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Found 139 results

  1. Hi Folks! In December 2011, GE took us to court as we fell behind with our secured loan with them. The judge ruled in our favour and suspended the order and we all agreed on a given repayment plan of £156 per month. I stuck at that for 9 months, with every month calling GE and paying the amount over the phone, October 2012 when starting a new contract job in London that involved long commuting and even working some Saturdays. I work in IT btw. I know it is not an excuse but the commute overwhelmed me in every sense, and I started to get ill too. I forgot to stick to my repayment. In December, I left that job after it was agreed that it would be better for my health (with the contracted party). I started a new job in January full time closer to home but the employer didn't manage to secure a big client so my wages was a stumbling block for them, so they gave me one week's notice and I lost the job within three weeks of starting. This is purely because they employed me in anticipation of securing a big contract. in Februray, 2013 I had a minor stroke, and was in hospital overnight. I recovered and found another local permanent job. In February, I made a lump sum payment of £500. Up until last week, no communications from GE. Last week thursday,they notified me that they have sought a warrant for possession of the property. On monday, I called GE, and I offered a lump sum payment of £2000 (Aussie tax refund which I got only few days ago ) and I said with the help of my new job, I can increase my monthly to £500 to help clear any backlog. The guy at the other end of the phone didn't even hear my offer and said he declined it! In the end he said come back and when you have a better offer. I came here for help on this forum and with the help of this forum and my sister who was a lawyer but now a mum for two little boys, I submitted on thursday a n244. I made the same offer in my appeal to set aside the judgement. However, I also called GE automated service and paid £2000 for which I should have it appearing on my statement tomorrow (Friday 19th). My hearing is on Monday at 10, while the eviction is set for 23 April at 12.30pm I can demonstrate that I can afford the new repayment but I am so worried. I messed up but I want to rectify but I am not being given the chance. GE want the whole money owed to them which £15k. They say that the £15k is the arrears but that is the full balance . I am confused with this? missed payments at £156 from October till February. I paid them £500 in February as soon as I could. Please help me get myself togeher again. I am still going to hospital appointments for various tests a the doctors trying to find out what caused my mini stroke. They did say that bad news can do this too. In the meantime, I have kept all from my wife as I don't want her to feel the pressure. At the last hearing, she was so scared of losing the home and because of me this might happen again. Please help. I need to go on Monday with some clear ideas, which I am hoping good folks can help me get. Thanks you for reading and helping PS: GE have added a large number of charges that I know some are unfair and they also charged me PPI, which is clearly marked on my contract! I will seek these back, soon as I have done with them. Please help. Thanks Another point: My telephone offer was for £2000 lump sum, and increase of monthly obligations from £156 to £500 and set up Direct Debit. The last point of direct debit was left out in the N244 which was done in a panicky state as I originally thought the eviction was for monday and wanted to hand in the n244 by end of wednesday! I have also made a hasty mistake too: My statement for n244 says offer of £2000 lump sum but have paid this by phone. Oh dear, what to do next? I know I need to stay calm, as my blood pressure was 152 in my last test at the hospital last week! I haven't slept since last week and hardly eaten but put on a brave face for my 14 year daughter and my wife. They hardly know anything. But it is getting me donw.
  2. Hello, I'd be really grateful for any help you could offer. I'm live chatting with Sky to raise a complaint about their poor customer service and they're refusing to log my complaint. They're telling me "As there is no further action required by us to remedy any failures on our part." Can they behave like this?! Thank you
  3. After being badgered by a Sky Salesman in my local shopping centre, i decided to go back to Sky. As a returning customer they offered such a fantastic deal, New Dish and HD Box all installed, Sky Family package normally at £36.00 reduced to £23.40 for 12 months (35% off) Engineer due Wednesday to do the install and i get a welcome back letter from sky this morning. To my horror it has my monthly subscription at £36.00. Now on the phone the chap states it was an error in applying the discount etc, then the line goes dead, i get cut off Phoned again the cancellation department this time. Everything going fine, she said she has put a credit on the bill and my monthly subscription will be £23.40 for12 months. I then ask for her to send me an email as a change in contractual terms to confirm my monthly bill. SHE SAID THEY DO NOT HAVE THE FACILITY TO SEND OUT AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION. Now i have a 14 day cooling off period to stick by. If they cannot even have the decency to send me an email confirmation then stuff you I have now cancelled my contract and install within the 14 day cooling off period I do not like to be ripped off or made to feel that way
  4. My Sky+HD box won't come out of standby. I called Sky CS to be informed as my box was out of it's 12 month warranty I would have to pay a charge of £60 which they quickly brought down to £30. I'm not happy about an 18 month box being faulty and being forced to stump up £30. I would have thought I would be covered by the SOGA as I wouldn't consider 18 months a reasonable length of time. Opinions?
