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  1. Hello all I realise discussion of this sort of topic tends to get a bit heated but I'd really appreciate some advice. There is a primary school on the street with various parking restrictions. On the side with the primary school entrance, on both sides of the gate there are zigzags, which mean no parking or waiting or stopping at any time, I believe, but please correct me if this is wrong. On the opposite side there is a single yellow, with a sign stating no parking between certain times. This would mean that you can only park before and after the stated times. Now, does
  2. H i everyone, I made a single claim for child tax credits and after 3 weeks I recieved a reply back from Ryscar B&C COMPLIANCE OPERATIONS. Anyway they asked me to send in some proofs....bank statements, council tax, utility etc. I sent these in straight away with a cover note explaining what I was sending and why: BANK STATEMENTS - I said I could not provide them with bank statements as there was no point as my bank account (single) was being cancelled by the bank, because im in debt and also by the time they recieved my reply it would have happen
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47225[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47226[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47227[/ATTACH]Hi Guys, Parked up at the bottom of my street in a 2 hour bay on Tuesday night ( I have a Parking Permit, but the street was chocker, as usual ) with every intention of moving it Wednesday morning. Problem was, the bloody car wouldn't start and by the time I had got back from my brother's to move it I had got a damn PCN. My lovely council (Barrow Borough Council) being as compassionate as they are have stated there's no grounds for cancellation. Therefore, I may appeal on road markings, but I
  4. Just trying to get a sense of whether I'm paying too much or not... I'm paying £135 per month direct debit. I'm a single man living alone in a one -bedroom flat. I have gas central heating and a gas cooker. No TV or hi-fi, but my computer is on all day. As a single man, I don't do a lot of cooking:), so the oven doesn't get used much. I have a washing machine too. The property is rented, so I can't change suppliers: they're set by the landlord. The supplier for both gas and electricity is e.on. I've just been reading about a family of 6 who say their combined energy bill is arou
  5. The energy regulator has branded a proposal by EDF to introduce single unit pricing for gas and electricity as "not as simple as it sounds". Instead, Ofgem is to simplify the energy market in the forthcoming Energy Bill by requiring companies to limit the number of tariffs on offer to four for each of gas and electricity. EDF Energy calls for 'petrol station forecourt' pricing One of the UK's biggest energy suppliers has called for single-unit pricing for gas and electricity to help consumers compare tariffs as easily as they currently shop around for petrol. E
  6. help my wife has left me and my 4 kids and has not paid the morgage in 2 years ( i was giving her the money every month) i only found out this morning when the ballif sent me a letter saying i have 4 weeks before eviction i owe 17,000 and GE mony want the full amount i have about £100,000 in equity in the house and i can afford payments each month plus a bit extra but not full arreas please can anyone help
  7. Hi, I am a little brain dead today, having read through reams of LTSB loans documents (and other documents) provided under a DSAR. I have my Loan statements, of loans which were consolidated into other loans (twice), and have read the excellent threads and guidance on spreadsheets on single PPI reclaims. I thought I had it all sussed - until I was entering some figures into the spreadsheet, by reading the figures from my Loan Statement. I thought I was quite savvy with figures, having calculated the settlement figures from loan 1 which are rolled into Loan 2, and the r
  8. Hi all. I pulled over outside near my son's school this afternoon, and was sat on a single yellow line. A taxi was on the other side of the road waiting to turn and a lorry tried to squeeze through the gap, scraping my driver side wheel arch and ripping off my bumper. He got out and admitted he should have waited for the taxi to finish moving, gave me his details (parcel force lorry) and off he went. I'm worried now that because I was parked on a single yellow, I will be liable. I was pulled right over and there was literally enough room to get a big bus through, but because the taxi was
  9. I need clarification on what type of tenancy agreement my son will need. He will be sharing a 3 bedroom house with two others. They will each have their own room but will share the use of bathroom/kitchen/living room. The house consists of a ground floor and an upstairs. Is it legal for the landlord to issue three separate agreements or should there be an AST for the main tenant plus two sub-tenants?
  10. my husband parked on a single yellow line on our high street during restricted hours. He drove off as he was spotted by the PA . Today we got a PCN stating the LA belives a PC is payable due to being parked in a restricted street during prescrivbed hours. He was observed from 10.18-10.19 and notice states PA had started to issue a notice but he drove off. Can they enforce this even if he was stopped /observed for just 60 seconds? He had nowhere to park and had to drop off some urgent packages to post office. Thank you for any input on this as we are not sure what our position is..
