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  1. Hi everyone I am new and need some advice I had virgin media in my property in 2010 20/11 I defaulted 2011 I think . In the end they collected their box and said that it would be used to clear the balance .. No contact from them since roll on today I get a debt collectors letter from a company called past due credit collections asking me to pay £126 by the 13/6 .. I was not even aware that I owed any money to virgin media . let alone they are passing my information on Like I said I've had no contact or demands . What do I do next ?
  2. Help!. Received a £60 fine from pps on 1/5/16 for not buying a parking ticket for a stay at Keaton Rd pay & display, Ivybridge, Plymouth. I had bought a ticket for the correct fee / time etc & left on dashboard but I typed a letter M instead of a W so the camera did not register the ticket with vehicle. I sent a letter of appeal explaining and just received a request (from pps) confirming I was the driver at the time, now ive found this site & thinking I should ignore? Appreciate advice.
  3. During the last few weeks, apparently more than 2000 migrants have managed to get through security in Calais and are now in the UK. Theresa May is refusing to comment on this, as it does not make sense to publicise successful illegal migration. It would just encourage more to come. The new fences around the Calais Eurotunnel terminal are not working properly. They were put up in a hurry and are not robust enough to stop people. Some MP's are calling for the British army to be sent to Calais, which is unlikely as the French would not allow it. Also to turn the Eurotunnel terminal int
  4. Hi all, Just a little advice needed please. I received a Private Parking Invoice on July 22 in Manchester from Vehicle Control Solutions. I looked on a couple of forums and the advice seemed to be to ignore it and don't make contact until the 'Notice to Registered Keeper' arrives. BTW, the parking ticket states that 'The driver is liable for this PCN'. This morning, I received a letter from Rossendale Collects, dated October 10, giving me 7 days to pay a balance (no mention of fine or invoice) of £130.00. This is the original invoice of £100.00 plus an administration f
  5. I owe just over £1500, which I was paying up until I was off work with a illness and then diagnosed with anxiety back in December. I wrote to grattan asking to make reduced payments and freeze interest, they wanted doctors letter which I sent and they reduced and froze interest for a few months but now they want the account paid in full. I've asked to keep reduced amounts as there is no difference with my medical condition but they've said no they want me to get a debt charity involved and another doctors letter before they will think about freezing interest and looking at a reduced am
  6. Hi, I recieved a letter this morning from the above dca, it is with regards to HMRC "saying that this had been passed to themselves the amount owing just under £600.. It was for working tax credits I last paid 100 to this debt around 2011 directly. But nothing since because of circumstances.I have just about sorted my credit file out and this letter has come out the blue, I am tempted to call and offer to pay as I'm afraid of getting a ccj or them phoning my workplace ect, Anyone help with this one much appreciated ...
  7. Hi PCN challenge Yoda's! I have posted this over on MoneySavingExpert, will update both with responses if useful... Help! A friend who shall remain nameless recently received a PCN on his motorbike at the Aquatic centre from Gemini Parking Solutions. Here's the info: - he parked his motorbike next to the cycling parking outside the front of the centre, to get there he had to access this area, via a gravelled area which could in theory be deemed to be pedestrian walk area but he did not pass through the Gemini Parking Managed and ANPR fitted carpark entry nor did
  8. got a ticket of £60 earlier, car park was split into two halfs one for cromwell the other for eurocarparts there was signage. just went to ask if they stocked certain items step in the door 2 mins later bam ticket the parking attendant must of been lurking somewhere for him to ticket and disappear that quick:???: should i pay it ? i am on PCP solutions finance plan if that matters
  9. I received an email from cash plus asking to contact them. I did as requested, and spoke to a gentleman called 'Zwelli' who proceeded to ask an uncomfortable line of questioning. I was asked where my money was coming from, and I explained I have a business PayPal account and that all the payments made into the account are electronic payments which can be accounted for. Every single penny has documentation to show how it was earned and where it came from. This gentleman insinuated it could be money laundering - impossible as 99% of all money deposited was electronic payments made by
  10. Quick outline of case first. My girlfriend had a secured second load taken out with Firstplus about 9 years ago in joint names with her and her then husband for his debts (yes she is aware this was not ideal) they then split not long after. She has continued to pay this debt with Firstplus. She then started struggling with the debt £400 per month on top of her Mortgage single parent etc. Case defaulted, got a CCJ and a reposession order now Suspended re-possesion order or something like that. She then started to repay and again began struggling with it so First plu
  11. Hello, I am in a position whereby I am about to arrange either a trust deed or DAS. I haven't signed anything as yet. My circumstances are now about to change in that our empty house has finally sold so once this exchanges, not only will i be better off financially as I will have no mortgage and insurances to pay (was paying rent and mortgage which meant we couldn't meet credit card payments), I will also be able to pay a good chunk off my debt. I don't know what the best option is as once the house completes, I can pay way more than the minimum paymen
  12. Anyone else bneen plagued by this company so far this week i have had 8 calls 2 a day from this company and last week the same , i have asked them to stop but they consisitently say we didnt csll you , so i need to take it to the next step but i cannot find a adrress for them ( i think they are A PPI claims company any ideasi have a number 0203 6211496 if that helps
  13. Hi I am paying off an old debt to BT through Pastdue credit solutions. I need to let them know I cannot make this months payment but cannot get in touch with them. I have e-mailed phoned and written to them but have had no reply from any of these attempts to contact them Can anyone help. Have you had any problems with this company at all?
