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  1. I have received 2 letters from COLLECTICA who say i need to pay £80 because i have not SORNd my motorbike which i sold 3 years ago. I have tried to say I don't even know the buyer now or have his details. I am saving for a new business and £80 on this is not happening. I had a brief email back saying 'we don't care if it not your bike you need to pay' (along those lines). Guys what can i do.
  2. Hi, My oap neighbour has asked me fot help and i dont know what to say? Their old car tax run out on 31/10/12 so it was parked at the rear of our property - off road and sorn sent off a few days later. On 07/11/12 the car was put on a wide pavement layby at the front of the property for it to be collected and moved to a different storage area for longer term. The lane at the back is very narrow, inaccessible and dead end, and the side street a total nightmare with double parking, dead end and awkward shaped so you cant tow a vehicle out or get a lorry down it to have towed the
  3. Hi everyone, Last July, I sent off a V14 for my car to get a refund of vehicle tax AND to declare SORN. I have a scanned copy of this document here: imageshack.us/a/img6/5034/taxrefundscan.jpg Around November, I started getting letters from the DVLA saying that I had failed to insure my vehicle. I wrote to them to inform them that I had applied for a refund of vehicle tax and to declare SORN but got no response. I am now being taken to court for this offence - which is completely unjustified since I did everything required to comply with the law. A scanned copy is here: imagesha
  4. dannyh172

    Forgot to SORN

    Hi Guys, im after a small bit of advice please. I have an old car that was SORN up to 2009, by which time i had put it into storage and forgot about it (out of sight-out of mind) and not renewed the SORN since then. If i re-SORN now am i likely to face a hefty fine, or the usual £80 for not renewing? Thanks in advance for your help. Dan
  5. I've got myself in a bit of a mess and I don't understand the rules well enough for my options to be clear to me. Any advice much appreciated! The car is a 13 yr old Fiesta with just over 100k miles. Not worth much. Has Generally been good to me though. My tax ran out about a week ago. Partly due to procrastination, partly lack of funds. The police found my out of date disc and slapped a £60 fine on my windscreen. Ouch. I asked for that one though. Haven't paid it yet but I will of course. I have 28 days max. I got the MOT done today. The bill is £360; suspension prob
  6. Bit of a long stroy this one. My car has been on SORN since 2007. Always declared it online no problem. Seemingly in 2011 I didnt do it on time. Now thinking back I remember getting a letter from DVLA to which I rang them and they said if I send the declaration off that day everything would be fine (think it was within a month of SORN expiring). I got a notice of SORN back from them and forgot about it. On to last year where we moved address and sent all docs off (licensce, v5 etc for all cars) to get changed over. Never heard anything back regardin
  7. I Have received a late penalty notice from Cash Cow Inc (DVLA) which they have now passed to Phillips to collect. This is for a motorcycle which has been sorn continually for the last 3 yrs. No reminder was received and I only knew when penalty arrived with a sorn form to complete, which was done and sent with accompanying letter explaining. The bike is in pieces and land locked with no possible way onto public land without removing neighbours fences. Still being persued ,will they take me to court for non payment or do I have to take them to court for being incompetant. The bike has no
  8. We would be grateful for any advice or information with regard to a vehicle that we declared SORN back in 2000. We have never had any reminders that the SORN had run out and it is only since we declared another vehicle SORN last year and received a reminder recently that we became aware of the penalties for undeclared SORN. However, the first vehicle is a non runner and we originally declared it SORN after it broke down with the intention of rebuilding it. As time has gone by we never got round to this and now the only way the car would run again is with a total rebuild. We had
  9. I am keeping my car off road therefore I did SORN online and also I sent V14 with TAX disc to DVLA by royal registered mail. But still they want 100pound penalty. Time lines: 1. Did SORN online on 23rd November12. Got email confirmation saying application made on 23rd November12. However website said SORN will start from 1st December12 (probably because my TAX disc runs out on 31st November12). 2. Sent V14 with tax disc to DVLA by registered royal mail post on 23rd November. I can see on Royal Mail tracking website that it is received by DVLA on 24th November. 3. Got a lett
  10. harrison26

