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Found 139 results

  1. So my 72 year old mother orders a Sky package. She signs a contract stipulating 25.50 for the first 6 months and 35.50 thereafter. The installation occurred in May 2012 - the installer doesn't connect the TV to the phone line, telling my mother to do this herself. He doesn't check the broadband works, leaving her with the box and telling her to plug it in herself. In fact it was a further 8 months before we had a working broadband connection.... and despite failing to test or connect this service, my mum was charged for it and told that it would be £75 if she wanted one that actually worked. lol Anyway - that's not the real crime here. The initial amount of 25.50 was collected for the first 5 months - then the charge was raised to 43.50/month instead of 35.50/month. Furthermore, no mention at any time was made of the fact that to view her bills she'd need to use the TV (which she couldn't because it had never been connected) or use the internet, which she didn't have the technical skills to do at the time, leaving her unable to easily query the amount going out of her account. Sky are now refusing to refund or even contemplate refunding the excess charged because no complaint was lodged in the first 12 months. Has anybody had any success in small claims court against Sky in this kind of scenario?
  2. According to a report in the Telegraph Sky is facing an investigation by Ofcom over its cumbersome cancellation procedures. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/household-bills/10580733/Sky-reviews-cancellation-policy-as-it-faces-regulator.html Maybe time for everyone who has had a problem with cancelling a Sky subscription to drop the regulator a brief note?
  3. I have just discovered that Sky did not cancel my account over a year ago and have been charging me monthly. Over £700 worth of charges for TV/Phone/Broadband. I called them in December 2012 and cancelled the service, I noticed in January the service still had not been cancelled (so rather than call as calling sky costs a lot) I logged into 'my sky' and sent an online message. I had a reply saying that they are sorry the service was not cancelled and that it would be cancelled now and theyd look into why it was not done before. STUPIDLY, I did not pick up on my statements that the charges continued. I have just called them and the rep has put me hold while he looks for information at his end. Should I be looking for full refund AND compensation?? Any advice id be grateful! Thank you!
  4. Hello, Many years ago, I had a SKY subscription (not at my own home - an ex's) - one that I'd cancelled in December 2006. I've not been to that address since sometime early in 2007 I had an email from BPO last night demanding payment (you have a week, etc etc). Until earlier today, was under the impression that I'd cancelled without issue - I did so by phone, and was told that was that. On ringing SKY this morning, it turns out that the service was reinstated in January 2007 (without my consent) - but this would've been done after the DD was cancelled - and was stopped again due to lack of payment It's only taken just under six years.. So.. how do I challenge this? I'm obviously keen not to pay for a service that I didn't ask for. SKY Customer Services have a record of my request for cancellation (as well as an apparent request for reinstatement - whoever it came from, it wouldn't have been from me, although I do wonder whether my ex might have pulled a fast one). I haven't kept any email correspondence from that long ago to confirm either development on my end; as I didn't live at the address in question, I don't have any copies of written correspondence - and neither do Sky, it seems. Sky customer service are apparently unable to write me a letter confirming my account history - despite talking me through it on the phone - which seems a little odd. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. OK to keep it short and sweet, I have TV, Phone & Broad band with these muppets the broadband and phone service went down for 15 days to the extent where they had to dig the road up to repair the line. To insult me they would only compensate me £4 off an £87 bill, I said to them you failed to provide me with the service I have paid for therefore I would get at least 30% of the bill knocked off, they declined and said £4 was fair. Surely thats never right?
  6. I am trying to move my sky to my new address, I am aware that I am tied into a contract as I recently upgraded to fibre optic in October. When I got no response from the online form, I phoned them to complete the transaction. They told me they couldn't activate the homemove as my fibre optic hadn't been activated as yet, presumably at this point I as they hadn't provided the service, I would not be in a contract and could have cancelled, they asked me to phone back the day after. As if by magic the fibre optic was activated the day after and a BT engineer came out at 8am to check the line. I phoned back to be told they still can't activate the homemove as their computers have had an upgrade and are charging £65 for the new hub, which should be free, I have the option to wait until they have sorted this issue or pay the £65, which will eventually be reimbursed or credited on my bill, surely this is extortion?!? The customer service operater is going to ring me back in 2 days, to see if the problem with their system is sorted. I am concerned as I am moving in 10 days and need the Sky installed before Christmas. I have asked to cancel the contract, but they are now stating the the fibre optic upgrade has been backdated to October, when it was originally ordered. Do I have any grounds to cancel if they can't provide the homemove service, and didn't activate my fibre optic for 2 months. Do they have any rights to charge me £65 for a free service on the proviso it will eventually be refunded?