  5. To watch Free to air TV channels through a Sky receiver ?? Do you have to have an active subscription to record one channel while watching another through a Sky HD box?? At the back of my place there is already a Sky dish on the wall. I was thinking of getting one of those Quad LNB and a HD Box off eBay If not i will stick to the original one cable to the existing LNB
  6. Hi all Coming back from a year away from Sky for BB/LR as they were unwilling to offer a deal in 2014. When I was on the phone discussing renewing my TV, which was also out, as well as "upgrading" to BB/LR, she quoted a price of £32.01 for everything. Now the woman I was talking to was nice enough however seemed a bit "doozie", sounded like she didnt know what she was talking about. So, to keep myself right, and hopefully they were recording the call, I asked several times before she done her legal bumf to confirm that indeed it was £32.01 for everything, DTV/BB/LR and she said yes. So, I check my my sky page and in the subscriptions page it shows DTV renewed, BB/LR to start 30/7/15, and shows my next 3 months subscriptions amounts to be £32.01 every month. So it looks like I am getting everything for £32.01. However in the event something has went pear shaped and in a months time I get reverted back to the bog standard price, do I have a comeback?
  7. Hi Took sky out last year as when i lived at my previous address it was a non virgin area so i could not install my staff rates discounted services as i work for Virgin. So i ended up taking a contract with sky, 11 months down the line me and my misses decided to get our own place together and was very pleased to see our new property was in a Virgin Media cabled area so i could benefit from the £12.50 a month staff pack. So had sky installed upstairs in the bedroom and installed my virgin staff services downstairs in the living room, had nothing but hassle trying to get a signal with sky, (bad place to put my dish) so i called them out engineer comes out checks it all ok so he says, i tryed explaining when the bad weather picks up the signal drops and can go off from 1 hour to all day, he said there isnt much he can do apart from book the dish in to be relocated i declined as i said i was cancelling next month anyway so he never bothered. My sky went off for 4 days straight due to the bad weather so i phoned up saying i want releasing 11 months into my contract as im not paying for a service i cant use, the lady on the phone cancelled with no questions, i then got an email 3 days later saying sorry you have decided to leave sky. Got a letter few weeks later saying i owe them £22.49 and if i dont pay within 14 days they will refer it back to sky to take court action against me. Do i have anywhere to stand here ? i know its only £22.49 but dont see why i should have to pay them money for nothing
  8. Hello people just wanting to hear what you think i have Fibre Broadband with sky we live in a semi-rural area speed is 21 download sometimes get a bit more upload is around 4 meg At first speed was only 18 meg but bt guy time before last managed to get higher also I had a faulty lead but the main issue is The internet is disconnecting nearly every day spoke to sky they have sent six bt guys out to fix it and still has problems does anyone know where we stand the only thing is sky has renewed my contract with phone and internet as speed increased I was incontract before for 11 months all i want to do now is leave sky with my telephone and broadband and move to a company that can gave me a stable reliable connection I had issues with sky keep calling me but now they don't as i reported them to ico they find no errors when running line tests and bt find no errors Thanks for any advice
  9. Sorry, I had to share this Last night (well the morning before, on Wednesday), I was working away with the news chattering away in the background and voila... First time I've ever heard a news-caster lose it hahah Here's what I managed to catch: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61211034/IMG_1681.m4v
  10. Pete Swift has won a £1,500 payout from Sky after spending two years and £1,395 trying to cancel his TV and broadband package. The 30-year-old research consultant, who lives in Edinburgh, billed Sky £25 an hour for calls made to the telecoms giant, the ombudsman, various credit reference agencies and debt collection companies. In total, Mr Swift spent more than 55 hours on the phone to the individual firms, including 31 hours talking to Sky. Mr Swift then decided to take Sky to court and last month reached an agreement with the company just two days before his court date. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/household-bills/11621654/Sky-customer-gets-1500-payout-after-two-years-trying-to-cancel-his-contract.html
