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Found 55 results

  1. Hi all, Really hoping someone can give me some advice, in relation to a long standing issue i have been having with BAYV. a little background information first took out an agreement in 2009 with a new tv, paid regularly and added a Wii to the account in late 2009 - they refinanced our account because of something called a parallel agreement (something like that) unbeknownst to us, they started the agreement over another 3 years, so looked like we had not paid anything off account. In 2011 we ordered a sofa from them, and this is where the trouble starts... The sofa was damaged on delivery, but as they give us a discount off the purchase price we decided to accept, after less than 3 months, the stitching went in the one corner of the sofa, and they had to come out and do a repair on it, as it was under Warranty. The repair company (homeserve) called around 3 times (with 4 week breaks) as BAYV and the manufacturer sent out the wrong parts to repair the sofa, as this was 3 months further on that when it should have been, more wear and tear was incurred, which was repaired eventually. During this time, we stated to BAYV that the problems were unacceptable and that we wanted to be compensated, (sofa was a corner suite, but was unable to use damaged area, as it was in between the seat foam and the springs) They agreed after another 3-4 month argument to change our sofa, as they agreed that there were factors that should be have been avoided on their part. Our new sofa was delivered in December, (a black leather recliner 3 & 2) as they did not have any corner sofas left, as they were due to update the catalog, by the end of December, less than 2 weeks, park of the leather had peeled back, where the recliner came out. although this wasn't a major nuisience at the time, the damage has spread now to the entire 3 seater (2 of which recline, and the 2 seater (although not as badly), of which 2 recline) Again, as the product was sub-standard, we complained in febuary, as it did make the sofa look tatty, no-one came back to us until in March when the manufacturer recalled the product, (so we have been told by BAYV) We had to get a solicitor involved last year, due to major problems with our credt agreement, (lack of dates) unreadable prices, and interest rates, e.t.c. Because of the problems we have had with them, we have not paid anything since December, as a full complaint was suppose to be being investigated by them, and with advice taken from our solicitor. BAYV now want us to sign another 3 year agreement with them, fit a meter back to the tv, but they cannot deliver us a replacement sofa, we have to choose something from the catalog, (no recliners, and no corner suites that would fit) hence , why we brought the one that we have currently. BAYV have now stated that they dont have to offer us a replacement, of equal or greater value, just offer a replacement of any type. they are refusing to give us the manufacturers details so we can go direct, and are now going to be sending our case over to a third party debt collector. Can anyone give me a bit of advice, i don't particularly want to get my solicitor involved again, (due to cost) but am not going to back down on this as we have had many,many problems with them. Sorry its so long, Cheers
  2. Hi all, Please bare with me as this is my first posting and im looking for some advice. on December 27th 2011 my and the other half saw a sofa we quite liked in CSL Nottingham, We were immediately hit with the sales man and we had a chat with regards to it. We explained that we were having a house built and that we could be having an issue with drain planning, and if so then the sofa we liked wouldnt fit, due to a wall having to come forward altering the dimensions of the living room. We wouldnt know for a month, and then if we ordered after this date it would take another 12 weeks for the sofa to come. He explained that we could put a 10% deposit down on the sofa (£114) and that would "hold" the sofa for us and it would take 12 weeks from this date to arrive. He also told us that we could cancel under no obligation should the wall needed to be moved. We explained that we also wanted to take finance out and that we would do this when we knew about the wal and if we could have itl to which "yes thats no problem" was the out come. Anyway....... The wall needed to be moved, so we cancelled the sofa (or tried to!). We were told that the sofa was being made as it wasnt there "stock" colour and that we would need to pay 30% (a further £229). I explained what the sales man had said but they were adamant that they wanted this extra 20% to cancel. I asked to see the terms and conditions stating this, and they sent me a photocopy of CSL terms that state: "If we agree to cancel this contract, you agree to pay a standard fee which is a percentage of the total order value" No percentage was stated i,e 10% 20% 30% etc and we WERE NOT made aware of this before signing or we never would have! To me this means that CSL could even say its 95%. What i cant understand is if this is the case then why is the deposit not 30%??? And what if we couldnt get finance as well, as this is what we agreed with the sales man. We told the store that we were not paying, and they in turn escalated it to Head Office which sent a letter stating the same photo copy and then a copy of the terms and conditions from there website. The one from the website does state 30% as the percentage to cancel the order, but we ordered in store not off the web and were not made aware of this fact. They then said that if the wall had been moved due to a planning issues then we should seek compensation with the planners and builders and not CSL and that we were liable for the 30% still. Im really at a loss. Ive been mis-sold a sofa and now im expected to pay 30% for the privaliage! Any advice would be appreciated. Liam
  3. Bought 2 leather sofas April 2011 now have serious colour loss on arms and seating area. Representative called to assess told me I had bought a split leather product which will rub off giving an antique finish. I was not told this at the time of purchase. I discussed with salesperson why I was choosing a leather suite i.e. hard wearing, durable The receipt does not suggest leather is split leather, a term I had never heard of until company rep called. They are suggesting suite goes into workshop to be resprayed. I don't want that because. inevitably it will rub off again and this is not the type of leather suite I would have purchased if I had been fully informed at the point of sale. Any advice would be most appreciated
  4. In April i purchased a sofa from SCS sofas at Dartford. I was told they would be" delivered 5-6wks give a week either side".Today i phoned to complain and was told "it will probably be with you at the end of June"! I told her i would never had paid cash if i had known i would be messed around like this she said she would look in to the small print of the shops rights and call me back!!! so angry! i have threatened not to collect the sofa for which i paid over a thousand pound cash for! what can i do? please help advise if you can. Thankyou.
  5. I just wanted to check my rights regarding this. I bought some sofas from SCS around end of december this year, paid for in full, 6 weeks later they arrived, only to be the wrong colour, which clashed horrendously with the rest of the decor of our living room. At the time we told the delivery driver that we would rather sit on the floor than keep these monstrosities in there, but he said he couldn't take them back. He phoned a few people back at his office and at the store that we purchased from and told us that there had been an administrative error on SCS's part. So we signed for the goods, with an extra note on the delivery slip saying that the sofas were the wrong colour and the store had been informed, thinking we'd sort it out with the store. When I phoned the store to ask about what my options were, the store manger flatly refused to give a refund saying something vague about legal reasons. He said that I could have a replacement that would take 8-10 weeks to arrive or some money off the wrongly ordered suites. I really don't want to have to wait another 8-10 weeks for the new sofas, and definately do not want to keep the current ones. Am I within my rights to insist on a refund in this case? As I don't want to wait so long for the replacement. Or is the store manager right?
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