  7. hi ive got sky and the multi room box and all was good until i received a letter saying they were gunna charge me full for the multi room unless i could prove the box was in my house as i didnt have a phone line to the box , so i rigged up a temparary line from the front of my house through the lounge and dining room and into the conservatory they said the signal was there and that the charge would not happen but they didnt say by the way you need a full time line and i thought that was the end of it , To my horror as i dont really look at my bank statements my wife does that and she thought it was a normal amount as we have tv phone and broadband, but we came back from holiday and i happened to open and bank statement and saw that they were over charging, i ran them and they said that has been the case for over 2 years amounting to over £1000 , they basically said tuff and they would not be refunding , that cannot be right , i know i should of paid more attention to my bank ststements and would of picked this up earlier but we are lucky that we have good jobs and are always in the black i know we are fortunate but as i said my wife thought it was normal, can anyone help as this is surely not right that they can just take £40 odd per month extra just because no phone line , they also havent written to us since i proved the box was at our address or a phone call to say do you know we are charging you double they have just kept taking and surely this isnt right anyone have this experience with sky i would appreciate any help
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Has anyone got a phone number for Sky BB problems ?.
  9. Put the TV on and all the Sky layout has changed, different colours, different font different everything. I suppose this has cost Sky an extortionate amount of money to be rebranded and for what? Why cant companies just leave things alone, it like Tesco we now have a big sign up saying hello!! whats that all about, I am going there to shop not pass the time of day. If I want Sky I will have it regardless of the colour of the writing, if I want to shop at Tesco I will, a sign saying hello isnt going to either encourage or discourage me. And dont get me started on why they changed the name of Opal fruits or marathons.
  10. Sky believed I owed something daft like £6, which I paid on the phone when I tried to turn ont he service again. I then got a bill for £66 for a few weeks usage. I moved house and now have a letter from BC solicitors talking aout my previous supply address. Nothing on my credit file/ Actions? I clearly cant take this odd bill up with Sky anymore. Bryan, if you're watching this thread, get ready,
  11. Hi, hope this is the correct section of the forum. Sky have disconnected my brothers phone without permission or warning, he's not even a sky customer. When he complained they said it would be 2 weeks before it could be put right (industry standard) and they couldn't guarantee he would get the old number back. He needs to complain in writing so who does he contact and what legislation relates to this please. BT have given him a different number for now, but it's going to be a real pain if he has to advise everyone of a new number, and he will no doubt miss calls in the meantime. Surely if a provider makes a mistake of this kind they should put it right immediately, pay compensation etc. Thanks for any advice Wooks
  12. Hi Cancelled Sky B/B & TV & Phone. Made various complaints about loss of service etc - paying out and not getting acceptable B/B speed. Paid up everything inc extra £81 which was following months payments to take to cancellation date- which they gave me. Switched to Plusnet who are loads cheaper and better service, using freeview for TV. Now received letter showing "early termination fee" of 34.75 AND threatening being passed over to Debt Collection Agency. My questions are How do I raise serious dispute with Sky and is there a process/ template letters to follow? Thank you benji
  13. Hi Caggers, Quick summary. I previously had a BT landline and broadband from BE. Sky have acquired BE. So I was told that if I migrated from BE to Sky early and moved my landline to Sky I would get a large discount on broadband. I did this a couple of months ago and paid for 12 months line rental + 12 months broadband in advance. The line rental transferred without any fuss on the 30th July. I was told that a MAC code was not required to switch the broadband over since BE was now part of Sky. So I assumed that all had gone through smoothly and I was now connected to Sky's broadband network. So I was surprised to receive a bill from BE a few weeks ago for the period in which I believed I had been swapped to Sky broadband. Sky customer service confirmed that I had not been on their broadband network. Numerous phone calls and hours on the phone have solved nothing as everytime I get close to having the problem resolved I am transferred to someone else and cut off. I wrote to Sky Complaints Dept 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Where should I go from here?
