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  1. I am taking ex-employer to an Employment Tribunal for age and disability discrimination. Up until 2 weeks ago they were adamant that I was not going to get a penny from them and they have engaged a very expensive lawyer. They had denied all allegations of the existence of documents that contained discriminatory and offensive remarks, documents which I had seen and knew existed. However, at the Preliminary Hearing in December their lawyer was put under pressure by the judge and eventually conceded that the respondent did not deny the existence or contents of such documents. The judge subse
  2. Hi I bought a car from Approved Car Finance in 2008 for around 6k, Back then I couldnt afford it and it got repossessed (illegally according to Stephensons Solicitors). The Funding Corporation took me to court, Back in those days there was no websites like this to help so I hid my head in sand and lost.... I had the odd letter from them, a year or so later a solicitor sent a nasty letter which I wrote back with a load of complaints, I trying to rebuild my life, as my wife passed away a few years back I met a lovely lady and we started a family together
  3. In para 69 of the Supreme Court ruling in R (on the application of UNISON) v Lord Chancellor [2017] IRLR 911 SC the Judge stated "The case also illustrates the fact that it is not always desirable that claims should be settled" Would it ever be possible to argue that a particular case shouldn't be settled because it holds Public Interest? I noticed he didn't state it as a ruling but in passing Please, if there is a Case Law, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  4. I have a joint account overdraft debt (First Direct) from 2005 which has been on my Payplan DMP since 2011. The current DCA (Arrow Global) appointed Restons Solicitors who sent Claim Forms to both me and the other party, my ex. Payplan sorted my reply offering £1 per month. I didn't realise that my ex needed to send Acknowledgement of Service and I told him, wrongly,that I had it sorted with my DMP. The claimant rejected my offer and the court issued me a judgement by determination for £20 per month. My ex was sent a judgement by default. (The amounts on the two judgeme
  5. Hi Caggers I have spent a long time reading through old posts and have a headache! My situation is thus. I have approximately 80k of old CC and OD debt mainly on accounts started 2000 to 2006. some possibly a bit later. I fell into arrears etc in 2010 as a victim of the 2008 crash! ( I held on as long as I could) all of these debts are now off my credit rating file except for one which is with cabot from a Barclaycard that was taken out in 2000 and should have defaulted in 2010 along with the others which barclaycard have sold and closed and cabot is still marking my f
  6. My son has a personal injury claim originally valued at £20k. The solicitor was working on a 25% no win no fee basis. however, a few months ago he found out that the solicitor had failed to advise at the outset that he could have had union backing, so it was agreed they would discount the 25% fee etc. The matter should be going to trial in circa six months, but the soilicitor has now written advising that he wishes to offer the defendent the opportunity to settle for £8k pursuant to CPR 36. This is a 60% reduction on the claim value which doesn't seem right to me.
  7. In January of this year, I was hit by another car that drove between two lanes of traffic to overtake me from the left. The car pulled out in from to me, lifting my car off the ground and damaging the front side panel and bumper. In doing so they damaged all of the side of their car. Their damage to their car starts at the top higher up and then drops down. There were no witnesses to the accident , but there are photographs of the damage, which I believe support my case. The other driver has claimed that I overtook them from the right, in doing so that I mounted
  8. Hi. I took a loan out with Avantcredit August 2015.. stupid idea! I pay 125 a month and the balance has only gone down by £300! The interest is so bloody high.. my own fault I know, but I had an urgent need for it and my credit wasn't the best so I was unable to get any better deals.. my credit union have agreed to clear this loan for me (I will pay my credit union monthly which MUCH less interest) however they will only make payments on my behalf via BACS/Bank transfer. Advantcredit are being difficult saying they won't give me their account number or s
  9. Hi there. I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault last night. They reversed their car into their drive and didn't see me as I was driving past and swung out into my car. There was a witness who saw it all. I haven't informed my insurer yet but have already received a text message from the other party's insurer: 'Admiral ref.******* - We are sorry to hear you have been involved in an accident with our insured. We would like to help with any damage caused to save you claiming with your insurers, paying an excess and we will also supply a free replacement vehicle to
  10. I was a customer of scottish Power for a very short time and they failed to send a final bill upon leaving them. they did, however send the debt collectors round to an address some 300 miles away that had no association with mine and failed miserably in getting the address removed from my data and couldn't be bothered to send me a bill at my correct address. When I got the Ombudsman involved they still dragged their heels for 6 months and still did not produce a proper bill, just a letter demanding payment for nearly 3100 more than the actual amount that would be due. they didnt tell the
  11. I'm posting this regarding one of my friends situation I'm trying to see the possibilities. If I understand correctly, an EU national have to live in UK for 5 years to be settle (without studying, just working or self-sufficient) in this case UK needs to stay in EU for another 5 years (5 year qualifying period). And if the referendum in 2017 will decide "out", then my friend will stop having right to reside in UK and thus will not be able to meet the conditions above?
  12. Hoping someone can offer some guidance. Am in the processing of a claim for constructive unfair dismissal, and having finally received the respondents response, it is evident that they may falsify documents, i.e. produce letters that have never been sent! If I am right, and they do this, is there any way of proving they've been falsely produced, and were never sent?