  11. So here's an interesting one. I worked in a small business (not as a director) . I organised for them broadband, at the business address, supplied by the nice "be unlimited" people. I never signed anything (let alone any kind of credit agreement), and the bills (direct debit) will have been paid out of the company's bank account. Some time later, company gets bought. New company takes over everything. Meanwhile "Be Direct" gets bought out by (ack, spit) Sky. What I suspect happens late last year is the new owners, somewhat incompetently, close the old business account, and DD payments start to fail. Looking at my archives, I see a single email (to my business email) from Sky to "avoid suspension of your service" - and then - nothing. But I've no real idea as I have no visibility of how it was ever paid for. Late last year I start getting texts and emails from 'pastduecredit' - that I totally ignore since there's no information about what they want (I figure - if it's important, you put a stamp on it and post it to me). I have no idea if it's related to the threatening email I've had today from BPO, on behalf of Sky for..... £20. I frankly find the whole approach pretty rude. Other companies seem to be able to send email or post to request payment, and I'd simply pass it on in the company and they'd pay it. I've heard nothing, save this sudden "pay up or else we'll recommend further action or a field visit" bullying. I'm minded to ignore them until they can find a stamp? I'm certainly happy to spend my own money to bleed these beggars on 'due process' (e.g: please prove it, I'll only talk to you by post, etc) just on a point of principle. Any danger in that?
  12. Hi. I signed up to sky in Dec 2014, and was offered a galaxy tab 4, which I received. On top of that, because I was referred, the referee was told that they, and I, would receive a £50 voucher (tesco, sainsburys or M&S). Neither of us received them in mid Jan this year, so I called up on their behalf (as I was there), and enquired. They authenticated themselves with their personal details, and I confirmed what they wanted (the £50 tesco voucher) and confirmed what I wanted (the £50 sainsburys voucher). A month later, they received their voucher as promised and I didn't. I called to enquire and was told that "this offer isn't available if you took another offer i.e. the galaxy tab". I called up the customer response team, which promptly told me that I wouldn't be receiving it. Part of me moving to sky from who I was, was this offer (and referee offer) in the first place. They told me that you can't have two offers, just one. My question is: 1) What can I do about this? I'm now stuck with a company which has horrible support, slow and iffy internet; which I was told is the "norm" by their own staff 2) Do I have grounds to leave them for another company based on the fact that they did the "bate and switch" on me when it came to offers? Any advice would be helpful! Cheers, A
  13. I switched to Sky from Virgin in December 2014 after having nothing but problems with my tv signal for the best part of the year (i switched tv, broadband and telephone). Almost immediately i was getting crackiling down the telephone line and so I contacted Sky who after running tests over the phone arranged for an Openrach engineer to visit my house and see what the problem was. Long story short I have now had six different engineers out all of whom have agreed that there is no problem with the reception in my house and all of whom have then gone to the exchange and/or the cab and supposedly fixed the problem. Lo and behold I am still having the same issue. Now I am of course going to contact Sky again but dont really see much point in having another engineer out to just do the same thing again. With this in mind could I argue that Sky are not fulfilling their end of the contract that I have with them as they are clearly not providing the service that I am paying for? Furthermore could I request that they cancel my contract with no penalty due to the fact that they have failed to provide the service as promised?
  14. Changes to your payment terms and conditions. We've added the following new clause to the Subscription Payments clause in each of your tv, Sky+ and HD terms and conditions to make clear what happens if you miss a payment you owe to us, including for any sky service, we may charge you a reasonable fee, or interest at the yearly equivalent of 4% over Barclays Bank PLCs base rat for the whole period of any late payment, to compensate us for you breaking these conditions. Any interest is workd out daily. We may also charge you a reasonable fee for handling any payment instruction that is cancelled, returned to us because you do not have enough funds in your account, or is not cleared by your bank. Details of these fees can be found on Sky.com/latepaymentfee. These fees will not be applied to any amount you have not paid because it is the subject of an ongoing dispute between us. You will be responsible for paying all reasonable debt recovery fees/charges incurred in recovering your debt, including fees charged by any debt collection company. This charge comes into effect on 1st July.
