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Found 14 results

  1. Microsoft have been getting flak for a new sneaky upgrade http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/microsoft-criticised-over-deceitful-windows-10-upgrade-a7047466.html
  2. Hi all, just got a letter from the above (my mortgage company) saying that they have spotted a wording difference between my Mortgage Offer Letter and the Mortgage Conditions. Basically, they say that the Mortgage Conditions state that any changes to the Barclays Bank Base Rate will be implemented one month later. But in the Mortgage Offer Letter it states 14 days. Because of this, they are to credit my bank account with almost £28.00. Now heres the bit Im not sure about - "In future we intend to continue to operate your account in line with your Mortgage Conditions, and in cons
  3. Hi all, got one of the above today with a 14 days deadline to return it and a second-class envelope! I have a query that Im hoping someone can help with. There are a few declarations on the letter that are somewhat vague and take some reading but the thing that concerns me the most is above the box where Im supposed to sign are the words Applicant 1. Now, Im fully insured to re-build value and my contents are well insured too, and always have been. So why do they use a term that suggests that I may be applying for something? Is this usual terminology or shall I scan the le
  4. I'm a newby with renting in London through estate agents, and didn't realize how careful I should be... After agreeing on a 2 year rent period/1 year break clause over the phone with various people I signed for the Assured Shorthold tenancy with Foxtons. The flat was not ready on the agreed date, so they had to create a new contract, which I haven’t signed. Now I notice there was never a mention of any break clause in the contract, and after being warned of Foxtons want to read all very carefully now (I know, should have been earlier). Also the landlord's details (address) ha
  5. Homeowners are having to pay 'sneaky' and 'unclear' mortgage fees, according to the consumer organisation Which? It said borrowers face more than 40 different fees and charges, making it hard to calculate actual costs over the lifetime of a mortgage. Average arrangement fees have almost doubled in five years, from £878 in 2009 to £1,588 in 2014, its research found. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29878570 Which?'s latest research on the mortgage market uncovers the complex and unclear mortgage fees and charges people are facing. They found mor
  6. i see now loads of chairtys have pulled out of the voluntary work scheme so now i went into my local jobcenter and they have leafleats about various jobs if your intrested in any of these roles quote the refernce number to your adviser then theres like a list of about 4 differnt types of jobs lol i wonder if anyone took this up that then i bet your told its 30 hours lol
  7. General question, all these debt help companies in the media saying how they will clear your debts, if you don' t have a mortgage what is in it for them.. Or do they cherry pick the best cases? Must make a profit somehow
  8. Dear all, I have just recieved a claim from Northampton County Court from Bryan Carter solicitors. The claimant is Pheonix Recoveries. It is relating to a £9k loan which I took out from Lloyds TSB. I had an arrangement to pay Bryan Carter 100 pounds per month but due to financial issues I couldnt keep up with the payments. 1 Day after recieving the claim form I recieved a letter from Bryan Carter saying that they have now issued litigation proceedings. I havent contacted Bryan Carter yet or filled anything in on the claim form. I am just looking for some advice
  9. I have a Santander Bank account 123. I have no overdraft on this account (they refused me) but that's ok as its a little account I have and not my main one. I have text alerts to say my statement is ready however I went into m account tonight on line (paperless statements) to find that I had a charge of £45 taken out. I called them to be told that in Jan 2014 I spent £26 in a shop on my debit card and that took me £22 over into an unauthorised overdraft. They took the charge today and this has caused me to go overdrawn again (I wouldn't have been if they ha
  10. I am writing this to try and seek some advice for my friend as she has asked for my help and since you guys have been such a massive help to me in the past - you are my first port of call for advice. Today she received a call while she was at work - she works 200 miles from her home address and her husband was also at work. the call was from a bailiff stating that they were outside her property for a repayment of an unpaid debt (starting at £250) - in her sons name. She has not spoken with her son for 3 years and he hasn't lived with her for the same, in fact, he l
  11. Morning Guys, Just a word of warning. The above have just got sneakier! Our phone rang this morning and looking at the display, it was a local number ie my local STD code so I picked up to find it was Red Castle who are most certainly not based where I live. It appears that they are now using phone technology that gives the appearance that the call is local which means you are more likely to pick up and answer the call. On adding the number to my Choose to Refuse it came up 0141 562 2804 which is BCW. Beware of any local numbers that you don't recognise. Don't pic
  12. Hello. I have worked with the NHS for 9months. Sometime during October 2012 I began working alongside a colleague (NC), we were discussing some workplace issues they were having regards their team leader. In particular, this colleague didn't get on with their team leader and proceeded to tell me how they would have preferred to be offered my job (we were hired during the same recruitment drive). At the time I said that if they were really unhappy with their base of employment I would be willing to swap as I got on well with all staff. They said they would think about it. Around the same
  13. hello all were to start today my wife received a warrant of execution from northampton ccbc. it states that my wife has failed to keep to terms of a ccj which she had no idea was taken against her from wescot for the sum of £1600.00 she registered with all 3 credit reference agencies to see what this is all about on all 3 we carnt find any registered defaults against her for the past 6yrs but we did notice a ccj placed in april this yr. i have read up on these forums about filing a n244 which i have downloaded can someone plz advise me what to do next
  14. Drivers refunded after traffic wardens issued fines for cars parked on snow-covered double yellow lines Read more: - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/drivers-refunded-after-traffic-wardens-issued-fines-for-cars-parked-on-snow-covered-double-yellow-lines.html
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