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Found 139 results

  1. Vauxhall has warned owners of around 3,000 vehicles to stop driving them until they have been inspected because of a steering problem. The UK carmaker said those affected are Adam and Corsa/Corsavan models registered since May 2014, which had been manufactured with a steering system part "that did not meet specification". The discovery was made during a routine quality control exercise at two of the firm's manufacturing plants - one in Germany and one in Spain. The company said it was not aware of any accident or injury related to the issue. Vauxhall said: "As a precaution, these vehicles should not be driven prior to inspection. "Vauxhall puts the safety and convenience of its customers first and as this condition concerns their safety, the company is taking immediate action." The firm said customers could check on their website from today, whether their vehicle was affected, and that it would also contact buyers directly. It added: "Alternatively customers can call the Vauxhall customer assistance centre for advice on 0800 026 0034 between 9am and 5.30pm." http://news.sky.com/story/1343012/vauxhall-recall-warning-over-corsa-steering
  2. For those people that were transfered from O2 to SKY, beware of what SKY is trying to do, they are trying to make you pay for services you are NOT getting. Here is my story: Everything was ok, that is, until I received the bill. On 6th Febuary 2014, I received an e-mail, saying, Welcome to sky, entitled Confirmation of your payment details. I read it, because I didn't actually confirm anything with sky regarding such details. Plus, they were already taking money from me, I presumed all was ok. What a shock I got, I am, or was, to be billed £32.42. I know I had received an e-mail, again from SKY, saying that February’s payment would not be collected, but unfortunately I deleted that mail, and I thought that e-mail was in part goodwill gesture for all the interruption during the switch-over from O2 to sky. you can imagine my shock to get a bill from them, not only for the days I did not get any service, but also for the month of March, which I will not be using anyway, because I asked for a MAC code and am transferring out from SKY. I looked at the bill very carefully, as I wanted to know exactly what I’m paying for, and this is the part I almost had a heart attack, I’m being billed for services...wait for it....that I’m NOT getting. Yes, you heard that right, it's not an error....I’ll be paying for services, I'M NOT GETTING!!!! At this point, I’m fuming, I’m ready to go pvp on someone. I contacted SKY, and their excuse was something along the lines that. ..I’m paying an excess for those people that want the package to make it more attractive to get it. I'm paying for something I’m not getting to make it attractive to someone else? Um...I don't think so. This was not part of the contract I didn't sign or agree to, nor was it ever explained to me in advance of moving over to SKY. If it had been, I wouldn't have moved or let it go ahead over to SKY in the first place. I made a few posts and rant on facebook page and on the phone. All to no avail. However, SKY is well informed that I will NOT be paying the bill, nor will any such bill ever be paid for by me at any time to anyone. If SKY wishes to pursue this bill, I’ll be charging legal services at minimum wage, per hour. I am charging minimum wage because I’m not legally trained, but I do know some people that are, and will have no problem pursuing it all the way to court. I have to charge a fee, because this is wasting my time and effort, plus, it's like me paying for their imaginary services I’m not getting, I’m applying an imaginary charge for my time and effort. overall, I’m very disgusted with SKY, hiding fees and charging for rubbish that it's there, I call that fraud. At very least, it's misleading and borderline theft. will use any and all legal avenues to pursue this, and I will go to the high court if needed. I have cancelled all direct debits and standing orders concerning sky, and I’ll see you in court.
  3. My parents needed help in changing their phone/ broadband provider because their bills are expensive. Today, I signed them to a deal from sky, but this deal seems too good to be true. It is a 12 month contract with phone line and broadband at a cost of £192.00 But they will also receive £192.00 in marks and spencer vouchers. I am just wondering what the catch is? Essentially the phone line and broadband are free for a year because of the vouchers! Is there a catch to this?