  14. My Sky multiroom had both boxes in the same room with the links going to TV's throughout the house. With one SKY+HD box and one SKY+ box. SKY have stopped using the 'thomson' sky + box and according to them now only use the SKY+ HD box. They have recpnfigured their system of sending which means the Thomson box they installed does not now work! They will replace it with a SKY+HD box AND NOTHING ELSE, This would give me two identical boxes in the same location which use the same hand controller and therefore act agaisnt each other and take away all multi room functionality. Only solution they are offering is to put teh second sky box in another room which if ypou think about it still leaves me with teh same problem as the hand controller operates through teh infra red links throughout teh house. My multi room installation has therefore been totally removed and can only operate as a two room facility - SKY seem to be stuck when tehy look at this because they have stopped using a seperate SKY + box. if anyone understands my problem from the above - HELP. I am finding SKY totally unhelpful.
  15. i moved into my property in jan 08, the first thing i did was to get sky installed, they was already a dish on the side of the house but the engineer put the new one on the front, come april/may we started to get poor quality signal and the picture was freezing, so i called them up and they came out, they said it was due to a tree over the road which funnily enough had some leafs on, with it being spring, and because they put it up in january when the tree was bare this was the reason for the picture, so they moved the dish maybe a metre higher, i asked them why they simply did,nt just use the dish on the side of the house, which is still there to this day, and they said everything would be okay now, but the last few months the picture has been really poor especially in windy or bad weather, i phoned them several times, i suggested that the tree might have grown but they want to charge me £65 call out fee, which i,m not happy about, i pay between £115 - £130 a month for there package so why should i have to pay for them to fix a problem which was fault to start with, any ideas what to do next, there is nothing wrong with any of the equipment provided by sky, (which as there agent pointed out is out of warrenty) it was put in the wrong place by the engineer, which i told them till i was blue in the face, and then i was told nothing could be done until i paid the call out fee, whats my next move?
  16. Morning all, I did start writing out an earlier post but its disappeared on me phone!! So apologies if this appears twice! I've been with Sky for years & I have my landline, broadband & Tv etc with them @ £105 a month (it recently went up again). The broadband connection sucked but due to where I live options at the time were limited to Sky or BT & they said no to us as 5 houses already had the infinity service (something to do with the box?) So we just put up with Sky's broadband until beginning of August, when during an upgrade call with EE the agent asked me about my broadband service. I told him it sucked etc & before you know it I'm agreeing for them to take it over! The call was recorded by myself & I've got to say the EE agent is very good at his job as I was totally drawn in by the service they offered & the speeds I would get (I get just under 2mgs with Sky & he offered 12mgs on EE at a great price) Anyways he told me I didn't have to do a thing as EE do it all from getting in touch with Sky & taking the line over & so forth, all I had to do was just say yes. He also said I had 14 days in which I could cancel the broadband takeover. So I told my son's about this great offer from EE & my eldest told me to cancel it. As we are due to move shortly & new house can have fibre optic & with 4 PS3, laptops, tablets, phones etc the fibre optic would be better for us. Next morning I received a letter from Sky saying sorry your leaving us & that the broadband & land line would cease on 22 August unless I cancelled the take over. So I called EE & spent over 20 mins on phone trying to cancel the broadband takeover, the EE agent tried everything possible to convince me not to cancel. I admit I was wavering but stuck to saying no. Some of what he did say was unbelievable as he told me I wouldn't have any broadband service at all if I cancelled! I was like why as you haven't taken the line over as yet & I'm just 4 days into the 14 day cancellation period. He then back tracked saying he thought my service was up & running. So I asked will you be letting Sky know I'm cancelling the takeover & for them to carry on until I move house. Yes he says, its now cancelled & he seemed a bit abrupt. I did receive an email confirming the cancellation of the broadband takeover. That was it over & done with so I thought. Until 2 weeks later on the 22 August I find my broadband was not working. So I called Sky & asked them what the issue was. I'm sure you know what's coming but it took me by surprise. My broadband & land line were cancelled due to EE taking them over. So I've now no broadband or land line what so ever as EE did not inform Sky that I had cancelled the EE takeover. All Sky could do was offer me a new 12mth contract, which I wasn't willing to do as we move very shortly, so I've ended up with no Broadband or land line service!! I'm not very happy about it nor are my sons! So just be warned don't get caught out as I have been as I believed EE when they said they take care of everything, unless you cancel it seems!! But it has made me question what went wrong? As if I had say changed my Gas & Electric service from BG to ANON & then cancelled the takeover within the 14 day cooling off period would that mean I would end up with no gas or electric just because I changed my mind to stay with BG??