  11. Sorry I am new to this so hope it is in the right place. In september 2011 my husband walked out on me (after have left me twice already that year once for a week and once for about a month) and moved in with his mum, this time I was sure it was permant so claimed ctc as a single parent (I had 4 children with him one of whom has special needs and disabilities). This was all fine until this week when I got a letter from tax credits saying that they believed he is still living here, he is not, yes he visits the children daily before he goes to work but that may only be for half an hour some
  12. Hi, I have just recieved a parking ticket when I was parked on a single yellow line at 21:45. The yellow line area was between 2 permitted areas and did not have its own sign, or any sign that I could see, so assumed it was from 08:00-19:00. I have subsequently seen that there is a controlled sign stating that there is no parking on yellow lines from 08:00-23:00, but this is further down the road and on the other side of the permitted area. Does each section of the yellow line need its own sign, or can one sign cover the whole road? Thanks in advance. P
  13. I have read a number of stories on here from people in the same situation as me so hope someone can help! I have received a letter saying that my 'single' Tax Credit claim has been selected for checking & they have found that my husband has always been on the Electoral register at my address (the mortgage is in joint names which he pays along with the Council tax so I didn't realise him being registered here would cause such a problem). I can't prove that I was single during my 2011/2012 claim so have resigned myself to the fact that everything I have had since then will have to
  14. Writing on behalf of my family member. - I apologize for future inconvenience if this is so a simple question. Location: Lutton Place, Edinburgh Date of Issue: 11th October 2012 Bit of a background: On 10th October, We had difficulty finding a space to park on South clerk street after an evening night out. Round about 10pm. We had a user permit but there was no space whatsoever, this led us to go onto Lutton place to find a space and parked there and left. Obviously now we noticed it was a single yellow line! The exact same spot where the white bmw is parked. [picture] On t
  15. My landlord no longer wants to renew the contract which expired on a section 21 notice -trouble is i have no money to use as advance for a new flat! - am on housing benefit and get working tax credits of 208 per month to live off--not enough to save for advance has anyone been in this position-- i am feeling i would be better off if i had a kid -as the council has already told me they have no duty of care to rehouse me and that basically i'm on my own! tough luck! i realise i have to stay put or i will be accused by the council of making myself intentionally homeless to up and leave-
  16. My daughter's fourteen year relationship ended in January when her partner left her and the two children. They agreed that, rather than pay maintenence, he would pay the mortgage and the fuel bills for the time being. Since then he has been living with his parents. She applied for and received Single Parent Working Tax Credit. She says that there is nowhere on the application form to declare the financial arrangement, but she did bring it up in one of the conversations, and was told that it made no difference. She also applied for and received council tax single occupancy discount.
  17. Hi, yesterday I parked my car to pick up a box at a friends flat. I parked on the street and could see that there was a single yellow line but it was all broken, gaps missing where roadworks had been done so I thought nothing of it. Dropped the box off to come out to see a warden taking pics of my car. On the ticket It says I was observed from 11:12 to 11:14. That would be literally how long I was parked there. I have taken a video of the road markings. There are numerous breaches in what I believe are the regulations in so much as No T bar at the end of the single white line.
  18. Hi, I got a ticket last sunday for parking on a single yellow line. I thought i would be ok because there was a sign saying "no parking mon-sat 8am-8pm" or somthing along them lines. I have attached a picture of the sign i mean. Also it says on the ticket i was observed for 7 minutes only. isnt there a 20 minute loading time on single yellow? Thanks for the help Jon
  19. Hi I took out an Egg loan in 2005 to consolidate some credit cards. The original loan was for £9000 and the ppi single premium was £2085. My monthly repayments were £170. I felt pressured at the time into taking out the policy but I don't believe I knew what I was buying and was just happy someone would lend me money. In about 2007/8 I refinanced with Egg with a new loan which was £13000 at 12.5%. This loan has since been taken over by Moorgate but when I called them they said I didn't have ppi. I have my paperwork for the original loan but not the more recent one. I have written t
  20. This dwarfs one sold previously for £24k http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-19384548
  21. Any sound advice would be much appreciated. I rented a property from March 2010 until March 2012. LL failed to provide check in inventory and thus one was never signed by myself. AST states that an inventory should have been provided. LL failed to provide Prescribed Information until 11/04/2012 despite numerous requests from myself. LL did not add T&C's or Scheme Leaflet to the Prescribed Information and had dated and signed it 31st March 2010. I have kept original envelope that it was posted in, which is dated 7/04/2012 (after new laws came into force) LL was given every opportun
  22. Hi - I am starting the claim process with LloydsTSB on a number of loan and cc accounts. Two of the loans I had were taken out when I was postgrad student - 1st in 1998 and 2nd in 2003. LTSB have given me the details of both loans. I wasn't able to access their professional studies loan option but they did give me the regular loans. Both were sold in branch by advisers who were supposed to be knowledgeable about student finance. My only income was a research council grant and from occasional teaching at the university which was irregular. I have used this as my main comp
  23. Hi I know lots of people on this site have been through this, but the threads got confusing and as i am panicing, decided to start my own. Got a letter today to say that they were looking at my 2011-12 single claim and they had used credit reports to say that they thought a MR XXXXx lived at the address. I am holding my hands up to this overisight on my part, i changed the council tax etc, but didnt do this one. They want me to call them before 21-07-12, has anyone else been in this situation? shall i just admit my mistake over the phone and say i will pay back what is owed etc? or sha
  24. I hope someone can help me? I was parked on a single yellow with a flat tyre, with a note in the front window explaining that I had a flat tyre and the RAC would be there soon to assist. I had to leave the vehicle and walk home with 2 toddlers and no buggy,and by the time the RAC arrived I had received a parking fine. The RAC advised that if I appealed the ticket and showed the work sheet from them that I could possibly have it repealed. Is there a set appeal form that I could use for this? How should I word my appeal to them? My second question/ issue is that the RAC form shows th
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