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  1. Hi all, This morning I received a letter from EOS Solutions UK PLC quoting a previous address trying to track me down. The letter requires me to phone them to discuss a personal matter. A google of the company has highlighted several people with issues with this company trying to extort money from them. Ive read they are a debt collection company so I signed up for Experian and checked whether I owe anything but my credit score is 999 with nothing owed. Should I ring them as asked or just ignore the letter and wait? Could they be phishing for details?
  2. Hi all, I'm new here so it's all a bit green to me Any help or advice would be great! I've recieved a letter from EOS on behalf of southern water I googled EOS and a lot of threads came up from this site. I'm confused as to what to do, a lot of replies said ignore the letter from them. Should I ignore it or not??
  3. My other half unaware had parked in a car park to her mates flat, unaware of any signs etc regarding non payment back in February this year.. . Not having a ticket on her car, someone must of taken it off, as they did send proof of it on her car... She hadnt paid the fine back then, now have a letter from BP Collins Solicitors "Letter of demand" for the sum of £150.. Do we have to pay this? Or can we ignore the letter?? They are acting on behalf of Combined Parking Solutions Limited (CPS) Any advice etc would be great and many thanks in advance.... I
  4. Hi Guys While this is old news, I haven't seen anything which suggests we might have been aware of this; Seems MMF Owns more than themselves
  5. God I love this site, helped me out a lot in the past. I was on Jury Service - their car park was full so I parked opposite in a huge practically empty carpark midweek (pub & 1/2 dozen shops) put my disabled badge up and was gone for several hours. Got out of the car at 9.35 (cos I looked at my watch) and got a ticket at 09.43! The reason stated for fine is 'Left Site Not in Premises' pay £60 within 14 days or £100. By reading these messages it seems the advice is to ignore it. ....I was so tempted to pay it to get it out of the way but I can't really affo
  6. My wife parked a vehicle registered in my name in a private car park serving 6 shops including Dunhelm, she visited Dunhelm for a short while, approximately 20 minutes or so whilst the staff tried to sort out an order she had placed for collection. The goods had apparently not been received at the store and she left. Her car had been pushed sideways into another vehicle and there was a note on the front of the other vehicle saying she had witnessed the incident. Considering that the car park is flat and the hand brake was on and the car was no longer pointing in a straight direction but at an
  7. Received an email from a friend earlier detailing another success against a PPC at appeal - this time with the IAS rather than POPLA The young lady in question parked in a residential car park managed by Sussex Security Solutions trading as Parking Enforcement. Received a ticket for £100 (reduced to £60 blah blah blah) for a 'breach of terms and conditions meaning that a contractual fee was now due' (parked in a contractor bay due to building work temporarily removing all of the legitimate spaces). Appealed to the PPC at an early stage and (unsurprisingly) this was rejected - rejecti
  8. Hi there folks. Looking for abit of advice please. My overdraft with lloyds has become abit out of hand. We became homeless just before christmas and i was able to get an over draft for £3650 which helped us find a house to rent, pay the fees and give the kids a nice christmas. (plus pay a few small debts left over from the previous address) The monthly charges and interest are currently around £50 a month. Im ok paying this amount but want to start paying off the overdraft. Im wondering if there is any way to transfer the money to a different account with less charges than £50 a mo
  9. Hello Everyone, I got a call out of the blues from Credit solutions claiming HMRC passed on my debt to them. I quickly rang HMRC and they confirmed the information.HMRC claimed they sent letters to my previous address and that must have been the reason I didn't receive the letters about the debt. I finally agreed to a repayment agreement with them(HMRC) and they have since taken the first payment from my account,whilst the next one is due anytime soon. Recently,I got a barrage of text from CSL asking me to ring a certain James,and when I did I was told it was regarding the same debt a
  10. Hi guys, My partner had a motorbike with Close motor finance, has sold his bike now and with agreement with Close is paying the rest via instalments. He has paid a large sum off, and only has a small amount which is being made via monthly payments. We received a surprise letter today in the post from Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions, however we have had no mention of this from Close etc. And judging by the way the letter is written, I call a load of BS. But i'd like to get a second opinion on it. The letter says - - _______________________________
  11. Hi guys, This seems a very good forum that has sparked more interest than I thought possible on the topic of parking charge notices! (That I now know not to refer to as fines) So, onto the chase: At 21:01 on Friday 3rd January I received a PCN from London Parking Solutions for having no valid permit on display. I was parked, in which I now am told is the staff section of the Odeon Cinema I was visiting. My friend works in the cinema, and told me "You can park in the car park, it is free after 19:30". Unbeknownst to me, there are the two sections of the car park, the
  12. Hi, EOS solutions have been writing to me regarding a debt they say I owe for a Witt catalogue from 2008. From the statements they have sent me the last movement on the account was June 2008 when they sold the debt. I asked for a copy of the CCA and received this back Is this enforceable?