  4. I wonder if someone can help me. I have sky broadband. They are refusing to allow me out of my 12 month contract. i never received any terms and conditions. it was all on the phone. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. On the 23/07/14 my wife phoned up to cancel our sky account as we were moving a couple of days later on the 26/07/14 - they told us that would be fine but we may have to pay in lieu of notice. we had already taken a new account for the new address online but my name rather than my wifes as the offer seemed good. so we assumed that the direct debit taken on the 30/07 was the final bill, however we then had a dd taken on the 28/08/2014 - so this time I went online to investigate. They had cancelled our phone and broadband but not until the 11/08/2014 but were still charging us for the TV packages - worse still the new tenant had been using our landline to call mobiles up until the 11th, only £15 but thats not the point. We called sky today but they would not give us a refund and said we would have to give them another 31 days notice to stop tv package and we would be billed again. We told them the above information but they said there was no action on the system, obviously I pointed out to them that I had proof on my bill that I called and the call lasted 13 minutes and they concurred that my account had been accessed that day but no action taken. I said considering we were moving and I can prove that why else would I phone sky other than to cancel ? I wasnt talking about the weather for ten minutes. I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor but got told repeatedly there was no managers about - I doubt this is the case !! Got told to go online where I got passed from complaints to disconnection team again and after an hour of discussion got told the same - can cancel today giving 31 days notice and still have to pay. Surely this isnt right !!!!. Do I have any hope of getting our money back ? as good as thievery from my bank account !!!
  6. Sorry if this is in wrong section, feel free to redirect. My daughters having problems with Sky. They agreed verbally that if she paid part of her monthly bill that if she paid part of her bill they wouldn't cut her off and she could make the difference up in the next bill. She therefore reversed part of her card payment leaving approx £63 with the Sky and £25 reverting back to her bank account. Sky insists the whole £88 was returned to her bank and her bank insists that only £25 was returned to her account. Sky cut her TV etc off for non payment and she's now getting threats from a DCA on behalf of Sky. Neither Sky or the bank will alter their position. She stopped paying them altogether as far as she's concerned they're in breach of contract for cutting her off and mislaying her money. I intend to make a complaint to the communication ombudsman but not sure what else can be done if both the bank or Sky are adament of their position. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello I am going to apologise if this post begins a bit 'rambly', but I feel I need to fill you in on some background information. Approximately 6 months ago Sky TV sent me a letter alleging I owed them some money for an account at my home address that I do not remember having as I still live at my Mum's and have no bills in my name. I began to dispute the issue with them and have not heard off them for around 4 months. Fast forward to present day and I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a Now TV box. I paid £10 for it and bought a £4.99 entertainment package (which coincidentally is non- refundable). I set the box up, get excited about the films my sister and I can watch when perusing the guide............... ...........and then BAM!! Now TV cancel my packages which I have paid for because of this account Sky alleges I have. I cannot get in touch with Now TV unless I go through Sky customer services as Now TV have closed my account which means I cannot email them. I spoke to James from Sky TV's Leeds Customer Service base tonight for over 25 minutes. He was most unhelpful and kept telling me that he could not disclose when the account was from due to the Data Protection Act, but when challenged that under this very same Act, I could access my data, he got flustered. He also denied me the opportunity of talking to his manager or supervisor. Can anyone advise me of next steps? I either want my Now TV subscription reinstated, or a full refund of the £14.99 I have paid so far. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello , Some background to my problem. I have been a Sky customer for a good few years on the old " anytime " package, with daytime calls as a add on [ £5 PM]. Last week we decided that due to us both using our mobiles & not using the daytime add on we would cancel it. Called Sky & explained we did`t use it so could we cancel it, they also offered us a lower price on our BB. All well & good until we get a letter informing us that we are now on the " weekend " package, this does not include evening calls or international calls as our previous package did. We called Sky & explained that at no time were we informed that this would be the case, no one informed us that we would lose our evening calls & internationals too. Having called Sky & explained the situation they said they would listen in to the phone call regarding our call. They have contacted us & informed us that the original call contained "no wrong doing " . When i checked this new package it is as basic as it can get, we can`t even use the phone of an evening now without incurring charges, lost our international calls but we can for a for a price have all this back . We feel conned that no one informed us of this , we simply wanted to cancel the day time facility not the " anytime " package but the inclusion of the BB reduction offer has changed our package & removed another customer off this now redundant package [ the real aim here i feel] . Absolutely disgusted at this underhand trick. I have today phoned them & informed them of our displeasure & they say we can write in & complain, although that in it`s self is an assault course designed to frustrate & hopefully we will just give up. Not happy in the least. Is there any advise on this as we feel very conned. Paddy.