    DVLA sorn fine

    Hi all, received a letter through (from debt collection peeps) saying I have failed to sorn a motorbike and I have to pay them £80 or I might go to court. How can I prove I am not at fault for royal mail loosing the sorn letter/application? I am not paying for others mistakes ! Thanks
  11. I have finally re built my Celica after being stripped down to the shell. I never declared it SORN as I thought with the car being in bits it was not road worthy so I didnt see the need to SORN it. Will I be prosecuted if so how much ???
  12. Hi, I took my Triumph off the road in 2003 and informed DVLA it was SORN. I thought that was that until I wanted to tax it again. Wrong!! I read in the press that new rules insist you declare SORN every year otherwise your car could be crushed!!! This is where it starts. Informed DVLA in 2011 I wish to renew SORN, they can't find any record of my car and want V5, birth certificate etc to reunite my car and me. DVLA sent confirmation of SORN but did not return V5. After a couple of letters and about 6 months I receive a new V5c to my disgust, wanted my old one back. Anyway I was happy
  13. We may need to store our vehicle which is a grey import for up to 3 years and it will be on a SORN however our question is about insurance. Will we still be able to get it insured even though it is on a SORN? If a vehicle is on a SORN, can it be driven to a MOT station on a pre-arranged appointment and back to the storage depot without having to buy road tax? If not, how do you get around this? Only reason I ask is just in case the vehicle is needed urgently and with MOT & Ins in place, I can get on road ASAP.
  14. My mrs had a sorn fine through for £80 for a moped she sold years ago to a motor trader, she even knew who to and their address. When she sold the moped she sent off the appropriate paperwork etc, the dvla are stating no notification was received until after the late licensing penalty was issued. then quote information via the acknowledgement letter but not long after selling the moped she moved in with me, she had no acknowledgement letter anyhow. They quote teh system is designed to negate any uncertainty that may be experiences by either the sender or the intended recipient, as to whe
  15. helloo! today i recieved a letter from a bailiff company stating if i didnt pay £80- the fine would go up and i would be taken to court and issued with a CCJ - EEK! the story is: on 14th november 2011 i wrote to DVLA to declare SORN, even though the tax did not run out until 30th November 2011. i did not fill in a SORN form as 1.) didnt have one and 2.) didnt know thats all they accepted. it was just a bog standard letter informming them the car was on private land (300 acres) in a barn and that it wouldnt be used for 5 months thereabouts. On that date i also cancelled the
  16. Hi guys, I'm posting as I have a SORN problem which I hope you can help with. (I've seen you give advice to individuals in similar situations, so fingers crossed.) I have an old Triumph Herald which has been laid up by my garage since the end of 1997 (It's been in need of some TLC and restoration, which I have never got around to). Prior to that it was used on the road and was taxed. Now here's the issue I have- the car has not been declared as SORN since then. I have now decided that I won't restore it, so I am looking to sell/scrap it- but before that I will ne
  17. I inherited my mothers car when she died in 2008, the only reason I kept it is because my partner is a fan of Volkswagens and wanted to use it for spare parts. It has been parked outside our home since then in a private road. This year I forgot to do a SORN, I didn't avoid it deliberately, why would I it doesn't cost anything. I didn't receive a reminder but apparently they don't have to send you one. Anyway in due course clampers arrived and as an incredibly law abiding person I paid up and they removed the clamp. The clampers left with a cheery wave and you'll be OK for another year now
  18. Hi All, I have created a new government E-petition to try and remove the requirment to renew SORN each year. - I have been stung by this more then once now and need to do something about it. PLEASE help by signing it. - It's only useful if it get's lot's of signatures! epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/33557 Cheers all and good luck with your DVLA dealings. - Don't give in!
  19. Hi I have an old Jeep which was SORN in 2009. Didnt realise that was suppost to renew every year so when I now go to sorn it it says there is a gap in the taxing since 2009 and I may receive a fine. I am in the process of sorting the Jeep out to sell and as I was going through paperwork to obtain new number plates realised that the log book is registered to my old address:| So what do I do and in what order? What fines should I expect to receive any advise would be appreciated!!
  20. Hi All, Bit of a strange one. I received a court summons today from the DVLA stating that I was accused of parking a SORN Vehicle on a Public Road which they state contravenes Section 29(3A) of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (VERA). I have checked with my council and the road is maintainable at the residents (i.e. my) expense. Within Section 62 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 a public road is defined as: “public road”— (a) in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, means a road which is repairable at the public expense, and What a
  21. Hi All, I have a quick question. SORNed my vehicle, then when it came time to move it off the road the car was dead. So car was left on a public highway whilst SORNed. So hands up, that should be fined. However, I have received two fine letters (or out of court settlements) for two separate dates. The letter phrasing is identical, just the dates are different, even the reference is identical. I would assume, that as the vehicle was not moved at all, the offence was the same and therefore can not be fined twice. Is this the case, and if so, is there anyway out of the second f
  22. Short story: A friend of mine used my car while in SORN. He was insured but the car was untaxed for about three months. Police stopped him and issued a red notification slip ("this vehicle has been seen on the road...etc...you risk up to 1000...etc). He also signed something, but he did not read it. After that I immediately taxed the car. Questions: What should I expect now? Is there something I can do? The police suggested him to backdate the tax but at the DVLA told me that this was not possible. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi all, I'm trying to sort out a problem my girlfriend made for herself by purchasing a 2nd hand car six years ago. The problem is that she didn't actually get her drivers licence and just left the car in her parents' driveway. out of sight, out of mind situation...please don't ask. As far as I know, its not registered in her name (we got some paper work that came with the car and that is in the name of the previous owner). She never attempted to take it on the road, and certainly didn't apply for a SORN. MOT is gone by now, too. She'd like to sell it now, but we don't kn
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