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  1. Hi all, We have just moved into a rented house with prepay meters, which we have no experience with. Our first problem was not letting the utility company know immediately, as the stress of the place being filthy (which is a whole other thread!) and the normal moving stresses meant that we were just topping the meters up for 3 days. We have now switched them to our name, and have no real problems with the gas, which is used only for the heating, water and hob. However, we seem to be using around £10 a day on electricity for a small three-bed house - this seems really high to me. This
  2. I currently have two prepayment meters with Southern Electric (gas/elec). As I seem to be paying over the odds compared to normal meters with direct debit (eg, paying 13.99p per unit for elec, and the gas has a daily standing charge), I'd like to come off these meters. SE have quoted me a total of £100 to change the meters, and mentioned I would first have to go through a credit check. Has anyone been able to get this fee waived by SE? I've heard other companies have offered to remove the units for free (as long as you stick to a contract).
  3. Hi all, I'm having a pain with Southern Electric; they're claiming an unpaid final bill from a property we left at the beginning of March, 2013, of £160.78, which has now gone up to £184.90 as it's been taken over by their dept collectors "Past Due". We paid the final bill of ninety-something pounds at the end of February, and my mother (who's name the account is in) called them to give them the final reading a few days later and advise them we were moving out. The man my mother spoke to told her we'd be due a rebate of over seventy pounds because we'd been over payin
  4. Hi there an thank you for your help. I have been living in the UK for 4 years, I have a overseas passport. I am returning home (sunny southern hemisphere) in 3 weeks. I owe -£1650 overdraft to Loyds, on the same account I've gone into "unauthorised overdraft" by £421. I have lost my job, and the situation has got really bad hense I need to leave the UK. I dont see my situation improving for another year or so. I friend told me the "unauthorised overdraft" could be a criminal offense, I've been in "unauthorised overdraft" for almost a week now and I fear not paying it or not co
  5. First thread/post in this section - Had new meter fitted earlier in year after inheriting a day and night meter which was read the wrong way round for the first 18 after we moved in (Muppets). changed tariff at same time. Anyway - just rec'd a letter stating meter faulty - checked it and no numbers displayed on the meter. Coming to fit new one soon. What is the protocol for billing usage on occasions like this - inclined to press for bill to be scrapped. intend
  6. I bought a train ticket off the Southern Website with my 16-25 Travelcard, for £6.55. Today when I arrived at the barriers at Victoria, the inspector asked to see my Travelcard and I produced my photocard. He asked where the rest of it was and I didn't know what he was talking about - I'm fairly certain that when I bought my travelcard that was all I got. He issued me a £30 fine and asked me to pay £15 on the spot, but as I had no cash on me he said I could pay it all at once in 21 days. Now he said that if I can prove that I wasn't given the other half of the travelcard then I'll
  7. my wife checked her credit ref this morning and found that a default has been added to her credit file dated 13 march 2013 for £303. she moved out of the property in 2006 and the credit date is 2006. there has been no contact with the water company since this date. My question is Can a debt from 2006 be marked as a default in 2013? Many Thanks for your help
  8. Hi, I haven't posted in awhile so I will try to keep it brief as possible. Quick background information. I had 4 major foot operations, none particularly successful and then I was run over by a car as a pedestrian crushing my operated on foot. Being previously self employed it left me unable to work and in severe debt. I received a pitiful amount of compensation which I spent catching up on debts and bills. To top it off despite being house bound and in a wheel chair ATOS found me fit to work (even claiming I can walk up stairs despite interviewing me in my g
  9. Took a mortgage out with SP back in 2004 and it was brokered through MD Nationwide. Have gone back through old paperwork and it seems they have put upfront ASU of over three grand on the agreement. Where do I start to reclaim from these companies? Please help I am very very green on this! :!:
  10. Hi, I've just had a letter from Southern Water saying that they will change the billing from rateable value to average consumption of other properties in the area. Looking at the estimate the bill will be £100 more than the current one. I asked how it worked and they said that they will now estimate the bill by averaging the use of other 3 bedroom houses in the area and charge me that. Can they do this? I live alone in a 3 bed house, and the other houses have full families etc... in them? Not to mention the majority of them have gardens and my garden was paved :-/ I to
  11. Hi everyone I am hoping someone can give me some advice please. I have a ccj with southern water for £1200 from last year I know I should have got this sorted before it escalated to this however as I was already paying a council tax debt that took priority and I honestly wanted to clear that which as of last week i finally have done. I struggled to pay my council tax bill at the rate they requested and with the added water bill payment on top it was impossible to keep up so i missed a few payments and I stupidily put this debt on the back burner . However yesterday a HCEO called to say h
  12. Hi, guys I got caught with a child travel ticket. I haven't received any letter and all of a sudden get a letter saying i had a court date in 5 days, its now down to 4 days away if i get a conviction i am screwed! I am going to start training for a paramedic job and this small thing will stop me from doing what i want to do! I have tryed conacting them but there numbers dont work. Can someone advise me? can i settle out of court only a few days from the date of the court?? will it affect my application for a paramedic.
