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Found 60 results

  1. Sorry realise this is not the place but I couldn't see this anywhere - can anybody advise me how to contact site admin?
  2. My husband who has worked for the same security company for 10 years has had a phone call today from his supervisor who asked him has he received a letter off his new employer with regards to the site he has been working at has already been tuped over. my husband has been off sick since early december with an infection and matters relating to chemotherapy due to prostate cancer. he told the supervisor this is the first he's heard of anything and the supervisor said he would call back after speaking to the new employer. my husband is at a loss over what to say about his employment rights and what is in his best interests when his supervisor phones back. Please could anyone help with regards to this regards junes0000
  3. I seen this user name(sticky) before on the anonymous.uk. site!
  4. Can anyone tell me if a web site selling items based in the UK has to have full contact details provided. - Such as business name, full postal address, telephone number(s) etc. If yes - the legislation that states these requirements. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Hi Guys Could someone please set up an announcement regarding emails received by Lowell last night? I would like to see how many people were affected. If they could please let me know the would be great. Quote Lowell "We were attacked last night and out IT team switched off the exchange server to prevent other emails being sent. We have not been able to confirm numbers of people affected and if any data was compromised. If you have been affected please contact Lowell directly and they will put you in contact with their IT team who will endeavour to help you remove the virus if you have opened the affected attachment"
  6. I recently had to replace two rather expensive cooker hood bulbs for an Electrolux hood, but as we had only been using the hood for 5 or 6 weeks I rang Electrolux first and requested them free of charge. Although I spoke to several different staff in their customer services they would only agree to reduce the price of the bulbs to £16 for the pair. I purchased them but wasn't happy, as I felt that the bulbs must be very poor quality to only last 5 or 6 weeks. I therefore visited their internet site and gave the bulbs a poor review stating that they were poor value for money as they didn't last long at all, and that I felt they were not fit for purpose as they should last a reasonable length of time under the Sale of Goods Act. A couple of days later I received an email from Electrolux telling me that they had not published my review because it was not moderate. I was shocked that they could do this. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? And are they actually allowed to do this if your review is honest and not abusive? I emailed back and asked this question but they ignored me.
  7. Hello, A friend who lives outside UK has been using a well known UK gambling site. He has won a lot of money but the website says that as he is outside UK they have suspended his account and will not pay him the money. So, website is quite happy to take all money from him when he is losing, but then use an excuse when he has won to avoid paying the money. Any advice please?
  8. Hi I came across this site while searching for information following my fine from UKCPS on Saturday for "leaving site". We were "allowed" to park in the (free) car park of a retail park by an arrangement held with our destination however we forgot to put in a note to say where we were. By the time we were reminded a fine had already been issued. Having read a lot of posts we've decided to be brave and not pay (there were 3 cars "done" - one has already sent a cheque with his appeal letter) I just wondered how far things have got for people? Has anyone ever been taken to court? Has it ever got that far? It's a bit daunting thinking of debt collectors and court proceedings... We've decided to ignore the 'fine' and wait for the first letter and then reply asking for evidence and see how we get on. I'm wondering if I should go back and double check the signage? Or does that not really matter? Thanks!!
  9. I recently saw this website www.hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com advertised/mentioned on the front page of our local free paper. http://malvernobserver.co.uk/news/information-10000-malvern-residents-sold-dark-web/ also here http://www.bromsgrovestandard.co.uk/2014/09/16/news-Fraudsters-have-details-of-Bromsgrove-and-South-Brum-people-116569.html Being the pessimistic cynic that I am I was wondered if it is a legitimate service or a tool for more data harvesting, having wormed their way onto the public. Thanks for looking Winger
  10. Hi All Have a question ( hope I am posting in the correct forum) A friend of mine lost some money on an online gambling site (Jackpotjoy) and he wants to claim that back through the bank because he feels that the site misquoted the winning odds and he didn't win a single game. Is it possible to claim the money back through the bank since he essentially missold a product? or am I wrong here? Any advice will be helpful.
