so she could look into it. When she came back she told me that the flowers had been delivered but the recipient had rejected them because of damage. I then informed her that the recipient was my wife to be and that she had not received any flowers damaged or otherwise. She then offered me a £10 discount as a gesture of good will if I wanted to reorder them but I would have to pay again as my refund would take 3 to 5 working days. No further explaination was given. Needless to say I declined. I was so mad that I immediately wrote a review of my experience on their website. They claim they invite customer feedback of how they found the service provided by m&s, both good and bad. They rejected my review without giving an exact reason. I have now received an email stating that the refund is for a billing error! To say I am outraged is an understatement. Now I've thought about it more it sounds a lot like an attempted fraud. If I had not checked that the flowers had arrived m&s would've taken my money for goods and services not supplied as advertised and I would have been none the wiser. The fact that they lied about what had happened is very worrying. I think this begs the question how many times has this happened to other people who have not checked if their flowers were delivered, and simply accepted that they must've been because of the text and email claiming they have. If you've ever used them I would ask you to check that they supplied the service they claimed to. I would urge anyone else not to use them as they cannot be trusted. I have received no appology from m&s. They have tried to cover this up but I have written to citezens advice and would ask if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do next. The offer of a refund does not make everything ok!
  5. Hi my wife had a debt with M&s which went into default when i lost my job, it wsa taken over by N C O, 2005-2006 we paid for a few years, we split up 2011 and split debts this one got lost somewhere and has not been paid. she has just started receiving letters from 1st credit staying they have bought the debt from M&S and want paying, i have emailed and asked for copys of account and credit agreement and am awaiting them, they say they have to get them from their client, but surly if they have bought the debt they are the client?? There has been no contact between ourselves and M&S for well over 8 years does this mean i can go for statute bared?? can anyone help thanks?
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