  17. I have been looking at the latest offers for home phone and broadband recently. Noticed that EE have a really good offer; currently 6 months half price with £100 cashback if I sign up through Top Cashback! I'm currently with O2 for my broadband and phone and have been since February 2013 but I would like to cancel. I was expecting some kind of reward / discount when SKY take over their services but I havent been offered anything. Can I cancel? Would it cost me? Am I better staying put?
  18. Hello, i'm going to try and make this short and to the point. I joined Sky, signed up to all 3 deals (phone, internet, tv). had phone and internet connected. Due to tv breaking and replacement time, had the tv service installed six months later. at this point sky realised they had not taken any direct debits for 6 months for phone charges. They billed me in one go (£180). i could not afford to pay bill in one go. Sky cut my tv service off. Many phone calls later Sky admitted this was their fault, but refused to re connect me. i wrote to their c.e.o. got call from someone in executive office. I suggested they take direct debit for my normal monthly bills, and allow me to pay the outstanding amount in installments. They said no, but reconnected me and it was agreed I pay £40 on the 30th of each month. i actually made two payments that month, but they cut me off again at the beginning of the next month, saying I had broken my payment plan as I had not made a payment on the 30th. I explained that was for the next payment the next month (as I had made two payments that month). But there seems to be little in the way of common sense at sky. They refused to restore my service until the whole amount had been paid off - now over £200, despite this being their fault. The next morning my phone line was restricted. I feel totally bullied and cornered. I sent yet another email to the ceo. My husband, who is at home recovering from a heart attack and thus not working, finally paid the amount in full, as the stress of dealing with sky is too much, and I need an active phone line. This has now put us in a very difficult financial situation. Do I have any grounds to take this to the small claims court?
  19. Hi, I just wanted to share my experience as a warning to others. My mother had a similar experience with retention or sales staff offering things that never transpired. Below is my Email to Sky. When you call to cancel - please don't be like us and believe their lies. I called to cancel my Sky subscriptions in February or March of this year as I wanted to avail of your competitor, Virgin's offer. I was offered a good discount for 12 months making my bill for Sky TV, Broadband and Talk equal to £20 per month. Prior to being offered this your sales or retention staff said 'first we're going to give you Sky Movies free for a month, OK?' then transferred me to another advisor. At no time did he advise that I had to give you notice to cancel Sky Movies or I would be charged. The next advisor made the agreement above for 12 months at £20 and we left it at that. I called to query whether I had to cancel the Sky Movies and was told that I was 2 days late, but the advisor stated that she would get a credit on my account to ensure I wasn't charged, and if she could not, that she would ring me back. Neither the discount nor the call transpired. I took the extra cost of Sky Movies on the chin, and let it slide. I have looked at all my bills since and all the discounts I was promised have not been applied, my billing price went back to the standard price before the call. I called this evening and spoke to a gentleman in your call centre who assured me that he would sort these issues out, he was silent for long periods then the phone went dead - disconnected tone. I am going to submit an indemnity claim for the direct debits taken in breach of our agreement and will be taking up your competitors offer forthwith. Since you are in breach of our agreement I do not believe I am required to give you a months notice. You will find my Direct Debit mandate has been cancelled. I will be submitting a Data Subject Access Request to obtain a copy of the call. I will gladly take this to court if you wish, and will be sharing my experience online and with all my friends and family and with everyone and anyone who will listen. Yours sincerely,
  20. I moved 5 months ago to sky talk, that is TV, internet and phone. To be honest i was tempted with their 6 months free broadband package and BT would not match it. I have no complaints with Sky TV or phone, it is the internet My internet speed is only 6 meg, TO BE HONEST IT IS TOTAL PANTS I cannot even watch you tube as the voices have to catch up with the pictures I have ended all open programs in device manager, i have even deleted Firefox and used internet explorer to speed up bandwidth Sky overall is OK, but the broadband does not live up to expectation, after 12 months i will reluctantly be going back to BT