  13. Hi Hope someone can help me with this problem with RSA. I own three English Bulldogs and have done for 4 years, the first two were bought as a security measure after many years of being told by Family and even the police to get a big dog as they are the best security. Last year for the first time I bred the two girls - prior to this I had not - some puppies went to family & friends and the rest were sold, I have not bred them again and have no plans to. I was burgled in November 2014, someone came in the back door and stole valuables from the kitchen & adjoini
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm in a bit if a sticky situation. I was on my way to work from a fairly busy railway station to a central London train station. The station I was traveling from has Oyster Card barriers, however, on that day they happened to be open. I have a pay as you go Oyster Card and tapped on the barrier. Now, as far as I'm aware the barrier didn't give the usual message of "Seek Assistance" - in fact I don't remember it giving a message at all. If it had done, i would have turned back around and topped up my card. Thinking everything was ok I traveled to the central london s
  15. Hi there, helping out my father in law. He has 10 creditors and an arrangement to pay set up for 9 of them. During the course of paying the creditors my father in law has received early settlement vouchers. Do I need to contact the debt management company to negotiate early settlement or can I contact each of them individually? Finally does anyone know what a typical settlement % a debt collection agency is likely to take? Thanks Sam
  16. I've had a text and email from Cash Choice today regarding my balance with them. I've already agreed to payment agreement in Feb that started this month at £20 a month but the email states no payment has been made despite their best (HA!) efforts to ensure this happened: I've clear evidence my payment left my account on the 5th of March using FPS to them with the details provided in a text message from their company. As it's been 15 days since the payment has been made I'm surprised they've not added this to my account. Should I go ahead and ignore this email, they are only
  17. Hi Guys, need some guidance here, I'm looking to settle a silly CCJ with a value of 235 pounds. it from 2009. It was posted against me via the Northampton court. I have no paper work relating to this, well maybe I had back then but I don't have it any longer. I don't remember when was this posted or by whom. I really want to turn this around quickly, also how does it work do I pay the court? and what if the company that filed the CCJ is no longer in business, after all we are talking about 235 pounds, I thought that CCJ would be issued by debts over 350 pounds.
  18. I am wondering if anyone is knowledgeable in the making a full and final offer or accepting a p art 36 offer which was made a few months ago and the time has passed to accept, so it will now be withdrawn(?) Could you please advise the best way forward? I am now in a position to be able to settle, but I don't know how to start the process, because the OC had made a p36 offer. I am unsure if the offer still stands because it stated it would be withdrawn if I didn't accept in the stated period. I was not in a position to accept at that time and because of illness and other issues, I did no
  19. Hi- Its my first time here and would really appreciate some advice. Last year I took out a 12 month gym contract at my local gym. When I signed up I explained to the membership person that I was potentially going through a break up and would not be able to afford to continue the membership if this happened. They agreed to relook at the membership should that happen and that they could possibly help with me not being tied up for 12 months. This break up then happened and I cancelled my membership as I couldn't afford it on my own whilst trying to keep a house over mine and my sons head. Since
  20. Hi Guys , i really hope you can help. What can i do next in terms of the debts below? is it still possible to send off letters asking for credit agreements or is that not longer effective? can i settle? ive tried before but they all want 50-80%. i can just about afford 20 tops Credit Cards Arrow global ltd default since feb2012 Owe 4,610 Currently paying 30 pm hfc bank HSBC credit card - took card out jan 2007 Default since june 2008. OWE 6120 pay 20pm 1st credit - default since oct 2008 owe: 10,400 paid nothing since oct 2008 Apex credi
  21. Hi Folks.... Briefly - I'm in debt to the tune of around 40k on credit cards - after a long illness, including heart bypass depression etc etc - I've received a settlement from my company and have around 20K to spend settling the above 40k. The debts haven't been serviced now for over 2 years - strangely now I have some cash in my account at long last - I am receiving letters from DCAs including but not limited to; capquest; raven; arrow; drydensfairfax... Spectacularly - I have had 3 letters drop through my door today; is that to put me off any last minute shopping? What
  22. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. HSBC is expected to pay more than $1.5bn (£933m) in fines to US authorities within weeks to settle money-laundering investigations into its business. The bank could be fined the sum as early as next week as part of a settlement with federal prosecutors, according to reports yesterday. HSBC has put aside $1.5bn to meet the cost of the fines, but admitted at its latest results presentation that the eventual penalty could be “significantly high
  23. Royal Bank of Scotland could be fined up to £300m later this year to settle allegations traders sought to manipulate the libor interest rate, according to reports. The British bank is said to be in talks with the Financial Services Authority in the UK and the Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the US, The Financial Times reported. Stephen Hester, the chief executive of RBS, warned in the summer that the state-owned bank was one of several global lenders being investigated over the alleged manipulation of an interest rate used as the benchmark for billio
  24. Citigroup has agreed to pay $590m (£373m) to investors who allege they were misled about the scale of the bank’s ownership of troubled mortgage debt before the financial crisis. The class-action suit, which was filed in New York in 2009, accused Citi of employing a “CDO-related quasi-Ponzi scheme” to conceal the growing risks on its balance sheet from the mortgage-backed debt and collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) it owned. Citi told the investors that the CDOs had been sold when, in fact, the bank still remained liable for any losses the products suffered, the lawsuit claimed. The s
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