  9. Have been having severe broadband connection issues with Sky for 7 weeks now. Without going over every problem the main ones are 1. Taking up to 50 minutes to connect to broadband. 2. Once connected I get thrown off again after a few minutes although, at times, the connection just freezes. 3. Download speeds severely restricted down from 900kbps average to 130kbps. 4. The need to continually reboot Sky Hub. Have phoned and emailed Sky and always told "it will be sorted out and we'll get back within 72 hours". They do not. Have sent a complaint letter to customer services but no reply. I'm thinking Sky are ignoring me. Any suggestions on what my next move should be would be helpful?
  10. Hi All, Just been reading another thread and thought I would re-post about my problem with Welcome Finance. I took out a secured loan in 2006, the property was repo'd by the original mortgage lender (I gave them the keys instead of going to court). Welcome got a payout of 10G from the sale, I thought that was that. About two years ago they came back to me demanding a further 10G as it was a shortfall, so began a very long and inevitably fruitless complaint with Welcome. All until the last letter that I had which stated: "The loan was pre-paid, which means the loan was in CREDIT at that time not necessarily settled" I've sent my complaint to the FSCS on the advice of the FOS, however am I right in thinking that they should have settled the loan and gone no further? As they are a failed company guess they are trying to get as much money off people as possible.
  11. http://news.sky.com/story/1283024/kfc-asked-girl-to-leave-over-scarred-face
  12. I recently phoned to cancel my contract with Sky as I had reached the end of the contract and had started sharing my neighbours wifi for £10 a month. I spoke to a guy in the retentions department at Sky who offered me a deal of £12.70 a month which I thought was brilliant and I accepted as it was only £2.70 more than sharing wifi with my neighbour plus it included a phone line and up until now I'd been happy with Sky. I asked the guy on the phone quite clearly "is this all I need to pay sky a month?" and he replied yes. I also asked him if it would stay that price for the full 12 months of the contract. He said it would remain the same. Sky are charging me twice as much as this sales agent offered and Sky are refusing to listen to the conversation made with this sales agent. I had an email from them today to say they had phoned me and were going to put me through to another department to talk about some offers to reduce my bill. I don't think this is good enough. I no longer trust anything they say on the phone and I certainly don't want to be phoned at dinnertime to be passed from department to department. I just want them to honour the contract I entered into. Does anyone have any advice? as I don't think I should accept anything less than what I originally signed up for. Feel like I've been duped! Thanks in advance for any advice offered :O)
  13. Yesterday I logged into the Sky website and went to my account to downgrade. I requested that the HD subscription be removed as with our eyesights, we cannot see the difference between standard TV and the HD channels. I advised that I was aware of the 31 day cancellation period. I emphasise that I was logged in when the email was sent. Today I have received an email rejecting the request as per the following; We have received a request to make a change to your Sky account. Unfortunately we don’t have all the security information we require to be able to process the request. To complete this action we need to speak to you as we don’t recommend providing security details in writing. We need you to contact us on 08442 410 973 to confirm the security information which will allow us to complete the request. If we do not hear from you then we will take no action on your account, meaning all details and/or services will remain unchanged and active. If you do not want us to process any request on your account then no further action is required from you We look forward to hearing from you. Can they reject my request even though I can upgrade without any security checks etc and the fact that I was logged in. We do not want to phone them as the 0844 number is chargeable by the minute and you can spend up to 20 minutes on the phone.
  14. Just annoyed really Upgraded to sky fibre install date yesterday (7th) Came home normal Internet cut off no Internet at all Rang them twice told defiantly yesterday. Ring again today now told "oh its going to be a week And why oh why does their help line keep saying if your Internet is down check our website for help
  15. Ok here's my story. I have had sky tv for around 5 years. I was on direct debit payment , my bank account got shut down and I called sky to switch to invoice payment. At first they outright said I could not switch payment method but after a lot of arguing they agreed and when I log into my sky account online my payment method states : invoice. First month : don't receive my invoice. I call they check, state it's been sent already bit re issue and I pay. Second month: same again Third month : same again Fourth month : today. Call staying no invoice been received state I'm reporting this issue to Royal Mail as there seems to be an issue. I get put on hold, then get told I was never on invoice, they can't switch me to it, none of the invoices were ever sent and I wasn't ever charged for the invoice service. They said their preferred method is continuous direct debit and I said I simply can't as I don't have a bank account again yet. They said they will call me back later after investigating this but I have a feeling they are going to try and force the DD issue again. Any advice for when they call back please ?