  13. The people on this site are so helpful. a friend of mine (builder) was told by the porter of a bloc of flats he could unload in a parking space in order to do a job there. he then got a demand for a fine through the post from London Parking Solutions. This was a year ago, and several emails have been sent back and forth between the two. London Parking Solutions did not respond to his last email, and now he has received a demand for £240 from Gladstones Solicitors. The fine is imposed for an area that he was not even parked on, but London Parking
  14. Last week I had an odd text from a company called CSL asking me to call them. I didn't. and on Saturday I received a letter from them saying that they were collecting a tax credit overpayment for HMRC. I do have a tax credit overpayment, for which I have a direct debit in place, and on which I have not defaulted. In fact I have paid a further £160 off the amount CSL is demanding. A call to HMRC confirmed that I have an up to date payment plan, and they have no record of my account being passed to CSL. I have written to CSL and HMRC said they will do the same.
  15. Hi all. Had a debt letter from Wescot today claiming £931.00 On behalf of Anglian Water. The bill had both my name and ex wifes name on it. I have no idea why they are contacting me so I called them. Apparently the bill is for an address that my ex lives at and dates back to 2005. He also mentioned something about closure in 2008? My ex still lives at this address so why the hell are they contacting me! I was with my ex in 2005 and I can only asume that it is from a previous property but she dealt with all the bills. What can i do about this?
  16. Hi Guys Below is a email.... Lemon debt? This email was just received by a colleague of mine...
  17. Hi guys This isn't for me but ive amended the document to remove all personal info. What do you guys think? Is it a phishing trip / empty threat or do you believe something will happen? I'm trying to help someone out with this and I'm not sure what to make if it is legit or not.
  18. Hi everyone, can you tell me where to begin with my problem. I took out a bank loan about a year ago with Barclays for £15k. I started off well, paying on time. Then my relationship with my partner ended and I was left to deal with the debt alone (it was only in my name). I have since had many problems tackling my debts left behind, including bailiffs and threat of eviction. Today I received the following letter from CSL Dear ..... IMPORTANT NOTICE Our client has informed us that the above debt is unpaid. As specialist DEBT COLLECTORS, we have
  19. Following on from my CIFAS SAR balls-up here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?391735-CIFAS-query-wrong-name Synectics have followed suit in a way. I sent my SAR and they sent back a cover letter which said 'the records we hold are enclosed' but nothing was enclosed. I phoned up to ask, and they phoned me back and said 'its ok, we found them in a drawer'. Surely this isn't OK? I'm going to complain because the idea of data held about me by a company I've only heard of in the last month (and data with contents that I am completely unaware of) sat in so
  20. Please see the attached letters from Civil Recovery Solutions. I have denied damaging either the kettle or mirror during our stay. I'm yet to reply to their second letter. Please could you offer some advice. The fact that they are saying a cleaner can sign a "statement of truth" and that would stand up in court doesn't seem right, but I'm no legal expert. Can I make them provide evidence of damage and subsequent repairs? I'm confident neither will exist. Thanks for your help. I hope the pictures are not too blured. Will reupload later if they are. Letter 1 http://s4
  21. Hello, Wall rendering solutions, previously called render exterior wall coatings (in 2011) did the rendering in my house (Nov 2011)which went wrong - render started flaking, missing around pipes and other places. This happened within 2 weeks after finishing job. Also as the wrong window protection was put on the windows, the crew left a sticky glue on the windows and damages marble window sills. All was reported to the director of the company , He promised to correct it. After many promises he never came and resolved the issues. In Feb
  22. Engaged solutions apparently bought pound access loan book but, They have only a licence for credit brokerage, so i am pretty sure even if they have the loan book , the debts are still under pound access, and as they are only a broker they don't have the correct category for debt collecting, if i am wrong please tell me, will ring oft tomorrow to confirm. Licence Number:0651832 Licence Status:Current Current Applicant / Licensee: Business Name Company Registration Number Engaged Solutions Limited 08047869 Categories: Credit brokerag
  23. evening all, right i've been a very stupid girl as i have buried my head in the sand regarding paying my water bill. I have tried setting up payment plans in the past with united utilities and they have always demanded payments that i could not afford and i have been bullied into agreeing to them, and i have made a few payments then struggled to pay so i eventually gave up and thought if i stopped paying then it would just go away. (stupid i know). So a few days ago i recieved a letter from chase solutions demanding payment for £1245.86 then 2 days later i recieved a letter from
  24. Hi guys, My boyfriend has received a letter in the post today, and it just seems like a complete [problem] to me, but I want to make sure! It says it's regarding Telefonica O2 UK Ltd. The letter is from - Credit Solutions Limited Capella Court, Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 2PG The letter reads - - Dear Mr _______ Our recent investigations have resulted in your details being obtained from a credit referencing agency due to a link with data we hold regarding the account shown above. To verify
  25. http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10324982.Parking_firm_struck_off_by_trade_body/?ref=la
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