  11. Hope someone can point us in the right direction. We have combined debts of 45K dating back to 2007. Took out an IVA in 2008, IVA failed March 2010. There are 8 separate creditors ranging from current a/c overdrafts, credit cards etc (all unsecured). We have been paying DCA's on some of the debts but have received letters from other parties asking for funds regarding the same debts. We have stopped all payments. Have checked credit reports and some say assigned, some say satisfied? We would like to find out the true outstanding amounts because we have paid over £3,750 into the IVA which seems to have gone to their costs and not to the debts. Do we send CCA letters to the DCA's that we have been paying nominal amounts or do we wait for them to contact us? Also should we contact original banks regarding PPI claims? We have a mortgage and a secured loan which is about the value of the house so no equity left. Been trying to sort this out for years, both now have serious health problems and have 10 years to retirement (if we make it - with no where it live!). Desperate to clear these debts once and for all. Thanks for any advice:???:
  12. One of the chaps at work has just been duped this morning, out of £60 for a £20 replacement license. Looked at the website (https://dvla-driving-licence-dot-co-dot-uk/index.php). Looks like contact by email only, no phone, company number or vat number can be found. As it was the 2nd line down when googling DVLA, one would have thought that they would be required to comply with UK trading laws? When he checked his bank an hour after the transaction, he found he was £60 down, not the £20 as he was expecting. Yes it does say about how they are not affiliated with the DVLA and again in their T&C's. He has already rang his bank for a charge back and they have said that they cant do anything until this 'company' collects then they can challenge. There was some hoohah in the press in the last week about this, but cant remember what the outcome was. Can an expert have a look at the website and let me know if it complies please. Many thanks
  13. guys i am trying to put a post on the debt forum in bankrupcy i can fill in the info but when i click on title the page keeps changing and i cannot get anything wrote on it so cannot post my question any advice
  14. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, if it is perhaps someone would be good enough to point the right one out to me Regarding the issue I need help with. I am a self employed builder who on occasion uses the above site to obtain work, I have been a member for about 6 years now. Just recently they have changed their operations and have removed a lot of facilities offered to the trader, the most relevant one for me being the one where they refunded you the money you pay for the lead if the customer doesn't allow you to at least quote for the work or the lead details turn out to be wrong. Instead they now keep the money whether you quote, are not able to quote, or you can't even contact the customer. As some of the more expensive jobs cost £30-£50 just to buy the lead this can work out expensive to the sole trader, it's no problem if I get the work because I can recoup the lead cost but otherwise I am simply paying for nothing! My question is whether they are in breach of the original T & C's that I agreed to some 6 years ago as nowhere have I agreed to these new changes, it seems they have just rolled them out and we either like it or lump it. Any help, advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated I hope I have explained the situation clearly enough, if not feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to reply to them.
  15. Not sure if this is the right place to post this so feel free to move. Have an account with a gaming website that Sharon Osbourne has once thought fabulous. I have a quibble with them that I'm going to let go so I'm going to close my account but I don't want any more contact from them, email, post, texts etc. If I send them a letter giving them the standard 14 days to comply (DPA remove my details) what are my options if they still bombard me with offers? Not a massive problem in the grand scheme of things but suffice to say I feel I have been wronged so want to air my grievance if they do not comply! Thanks all.
  16. Digital 'wallet' of 7,500 coins of the virtual currency believed to be beneath four feet of rubbish at south Wales recycling centre, and is worth more than £4.1 million A hard drive which holds more than £4 million worth of Bitcoins, the virtual currency, is buried beneath several feet of mud at a recycling plant in south Wales, it has been claimed. The computer hard drive was reportedly thrown away by its owner several months ago, along with the Dell laptop it came from, with 7,500 Bitcoins stored on it, at a waste recycling centre in Pillgwenlly, Newport. • What is Bitcoin and how does it work? According to a post on the social news website Reddit, the coins were collected or “mined” – a process where computer users solve complex mathematical equations and are rewarded with Bitcoins – when they were almost worthless. But after months of widespread media coverage, and a boost to the virtual currency’s legitimacy after a U.S. Senate committee hearing, the value of Bictoin has increased by more than 4,000 per cent, meaning the 7,500 coins stored on the abandoned hard drive are worth more than £4.1 million ($6 million). More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10478871/Treasure-hunt-for-4m-worth-of-Bitcoins-buried-on-hard-drive-at-landfill-site.html
  17. Hi all just searched mmf web site on google and norton flags it as a red site with a drive by down load
  18. Hi all, This is probably a unusual one, we bought a small caravan site 12 months ago, 45% of owners were unhappy with ownership and 40% wanted to actively sell their units, during the past 12 months things have changed and only 2 units wish to sell, they have been up for sale with an estate agent (we don't take commission or any fee at all) one of the units wishes for us to buy back their unit. we got 2 local dealers to come in and give us a price both were £24,000 & £25,000 this unit was bought 7 years ago for £170,000 it's a holiday unit only, now the owner is saying they will accept £75,000 they marketed it at £100k we are struggling to see the value in this unit and what we could do with it. A brand new unit would cost £70,000 any suggestions/thoughts ?? I'm sure if we bought it at £75k people would think we will have ripped them off, but we don't actually want it, we would need to borrow the money the bank are saying 14.9% so it will cost us £11,250 a year in interest.