  15. I left Sky last year and re-joined a couple of months after, which saved me roughly 50% of the monthly cost, fixed price for 12 months. I've just had a price increase letter from them - increasing the price by about 10%. Can they do this half way through a fixed price deal which they gave me to win me back?
  16. I received a retention offer via email so I had to speak to the live chat team to accept it. I was quote the price and all was good. I then received a confirmation email a day later that noted there was a price increase of £3 per month. Yeah it's only £3 but it's the principle. I got onto the live chat and was told recontract offers are immediate and there is no cooling off period and the misinformation I was given was not a valid reason to 'nullify' the contract. I'm absolutely livid at how sneaky they were!
  17. All the web links to the Sky accessibility team are broken and emails to them bounce back as 'mailbox closed' leaving the only options for contacting them as the phone. If you're registered with them in the first place because you have difficulty using the phone, that is less than helpful. Using Live talk (through billing queries, everything else just says there's no one available, try later) I managed to 'speak' with an adivisor who promised to get someone from the team to contact me urgently, three days ago. Needless to say, it hasn't happened. I presume all will be fixed fairly soon but as customer services go, this is pretty bad. It's difficult to believe a company as large as Sky really has no means of accepting emails any more!
  18. Hope someone can advise me here, as Retail isnt something I know much about. Recently I did some sums and as we take BT Sports, and they let you pay your line rental a year in advance with a discount, I reckoned that as BT Sports would be free with their Broadband I would be cheaper terminating Sky Talk and Broadband by about £5.00 or so a month, and as well as that I would have more Broadband width (about 50% more). This morning I got a letter from Sky telling me that as I had backed out of an 18 month contract for their Broadband within the minimum term of 18 months I was due to pay them £54.00 to cover their loss. My problem initially was that for the life of me I couldnt remember signing up for a minimum 18 month deal other than when I went to Sky, which was ages ago now. A bit of research online however pointed me in the right direction. In August last year any time I was watching Sky Sports (which we take) there was a nag on the screen to "activate Sky Sports 5" by pressing the red button - at the same time you agree to take their Broadband for 18 months. But no sig., no sign of any t&cs (other than 18 months - I THINK this was mentioned) The only indication of my agreement was pressing the red button. Can they do this? The other thing I might mention is that I am so ****ed off with Sky that I might just terminate TV as well. This would probably mean going back to Virgin, who are about as bad. BT TV is crap unless you are into stuff like Netflix. I might just try telling them that I am off unless they cancel the demand for the fifty quid. Any thoughts?
  19. A little bit of a complex one this but I am really hoping that someone can advise! We are managers at a pub. We work for another company who hold the tenancy, deal with all of the utilities etc and organise the TV. Basically, we are responsible for the day to day running with no responsibilty or say so on finances, contracts etc We get paid for this (self employed basis), along with our accommodation as part of the deal. We organise TV, broadband and 'phone for the private acommodation only. As we are only managers, we have to abide by our gaffers decisions and rules or be out of a job and home. We've had Sky for years in various pub jobs around the country and the varied private accommodations that go with that. Our gaffer chooses to use an alternative supplier for the commercial areas and here the problems begin. A Sky inspector visited and saw a match being allegedly being screened (we were not aware of this until a week later when our domestic Sky TV service suddenly ceased without warning late one evening). We rang Sky the following day and were initially told that we had telephoned them and cancelled it. As we had not, we told them this. Several people later we were told of the above and that it had been passed to the Business Compliance Team and that broadband and 'phone was going to also be disconnected on 3rd March, and that Sky had also cancelled our direct debit as we have broken terms of the contract by using a domestic card in a commercial setting (which we haven't). At this point we were also told that the inspector had seen our viewing card number on the screen in the bar. This is 100% NOT the case as our cards have not moved out of the boxes and our gaffer, whatever our thoughts on the matter, has chosen to use an alternative provider. We have informed Sky that we do not deal with the commercial side, and that it is absolutely incorrect that the card # was on screen, and that we will refute this all the way. We've also informed them that we have a letter from our employer stating that we do not control the TV supplier and that if we refuse to show what we are instructed to that we will lose both our job and home. They are not interested. The broadband and 'phone was eventually cut-off on 2nd March ( a day earlier than it was supposed to be) and we have now had various letters and calls from them, mostly asking why we have chosen to leave and asking if there is anything to do to keep us as we are longterm customers!!!!! Also 1 letter demanding payment of £97 outstanding (despite