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  1. Total Digital Solutions Limited were the subject of Administration and RSM Tenon Recovery were appointed joint Administrators on 1st August 2012. An immediate disposal of TDS was the business and assets was done by sale to Apogee Corporation Limited on the same day. TDS appear to have used Shire leasing for customer agreements. TDS core business was described as supply of latest technology,document,printy,copy,scan,and management services,and traded from premises in North West. I have been made aware that there are some business owners who are now questioning the validity of the c
  2. just had a call from Global Business Solutions, asking for ms xxxxxxxx (me) before they even got into the blah blah I asked why they were ringing me and who had given them my number, this seemed to fluster the caller and she rang off......went online and typed in the number and GBS and theyre debt management ...wonders how they got my mobile number.
  3. I sent a copy of your template letter to Credit Solutions Re doorstep visit. This is the paragraph I received back . Please note that you are not correct in your assertion that,under OFT rules, we can only call at your home if you agree to make an appointment. The debt is not reasonably disputed or deadlocked, and we are giving you reasonable notice of the timing of the intended visit. In Law, a creditor is in a different position to a postman or a member of the public asking directions. When you opened this account, you impliedly agreed that the creditor could communicate with
  4. Anyone else had dealings with these lot? I've just had a debt taken over by them, which I acknowledge is mine, and I've emailed twice and sent a recorded delivery letter which they are not acknowledged. I've just come home to another letter saying I've ignored their efforts to get in contact and they are sending a door stop collector now In my letters I sent an offer of payment but they are obviously just going to ignore me. I am certainly not going to ring them - but don't know what to do next.
  5. Hi i went into my spam folder by mistake today and found this email sent today by mercantile recovery solutions. 1. i have never heard of this bunch 2. the pdl refused my payment plan in december 2011 and i have heard nothing since 3. im concerned about the point about them having my bank account and sort code can they take money from my account??? 4. are they gonna take me to court??? any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Reference: xxxxxxxxx Client Reference: xxxxxxx Client: Mercantile Recovery Solutions Original Creditor: xxxxxxxxx
  6. hi I am in a payment plan with Cap One do owe them this but credit solutions ringing work 3/4 times a day how do I deal with this any help:-x
  7. I have just received a parking fine from TPS for parking in a tesco car park (only about 15 mins) I was incensed when I got home and read that if you do not pay £50 within 14 days you AGREE to pay a fine of £100 . I went back to the car park the next morning to check the area where I had parked and there was no ‘no parking sign’ and no markings on the road to suggest that it was a no parking area, although the area was next to a disabled bay. I was going to appeal and send the picture off as proof but having looked on line this would appear fruitless. This is s
  8. Cananyone advise if CRS Civil Recovery solutions UKCRS, PO Box 9877, Nottingham, NG1 9GB Are they part of, or formally the company trading as “Retail Loss Prevention”. ? I am pre-empting the possible letter from them seeking civil loss claim from them which I anticipate arriving shortly. Are CRS in a position to recover any form of debt / compensation after being served a “Notice of Civil Recovery” by a store security guard? A fixed penalty notice for £80 was issued by a police officer relating to the DA12 offence (theft) I have paid the Fixed penalty notice. as I wa
  9. Hi All, Just had a very frustrating conversation with someone at MRS Ltd. Basically my partner took out a QQ loan back in July 2011, we ran into difficulty as I lost my job and subsequently informed them and started the DMP process for all our creditors. Anyway all but QQ replied and agreed to our offer of payment. We kept sending QQ letters/emails offering payment and was receiving no response, not even one to say they were coming after us. Eventually we stopped as they weren't bothering us. Fast forward to May 2012 and we finally received a letter from MoorGroup on behalf of QQ, we
  10. Hi please could someone give me some advice on power 2 contact / credit solutions i suspect they are the same company. Last year got into financial hardship i work part time my partners self empoloyed buisness doesnt make much money and i have 2 young kids to support, i bascially owe barclays £460 from a overdraft i got in touch with barclays and filled 2 income expenditure forms in for them and offerd them 10 pound per month repayment to be reviewed every six months and if i could pay more i would they didnt reply so now its been passed to credit soloutions who sent me a letter from powe
  11. In July I completed the Core Foundation for Teaching - an 8 week online course run by Recruitment Development Solutions - an agency claiming they can help you find a placement in a school after you have completed the course. I already have a Teaching Assistant Certificate and a PTLLS qualification, therefore I didn't really feel I needed the course, but I was persuaded by RDS that it will help me get into a school as a TA or a Teacher etc. I paid over £295 for the course because of the statement saying they will secure a placement in your chosen field. *****************
  12. Combined Parking Solutions - suspended by DVLA “Combined Parking Solutions” [As a result of] the signage used by this company. The Agency has suspended the company’s access to data. More to follow
  13. Combined Parking Solutions - suspended by DVLA “Combined Parking Solutions” [As a result of] the signage used by this company. The Agency has suspended the company’s access to data. More to follow