  19. Friend of a Friend asked me the other day if a bailiff can charge a levy and attendance to remove fee on the same visit for a PCN so I said not up on fees for PCNs but they cant for council tax and from what I've read I believe they cant for PCNs either because until they have a levy on goods their are no goods to remove I told them to have a Google (did point them here as you do ) and that most fees were set by legislation and England and wales were the same told them their was also detailed assessment against Marston's bailiffs that explains it and Google should pick it up anyway my friend sent me a link to Marston's web site are we reading this wrong it looks to me as if they do charge both fees on same day (first visit ) Am I reading it wrong because I'm not getting this the judge in the Anthony culligan case says no you cant and I understand this is not legislation but he does say as a matter of Law can someone explain what if anything legislation states about this ATR fee being charged the same day as levy fee Its a bit confusing when going by what's on Marston's web site it can be charged Fees and charges Schedule of TMA fees and charges Traffic Management Act 2004 The process On receiving a warrant, we send a letter to the debtor explaining that the debt has been passed to Marston for collection and inviting payment with seven days. The fee for sending this letter (£11.20 + VAT) is added to the debt outstanding to be paid by the debtor. If no payment is received or contact made, the case is assigned to an enforcement agent (bailiff) who, in order to execute the warrant, will Attend the property to Remove Goods (Attendance to Remove – ATR) to the value of the debt and outstanding fees and charges. This action will incur a levy(visit) fee and ATR charge - whether goods are removed or not Central London County Court - Case No 8CL51015 - Anthony Culligan (Claimant) v 1. Jason Simkin & 2. Marstons (Defendants 2. The Fee Regulations provide for a distinction between the levying of distress and removal of goods. There is a gap between the two stages. The purpose of this "gap" is to allow the debtor to make payment of what is due after the first stage. DJ Avent says at paragraph 50 of his Judgment:- "Accordingly, in my judgment the bailiff should not and, as a matter of law cannot take any steps to remove goods until he has given the debtor a reasonable opportunity to pay what is due at the time of seizure. This being so I cannot see that Form 7 can or should include any costs of removal. Mr. Simkin included on the Form 7 he produced for Mr. Culligan the sum of £100 in respect of the immobilisation device. If, as the Defendants now argue, that was part of the removal expenses, it should never have been included in Form 7".
  20. It seems that the site has been down all morning which must be very frustrating for people who were paid today!
  21. Apologies if this has been mentioned before.I've casually discovered the new UC website, still under construction. Many pages are missing, it still looks like a work in progress: http://about.universalcredit.service.gov.uk/kms/SitePages/home.htm Interesting is also the page about Universal Jobmatch: http://about.universalcredit.service.gov.uk/kms/Pages/Looking_for_work_-_Universal_Jobmatch.htm Have fun!
  22. Hi Everyone, Today whilst looking for jobs on UJM I found a job.. Or was it. Apply button took me to an external site, looking round it I find it dubious to say the least. On the bottom of the page is a like to this page. See link below.. What do you think? http://www.jsajobs.org.uk/activity-history-guide/
  23. Firms that sell extended warranties such as Argos, Currys/PC World, Tesco and Richer Sounds, Domestic & General and Warranty Direct have launched a comparison website. They agreed to set up the site after an OFT study last year found limited competition. Although most extended warranties are generally thought to be a complete waste of money, if you want peace of mind, it may be worth comparing prices first. http://www.compareextendedwarranties.co.uk/
  24. Never posted before, new to this forum.......where abouts do you post questions about debt, if not here?
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