  16. Hi guys I got a random letter through yesterday from a dca saying I owe sky £101, now since I have only had my current sky subscription for six months and it is fully up to date my assumption is that this relates to an old sky account I had. The last account I had in my name was back when I lived with my mum and we changed it to her partners name when hd came out so he could get a new customer deal that I wasn't entitled to so since I moved out of my mums seven years ago this debt is stat barred if it ever existed at all. Could someone point me in the direction of a statute barred template for Scotland please? I went looking but couldn't find it.
  17. Hi We were will with Sky Fibre Broadband for a year. Throughout the course of the year we experienced problem after problem with the speed. We have rung up Sky on numerous occassions to complain. In Jan 14 they offered us deal on the broadband which meant a recontract (12 month term) which we did. We continued to experience problems with the speed. We had a conversation with a lady from sky tech team in March and she arranged for a new modem router to be sent and she said clearly that if it does not sort out the problem we can come out of the contract. Last week I signed up to Virgin and cancelled my sky. Sky said there would be an early termination fee on the broadband. I tried to explain to them that we were told that if the speed does not improve from the new modem we can come out of the contract. I told their cancellations team to review the taped conversation with lady from there tech team. They then transferred me to the tech team and I agreed for them to send an engineer out to check the broadband. The engineer came out the day before virgin were going to install. The engineer advised me that the original installation was not done correctly hence the drop in speed. I told him to put it in his report. Sky are still trying to trying to charge an early termination fee. Surely they can't do this as they never provided the service I paid for. Can anyone please advise me what to do. Thanks
  18. Hi all, I've already had a search around the pages here and have seen plenty about this collection agency, but just wanted to confirm that the best course of action is to totally ignore them? I closed my account with Sky back in September 2013 and as far as I am aware had no outstanding payments due. BPO have started calling on my mobile semi-regularly (once or twice a week) and have sent a couple of emails (although these went straight into my junk folder). Thus far I haven't answered the phone nor responded to the emails - if I should be doing anything to the contrary, it would be great to know. Thanks guys!
  19. Hi everyone, I have a slightly different twist on what seems to be a common occurrence on here, although I'm not sure if it belongs here or the debt forums. I'll try to be as succint as possible. A couple of years ago, we cancelled Sky as we didn't need it anymore. We told them via their online chat, and the operative said that was all fine. The direct debit was cancelled, and we thought nothing more of it. We then got a phone call from Sky chasing a tiny amount ( We explained that it wasn't owed because we'd cancelled. They said they had no record of it, and when we told which method we used, we're told that we didn't follow the cancellation policy (but they accepted our cancellation so as far as we're concerned, we did). They still said we owed the amount, which we disputed, but said if they could prove we owed it, we'd happily pay (e.g., which month is this amount for, pre or post-cancellation). These phone calls continued over a few weeks, and each time we said the same: Sure, if we owe this, show us how and we'll pay. We never got this proof, so again, thought nothing of it. Then, out of the blue, a letter from a DCA (I forget which). A brief, but extremely irritating phone call to them explaining the situation. They were having none of it, but eventually agreed to "return the debt" to Sky and sent a letter advising us they'd done it. Again, we proceeded to forget about it. About a year ago, we had a threatening (but mostly empty threat) from Past Due Credit (a different DCA from the first). What followed was an exchange of emails with their complaints department. Essentially, I pointed out that Sky had not contacted me with proof of the debt, and they were chasing a debt which they knew was disputed. They were adament that Sky had, but refused to prove it. I pointed out that chasing someone for a debt they cannot prove exists has civil and criminal repercussions. This went backwards and forwards with me sending very strong evidence-based emails and getting dismissive one line replies. I kept reiterating that if Sky believes the amount was owed, they are welcome to contact me directly with an explanation. What irritated me most is they explicitly said that if we didn't pay, they'd send the debt back to Sky and we'd get contacted by another DCA. So they pretty much admitted that Sky and their "team" of DCA minions would harass me until I paid up. I was pretty much threatening legal action against Past Due Credit for harassment, which was something they were dismissive about. Eventually, they produced a flimsy PDF letter which they said was sent months prior (it wasn't) with a note that they wouldn't reply to me anymore. I also asked for contact details of the people in Sky responsible for instructing them, and they repeatedly refused to provide it. (At the time, I was all for filing a county court claim against them for compensation, which I told them I'd do, but as their silence continued, I, naturally, forgot about it got on with my life.) we knew it was coming, but today, debt collector number three has emailed threatening legal action unless we pay the amount that Sky are refusing to justify. It's pretty disgusting that they use this tactic to "wear down" debtors into paying up. I want to do something, but it's such a mess that I don't know what to do. I'm thinking I can either: 1) Send a complaint letter to Sky with copies of all the emails with Past Due (which sum up just how pathetic they've behaving), possibly CC it to debt collector number three. 