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forum so please forgive the naive question. I've had a letter out of the blue from MRS, called Final Notice Prior to Action (in red ink) citing a debt to Motormile Finance (just seen the many threads on this one), with HFC as the original creditor. They claim the debt dates back to 2000. The only thing I can think of is that it could have been an interest payment after I forgot the settlement date for an BNPL interest free deal, I thought I'd paid it after an argument back then, but have no records. I've hear nothing about it for years. S
  15. I am being chased for an old Next Account by Capquest who have employed Pastdue to collect. I asked for Capquest to send me proof of the debt in 2011 which I then followed up with a CCA request but they have not provided any documentation to me. Pastdue have been writing to me at my boyfriends address (I do not live there but I do have my mobile phone account registered for personal reasons) and I have replied to them using my address. I first sent Pastdue the Prove It letter, they then replied stating they knew no reason why no payment had been made to Capquest and I replied with a lette
  16. Hello, thought I better put this on CAG as an urgent warning to people! I have just discovered that a relation has signed up with this shower, and they ARE a shower They have 1 debt, of around £1500 and are on benefits - Employment Support Allowance and max DLA. This shower has signed them up, and guess what, specific figures and fees were glossed over very quickly. I have discovered that the relation is paying as an example, (I have changed figures for the moment) £100 a month to this Company. This company, for managing just the one debt, is taking £50 a month in fe
  17. Hi all, My friend is in a bad situation. He applied for a loan through a broker, Loan Solutions approximately 5 weeks ago. The application took longer than the expected 3-5 days and then, in the end, he was matched with an unsuitable lender. Loan Solutions took a fee of £70 to match him with his lender, Amigo. He was told to wait for Amigo to contact him, but they did not. Eventually he contacted Amigo directly who informed him that no record of his application existed. In short, his application was never passed along to Amigo as claimed by Loan Solutions. He
  18. I see another viewpoint has been put about the recent VCS case, makes interesting reading. combinedparkingsolutions.com/vcs.html It does make sense though, if the landowner explicity gives them approval to enforce charges that they issue then that would allow them to enforce the charge.
  19. Hi everyone im new on here, i had a letter from CSL for a debt id forgotten i had for argos. i wrote back to them stating that any contact i had would be through the post and all letters would be sent recorded delivery. i offered to pay my debt off by £20 a month and sent a cheque with the letter. They waited a month before reply and stated that my response was unsatisfactory as was my offer of repayment and that as i had conducted myself in this way they would be passing my case back to the credit company i owe the money to. Who would probably sell the debt and
  20. can some 1 help me plzz i parked in a car park i have parked in there once befor there no tickret machines so 4hought it was ok was only gone for 10 mins got back 2 car seen there were about 10 cars with these tickets on says its PARKING CHARGE NOTICE so i ignoredit now i have aletter from then sayin i have to pay 150 pound now charge was 70 . .i bont have that kind of cash just dont know wot 2do???
  21. Hello everyone, I joined the forum for some help and advice from people that have been in the same situation, if not worse. I really don't know what to do! I opened a catalogue account when I was 13 years old, faking my age. I spent 1-2 years ordering a lot from the catalogue (paying off monthly with pocket money/paper round wages) but it got to a point where I just couldn't meet the payments and eventually forcing me to stop paying. I sent the catalogue company an email, stating that I was 13-14 years old at the time and that I couldn't afford to pay any of it. I didn't hear fr
  22. I have just seen a very intersting letter from Credit Solutions threatening court action for a relatively small debt . the penultimate paragraph provides the number 0800 542 0125. Then the concluding sentence states ( Please do not simply write as our time limits are now very strict) This would suggest that the advice provided not only on this site, but by many Money Advice agencies is having an impact. To reiterate, NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CONTACT DEBT COLLECTION AGENCIES BY TELEPHONE. SHOULD THEY CALL YOU NEVER ANSWER SECURITY QUESTIONS. TO ENSURE ACCURACY OF RECORD
  23. Hi everyone,there's a lot of back history to date relating to this alleged "debt" and 1st crackpots but am putting it in a new thread in the hope that someone'll be able to help? Brief history: 1st credit don't have a CCA for this debt so I refused to acknowledge it (I'm really not sure what it is, as the amount is nothing I've ever borrowed). They sent a Stat demand three years back, I won in court, all went quiet then recently their letters and demands started up again, then all quiet for two years now this: http://i822.photobucket.com/albums/zz141/writerchris73/IMAG0421.jpg H
  24. Can anyone please help, my dad parked his car as normal in the local swimming baths and there was a sign on the meter saying out of order so he did not pay and display, when he returned to his car there was a parking charge notice from total parking solutions stating that he did not pay and display and there was a £40 fine to pay, when he went back into the swimming baths they told him that if he had fully read it that it was only this one that was not working and he would have to the fine, yes he should have read the notice fully but i have read about not paying total sol
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