THEM ancelling the DD that fell due 2/3/15 and despite the fact that no adjustments have yet been credited to the account. The advisor early in the row told us that next month, when the computers caught up, credits would be applied to the account to reflect the fact there was no longer a service being supplied, confirmed that Sky had cancelled the DD and told us we didn't owe anything). We this morning got a signed for letter from Acumen Investigation Services. It states "One of our enforcement officers has attended the above premises and witnessed Sky Exclusive Programming being shown in commercial areas that are accessible to the public. " Then the bumpf about the relevant legislation then it continues "may result in a criminal conviction, fines of up to £5000 per offence, legal costs and forfeiture of your personal license. Our clients also have the right to take civil action against you. Previous civil actions have resulted in payments of up to £65000 being made. Our client requires that you do one of the following within 14 days: 1. Enter into a pubs and clubs agreement which permits the broadcasting of [sky] in the commercial areas of your premises 2. In the event that you do not wish to continue to broadcast [sky] ...you are required to complete the enclosed cease and desist form and return it to us or 3. Return any and all Sky Domestic viewing cards being used to facilitate these broadcasts. (Sky's viewing cards remain the property of Sky at all times). We will continue to monitor your premises and will also be sending an enforcement agent to speak with you about copyright theft. If we do not hear from you within 14 days we reserve the right to take further action without further notice to you" The cease and desist form and various bits of bumpf including a Sky contract was pubs was enclosed. Now we are a bit stuck here. At no point has our domestic Sky been used in the commercial area and we have no say in what the supplier is nor what is broadcast in the commercial area. We've lost all of our domestic Sky services. If we refuse to broadcast what our gaffer says, we will be chucked out of our job, and our home with it, along with our kids. He is the one who controls the tenancy, finance, contracts etc and has told us to continue broadcasting, using equipment supplied by someone he has contracted, as it's him that Sky should go after, and it's his risk. He has given us a letter stating that it is him who controls it and that we will be terminated if we disobey direct orders. Sky simply aren't interested and have chosen to go after us instead. We can't sign a commercial agreement as we do not have the authority (and doubt the gaffer will sign one, though the paperwork will be given to his agent on Monday), we are unable to sign the cease and desist notice (part of the wording is "not to assist any person to use any apparatus or device not authorised by [sky]") as we have to turn the TVs on daily and would obviously then breach this and we cannot return any Sky cards "being used to facilitate" as none have been! (Obviously we will return the Sky cards without this proviso, but are not going to at present as it then looks like we have used them commercially!) Obviously doing none of the 3 leaves us open to prosecution, but equally we could be without a job and home if we disobey our gaffer. HELP!
  20. A news item, (not appeared on their site yet), on Sky News this morning highlights the difference in price between Argos and Brighthouse plus Brighthouse adds compulsory insurance, again at rip-off prices. Sorry to say this but anyone who uses this store are really stupid especially after all the warnings, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. It matters not if you have a bad credit rating, there are other forms of credit besides using this expansion of a loan shark.
  21. Hi, I took out a TV, Phone and Broadband(free broadband lite) package a year ago with the dreaded SKY. 24 hours later they informed me that the broadband was insufficient for my needs and therefore they would be charging me for a compulsory upgrade. I sent several letters complaining that I should have been sold the correct package in the first place and had I been, then I would have declined as it was over my very tight budget and I could have got cheaper elsewhere. After being taken around the houses, twisted and turned until my brain was ready to explode, never once getting a relevant explanation, I then sent notice of my intention to cancel once my minimum term contract expired. This notice gave 10 months notice: my contract states that my contract can be ended at the end of the minimum term by giving at least 31 days notice AT ANY TIME[. As I have stated, I gave them 10 months. After I gave notice I received 2 emails from them acknowledging my intention to cancel. My final subscription was taken by DD in December which takes me through to Jan when my contract ends. After checking my account to see if there would be any charges (phone calls etc,) that would be carried over after my final payment I was shocked, and amazed (ridiculous considering it is SKY) to find that an invoice had been raised for a further month. Upon contacting SKY and arguing with them for the past two days (very difficult when one is deaf and slurred speech) the latest email states that I have given TOO MUCH NOTICE. They now inform me that I can give no more than 2 months notice but at least 31 days. Considering that I cannot find anything to that effect in my T & C's and have also checked their online T & C's, how can they insist upon this? In addition, whilst this drama is going, on block me from changing suppliers by refusing to release my phone line.
