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  1. Hi all hoping I can get some advice as I currently receive wtf and ctc as a single person , no other benefits, I would like my partner to move in but he doesn't wish to make a joint claim , we should be able to manage on our two incomes. Can i call to cancel my single claim and say I don't wish to make joint claim as we will be OK financially? Will they still ask for all his details ect .? Or do we have to do joint claim ? Looked around various sites for advice but finding different answers... thanks also if I can just cancel is it best end of tax year april or when start of renewal July? If
  2. Hi Guys Long winded but will cut it down best I can, will start with the numbers loan 1 July 98 for £3000 PPI single policy of £443 added to loan (paid 46/60 payments) £144 of ppi refinanced by loan 3 loan 2 Dec 98 for £1400 PPI single policy of £198 added to loan (paid 39/48 payments) £50 of ppi refinanced by loan 3 loan 3 April 02 for £5000 PPI single policy of £1174 added to loan (paid 13/60 payments) £980 of ppi refinanced by loan 4 loan 4 may 03 for £7500 PPI single policy of £1762 added to loan (paid 11/60 payments) £1500 of ppi refinanced by loan 5 loan 5 may 03 for
  3. Hi, I purchased a period return ticket from Oxford to Manchester last week. I didn't have a problem on the way up, but I had an issue with using the return ticket on my back. I don't remember which stop it was after but, somewhere between Manchester and Birmingham New Street, the guard came through and stamped the return half of my ticket. When I reached Birmingham New Street, a new guard replaced the previous one. When he came through to check the tickets, he told me that I had already used my ticket and I could only use it once. I explained to him that the ticket had been
  4. Hi, This is my first post on here. Please help! I received a letter last week from Concentrix on behalf of HMRC last week stating they were checking my claim for tax credits for the current year. I had put in a claim as an individual and they had information which linked someone else to my address and to me, and wanted to check if I should have been putting in a joint claim. My situation is actually quite complicated and I am now panicking that I may have done the wrong thing and really need both reassurance and advice please asap! Basically, my husband and I separated in January 2015
  5. I've been so stupid. I moved in with my partner in May this year, we claimed HB, JSA, council tax ttogether but not Child Tax. I'm as aa single claim and they found out after I wwent on Experian website. They have sent me a letter only mentioningaAugust to now they think I am lliving with Mr ******* which I am. I am bricking it. I should have called them and was goingto until Bailiffs aarrived a month after for council tax from a few years ago (my housing didn't even say it had gone to them when I paid 5 days earlier) so I had to pay council tax in full. And bailiffs wanted their
  6. I have been incredible stupid and continued to claim tax credits as a single parent when my partner has lived with me for several years. I am really ashamed and can't believe why I allowed myself to be so greedy and stupid. I have two kids from previous relationship and one with current partner . Current partner is on the mortgage and council tax as would not have got the house otherwise. I think it will be virtually impossible for me to prove he hasn't lived here all the time. The bills are in my name, but we have the mortgage and council tax in joint names.
  7. Could someone please advise if my assumption is correct. PCN received for code 02. The sign says no loading but the double yellow lines have only a single kerb blip which would indicate a timed loading restriction. If there is no loading at any time surely the kerb blips should be as Diagram 1020.1 and not 1019. I would be grateful if an expert could clarify this for me. Thanks for any help given
  8. Hi I am new to the site and out of mind with worry. I have been claiming as a single person when I have been living with someone for 9 years. The relationship has been rocky since day 1 and he had suggested we separate in several occasions. He's had affairs and told me he doesn't love me but we've stayed together in the same house as I'm on a low wage and can't afford to move out. The house is his all bills and mortgage in his name. The house is up for sale at present and when it sells I'm on my own with my son who is not my partners he is from a previous relationship. My reasons fo
  9. I have looked to see if anyone else has encountered this problem on CAG couldn't find anything, so apologies if I have missed it. In Wales there are circumstances when you can park on a single yellow line for three hours and then the car must be moved for one hour. I believe that this may be different in England but not sure as there is conflicting advice. Having had a rather nasty experience yesterday with a traffic warden who swore blind that I hadn't moved the car when I most definitely had as she said, "the valves are in the same place", I wondered how far the car has to be moved? Doe
  10. I'm currently repaying (on a payment plan) an old council tax bill on a property which I vacated in 2013. For the period the bill covers, I was living alone, but never claimed a single person discount at the time. Have made initial contact with Council, who say they can only retrospectively apply a single person discount from 1st April 2014. I understand that each council will set its own policy on how far they will backdate single person discount, and that there is no legislation as such which governs this? So my question, has anyone successfully badgered their council into app
  11. I've just read a letter addressed to my partner. unknown to me, she has had a single person claim ongoing despite us moving in together in May 2012. she has been overpaid by over £8000 and we are more than worried by this. I have asked why this hadn't been sorted, she couldn't really say, besides arguing wont solve this. according to calculators the amount of tax credits we WOULD have had is very close to what she has received. She is naive with money I believe and has buried her head somewhat to this , now we're up the creek so to speak. I don't believe her in
  12. As the title says, my mother who is 76 years old has been asked to carry out a review. (She currently pays nothing) She is worried sick because her son, my brother has used her address as a contact point since his wife chucked him out 2 years ago. He was thrown out on the street whislt his former wife stayed in the martial home (rented). He stayed with me for some time and at my sisters house also. As he did not have a permemant address, he used mums address for everything. eg. bank account, drivers licence, employer etc with post still going to mums.. Looking from the outside in and on the
  13. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows a decent site/company where I can nose about for holidays for single people. All of the companies I've looked at charge a premium for people who travel alone. It's annoyingly misleading when they advertise a trip and you only find out 30 minutes later after a battering from a sales agent that it's "based on two people" :-/
  14. Council Tax, single person discount query. I am a single parent with three kids (now 20->27) and the two eldest (boys) left home some time ago. Earlier this year I realised that my daughter was spending more nights at her boyfriends house than mine. So I started to keep a record of what nights she spent at my house. On 9 March I wrote to Bolton Council saying she only spent 1 or 2 nights a week at my house & asked how they defined "living at". Quote from their reply: I replied: 29 April they replied: As you can see, I have already told
  15. From 1st April 2015, Single Lower Limb Amputees with 40% War Disablement Pension or more are entitled to receive War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. More Information at this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/war-pensioners-mobility-supplement Please be aware that you need to click on "War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement change from 1 April 2015" in that link to download the PDF which contains the information and how to claim.
