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Found 139 results

  1. I wonder if you can help me with regard to my rights to an ammended final bill from sky. I telephoned them to give the required notice to end my sky subscription and the date was set to end my services one month later on 12th August. At that time I was changing banks and did not feel it worth the effort of setting up a new direct debit for sky for that final month and decided to wait for the final bill which I would settle online in one go. However sky decided as I did not have a direct debit set up that they would (without notice) withdraw my sky services on July 25th so from that date could not use the TV and all programmes recorded on sky+ were not viewable etc. no internet either. I then expected a bill to arrive for the dates from the previous bill (paid in full as had all bills before that each month) up to July 25th when my services ended but have since received bills for the whole month even though they had withdrawn the services and so I had not been able to use sky. I do not feel I should have to pay sky for the dates when no services were provided by them so have asked for an ammended bill from 14th July (last bill date) to 25th July when they withdrew the services. Do I have the right to demand this or have they the right to withdraw services, not provide them but still bill for them? Thanks.
  2. I hardly use my landline aside from Broadband so the connection for BT comes in at the front door and finishes there. The Sky box is a good 30 meters from there downstairs and same upstairs. I got a engineer out to wire it for me but was quoted a nice tidy some and also told that the wires would be visible as I don't have carpets or places for the wires to be hidden. I don't wanna get this done. So every month Sky sends me a letter and I hook it up through a extension to call each box in. Lasts a month then Sky again sends me a letter. Highly annoying! Is there anyway to avoid this?
  3. Ok, here is the situation. I changed from Bt to SKy in January 2012 for telephone and broadband. One of those offers where the first 6 months broadband is half price or something. I make a fair number of national calls so as with BT I subscribed to Skys 'free' national calls up to one hour blah blah. In August i had to complain to Specsavers head office so rang their Guernsey telephone number. It is a national dialing code, not international prefix obviously. 7 minute call. Today I was checking through my online bill and found a national call charged at 74p total, which was that call. I sat for 40 minutes in a chat window with someone in India who basically argued the toss with me about Guernsey being in the UK or not. National dialing code, listed on the bill as a national call, no contest I think. They are now going to escalate this enquiry to the right team blah blah, who will IF they decide it is national refund me the whole 74p. Woooooooo! I know i am right and they are wrong, even by the very definition that they themselves have listed the call as a national call! Foot and shot i think! So, as they will not budge at the moment, are they in breach of the 12 month contract I am tied into by way of overcharging? I am obviuosly not happy and will gladly say goodbye to sky. Anyone know if they are in breach? if so i am free to go, so to speak.
  4. hi there am posting for a friend for some advice on how to deal with a complaint to sky. a friend of the family is disabled and lives in a very remote village as in there is only 1 shop (no paypoint facility) 1 post office, 1 pub etc.. you get the picture... anyway she has sky has had for over 9 years and never had any problems no late bills. no cut off etc.. anyway this month her paper bill arrived late on receiving paperbill she went straight to the post office and paid it as would normally do. ( she doesnt do banks as she doesnt trust them) however when she got up he next day sky had indeed cut her off.. on ringing them to ask why as bill had been paid she was told she'd have to wait until money had cleared their end even though the bill arrived late through royal mails fault/sky's fault she has always paid paper bill they were very unwilling to help her... speed up 5 days and magically sky phone her back and say oh we've received your payment but we are still NOT reconnecting you.... you have to pay a furhter £40 to reconnect.. when she explained she doesn't have a bank account only a post office account.. she was told go and get one then.. one relative and several hours later £40 was paid.. reluctantly i might add.. she reconnected her sky.. and was once again demanded that she go get a bank account as they will only accept payments in that format once again it was explained no bank facilities where she is not that she trusts them anyway and only has a post office account which only allows for pension payments going in and you drawing them out... after much too-ing and fro-ing they said she must find a relative on a certain day every month and make a card payment using their card.. i wasn't aware in terms of sky (remember no contract as its on a month by month) that you had to have a bank account to have sky.. i also suggested she register as being disabled with their customer services team to allow them to know the struggle it can be when something goes wrong.. they were even ruder than the last lost... we tried to raise a complaint via normal telephone number and they REFUSED to take the call.. saying sorry try someone else.. surely sky cannot treat customers in this way?? i'm all for slapping a rather nasty letter on someone's desk but will it get answers?? any suggestions guys? much appreciated in advance
