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Found 6 results

  1. Shoplifting suspect dies after being tackled by store security guard Bit young to be a security guard isn't he ?
  2. My mum was in Waitrose on Sunday afternoon, and was suffering from a severe confusion and memory loss because she was entering a hypo from diabetes. My mum couldnt remember what had happened, but told her husband that she had been banned from waitrose. An ambulance was called as she was very ill. She was rushed into hospital with hypoglaecemia and a suspected heart attack. While she was in Waitrose, from what we can piece together from what she can remember, she was thrown out for shoplifting a packet of lozenges. I phoned the store this morning to ask them if it had really happened, because my mum was incredibly confused, and asked them to shed some light on the events. The woman on the phone was incredibly rude and just kept telling me that my mother was in perfect health when she left the store. She told me they had my mothers details and that she was banned from the store. I asked my mother how they got her details, and she said she thinks she can remember them taking her driving license from her purse, along with her Waitrose loyalty card. The police were never called, and she was removed from the building and sent on her way. She was rushed into hospital by ambulance a short while later. I have contacted their head office as the branch was no help. They were very apologetic, but told me they could not discuss it without written consent from my mum. I explained that she was unable to do that at present as she is not a well woman and that I was concerned with how they handled an obviously incoherent and ill oap. They replied several hours later that they had spoken to their legal department and were told not to discuss the matter with me without written permission from my mum, despite me telling them that she was unable to do so. So, does anyone know if they had the right to go into her purse? What is the protocol for this kind of thing?
  3. Hello, I would like to share my experience with you. I would not like to share exact products and figures with you however, as is mentioned here RPL are watching this site and may use this against me. I went to a TK Maxx store and actually bought and paid some clothes worth more that what we usually spend on TK maxx. On my way out my eye caught another article without any boxing, price tag or anything at all for that matter. I spent some time watching it and then moved on to watch something else while still holding the unmarked item. After this my mind wondered off and I simply put the item in my pocket. After a bit I left the store without ever having the intention of taking the item with me. Upon leaving the store I was apprehended, taken to the back room etc. As soon as I understood what was happening I felt extremely embarrassed and ashamed. I tried to explain what had happened. I had just forgotten the item in my pocket. I actually showed them what I had bought and the receipts and they told me that they only care about for something I had not paid . Then it hit me . I felt like my world was collapsing as fast as it could. I tried to say that this was a genuine mistake . I could see they just wanted me to admit guilt so I just said that there was no excuse for it so I offered to pay for the damage I had caused .I felt so ashamed that I just wanted to get it over with... They told me that I was a thief and that this was no longer an option. They threatened to call the police in if I didn't confess to what I did. Feeling extremely humiliated and afraid for my job after getting the police involved I just said that I did it . I now realise that I was under immense psychological pressure at the time and I was not thinking clearly. I should have asked for a lawyer straight away . They told me that RPL would be in touch to collect a fine and they gave me the flier that is mentioned in most of the threads. Under my distress I said that I don't mind paying the "Fine" there and then. They told me that this could not be done. No police came after all. I was made to sign the ban agreement and gave them my name and my address. I was told that if I pay nothing more will happen . They burned a disk as well and they brought it in front of me so I actually felt completely vulnerable .I didn't even ask to see the footagje . After settling down, having left the premises I read the last paragraph of the RPL flier. It mentions that they may decide to prosecute me, or may contact the police, or may share my information with potential employers . Surely this must be illegal. I haven't been in trial and have not been convicted of this or anything for that matter . I do not have a criminal record and I have never had anything to do with the police. Not even a parking ticket. I am not in desperate need for money and they actually mentioned that in there. I would not have any problem on spending a fraction more for the item they are claiming that I stole. I was never given the chance to explain, instead I was treated like a criminal and now I feel like I was manipulated into admitting guilt without ever having the chance to properly explain. Every time I was trying to explain or say something different, one of them was walking towards the door in order to go call the police. This put me under even more pressure and completely cluttered my judgement and my thinking. It was like an immense psychological blackmail. I just found my self saying whatever they wanted me to say . I mean, if they were so sure I was a shoplifter who went in the shop with the INTENTION of stealing, why didn't they just call the police straight away? and instead tried to make me admit on stealing an item? As mentioned above I had already paid for other items in the store that were worth considerably more that the unmarked and unpackaged item . In an attempt to gather my thoughts and settle down I asked for a glass of water but was denied it. I should guess that this might be a basic human right even though I am not a litigator. Again, since I felt completely intimidated and humiliated I just said that I felt awful for what had happened and that I would like to make it right anyway that I can. After that I was let go. Before leaving I was assured that this is nothing more than a fine and that as long as I pay it everything would be fine. They told me to think of it as a parking ticket. I am expecting the letter now. I do feel awful for what happened. I am completely shuttered and in the verge of a breakdown . I know that they were doing there job but I was never given the chance to even explain. Still, I dint think that this is an excuse and taking the item out of the shop could have caused them damage . Thats why I was more than happy to pay for the item as I mentioned to them. RUnder no circumstances, my INTENTION was to steal anything. I feel absolutely & completely embarrassed. I know what I did was wrong even if it was a mistake and that I understand should pay more attention to my actions from now on. I do feel very guilty and I would