  22. Hey everyone, another thread about this company. I'll outline all the contact that's been made and what I have done so far and the hopefully you can answer some of my questions To begin, I am a student and last year I was living in a shared house with a Sky account under my name. I cancelled the account well before we moved out, in order to ensure that I would not end up being billed further. This was confirmed to me on the phone and I never had any more bills or contact from Sky after that. About 3-4 weeks ago, I received a text from Past Due Credit Solutions, saying the standard kind of stuff from what I have read. "Please contact immediately... you're account number is... etc etc", I ignored it because I had no idea who they are and they mentioned nothing about this supposed debt in the text. About a week later, I got an email saying pretty much the same stuff. After receiving this email, I sent them a reply - "Hello, I shall not be contacting by email or telephone regarding this subject. I am unaware of any issue I may have and if there is one, I kindly request that you send me the full information by post. Thanks" Now a couple of days ago, I got a phone call from my mum saying I have received a letter from this company, stating a debt of £89 that I owed Sky.. Great. The letter also says, you must make payment by 03/01/2015 or they will recommend that Sky take further action against me. (this is where I have got a tiny bit worried). Finally, today I have received another generic email asking me to contact them. Here are my questions: Should I contact Sky, ask them to bring up my account history and find out if I owe them money? Is there anything to be worried about when they say "You must pay by the 3rd....." Also, I can't afford to be a credit check, yet alone pay for this bill.. Thanks! EDIT: The letter they sent to my parents house detailing the debt, also mentions the CORRECT address where I had Sky.
  23. I have posted below a copy of an email I sent to jeremy darroch @ bskyb com. In the past when I have hit a brick wall with Sky customer service this usually resolves the matter fairly quickly. On this occasion I have not even received an acknowledgment let alone a response. I sent the email on Wed 26/11/2014 at 18:26 so maybe I am hoping for a response too soon, but I need to plan my next move should an adequate response not be forthcoming. My main question is that given that Sky mis sold the fibre broadband can I cancel my whole Sky contract? Retentions dept seem to think not as I am apparently I am tied into line rental and TV for 12/12. I didn’t realise I was signing up to TV for 12/12 again and assumed the whole line rental/internet go together. I would not have agreed to a 12/12 contract for these if I knew the fibre would be for 18/12 so by misrepresenting the fibre contract I feel the whole thing should be called off. I am also not too happy they misled me about my potential line speed. Dear Mr Darroch, I write to you as a Sky customer of 10 years and I will try to keep this succinct. My Sky broadband recently failed resulting in a call to Sky. I was suspicious the router had failed as it was acting odd, but during my call a line fault was diagnosed. I was told it would take 72 hours for an openreach engineer to investigate and I would get a call between 2-3pm the following Tuesday. After 2 days with no internet I decided to try an old router I had lying around. Not so surprisingly this worked confirming my suspicion the original router had failed. Sky then phoned me on the Monday but being at work I missed the call. Thankfully they called again later and seemed surprised I had my internet back. They explained my router was out of warranty and if I was ok they would close the sport query and I could just carry on. This incident prompted me to investigate if fibre broadband had become available. I discovered it had so called Sky on 12/11/14. After much haggling I was offered a 12 month contract which included fibre broadband. Having seen online that fibre contracts tend to be for 18 months I queried this point and was told that new customers get an 18 month contract but being an old customer mine would be for 12. I was also not informed that I would have no 14 day cooling off period and I was also told the maximum speed available to me was 40Mb. I have a recording of this call. Following the call I received an email which appeared to confirm a 12 month contract (see email 1 below). Over the following days I received my Sky hub and my fibre went live on 25/11/14. To my surprise I received another email detailing an 18 month contract (see email 2 below). Obviously I had not agreed to this so called Sky again on 26/11/14. Eventually retentions told me they could remove my fibre contract as it was miss-sold but this would remove my 6 months half price fibre and increase my monthly bill, or I could simply accept an 18 month fibre contract. I explained I was not happy with either of these options but then I was informed I could not fully