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  1. Hi hearing different storys about these. are they any good or are they a rip off
  2. I am trying to help out a family member, who has paid just over £1000 to a company called Crystal Clear Debt Solutions to sort their bankruptcy. The last payment made was over a year ago now, but they have not heard anything from them since June 2014, and from what I can tell, the company doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone know anything about them? None of the email addresses or telephone numbers work anymore, and they don't respond to any letters. They have a 'consumer credit licence' at the bottom of their letters (0637107), if that makes a differ
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to share my experience with everyone. I'm hoping that someone somewhere will pick up my story and this may aid ofgem and other authorities to put pressure on certain (you know who) energy companies to conduct business in a much more ethical manner. Recieved a call from a young lady pretending to my current supplier (eon) telling me they had sent a few renewal letters to which i havent replied. I had been away for 2 weeks so thought maybe the staff havent updated me and agreed a contract over the phone which turns out to be with BES t
  4. After sorting my brothers water issues out a while back with help from fellow CAG's my OH has fallen behind with a couple of statement payments totalling approx £600. Now received latest billing for approx £260. To cut a long story short doorstep collection bloke turns up unexpected and OH assumes it is someone from TW and agrees there and then a repayment plan for £30 per month. Unbeknown to me (until my now involvement) she received acknowledgement of plan from a company called Credit Solutions. She made 4 payments totalling £120 but the amount outstanding had not
  5. hope some one can help me i got a parking charge notice on my car window while parking at a hospital the notice was given on the 18/09/2014 i have just got 2 letters today to at same time 27/11/14 from TPS 70 days later the first dated 22/11/14 ? on the envelope the second 20/11/14 i can not understand this as they both came in the post today , the dates on the envelopes are not the post office stamps but there own ? i have been told that under the freedoms act they must send a notice to keeper first with in 56 days or i do not need to n
  6. BES closed my business Back in 2011 having decided to invest in a small bar restaurant to the tune of £120k from money i got from a life insurance following the death of my wife, i was conned by BES and its associated companies (who BES denies any affiliation with) proven by some considerable investigation linking names to leases on premises occupied by such companies. I was monied and had good credit. After the second invoice of nearly £700, (british gas was £289 at this time) I knew I had a problem, thats when i had to find out what the state of play was with thi
  7. Hi, I parked at the PPS car park opposite didcot station and forgot to pay. I realise that it is my fault for not paying but I park there via the ringo app every day. I appealed the fine as its £60 and thats 10 days parking!!! Surely they can't charge this as thats a penalty? I did offer to pay for both my car and also another £6 for any car that would've taken my place. They have since rejected my appeal and sent me this: "Thank you for your appeal which we will respond to below. Firstly, however, you should be aware that as you have not given us a
  8. Hi all I'm aware this has been talked about a lot here but just need some confirmation. I got a PCN on Saturday (6th December) in the Staples/Maplin car park in Leicester. Didn't see any signs telling me about rules etc but they were probably there. The reasons for my PCN states reasons '1' and '6': 1 - "Unauthorised Parking" and 6 - "Did not use Car Park Providers Premises and went elsewhere at the time of issue of the parking charge notice" I did actually go into Maplins and have a receipt to prove it. the time of my receipt says 13:06 but the PCN was issued at
  9. Hey everyone, another thread about this company. I'll outline all the contact that's been made and what I have done so far and the hopefully you can answer some of my questions To begin, I am a student and last year I was living in a shared house with a Sky account under my name. I cancelled the account well before we moved out, in order to ensure that I would not end up being billed further. This was confirmed to me on the phone and I never had any more bills or contact from Sky after that. About 3-4 weeks ago, I received a text from Past Due Credit S
  10. Hello. Today i recieved a letter from "advantis" looking for my whereabouts.as british gas had passed debt of £370 to them. i phoned and spoke to an agent at advantis.i explained to him that i would contact british gas and pay the debt to them directly,set up standing order etc.british gas told me they could not recall the debt,as not in their policies.this debt was from a previous address,not where we live now. so basically i owe the debt to advantis.things are tough at the moment with being out of work,though got 2 interviews next week. guy at advantis said they w
  11. I partly completed a small load application form with the above company. As there were questions on the form which I was unable to answer (mainly employment questions as I have been retired for 6 years) the form was not completed or submitted. But it seems that important details on the first completed page were still transmitted to them, and 67.88 was taken from my bank. On my membership page with them, it quite clearly shows this incomplete form. I have screen shots of this. I wrote to them, recorded delivery, to cancel this, and have screenshot of their postal re
  12. Hi all Had a lovely letter from these charming people - want me to stump up a load of money by tomorrow - I don't think I owe it all but hey its HMRC (tax credit) right ? Anyway was going to call them offer an amount each week but thought no ! check out the consumer action group and see what you guys think ? thanks everyone in advance becky x
  13. Hi folks New to the site, this being my first post I have received what looks to be a "trace letter" of sorts from a company called EOS Solutions. The letter claims they are attempting to contact me regarding a "personal matter" after carrying out trace activity provided by the credit bureaus. I do have a few debts, a failed business venture saw to that, so it could very well be a legitimate claim. My concern is that I have never heard of these people before and nowhere in the letter does it say who they are chasing for. I do have 3 repayment plans in place but none of them are
  14. Help!!! Just got a PCN from London Parking Solutions. But the ticket attached to my windscreen is for the wrong car. Is the ticket still valid?