2) Send a Cease and Desist letter to the same people. 3) Ignore it, knowing I'll get these stock letters and emails periodically, and probably for the rest of my life, and just keep ignoring. For me, the matter is now beyond the measily amount I may or may not have owed them. Ideally, I want compensation for the time it's taken me to deal with this situation which has been all their own making. Is it reasonable to ask for compensation? Am I right in thinking that it's both a criminal and civil offence to chase debts that essentially 'don't exist'? What's the best thing to do in this situation? Ironically, we still ger marketing calls from Sky asking us to come back! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  20. I'm so angry right now I could crush a grape I, like many others dont have the opportunity to have our broad band routers in the same room as the TV and sky box so we can have the pleasure of watching on demand TV. So when I heard about this little device I though yippee I can now watch on demand on the TV instead of my laptop. So I ordered one. It came today, I got quite excited, I know, small things please small minds and so on.... So I set about setting it up, then I heard on the sky start up page that existing customers can get them free. Oh I thought, I didnt see that when I ordered. Anyway made a mental note to find out more about it and carried on setting this up. But alas it didnt work. I went online to have a look and see what the problem was. My box seemed compatible as my box was a R008 and all you needed was a R004 or higher, which I had. Hmm I though, I must have a faulty connector box. They do look rather cheap and no bigger than a credit card. It certainly didnt look like it would cost more than a pound to make. Anyway just to make sure I hooked it up on a friends sky box and it worked, however the signal was terrible and interfered with the sky. Moved it nearer to the router and it was fine, (6ft away). This wasnt going to do as my TV is in another room 15 ft away and I cant move the TV nearer the router and visa versa. Hence why I ordered one. So I got sky up on chat as I didnt want to pay for the call and at 5p a min, I didnt want to rack up a huge phone bill as I knew there was a possibility I would have to wait. I explained to this person that the mini box didnt seem to work with my sky box and they said they would send another, I said it was pointless as my box is not compatible and the mini box was ok, but they wouldnt have it even though I didnt want a new box, the conversation went on quite a bit. We also discussed about the payment of the mini box and that I had found out that it was free to existing customers. Well this isnt technically true. If you have connected via an ethernet cable in the past you dont get a free one. How on earth was I meant to know that, dosnt say it in the advert. But at the bottom of the page in small black writing, way way down the page, where you have to scroll down quite a bit and after a load of gumph there it is. The place where you order it dosnt even refer to anything of the sort. Very bad advertising. The chat goes on and I ask what can be done, she kindly offers me to have an engineer out at a charge of £60 to come and set it up for me. That was it I told her not to reorder one (for the 3rd time) and to not send an engineer round. I then decided to call sky, which I know I should of in the first place. It gets worse. I was put through tech support and after checking my box I was told that my box was not compatible She then tells me that they couldnt send me out the one I needed because the stupid person on chat had ordered a replacement. She would have to cancel that and then once that was cancelled they would send me a new one at no cost!!! This could have taken some time and by this time I was getting pretty pee'd off at the whole sorry situation. After this call I checked the website, on another page that took me ages to find, after clicking my way round the site again, also at the very bottom of the page it gives the full details on what you need, on a drop down menu. How do they expect you to find this, especially people who are not very well net literate. Im quite good at finding and checking stuff, but even I had difficulty finding it. My machine is a year out of date. Many are older, so what happens to those people who want to watch demand, oh yeah they would have to pay to get a newer model, Nice one sky My machine is 4 years old, the machine I tried it on to check was 2 years old. A year ago they started making sky boxes with wifi built in. Can you see the irony here??? They advertise this mini box for people who received a skybox 2 years ago, before that you need another mini box or a different set of connectors. So sky, just dont worry about those who have a sky box that is over 2 years old, dont tell them you need a mini box that isnt advertised very well on your website if at all. You just let them waste their time and money on something that will not work and get frustrated, ordered a new one only for the same thing to happen again, or even worse have an engineer out and be told its not compatable for the meager sum of £60 and still be no further forward. They seem to forget those who have been customers for more than 2 years. As for a free box, well I used on demand 4 years ago when it first came out, I happened to move very shortly afterwards, which many people do and could not connect to my router so didnt use it, however because I had onced registered and watched it 4 years ago I wasnt entitled to a free mini box. So, Thank you sky, you have just lost another customer! Not that I think they would care much Thanks for reading my lovelies and if you do buy a mini box you have now been educated on the pros and that 'c' word that I cant use in here. Not the rude 'c' word mind Hello to all my friends in here Im still about somewhere on the net keeping very busy