  21. Ok so Sky agreed to remove termination charges from my TV Service as i am moving home soon and the land lord will not have a dish on the side of the house but agreed for Virgin to be installed but today i thought id catch up on some programs ive missed in the week to find my TV services have been restricted to freeview and no catch up on demand termination date was agreed for the 3rd July 2013. I currently have the full lot, TV, Broadband, Movies, Line Rental costing me £60 a month I was disappointed really as they still want termination charges for the broadband and line rental but one i cannot afford them at the minute and two i don't see why i should have to pay them when it isn't my fault that the land lord won't allow me to have it installed. So now ive ordered Virgin to be installed on the day we move into our new house but sky are now getting all mardy because ive said im going over to Virgin
  22. Hi, im new here , back in 2004 I had to move out of my council property because of a fire whilst living there for just over a year I was using pre paymemt meters for gas and electric I had to prove to british gas with a tenancy agreement when I moved in and out as they were trying to chase me for a debt I clearly did not owe. british gas have sold the debt to bc&w who are now chasing me for the same debt. I have e mailed them but not yet has a response. What else can I do? Also I am being chased for a debt which I know for certain I dont owe sky have sold a debt to a company whom ive already contacted and told them ive never had a sky account they said I had to prove it I refesued to do this because I know I have never had a sky account all of this is puttinv loads if pressure on me and my family what can I do
  23. Hi, I'm new here but really impressed with forum. I try to describe my issue shortly. I have Sky TV from 3 weeks. Last Friday i lost TV and landline - it was message please call 0844... to subscribe ... I talk to advisor via chat on Friday 14th and t she said I lost service because i did not send back contract. What contract i ask? They never send me anything and i find here in different thread that '' you don't actually sign contracts with sky - you accept their terms and conditions when you activate the card and or new equipment - its from February 2013. And she advise me to call help desk because just by phone i can resolve problem with no TV i cal and number didin't work . Sunday i talk to different advisor via chat he promised the team will investigate my issue in 72h. Nobody contact me but services back Monday 17th afternoon time. But what is real issue today i get letter from Sky and they say : We're happy to confirm your Sky TV Account will be reinstated from 15th June. .... With your current special offer, you monthly charge will be £37.75 until your offer ends. Your next payment will be £55.50 this amount may look a bit odd if you're reinstating your Sky TV mid-month because it reflect the lenght of time between you reinstatement and the date payments for you subscription are due to be made. And it is a issue because they gave me different price for TV, i take it just because price was £15.50 minus i think £1,60. So why now they want to charge me £37.75. Reinstated - what other advisor said is like put back my TV service so i need to pay for that if it wasn't my fault i loose service, as all my payments are up to date and always was. I have broadband since 2012 everything was ok. Just wondering what is the best thing to do make complaint or what , i don't want to pay for service i didin't have for 3 days and that letter with different price the just make me really upset. Sorry bit long
  24. I subscribed to NowTV which is powered by Sky , they took my first month payment straight away via my debit card. Within 24 hours Sky decided to deactivate my account they are claiming i owe them money. I have never had Sky before as i've always been with Virgin media. I asked NowTV for a refund and am now being sent on a merry dance. Am i right in thinking Sky have to fully refund me the money they took as it was them who cancelled the service not me? Thanks in advance.
  25. Ok so for the past 8 days ive had signal loss issues few times in the day which also results in my recordings failing when i check to why it says signal loss, i emailed sky the first day it happened and has no reply from them also tried to get in contact on there phone number but says not available some big maintenance work going on at the moment. Ive basically had enough i could be in the middle of watching something on tv and the signal will just drop sometimes for a couple of hours, also the broadband is awful, i keep getting oops sorry your modem appears to be offline when i click get back online button nothing happens basically had enough and thinking of ****ing this whole thing off and going elsewhere i am paying these £60 a month for what, a dropped service every day. Is there anyway to get out of this contract with an early termination fee also what ombudsman do sky use and i want to appeal this as they use BT for there engineers which are by far the worst people i have ever dealt with the first time my broadband wasnt touching 3mb
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