definitely like to take responsibility for my action which would seem completely shameful and my explanation may just come out as an excuse. I understand that paying no attention this time lead to this. Imagine if I was driving though? I could have injured somebody... I am expecting the letter. I am actually thinking I should pay as this would be a good punishment for myself and a good lesson. I am not trying to figure a way out of this. My question is if I pay, will tkmaxx ever decide to take any action against me? As soon as someone pays what happens to all the data they claim they keep on you? I would hate it if something popped up ever in any check for something like this. If I pay could they still decide to prosecute me? I would like to make sure that they do not keep any of these especially since it is just allegations and not a proven fact. I did not have any intention of stealing.... I do understand that this might be sound like an excuse but I am more than ready to take responsibility for it . I will definitely make sure that I will never put myself in this situation again. I would appreciate a chance to explain though and not be treated like an I haven't slept or eaten anything since this happened. I fell like I want to just sit in my room and never come out of it again. I feel so ashamed and so mistreated at the same time. Now my concern are the letters. I leave in a flat but the whole building shares a mailbox. If the envelope mentions their firm, that would be extremely embarrassing.I do not even see how they are allowed to do this, especially when it concerns alleged and unproven allegations. I have learned from what happened but I actually feel like a criminal now and this feeling is much worse than any fine. I would hate to see my life ruined because of this. Thanks for any help
  4. Hello, i got caught shoplifting from TXMAX, total came to around £45 in goods, they took me to a back room and called the cops, cops checked me. I didn't have any documents just cinema world card with my photo. They took my details, I signed banned paper and after 3 days I had a letter from RLP, I was very scared , so I payed immediately. I don't have anything from the police any penalty, it happened in March. I will apply for next visa, do I need declare this situation? Do I have are record on the police national computer (PNC)"? Do I need to take a criminal record from police? Any help is GREATLY appreciated, and please don't judge, i have learned from my mistakes. Thanks.
  5. Hello to you all. I am a newbie on this forum as well as in the world of labeled shoplifters. And I am utterly terrified. Two days ago I was in a Boots store inside one large shopping centre. Amongst few other things, I have purchased a tub of sun-cream for which I have paid £10.87 (special offer, reduced from £14.50). When I left the store I was stopped by a security guard who noticed that I was holding in my hand another tube of the same cream - tester - which I hadn't paid for. Now, I could (and i did!) go on forever how I totally forgot that I'd had it in my hand (as I was trying it on before deciding to purchase it) amongst other things like newspaper, a bottle of water, etc. - and this is the truth. However, the security would have none of it and had ignored all my appologies and pleads of innocence. Fair enough, after all I did walk out of the store with something I didn't pay for. However, on taking me into the designated room, despite my more than humble behaviour - I was petrified and on the verge of tears / passing out - I found the staff's behaviour rather cruel.They refused to believe me that the item in question was a tester suggesting that i took it out of the box. I didn't. I was also half-mocked by a female member of staff (the duty manager if I understood correctly) who kept saying how the police was coming to arrest me*. Furthermore, that same (and only) female member of staff wasn't present at all times as she went to the shop floor to check the price of the item. The second security guard (employed by the shopping centre rather than Boots) actually commented on it on entering the room. On her return the price of the unpaid for item was entered into a report as £15 - ok. almost the exact price before the special offer deduction. As the only means of identification I had on me were the Boots loyalty (!) card and my debit card, i gave both to the security guard who was noting down all the details provided on those. Did he have the right to do so? I was shocked when they took my picture (both Boots and the shopping centre security guy, one each) and was really given no opportunity to protest, but this seems to be the regular procedure when the premises are issuing you with a ban. Am I right? So, I was given a ban from Boots, and a three months ban from the shopping centre, both papers which I signed without objection. Perhaps I should've questioned everything they've asked me to sign / say, but at the time i was so mortified that I would've given them any information they wanted. Finally, I was given the Notice of Intended Civil Recovery and was informed that the RLP will contact me shortly and ask me to compensate for Boots' loses. I haven't slept or eaten properly since, as I am horrified that: a) my husband will find out. I feel so ashamed that I'd rather sink into the ground - we are about to go on holidays and he works so hard I really don't want to ruin his long-deserved break; b) the letter from RLP will arrive with request for payment much higher than the value of the item in question. I am a new mother who, due to prohibitive cost of childcare, couldn't return to work. c) the RLP letter will arrive in my absence, and the demand for payment will be progressively increasing, as well as the sum of money. d) as I will be away for nearly two months (visiting family), the amassing letters will arouse suspicion in my husband. Do they look rather inconspicuous, or..? e) impending pollice, court orders, baylifs etc. are to come. That would kill me and destroy my family. I would be very grateful for all your answers / help. ps. also, does a ban from Boots mean that as soon as I enter any store I will be recognised? And is this permanent? Should I phone the store manager and appologise? *police were never called
  6. Iwas caught the other day for shoplifting at a B&Q Store. I have a few questions maybe you can help me. Firts of all no police was called. I only took a part (blade) from a whole machine becouse I was need it desperately and they do not sell spares for that machine. I gave the blade back and offered to buy the whole thing (L49) But they refused. I gave my driving licence and they made a copy, and I signed a paper, accepting they banned me. They banned me, but can I go back to their stores? What is going to happen? Is it going to give me a criminal record? My old address is on my licence, but will they contact me?(becouse I have to ask who lives there to give me the letter) Anyone with a same stoy? What happened? Please tell me whats up, im a tradesman and I never did that before.
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