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  1. Before I narrate the incident I'd like to declare that I have realized my mistake and I'm really ashamed of whatever I have done. So please provide provide honest and truthful information. I was scheduled to have an interview for a job. I was running late and was wearing my brother's trousers as this is my first job interview (I do not have formal clothes). as soon as I entered the rail station I checked my pockets and couldn't find my oyster and thought I had left my oyster card at home. However, my brother's oyster was in the trouser and just so that I make it on time for my first interview, I decided to use his and as soon as I touched the oyster (for tfl london underground tube) one of the staff member called and said show me your card. I remained calm and showed him upon seeing his picture he knew it wasn't mine so he took all the details and asked me why have I got his card and not mine I said I was in a rush and by mistake I took his card. He was very adamant and very strict so he asked me to write my name and sign a piece of blank paper. He noted all the details such as house address, my appearance as well:|. He said we'll investigate further and check where it has been used to cross check which is completely fine because this is the first time I actually used his oyster and got caught straightaway He did mention that I was using my brother oyster to avoid fare and I said no. I left and walked out of the station, while on my way back I randomly opened my bag to see if I had kept my oyster in there. Surprisingly enough it was in my bag. By the time I got back to the station, the inspector was gone and since I was getting late for my interview I did not decide to do anything. What I want to know is that what are the consequences of this?? I know it is my mistake and because of my carelessness I could get into serious trouble. I have been looking online and it says that for some cases, a person can be fined upto a £1000 and a criminal record:sad: I am in so much stress because it is a matter of education and employment-it could be over due to this wrong decision I made. A criminal record is the last I need because I am in 2nd year of my university doing a health-science course (NHS) and can affect my studies. What is the possible outcome? the inspector did not give me any paper or form. I'm 19 and it is my first offence. How long do they take to get back to you? Will I just be fined or will I have to go court? Anything that I can to prevent them taking this case to a courrt? Any help will be much appreciated
  2. In the first instance, don’t delay…but whatever you do….don’t rush into issuing an injunction (more on this in my second post). Why has my car been taken? In most cases, the vehicle would have been taken because it had been identified by a bailiff using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) in relation to unpaid penalty charge notices owed by the previous owner. Why this happens is because the warrant carries upon it the vehicle registration number of the vehicle involved in the parking contravention. Will the bailiff company give me my car back? Unfortunately, without documentary evidence being provided to support the sale, the vehicle will be unlikely to be released. Why is this? Bailiff companies frequently come across cases where a vehicle has ‘allegedly' been 'sold’ in order to assist the ‘real owner’ evade payment of their parking debts. In other words, it can be fairly common for 'sales’ to be ‘bogus’. It is vehicle owners such as these, that are to blame for genuine purchasers being required to provide so much documentary evidence. What do I need to do? In the first instance, ask a question on the bailiff section of the forum. If your car has been taken, you will need to contact the enforcement company as soon as possible to make a Part 85 Claim. This claim must be submitted within 7 days. Almost all companies will ask you to provide the following five items as evidence. Most of the larger companies have their own set Questionnaires. V5c Log Book If the purchase was a recent one, this document can be difficult to provide as it can take up to 4 weeks for the new V5c to be processed by DVLA. If this document is not available, you should provide the tear off New Keeper supplement from the Log Book. Proof of Purchase. If payment for the vehicle purchase had been made by bank transfer, this is ideal. If payment had been made by cash….this can be problematic. Most enforcement companies will request evidence by way of a bank statement showing cash being withdrawn a few days before the purchase. You will also be required to provide a copy of the sales receipt. How the purchase came about. If the car was purchased via eBay, Gumtree, Auto Trader or a garage etc, then a copy of the advert and receipt will be required. If the purchase has been via a friend or relative, this can be problematical. Once again, please post a question on the forum. Copy of vehicle insurance. This will be one of the most important documents. It is a criminal offence to keep a vehicle on a public highway without insurance and all enforcement companies will require some evidence that the new owner has obtained insurance within a day or so of the purchase. If the vehicle is not kept on a highway, evidence of SORN registration should be provided. Evidence that road fund licence has been purchased. Most new vehicle owners will tax their vehicle online with DVLA and will either make a one off payment or monthly instalments. A copy of the bank statement evidencing that road fund licence was obtained around the time of the purchase will need to be provided.