  5. after receiveing a letter from sky this morning about them upping thier charges and murdoch screewing his subscribers even more, i decided to give 31 days notice on sky the real reason are the amount of adverts totally destroying my viewing pleasure, the rise in subcription costs was the last straw. thirty minutes later i was still on the phone being given the hard sell to stay with sky, i finally got them to agree to my request to cancel i requested they send me an email confirmation of my request which they agreed. on checking my email sky had sent a link to mysky.com. i signed inn but no notification about my cancellation on my account phoned up sky again and they said i would receive confirmation about withdrawing my subscription in the post, not as to my original request by email. why is everthing so hard to get people to do the simplest of things like respect my wish to cancel experian and credit watch were the same
  6. As per title we called Sky the other day to give the 31 days notice to terminate all 3 services, thats the TV, BB & phone line\servies. It was made very clear that we wish to terminate all services including the tv. We asked for confirmation that we have yet to receive in the post but we have however had an email confirmation and the actual termination date. And yes, we are outside of the 12 month contract so no issues there. However, the email only confirms the termination of the broadband, phoneline and phone package. No where in the email does it mention any notice to terminate the tv service as well. Now we dont intend to give another seperate notice to terminate the tv service again as it's already been given, if not confirmed in the email but confirmed on the phone at the time we called to cancel everything for which the call to terminate has been confirmed and proveable via the email. So what are our rights or the next step we should take if Sky have indeed not took notice to terminate the tv service (funny how thats the part they make most there money on) and may well try to carry on taking payments for it after the end of next month?. We dont feel we should have to give a seperate or second notice to terminate the tv service if it was not properly processed there end and pay untill a later date than the notice we gave and was confirmed as we gave the notice to terminate everything over the phone due to income reasons. And seeing as we have confirmation of a termination of services (excluding or not mentioning the tv service) via email then there is proof that a call was made to Sky to terminate services. Assumingly they keep the calls, can we ask them to check the details of the call to confirm we gave notice to terminate all services?.
  7. Hi there. I need some advice. I have been in dispute with Good Energy since 2007 about the amount owed based on estimated meter readings. As a result, I discontinued my service with them after getting no response really concerning the billed amount. Now on 30 May 2012, my husband received by post a judgement made against me for the amount owed plus. I was in the States at the time, but my husband scanned the judgement to me. I sent a registered mail letter from the States to the court in Loughborough at the time requesting a N244 for the judgment to be set aside. The judgment received by post was the first legal notice received and was received with no warning. I returned from the States on 26 June only to be solicited at my door on 28 June by HCE Group with a Take Formal Notice. I told the guy I had been away, produced the letter sent to the court requesting the N244 dated 15 June 2012. He said I needed to contact the court, complete the N244 and pay the L80 fee which I did on 29 June. Again on 9 July 2012, the man from HCE returned to my house while I was away and left a Very Urgen Notice. I called the company telling them what action I had taken, the filing and payment of the N244. They told me to call the court. I did and was told my case had been automatically transferred to the local court at BSE and to call them. I did. I was told that the case had been received but not looked at yet and they couldn't give me a timeline of when it would be viewed. The court also said the HCE Group could continue trying to collect on the debt in dispute. I am very anxious about this man coming to my house again. I am in a position to defend myself having emails between myself and Good Energy beginning 2006 when I began having difficulty with their billed amounts and estimations. In one of the emails it states that yes, indeed, my bills is outrageously high and may be due to it being an estimate. How can I stop the HCE Group person from coming to my door? How can I speed the judge to look at my N244 request to have the judgement set aside so I can defend myself? Can the HCE Group person enter my house without my permission with or without me present and take things from my home which is owned by my daughter, thank goodness, and is shared by myself and my two younger daughters? All our cars are in my husband's name. I work for the United States Government as a civilian employee so my wages can't be garnished to my knowledge. I just want Good Energy to admit the bills are estimates and not accurate. I've come to find out from changing my electricity supplier back in 2007 that my day and night meter reading were backwards as well, so Good Energy was charging me one rate when they should have been charging another. There is no way Good Energy ever read my meter because we have a high-walled gate which is always locked since we were robbed about 11 years go. There is no way for them to have gained entry and I have written correspondence between myself and Good Energy that they could not have possibly ever have taken a meter reading. At the onset of all of this back in 2006, I was ignorant as to how to take a meter reading and actually sent Good Energy photographs of our meter with the dials. I've learned a lot since then about meter reading, Economy 7, etc. Anyway, I need some advice please!!