leave as I have allegedly re-contracted for TV and phone so these will remain with Sky for 12 months. I believed I signed up to Sky as a whole package for a certain amount of time for a particular price, I was not aware of different contracts tying me into services separately. I am not happy to pay any more than the price that was agreed or be forced to stay with my entire package for any longer than I agreed. The annoying thing is I would most likely still be a Sky customer long after 18 months anyway but I take exception to being forced to via misrepresentation. If I do end up leaving following this incident I would have to remove all my services to another provider to ensure I get the best deal. I cannot simply just take my fibre broadband elsewhere. I do however not wish to leave and would rather find a more amicable resolution. I have since further investigated your packages and note that you have a Sky Fibre Pro service with a 12 month contract so it is clear that 12 months was available. I have checked my line speed with BT wholesale and it confirms that I can get up to 80Mb downstream and 20Mb upstream. I was not made aware of this during my original call only being told my line would support up to 40Mb. I now know this is what the service you have given me is actually capped at and not the limit of my line as was suggested to me. I do however note that this service is more expensive that the one I have been signed up to. I would appreciate you looking into the issues I have raised and I look forward to your reply and suggested resolution. Kind regards xxx Sky Account No: xxx Mob: xxx EMAIL 1 – 12/11/14 Dear xxx Account Number : xxx I'm writing to confirm that you have agreed to take up our fantastic Line Rental for 9.99 GBP for 10 Months (Recontract) - Existing UK Customers. We also wanted to remind you that as part of this, you've agreed to re-subscribe for a new minimum term to the products listed in the table below: Subscription Contract Start Date Contract Length Sky Broadband 12/11/2014 12 Months Sky Talk 12/11/2014 12 Months Sky Line Rental 12/11/2014 12 Months If you cancel or stop paying for your subscription(s) before the end of the minimum term (other than where you have a right to do so under your contract), we may charge you early termination charges. These will be based on the amount of subscription payments due for the remainder of your minimum term less any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the service. We will give you reasonable notice in writing before making any charge. We're sure that you'll continue to enjoy all the great services that Sky offer - if you need any further help, please visit sky.com/help. The Sky Team EMAIL 2 – 25/11/14 Dear xxx Account Number : xxx I'm writing to confirm that you have agreed to take up our fantastic Sky Fibre Unlimited. We also wanted to remind you that as part of this, you've agreed to re-subscribe for a new minimum term to the products listed in the table below: Subscription Contract Start Date Contract Length Sky Broadband 25/11/2014 18 Months If you cancel or stop paying for your subscription(s) before the end of the minimum term (other than where you have a right to do so under your contract), we may charge you early termination charges. These will be based on the amount of subscription payments due for the remainder of your minimum term less any costs we save, including the cost of no longer providing you with the service. We will give you reasonable notice in writing before making any charge. We're sure that you'll continue to enjoy all the great services that Sky offer - if you need any further help, please visit sky.com/help. The Sky Team
  24. I'm moving to plusnet from Sky I phoned Sky to see if I needed to give notice and to tell them to stop my services (broadband and land line) on my contract end date. But they claim they can't do this because I'm switching to a new ISP. My concern is that I don't want to be paying for the Sky line rental and broadband until my service gets switched if anything goes wrong with the switchover date. ..I actually wanted them to stop my services completely but they say no can do. I can't quite get my head around not being allowed to come out of my contract and stop the services at the contract's end date. Does this sound normal or are they feeding me a line?
  25. I could do with reducing our outgoings and I think I might be able to cancel my Sky subscription as ther've sent me an email saying they're putting their prices up on their line rental and phone service. We have TV which thankfully we can definitely cancel as its just out of contract.. .but, does the fact theyre putting prices up mean I can cancel the line and phone? (Its contracted til Aug next year as well as the internet apparently) If I can cancel the phone and line does that mean I can therefore cancel the internet due to it being linked in with the online and line "deal" originally?? Thanks all...hope that makes sense.
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