  14. Hi This is my first post and I'd love your input!! I recently bought a flat and moved in 10 days later. I noticed clear No Parking without a valid permit signs. I had not been informed how to obtain a permit and there was no information on the signage on how to do this. I received a parking ticket from London Parking Solutions that day as I was moving furniture into the flat from my van. I was given the phone number of the managing agents of the flat and called them. They had not been informed by solicitors of my acquisition of the property so were unable to iss
  15. Hi everyone, My wife received a letter on July 9th from Pastdue Credit Solutions, apparently acting on behalf of, and claiming a debt of £700 owed to HMRC for Single Tax Credits. The letter doesn't give any info about the debt, but just threatens further action if not paid, giving a payment date of yesterday. We have not claimed tax credit for around 7 or 8 years, and even then it was as a couple. The last time my wife claimed as a single person was 10, maybe 12 years ago. We have never been told about this debt, and even if she did have a debt a decade ago, we had
  16. Hi everyone. I have a comparitively small debt of £350 for gas and electricity supplied by Eon at a property I moved out of a year ago. Eon have got PastDue to "manage" and recover the debt but it has not (as far as I can tell) been assigned to them. I have followed previous Forum advice and told them I will only communicate with them in writing and offered them in writing £10 a month. They have now come back to me asking for confirmation that I owned or occupied the previous property; dates that I entered and vacated the property and confirmation of my date
  17. Hey all, I read a few older posts regarding the Hassall brothers & their previous debt collection business, pursuing companies & individuals and wondered if any information was listed on here regarding their newest venture SMD Credit solutions? How much clout do these companies have for putting pressure on companies for alleged amounts? A company I work for is being pressured by them to pay an extremely large amount for their client which is in dispute, due to an alleged debt many years old - many legal threats & deadlines have been presented so far.
  18. Good morning all, Thanks for your recent help with my Lowell/Carter/Frederickson/Coop issue. I'm still waiting on the outcome. While dealing with the above, I requested a copy of my CRA file from Noddle and discovered that I have a default account with APS Ltd for £178.00. Date of default is 31/08/2012. Now APS did a prepaid credit card which i applied for ages ago and used for travel within Europe. Basically load required funds and use it instead of my main bank card. I suspect the charges are either a delayed transaction, or charges/interest of some sort. My question
  19. Hello everyone, A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from Credit Solutions regarding a debt I have with Paypal and they gave me the usual B.S about arranging door step visits, County Court etc and I sent them this email ; Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by telephone over the past few weeks and via letter and one door stop agent and these have been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange another “doorstep call”, please be advised that under OFT rul
  20. Not stayed in touch with developments over the last few months so have been 'ignoring' a PPC invoice since December. This morning I arrived home after a few days away to find a 'Letter Before Claim' from Premier Solicitors in relation to this dated 29May. Argh ! The 14day clock running seems to indicate that my response needs to be back with them by Friday (12th) unfortunately i'm off to Germany Sunday early until Thursday. Horrible feeling I might have to settle which goes against every fibre of my being. - £110 grrrrrr Could anyone offer some advice please pl
  21. Hi all, I have a corporate card through a very large organisation and I am leaving the company next week to start a new role. I have never missed a payment but the past month I have ran up a £2000 bill roughly. Stupid I know and I haven't missed a payment or anything. My question is..... My american express doesn't show on my credit file at all. I can not pay the full £2000 off in one go like you have to every month. If I didn't pay the bill my understanding and this maybe naive is that the company I used to work for has to pay it? If I d
  22. Hi I apparently recieved a PCN from Gemini Parking Solutions for parking in an unmarked bay at the London Aqautics Center at the Olympic Park on 27 Feb 2015. There were no prominent signs for parking or penalties in the car park. I was unaware of the PCN till I received a Reminder Notice letter on 28 April 2015 posted to my home address as the registered keeper of the vehicle for a charge of £100 now from £60 if paid within 14 days of the PCN. Stupidly before coming onto this site I appealed to Gemini Parking Solutions supplying my details stating that I was the driver. The PCN
  23. I have received a PCN from the above saying I parked in an area designated for commercial vehicles. I am sure I did not spend a minute there as I got out of the car and back in almost immediately and drove off. I need assistance to dispute this, as it is crazy. THan you
  24. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56956[/ATTACH]Hi there, This is my first post here. Firstly, I live in Scotland and know that after 5 years a debt is statue barred and after 6 years it drops off your credit report. Six and a half years ago I had a 2nd job as an Ann Summers Party Rep. I didn't pay off the rest of my account with them when I finished parties in Nov 2008. Now this company has started to chase me for the money. This account has NEVER shown on any of my credit reports. I received first letter and as I knew it was over the time frame, I replied with
  25. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me, i got a parking charge notice from these people asking to pay. after doing some researches im hestitating to pay because of what i read from others drivers who got charged. What do i do? They clearly did have their bright red signs up in the area that i parked it just seems so odd that they are asking to pay by paypal and not automated payment line over the phone. Please help me what should i do
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