  21. I have just moved into my own house, which service is best Sky or Virgin Media?
  22. For the last two years or so our Sky broadband service has been pretty good...CT postcode. Then a couple of weeks ago - continual failure to load webpages, 'timed out' messages, can't watch i-Player,Youtube etc. Checked out their Help Forum....blimey....loads and loads saying the same thing. Rang Sky and went through the whole stupid rigmarole of unscrewing sockets, connecting ethernet cables, resetting router blah blah blah. They told us there wasn't a problem,'our tests show you're getting a download of 9MB' oh ha ha ha. Speedtest.net showed regular results of 0.5MB. No they said,we're right, they're wrong. Then I noticed their 'Help & Support' page stated they had a 'Major Issue' with their Broadband Status. I wondered why the Sky 'knowledge advisors' on the forum weren't acknowledging this announcement when they told people to unscrew this that and everything else. So I thought I'd reply to as many forum users as possible telling them what Sky had announced. What happened? 'Sky knowledge adviser' GregorA sent me a private message telling me I'd been banned from the forum!!!!! Not just posting either,but VIEWING as well!!! We pay Sky £90 odd a month for the TV/phone/broadband package, get no explanation for a non existent broadband service, then get banned from the forum for telling ther users what they've announced themselves. Mr Brittas is alive and well and working for Sky.
  23. A rep from Sky cold called at my home and eventually persuaded me to take out a 12 month contract at £ 15 per month ( max £ 180 , his words ) , after 6 months I noticed through my bank statement that this had increased to £ 21 . 50 per month . I contacted Sky to explain the difference but they say they have no notes of the original conversation and the contract is now 18 months long . Incidently the original conversation was witnessed by 4 other adults in my home . It seems Sky condone these disgusting practices that there reps can deliberately lie and mis - sell As an O.A . P , I would appreciate your comments and advice Regards Jim Richardson
  24. So last year after having sky talk and broadband for a year my contract came to an end. I wasnt happy with another price rise so rang them saying unless they brought my bill down I would leave. the projected bill was to be £25.90 a month after a third price increase in a year. After some hard bargaining and temper tantrums I got an agreed reduction down to £15.90 a month and started my new contract. The first payment of £15.90 went out as expected on 11/12/13. Since then theyve hiked my bill back up to £25.40 a month and are refusing to accept that I had a reduction put in place, despite the exact right amount going out in december last year for the first payment. They are refusing to reduce my bill and are saying theyll pursue me for the full years contract if I leave, despite the fact that they arent honouring the reduction they gave me. Now, I specifically clarified on the phone to their customer service that th reduction to £15.90 was for the full term of my contract and not just a one off. In fact I went over it about 3 times to make sure I had it right. Now Ive been whacked with £30 worth of bank charges as I wasnt expecting the bill to be what they requested. They seem to be ignoring my requests to explain why a payment initially went out as agreed, and why its suddenly gone back up. They just say my bill is £25.40 now, like it or lump it. Advice anyone?