  15. I'm a freelance HGV driver, now self employed but at the time of the alleged offence I was paye with an agency. It was brought to my attention today that I have started paying, through deductions on my invoice, for a parking ticket I allegedly received whilst working. On questioning the agency, it seems that the client I was working for have paid the ticket, and I'm expected to reimburse them, although I am not happy and wish to contest the ticket. Is this possible, considering I am alleged to have been the driver on the day but I am not the vehicles keeper and the fine has been paid? Now
  16. I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice please: My friend went to B&Q yesterday, parked and went next door to use cashpoint returning to B&Q to make a purchase. When he returned to his car less than 50 minutes in total he had recd a Parking Charge Notice from TPS. It was only then he noticed a guy in the car park photographing cars. On the PCN they have ticked the box "The driver was observed leaving site whilst vehicle remained parked on the premises". I've been down and had a look at signage and it clearly says that you must not leave
  17. Hi all. Just wanted to see what these guys are like these days. Do they do court etc? Or do they just send the usual threatograms? My mother has just had an invoice from them for overstaying in a free car park so just need a bit of clarity. Many thanks. DDW
  18. Hi everyone, Today I received a letter from the above company with my name and address on it saying I owe £198 to TalkTalk. I have never taken out a contact with TalkTalk before so I'm confused as to why they're asking me for money. I'm also really careful with my money and only take out contracts if I know I can pay for them and I'm now really worried that this will affect my credit score and being able to apply for things in the future (I'm only 22). My question is, what do I do about this letter? Do I call the company and tell them I've never had a contract w
  19. http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/parking-firm-reported-to-police-by-haulier?cp=FAC-Rssgraffiti-FACEBOOK_%7C_News_CM&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=rssgraffiti&utm_campaign=FACEBOOK_%7C_News_CM
  20. Hi, I was paying these back via step change since November. They still wanted over 900 pounds on an original 200 loan. I left step change thanks to the support of you all on here and today after a few emails they have accepted the original 200 plus one month interest of 72.50 minus what I have already paid. I will pay them 202.50 on Friday and they will mark as settled. Agreed on writing. 2 down, loads to go but there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  21. I have been with Bournes on a debt managment plan for 6 years, have just been told that they are in administration. I have a 'savings pot' of £10k which was to be used to negotiate full and final settlements. Surely as this is my money it is protected, I am being led to believe that I might not get any of it back which will add to my debt problems. Is there any protection please?
  22. i need some advice today I took my downs syndrome brother to the hospital for a operation, i was a bit late as i had to be there for 8.00 am as i was walking in i saw a ticket machine pay and display but it was covered with a plastic sheet my inmediate thought was that they must be installing the machines as i thought it was a free car park , when i returned i had a parking charge of £30 if i pay it within 30 days and £60 if i dont for a company called total parking solutions. i do realize i should of taken more notice but i was under
  23. My sister took out an IVA a while back with a company called KINGSTON DEBT SOLUTIONS they contacted her she told me about it the other day (first time I heard about it) and I am a bit sceptical about what they have been up to. Hence email to CAG which is an amazing forum and has helped save thousands over the years. 1) They applied for a PPI refund with some of her credit cards but did not inform her or give her the refund, they kept it all. Is this usual practice for IVA's and if they did keep it surely it would go towards paying her debts.
  24. Good evening, I received a letter today from EOS which I think relates to an unpaid EDF bill from 2 years ago. When I moved into the previous propety I informed EDF that the account holder had changed over to my name. For the 18 months that I lived there I never received a letter addressed to me from EDF only letters to the previous occupier. About 18months ago I gave EDF my new address and said that I would pay the amount outstanding. This was all over the phone and I was told that as it was an old style account it may take up to 6 weeks to receive the bill.
  25. Hi, received a letter from Past Due Credit back in May asking to 'contact them regarding an important matter' contact was made and they then wrote back a few weeks after to say they had closed the case and no one would contact me further. This morning I received another letter from Past Due, claiming the account was back open and to pay the amount by the end of July, que a phone call to a rude advisor and then a manager, who had said that t-mobile by now would have no record of me (the phone contact in question is at least 6 years old) I checked with t
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