  8. To cut a long story short: I used my card details for a friend to pay a sky installation, and they have retained my details and used them to take payments, as my so-called friend hasn't been paying her direct debits. On my bank statement it is a POS (point of sale) transaction, where, to my knowledge you need to be present to allow use. This to me is highly suspect, and fraudulent. I have spoken to SKY (nightmare!!!!) and was advised to write to them with full details and give proof of the payments (statements) and they have written back saying they cannot do anything as I am not the account holder and cannot access my friends account under data protection act laws. However it is perfectly fine for them to use my details. My bank are not willing to help and say it was my own fault for 'giving out' my details. I was given assurance when making this one off payment by SKY that my card details would not be used. Before I write back and threaten legal action I could do with some advise on what rights I have and if SKY have broken any laws. Surely it is basically stealing? Trying to claw the payment by any way possible?
  9. Hi all I have just returned from work to an answer phone message claiming to be from PDCS (never heard of them) He requests that I call him back to discuss my case and gives me a case number to quote. I tried to return the call but only had a recorded message saying the number called was unavailable? Having read up on various forums I am rather concerned and confused as to what I should do next My credit rating is very good and have one outstanding bill with Sky. This final cheque was sent 10 days ago but am waiting for it to clear my account. ?? Are they just messing with me or should I be worried?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hello! In my research to try and reduce my Broadband costs, I researched Sky Broadband for existing Sky TV customers. The offer almost seems to good to be true and it is. I wanted their unlimited Broadband offer, which us £7.50 per month, but for that you also need to buy Sky Talk and Line rental. It very clearly says on their website that the offer for both is £12.25 per month, a real bargain. When you add this to your basket on line, all appears correct it totals to £12.25 and you also get 3 months Broadband free! Fantastic I thought. It cleverly shows you your new monthly amount including Sky TV, excellent, so you know exactly where you stand. I was very impressed. But...when you click through to checkout, you will notice that it has a some fine print at the end of the checkout box, that shows a new monthly amount indicating that your total monthly amount goes up by £7.50 after "the offer ends". So I called Sky and after 20 minutes wasting my time speaking to India, they could not help me and transferred me back to the UK, where after the agent discussed it with 2 of her colleagues, it appears that on the calculation, they discounted the line rental by £7.50 to take account of the free 3 months Broadband. There is no mention anywhere of this and on face value it appears as if you are getting the line rental at £4.75 per month and you won't. But you will get a discount for 3 months on your Broadband. So the total cost per month for unlimited Broadband will be £19.75, which is not that bad, but could be better! Success! Michael Ps. I have written a blog post about this and also recorded a video, which is inside the blogpost, you will see the link for wordpress below in my signature.
  11. I bought a secondhand ( though it looks new ), Sky+HD box last week on ebay. I contacted Sky to pair the box. They added it to my account but then when they went to pair the box with my viewing card they said they could not do it as the box was still registered with an Active account. Understandably they wouldnt tell me who that account was, but they told me that I would have to contact the seller and get them to de-activate the box from their account. This is where the problem lies. The seller bought this and other items at a charity auction for a local cancer charity. They dont know who donated the box. I did contact the seller who spoke with the charity shop who organised the auction and they dont know who gave it to them. I have asked Sky themselves to confirm with the active account holder that the box was no longer theirs. They refuse. I have now put it in writing to Sky and am waiting on a response. My view is that unless the box is stolen, which it is not, and its not subject to an HP agreement, then as it is now my property they should pair the card. The seller has agreed to refund the purchase price to me and accept the box back. It just seems that this is wrong somehow. How many people are going to phone Sky when they sell their boxes? If this is the case, then there will be no secondhand market for Sky boxes. Any advice welcomed. thanks
  12. Hi guys i joined sky tv in july 2009 and still currently a customer.in june 2010 i phoned sky to cancel my tv services with them.but there offered me the sky hd pack there said i get a free sky hd box due to my old sky box was just a sky plus box.There said i will be under a 12 month contract again if i decide to keep the hd pack but i have 30 days right to cancel the package if i wasnt happy with. so after having the sky hd pack for 9 days i decided to call sky and cancel my hd pack has i didnt think it was worth the £10 extra on top of your subscription.so sky happy canceled the sky hd pack and told me to keep my sky hd box has i kept my normal current sky subscription. so today i decided to cancel all my sky tv services again has i dont watch it anymore and its just a waste of money has i dont watch it anymore.i phone sky to cancel and there said i cant cancel untill june 2011 has i am still under contract for the hardware. i told them that there was wrong and i wasnt told i was under a contract for keeping the sky hd box.Otherwise i would give them the box back and i would of just contiued to use my normal sky plus. there said if i cancel now i have to give them 30 days notice and i have to pay for the rest of the subsription up to june 2011 for breaking a contract i am not aware of. could anybody give me some advice please
  13. I've found a couple of vague references to this happening on Google but it's just wierd. We've had numerous calls on our Orange land-line from an "international" (ie no number) number with an automated message asking if we receive Sky TV through a dish. Press 1 if yes, 2 if no. On the original call I pressed 2, and they hung up. Now 10+ calls later, it's getting annoying. Does anyone know where I might start finding out who these clowns are?! We have a dish that I installed myself in the flowerbed (we're in a conservation area with no terrestrial coverage or cable) and use it to watch Freesat. Never have been a Sky customer.