  25. Hello all, sorry, but this will be quite long post, because there is no other way to explain the whole situation in detail, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Over a year ago, I decided to put SKY TV in my kid's room, so I upgrade to SKY Multiscreen. Because I'm in flat, the sky box in my living room is connected to the communal satellite dish. So, the SKY so-called engineers mounted with my permission second satellite dish, run two feeds cable from the dish to the sky box, connected sky box to TV and everything seemed normal to me, except the sky box they connected, was about two times smaller than my original sky hd+ box. So I asked them if I can record programs and they said that this is not possible with this box. Anyway, I did not pay much attention to this then, because my original intention was just to have Sky TV in the kid's room, my kids were happy, so everything was OK. Recently, however, the sky box in my living room start to clash when try to record 2 programs at a time, so, I started to think to buy another SKY HD+ box for the kid's room, to be able to record some of the programs there, in order to prevent these clashes. So, I log on into the sky website, to check prices of SKY HD+ boxes, but then something else caught my attention. Under my "My Sky>My Account>My Package" is a section "TV>Sky Boxes". In this section are described the sky boxes that I have or supposed to have. The first one, my initial sky box, is described correctly, even the picture is fully relevant, but the second one, my multiscreen box is totally different from what I have. Is described as follows: "Your Sky+HD box with built-in WiFi comes with all the features of Sky+ and will enable you to bring your HD ready TV to life as you enjoy the UK's widest range of HD channels, when you also have the HD Pack. Sky+HD box Features of your Sky+HD box: Pause and rewind live TV Record up to 185 hours of standard definition TV with no tapes, timers or fuss Built-in WiFi with even easier access to On Demand Record an entire series at the touch of a button Remote Record from your mobile or online Ready for Sky 3D" This seemed very strange to me, so I researched my sky box, and I found that it is actually a model DRX595 and there is no built-in hard disk, so, there is no option to record, pause and rewind live TV, and also, there is no built-in Wi-Fi. So I decided to clarify this, and here where the problems started. Here's my letter to their Customer Support: "Dear Sir or Dear Madam, On your website in My Package/Sky Boxes is stated that I have two Sky+HD boxes who have the opportunity to record, pause and rewind live TV and one of those are even mentioned that it has built-in WiFi. When I first became your customer, I had installed Amstrad DRX890 which can record, pause and rewind live TV, but there is no built-in WiFi. When I signed for Sky Multiscreen, I had installed DRX595 and there is no option to record, pause and rewind live TV, there is no built-in WiFi, but the biggest problem with this Sky box is, that although I have two feeds from satellite dish, this Sky box have only one dish input, so, whenever the weather is bad, thick clouds or heavy rain I have no signal. So please check, why the information you have is not correct and what can be done about this. Kind Regards" Here's their response: " Thank you for your email. I understand that you wish to know regarding your Sky Box. Having checked your Sky Account details, I see that you have one primary Sky Box in your main Room. This Sky Box have Sky Viewing Card number *********. This Sky Box is not Wifi enabled Box. However, this is Sky+ HD Box. The second Sky Box in another room is Sky+ HD Wifi enabled Sky Box with Sky Viewing Card number *********. Both your Sky Boxes are compatible for Record and Live Pause/ Rewind. I would request you to confirm the exact error message with you try to record any Live content on your Sky Box." Very interesting response that has nothing to do with my question! So, my answer: " Thank you for the fast response, but I guess you did not read my letter carefully. Please leave aside the standard procedures for technical illiterate people in order to save time. I'm technically proficient, and as I wrote in my previous letter, the second device fitted by your engineers is model DRX595. This model doesn't have an internal hard drive for recording, for the same reason also cannot Live Pause/ Rewind and there is also no Wi-Fi. That is why I ask you to check why information held by you is different from reality. Regards" Their response: "Thank you for your email. I am sorry to her about the issues youve been experiencing with your Sky+ HD box. In order to rectify the issue with the Live/Pause and Rewind, I've now made changes and it will take 2 minutes to 4 hours for the issue to get resolved. If the issue still persist, please reply to my email or you can contact our Technical Team on 08442 41 14 11 for further assistance." As you can imagine I'm already pretty ****ed, so, my answer was not very polite: " Dear *****, under no circumstances I want to be disrespectful or rude, but you do not leave me much choice. I know that my English is not very good, but I'm pretty sure that my message is written on pure English. So, please find someone who can read my original message, to probe into what I have written, to verify the facts and to give me a satisfactory answer, thank you!" Their response: "I am sorry to hear that you are unable to use the Sky + features (Play Pause Rewind) on your Sky Multiscreen Box. I have confirmed the details of your Sky Box used in the Sky Multiscreen subscription, having checked I confirm that your Sky Multiscreen Box has a capability to Record,Play and pause features. My colleague has made changes to your account to fix the problem however if you still continue with the same problem, I request you to please follow the steps below and the issue will be resolved: Using your Sky remote control: 1. Press services. Services menu with Options highlighted displays. 