  13. Hi, I just found out that for the past year I have been sold a rail pass for my student son to make a journey only two stations longer than his Oyster card covered. More fool me, you might say, but I have asked Southern Railways on a number of occasions if there were any way to minimise the cost of the journey which has been a struggle for us to pay for, and on each occasion they have never mentioned the Oyster card as an option. Isn't there an official body I could complain to about their refusal to give an accurate and honest answer to the question ' What is the cheapest option for my son, a
  14. This is completely hypothetical as its already been sorted but i really want to find out for my own curiosity, I have fallen a little behind paying my gas bill through hydro electric, the account was about £90 in the red so not a huge or unmanageable amount but still i never done anything about it. i had been in the flat all morning today and left around midday to go out and do a couple of bits and bobs when i noticed a letter lying in front of the close door, i found this strange as the postman always delivers through the door as he should, i picked it up and it was hand ad
  15. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/business-consumer/sse-increases-energy-prices-by-9-1274249
  16. Hi Everybody, Just a quick question? Around 18 months I went through a divorce, my wife left and moved into rental accommodation, myself staying in the family home! I went onthe tenancy agreement for her rental accommodation but I never moved in! Ireceived a letter to my home address yesterday from Southern water. Saying thatI and wife owed £127 I never lived there. I could ask her to pay but she doesn’tcare less. She moved out In January! I think they got my address fromthe electoral roll as they said they have sent previous letters. So what shall Ido? 1.
  17. Hi, we ordered online an adult return for my 16 year old son to go to school. The system said the charge was £2.90 on the 7.56am so we booked the ticket and collected it from the machine at the station. When he then turned up at the station he was told the ticket was wrong and so had to buy a new one, and took his out ticket. He then returned earlier than expected and was stopped told the ticket was wrong and I have been presented with a £20 fine. We have re-entered the times onto the compter for another day and it still shows a £2.90 return fair for that train. Obviously we will appeal w
  18. After hearing the same story from 3 former SSE customers recently.I thought it would be a good idea to start this thread as it looks like this was routine practice. It seems SSE advised customers who were looking to switch from them that they would need to pay £200 since this was their balance owing as their Direct Debit payment amounts were set to low by SSE. As some will know SSE were fined £1.25m for their doorstep selling practices see here; As a result OFGEM ordered SSE to compensate those customers affected. SSE claim that they need a few weeks to act on a complaint
  19. Hi just needed some advice with a penalty fare i recieved. I bought two tickets (one for me, one for my brother) when travelling from East Croydon Rail Station to London bridge. I used my 16-25 railcard to get my discount. however i didnt realise that the self service machine applied the discount to both tickets. when reaching London Bridge i was stopped, and the inspector suggested i appeal the fare because i was not at fault and the self service machine should have been clearer when buying multiple tickets. He also mentioned that since i was from Newcastle, and not familiar with th
  20. Scottish and Southern Energy (September 2010) Investigation into compliance with obligations under the gas and electricity supply licences (Standard Licence Condition 25) Ofgem is investigating whether Scottish and Southern Energy is complying with obligations under standard licence condition 25 with respect to telephone and face-to-face sales activities. By way of background, following the Energy Supply Probe – link opens in a new browser window, Ofgem put in place a new version of standard licence condition 25 with a view to helping domestic customers make well-informed decisions i
  21. I came across the website while trying to find out about PFNs and have been very grateful for the info and posts. My son got a PFN at the station, having (we assume) left his railcard and tickets on the train, where they had been checked three times. The security person issued a PFN and he paid her £2. He was absolutely distraught at having lost his railcard which had cost me £65. The security person eventually told him not to worry and that everything would be all right and to appeal, outlining this on the PFN. I wish I had contacted CAG before appealing. Naively, I assumed th
  22. I have a Southern prepayment meter for gas. Yesterday morning had to use the emergency credit, then topped up £5 this evening. Had used £3.49 of Emergency credit and had 1p taken off for "debt" - I think this is just a tariff adjustment. I was therefore expecting to have £1.50 available for gas and then £5 Emergency Credit again. Instead I have £2.99 available for gas, but I'm assuming no Emergency Credit on top, as I'm guessing the £1.50 of Emergency credit I hadn't used is added to the £1.50 normal credit I would have had. How is this as I have repaid the Emergency Credit in full?
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