  16. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and pleased to be joining such a fabulous, supportive community! A quick question on this topic. On telephone advice from a person in Barnet Council's office, I recently applied for backdated single person's discount of 25% as the council told me that I was defaulted to two persons. I have been single at this property since 2005. I just received an e-mail saying: "We are unable to action your request. As ignorance is not a valid reason please confirm reasons to why you did not notify our office at the time?" Before I reply, I just wanted t
  17. I have been on single person child tax credits and working tax credit for 5 yrs plus. During June 2013 a friend moved into my home as he was in financial trouble and had moved out of his flat and was sleeping in his office. He was served bankruptcy sept 2013 he was very depressed slept in a separate bedroom and we were not having a physical relationship - low labido etc. He was discharged from bankruptcy during April 2014. During the following month 2 employees took delivery of a large amount of cannibis at his work place and he was under investigation from the police - more stress! Sept 2
  18. I have recently been investigating a consolidated loan that was taken out in 2005 and have today received a copy of the credit agreement from GE. The document is headed igroup and GE have confirmed that this is there company and that Loans.co.uk brokered this loan. I am now in the process of starting my PPI complaint as it was a single premium of £4320 on top of a loan of £35k. The interest was 16.25%. At no time were we given any advice or options i.e. monthly PPI. I have only just established that the PPI only covered 5 years of the loan which was taken
  19. When I took out a mortgage with SPML (& previously with other lenders) there was a large figure of about £1000 for an insurance premium added to the loan. I didn't understand what it was at all & asked for an explanation. I was told a) that it was compulsory (wrong ?) & b) that it was insurance not for me but the the lender so that if I failed to pay the mortgage this insurance policy was in place to re-imburse the lender if I couldn't pay. I now realise this must have been single premium PPI & therefore should be reclaimed plus all the interest . Can so
  20. I was parked for 1 minute or less in a bay next to a cash point. Photo of pcn attached. Either side of the bay are double yellow lines, within the bay are is a single yellow very indistinct line, photo attached. The third picture is the sign which is adjacent to the single yellow line at one end of the bay. Is this worth appealing and on which grounds, if anyone knows relevant winning cases that I could use to support an appeal that would be great too. Thanks in advance for any advice given
  21. Hi all, Just wondering if I could grab some advice. I am a student nurse on maternity leave and also a single Mum. I receive a maternity bursary, maternity allowance, child tax credits and child benefit. I was advised to apply for Housing Benefit, so I went to the housing office and made an appointment. I brought all my financial information with me, and made the housing advisor fully aware that I was a student. She made the decision to not take my student maternity bursary into account as she wasn't sure if she was supposed to. They made a calculation that I should receive
  22. Could anyone clarify my thinking on this please? I have an old CCJ for a joint loan. I'm the only person on the CCJ as the claim was only raised against me. As I understand it, a CCJ trumps a CCA, so the original agreement is now void. Can the creditor come back at any time in the future with a new claim against the other party on the original CCA? I don't want to put up too much information regarding the debt as I don't want to give the creditor any ideas!
  23. Hi, Hopefully someone here can help or give me some advice regarding ppi and this single premium ppi. since 1999 my partner has had several loans with lloydstsb including credit cards. The first loan she took out in 1999 (struggling to find details except for policy number), the next in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005. Each of the these policies had ppi on them, paid for as 'premium advanced as part of loan', I believe also known as single premium ppi. Each loan from 2001 was a consolidation of debts (2001-£2500, 2003-£5500, 2004-£8000, 2005-£16000), and thus none
  24. I have just been awarded ESA WRAG with a 12 month prognosis based on mental health. I am likely to appeal for support group. Unfortunately i may not be able to live with my dad for too much longer as his girlfriend is pressuring him to sell up and move in with her before the end of the year. If this happens would i only be entitled to the shared accommodation rate of housing benefit (~£67 a week where i live)? Due to severe soial anxiety any form of shared accommodation wouldn't be viable. If this is the case then there would be a shortfall of about £30 per wek between that amou
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