2. Press right arrow, highlight Settings and press select. Settings menu with Picture highlighted displays. 3. Press 0, 1 and select to access the hidden installer setup menu. Setup displays. 4. Using left or right arrows, highlight Rebuild (which will become Sky+ Rebuild once highlighted) and press select. (OSM): “This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+” displays. 5. Press select. (OSM): 'Housekeeping please wait' displays and may take up to 2 minutes to clear. 6. Once Planner Rebuild complete, box will reboot and display a standby light. Your Sky+ HD boxes will display an amber light for standby and a red light for off-mode. All other box types display a red light for standby. 7.Wait 2 - 4 minutes with the box on standby then press Sky to switch box back on. Green light displays After performing the above steps if you continue with the same problem, I would request you to please speak to our experts in our Technical Support Team by calling on 08441 41 14 11 and we will be able to fix the issue. As you mentioned that the DRX595 Box has just a single feed going from in from the Sky Dish, we will need to investigate on this and it can happen only when you speak to our Technical Support Team Alternately, If you wish you can follow the link below..." At this stage I am now in a position, where I do not know to laugh or to cry! My response: " Dear***** I am grateful that you try to help me. But I am also very disappointed, that my question has passed through three persons, and so far, none of you managed to understand the real cause of my problem. I'll try one last time to help you help me, before move those things at a higher instance, so, please read carefully the following: The Sky box fitted by your engineers as my second box when I ordered my Sky Multiscreen is NOT suitable of recording, for the simple reason, that there is no built-in hard disk. This box, as I have already mentioned, is model DRX595 and doesn't have an internal hard drive for recording, for the same reason also cannot Live Pause/ Rewind and there is also no Wi-fi. So please carefully examine my issue. Thank you!" Their response: " Thank you for your email regarding the issue with your Sky Box. In order to use record and live pause/rewind facility you need to have 2 Dish Input Cable at the back of your Sky Box coming from your Sky Dish. We need to arrange a service call for a Sky engineer to visit your place and get this sorted. Having looked at your account, I can see that your equipment is no longer under warranty with us. If you do need to book a service call, we can arrange this for you for a fee of £65. This one off payment also covers the cost of a refurbished replacement box if the engineer can't repair your existing one. Your refurbished box will also have a 90-day warranty. If you wish to book a service call then reply to my email with a convenient date and time for the engineers visit." let's remind you, what exactly was my initial question and summarize what actually I ask. My initial question was why the information held by Sky about my Sky box is different from reality, or in other words, why their engineers do install a different model sky box from that stated in their website? You can see for yourself what answers I got! So I made a complaint, in which I note how I am disappointed by their Customer Support, explain in detail the case, quote all communication between me and their Customer Support,( the same which I have quoted above) and finished as follows: "Now I hope you understand my frustration! But due to past experiences, just in case I will explain below what exactly my problem is: When your engineers arrived to install my multiscreen subscription, they installed a small satellite dish, from which come two cables, two feeds. They also installed Sky box model DRX595. This box is two times smaller than the model DRX890. This model doesn't have an internal hard drive for recording, for the same reason also cannot Live Pause/ Rewind. There is also no wi-fi. Although I have two feeds from my satellite dish, only one is connected to this box, because this Sky box have only one dish input. On your website it is shown: "Your Sky+HD box with built-in WiFi comes with all the features of Sky+ and will enable you to bring your HD ready TV to life as you enjoy the UK's widest range of HD channels, when you also have the HD Pack... Pause and rewind live TV Record up to 185 hours of standard definition TV with no tapes, timers or fuss Built-in WiFi with even easier access to On Demand Record an entire series at the touch of a button Remote Record from your mobile or online Ready for Sky 3D When you also have the HD Pack: Access to over 68‡ amazing HD channels Get closer to the action with up to 5x more picture detail and superb quality digital sound" My question is, why your engineers have installed this old and already discontinued Sky box, instead of the one that is shown on your website with the above specifications?" Here's the answer to my complaint: "Thank you for your letter enquiring about your technical problems with your boxes. I understand that you're facing technical problems with your Sky+ boxes. You can contact out Technical team on ******, where one of our advisors will be able to help you to resolve your issues with recording and pause facility on your Sky+ boxes..." So... I do not know what to say!!! If anyone can tell me how I can explain to those clowns the core of my problem, so they finally be able to understand me, please help! I have my theory about what happened, but I do not want to speculate, but I'm ready to do everything possible to get to the bottom of this case, so I accept any advice and suggestions of what to do further. Thank you for your patience.
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