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Found 60 results

  1. Hello, For now I'd rather not mention the name of this site, I just want to ask what is your opinion on this story? I bought the following products from this site, here's the product description: "A Bowens Illumtran Flash Slide Copier, with Nixon film camera, this item is used and untested" Product image has a resolution of 199x132, so you can only barely get an idea about the condition of this product. You can view picture here: www dot gthdirect dot com/flashcopier/DSC_0020.JPG Here is their disclaimer: "These goods being auctioned are second hand, unless stated otherwise. The ******** that listed the item and ******** Auctions claim no responsibility for the authenticity, commercial value or quality of any of the items sold through ******* Auctions. The working condition (unless stated otherwise) of these items are not determined and it is advised that all electrical items should be tested by a competent person prior to use." When I received the product, it turned out that it does have a plug. So I began to think how you can say that something is not tested, since it cannot actually be able to be tested for the simple reason that there is no plug! So, I filed a complaint and here's their response: "I can see nothing wrong with this auction. The item is both described as untested both in the description and disclaimer. It cannot be clearer and for clarity that means the item HAS NOT been tested. The fact that the plug is missing is not relevent. The complaint is rejected and return and refund will not be offered." I replied as follows: "It is quite interesting logic. NOT TESTED is the opposite of TESTED, but to be tested, concerned electronic equipment must be ABLE to be tested, but this machine cannot be tested because of the simple reason that there is no plug. So to claim that something is not tested since it is NOT POSSIBLE to be tested is quite simply a cheating. Not to mention the other aspect of this case, that when the plug of some electronic equipment missing, in most cases this means that it has already been tested and does not work. So the fact that the plug is missing is VERY RELEVANT!" Her is the response: "The item is NOT TESTED by the ******* or by the ****** and as such you must deduce from that it will either work or there will be a chance it may not work! That is for you to decide and adjust your bid value accordingly. It is stated clearly twice on the auction that the item is untested or not tested. The plug may have been missing for any number of reasons and in anyway is again not relevent. You have not been decieved or mislead." I also do not see where exactly in disclaimer says that item is NOT TESTED or untested, it says:"...The working condition (unless stated otherwise) of these items are not determined..." Here's what I think, maybe I am wrong, but that's reason I am here for help. I have no pretensions as to whether or not the machine is working, I have pretensions that an important fact about the state of the machine is not mentioned and I'm sure that this is intentional. For me, they deliberately failed to mention a very important fact, by claiming that it is irrelevant. It is like to selling a car without to have a keys for this car. Just write NOT TESTED, you buy what you see. But "accidentally" forget to mention that the car has no keys, because it is irrelevant! What do you think, is the fact that the plug is missing and this is not mentioned in the product description is relevant or not? So any advice would be helpful to me. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Has anyone on the WP with Ingeus and been mandated to use their new website 'Ingeuswork.com' Wondered if anyone had any feedback on it and their results? I have found very little helpful to me, the distances are cost prohibitive travel wise or the jobs unmatched to my criteria. I was sent a Teacher role and a Lawyers Assistant!
  3. Legal repossession specialist Moore Blatch had launched a website to make it easier for landlords to deal with rogue tenants. PropertyReclaim.com is a simple to use website offering flat rates for a variety of legals services that range from sending a letter before claim to a full scale eviction or enforcement of money judgement. Prices start at £10 for a letter before claim. The firm’s legal team are on hand to deal with any queries if needed and it guarantees to process claims within two working days of instruction, though it says in the majority of cases it will be instructed on the same day. More: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/legal-site-launched-to-help-landlords-with-rogue-tenants/1063010.article
  4. I'm not sure how to use the forums?
  5. I was looking for a magazine and came across Pocket mags website. I saw a magazine I was interested in reading and bought a one off copy. There is a tick box to indicate that you are buying a one off subscription. Today I checked on my current account and noticed a payment marked "Magazinecloner.Com Ltd 1************90 - Recurring Visa Transaction" If I had known it was a recurring VISA transaction payment I would never have purchased from the site. Surely this is a fraudulent as I never agreed to the recurring transaction. As a matter of fact, I would never agree to any card recurring transaction with any company. I have no objection to the one payment, but strenuously object to the recurring VISA transaction. I emailed the company and this is the reply; The recurring subscription is a stipulation on all Apple subscriptions, which is implemented by Apple not us. A user can’t subscribe unless the subscription is in a recurring manner. To cancel the recurring subscription, you can find instructions here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 . If you’d like a refund, please contact Apple, as the transaction would’ve gone through them. To do this, click ‘report a problem’ next to the item in your iTunes purchase history. I have a Windows 7 PC and do not use Apple products let alone iTunes as I don't downloads apps. Nowhere on the website does it indicate that it is a Apple subscription. I am normally very careful and cannot believe that I have been conned this way. Especially as I have never been an Apple customer! I have Win 7 and detest Apple products as think they are over priced and would never use iTunes anyway. I have contacted my bank, Nationwide and asked them to make sure that any recurring transactions are cancelled, but not sure if they will honour my request or trot out a dozen excuses. Is there anything else I can do?