  14. It's a long story so if it's ok I'll just post my communications with them. If anyone can throw in what I should do now that would be great. I have had some advice but the template was given is not making sense to me Ok here it goes. *********************** Original Message Follows: ------------------------ Enquiry Type: Customer service complaint (TV) Description: I have been a customer for 81 days. I joined with the incentive that I would receive £50 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers within 40 days. I still have not received them! I have made 3 calls to customer services about this and I still don't have my vouchers even after being promised they would be sent out and told I would be called back to see if they had arrived. Well, still no vouchers and no one ever called. This really isn't good enough. On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Sky Help Centre wrote: Dear Mrs Brown Customer Account Number: 6300######## Thank you for your email about M&S vouchers. I have looked over your account and I can see that no M&S vouchers have been issued. When I looked further into this I found that the order was processed by groove electronics and that they have not processed that particular offer. Below is the confirmation screen to show that. Action: Order Completed Orderline Type: ADD Date: Thu May 27 20:15:47 BST 2010 Effective: Thu May 27 00:00:00 BST 2010 Sale type: NEW Offers: Interest source: -Independent Retailer Origin: Sky To be able to issue you with the £50 of M&S vouchers you would have to go back to Groove Electronics to have the offer processed. Kind regards Steven Sky Help Centre http://www.sky.com Original Message Follows: ------------------------ After contacting Grove Digital, They have informed me that they where unable to add this offer to my account at the time as it was not done online. I clearly applied for Sky online and was directed by your website (http://www.Sky.com) that because I lived in a flat I would have to complete my order with Grove digital. I don't see why because of the address where I live I should be penalised and not receive an offer that persuaded me to apply for a product. I shall be contacting the Advertising Standards Agency as feel that I have been duped into purchasing a Sky package under the false pretence that I would receive £50 worth of M&S vouchers. Your response of trying to pass off blame to Grove Digital is not acceptable. rom Sky Help Centre to date Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 7:15 PM subject Re: Customer service (TV) (KMM6511765I15977L0KM) hide details Sep 3 Dear MRS ##### Thank you for contacting Sky Help Centre. I’m sorry to advice you that you are not eligible for the vouchers in question, The vouchers are a free gift given to customers to follow there Sky order through to the end in Sky.com. If we are unable to install the equipment for you rather than you loosing out on a great TV service we will direct you to a 3rd party installation company who will do the install for you, as the installation was not complete using Sky.com then you are not eligible and the terms and conditions do advised customers of this. We hope this has answered your questions but should you require any further help please reply to this email or alternatively call our customer service team on 08442 41 41 41. Whilst I realise that you may be disappointed with the decision made, I hope that you can appreciate our position on this matter. Kind regards Thomas Sky Help Centre http://www.sky.com Ok Key points: 1: I did apply online, if you have more that 10 flats in a block the website directs you to call an independent installer to book the installation. I don't live in a tower block or very high up it's just what they do. 2: I received an email from sky about rating my 'Online experience' the same day I applied. 3: The first email implies that I am entitled but someone messed up. Where do I go now Caggers? I know I should be mentioning he Sales of good act in a stern letter but where do I send it to? I'm so confused... I still have a bit of baby brain. Please point me in the right direction. x
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