  3. Hi, It's been a long time since I needed to come onto this site but it looks like I'm back again. I need help but really don't know if helps going to be possible now. Ok here is what's going on so far. background info For the last five weeks I have been at my mums house, I'm diagnosed with bipolar and things have been pretty bad. I've been back and forwards to the doctor to get help, their mental health clinic and 9 days ago things hit critical mass and the doctor called in the mental health crisis team who have been visiting me daily and will be for the foreseeable future. I live alone and after a massive problem with new meds given to me by the doctor I moved back to mums for my safety. I'm on yet another set of meds that at least has started to let me focus on things hence being back on here for help. My problem Arriving home I have found two letters, the first a notice of issue of warrant of control. Dated 15th March 2016. It states that I owe Marlin Europe I £804. To be paid by the 29th March 2016. Posted on the 18th March. The second letter was hand delivered I have no idea when and this is a notice of first visit, talking to neighbours there was somebody at my door earlier today but the date on the letter is the 1/4/2016. My daughter went to check the house on Saturday and said she didn't see any mail so I don't think it was delivered on Friday of Saturday. The letter also stated I have until 10am on the 6th of April to pay the amount owed. Now the bit I need help with I haven't to my knowledge had anything to do with Marlin Europe, I have no idea who they are, I also have no idea when all of this was started and have had no paperwork from the courts. I have been through everything I've received since Christmas to check to make sure I haven't missed anything. I really don't know if I have any options or do I just roll over accept it and try to come to some agreement with them, but since my income is esa at the moment they can't have a lot. I would be very grateful for any help, this has come out of the blue
  4. Earlier this month I relieved a notice of claim letter from a group called BW legal acting on behalf of Lowell portfolio for a catalogue debt from around 2010. I promptly sent a CCA request. Not because I did not want to repay, the debts mine and I work but my finances are a mess but I'm working hard to correct past mistakes and I wanted to negotiate a repayment on my terms that I could afford and not be harassed or bullied into something I could not afford. Now these court papers have arrived I'm out of my depth and don't know what I should do. Please please can someone help me. I will upload a PDF of the original claim letter and the court papers now. Please can someone who knows what yo do advise me.
  5. paying direct debit to npower £104 a month for yrs, stopped the d/d had 1st paper bill in 4 months time in October 2013 for £110.00, had a feeling was being ripped off, feb 2014 came and went no bill, rang them with readings & promise of bill yet nothing, meter readings every 3 months, 1 and 1/2 hrs to answer and sometimes 2 and 3/4 hrs to get through, screaming for a bill,still nothing, opened a complaint with them, letter said all sorted so sorry for the delay, still today 1 year and 8 months have had 3 bills in the same envelope of £475, £780, £1320, payable by the same day, rang the billing team, said would get a revised bill, same 1 came through £1320 and a letter from a debt collection company, npower said they've done all they can to help but with no reply from us, they have only sent a bill and no other communication, they wont let us leave, we are trapped with this terrible company, we have been with npower for many years and could not fault them until this new computer they installed to do the billing, they've even suspended our account for a while until they sort things out,still no bill, except a massive debt that am worried we cannot afford to pay, we have always paid our npower bill on time and never owed them anything, i want them in court to answer for the treatment they've given us, we are both ill because of this stress,
  6. Hi All any help would be appreciated. I have purchased an item on ebay, and the seller asked for payment by Bank transfer. I (stupidly) sent him £260 from my nationwide account. He then gave me a fake tracking number for the item, and of course nothing arrived. I have contacted him about this, telling him I will contact the police etc and he could not give a flying.. . To be fair his English makes me wonder if he is about 7 years old. contacted my bank. Won't help, cannot get the money back. I mean I am guessing my money is gone. Forever. But I have this guys details from ebay, all the emails, what can I do? I don't want him to get away with it..
  7. My wife from whom I was separated for 39 years though not divorced, gave the address of my daughter and son-in-law when pursued for a debt at her previous address. She had acquired a key to the house and would let herself in and remove her mail when there was nobody home. Eventually a CCJ was issued against her at my daughter's address. She has recently died leaving an insolvent estate. My daughter currently rents the house but they are planning to buy it next year. I'm worried that the CCJ registered against their address, even though not in their names, will affect their chance of a mortgage. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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