  6. In a moment of madness I paid a three month subscription to an online dating site. Initially I was a free member but then I had an email from them saying that two people had private messaged me. When I went to view the messages, it said that I had to pay a subcription to view the messages. Because I thought that the people must have viewed my profile and be genuinely interested, I went ahead and chose the cheapest option which was for three months. However, once I viewed the messages it was immediately apparent that they were just a mail shot of general 'ice breakers' sent to everyone and weren't private at all and the people who sent them hadn't even viewed my profile. I immediately messaged the support department and asked for a refund but the office is currently closed and I notice in the small print that they say that you can't cancel within 7 days 'if you use the services at all'. Would my viewing the messages be construed as using the site? Even though I was misled? I would also like to know what I need to do to make sure that that they can't take any money out of my account in the future as they have my debit card details. Thanks for any advice.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place for this as it's a health and safety issue really. I'm in a shared ownership scheme with a housing association in Scotland. Next to the block of flats is a parking area with a building cage. There's a grassy area and a walkway to some other housing association properties which are being renovated. The building cage has two corrugated metal containers in it. They've been there for about a month. They don't fill it. The houses opposite the grassy areas have had scaffolding up for about 3 weeks. The only thing stopping kids from climbing up this scaffolding is the fencing around the gardens. It's not fenced off by the builders. On the grass by my flat is a pile of building materials. I've been aware of it for a little over 10 days. the weekend before last was a rare dry one and kids were out playing. I noticed that they'd found a small ladder and had propped it up at the end of a pile of wood for the building and were using a plank to get from one pile to the next. Right next to all this is a pile of what looks a little like spares for the scaffolding. They are made of metal that's rusty with spikes of metal sticking upwards. No one was about on the building site so I called the local police station. There's no sign giving a number for the buildersresponsible. Someone said that an officer would be over to take a look. I didn't see one but they didn't take my details so I may have missed them. The next day (Sunday) having seen no police and seeing the ladder/plank still there and gangs of kids still there. I called the police again. Couldn't think what else to do. Again, someone said they'd take a look but no sign of anything done. Later in the week I called the housing association. I wasn't sure it was their building site but the grass is theirs and so is the building cage so I assumed they'd have some responsibility if an accident occured. They agreed it was probably their building site and they would do something about it. Builder's vans started to appear and as I had to go out I thought it would be sorted. Got back that evening and it was piled higher. But the ladder and plank had been tidied. Friday I went to work and mentioned it to colleagues (I work part time for the council) and they all said to tell a councillor who would be in that day. The HA were shut Friday and Monday so there would be noone to speak to until Tuesday. So I did, he seemed concerned and although he had no great opinion of the HA (he's not alone). Came back from a weekend away and it's still all there. Last night kids were still climbing on it. At frequent intervals there are broken chunks of paving slab thrown about (I saw one young girl carrying a whole one at one point). I can't get anyone to listen and I'm really worried that if a kid falls off and onto one of these pieces of rusty metal or if one of them tips onto a child (they're not secure) there will be a terrible accident. It's just across the path from the local play area which is behind my building. So today I phond the HA and asked to speak to maintenance and told them I would give them 24 hours to get it sorted. I then phoned the local weekly paper. It comes out on Thursdays. I'm not sure whether I'm doing the right thing. It's really scary when I see kids playing in an area that isn't safe. I don't know whether it would make any difference if I yelled at them. I'm alone here and feel quite vulnerable. Kids should be playing outside and it's good that they do but not on this. Any ideas or suggestions? (btw there's another load of houses just starting to have the work done so I can't see the pile being moved tomorrow unless someone creates a fuss).
  8. I found a PDF where it is possible to see the adressee details please advise how I can pass this info on to yourselves thanx. I have posted in the thread as well.
  9. UKCPS parking notice charge Yesterday I parked in a retail park in Leeds and left the car park on foot to return later with some friends. When I returned I had a parking notice charge stuck on my windscreen. The reason was 'leaving site'. I understand this is because parking spaces are in high demand and it's to stop non users of the site..I was given the ticket within 10 minutes of leaving but returned to use the facilities later. From reading the blogs, it's obvious that I should not pay as it's private land and unenforceable but I am annoyed that the signage was so poor. There were none in the parking bays, only on the entry and exits. When I looked at the sign later it said you were not allowed to leave the site,but it doesn't say how,i.e. on foot, or by car and for how!.Also, the sign reads WARNING PRIVATE PROPERTY CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT. IF YOU VISIT ELSEWHERE, BEFORE OR AFTER USING THE FACILITIES YOU ARE CONTRACTUALLY AGREEING TO PAY A FEE OF £100 DISCOUNTED TO £60 IF PAID WITHIN 14 DAYS. It's a farce! Also, when such a condition is blatently unreasonable, why are the DVLA allowed to sell them my data, which, in itself, is outrageous. This sign is very menacing and uncompromising and some reassurance re my position will be gratefully received. Many thanks
  10. Hi I'm finding that threads won't open, and posting a reply is taking forever, sometimes timing out. Is there an issue at the website end or is it me?
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