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  1. Royal Bank of Scotland is expected to reveal plans to pull out of up to 20 countries this week as it unveils losses of as much as £8bn. According to the Sunday Times, new chief executive Ross McEwan is set to launch a five-year cost saving programme, called Project Cook, which is expected to save the bank up to £3bn a year. More: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/news-and-analysis/mortgages/rbs-to-pull-out-of-up-to-20-countries-and-set-to-post-8bn-loss/2007050.article
  2. Hello Forum! this is my first post so here goes. My student account was recently changed to a graduate account in august 2013. last month 16 November - 15 December i went over drawn 4 times. 25 nov - £28.83 4 Dec - £64.76 11 Dec - £140.32 12 Dec - £187 each time incurring a charge of £25. I was not aware that these charges would be taking place until i received a letter notifying me that on 6th january they will be taking £100 from my account. after calling HSBC they notified me that since this letter went out i have received a further £150 in charges for ex
  3. I have been reading through some of the posts and I must say you are all so helpful. I wonder if someone could help me please. I owe £4k to Birmingham Midshires in arrears for my mortgage. A suspended possession order was taken out in January this year. I was working but in April the contract came to an end - my Father also became ill and 10 days later he passed away. I was not in right frame of mind through the summer months to find work etc. I told BM this and kept them involved as to what was happening. I am now back at work - as soon as I told BM this they executed the SPA
  4. Good afternoon all We have periodically received letters chasing a £1084.24 debt for Lloyd's tsb. The debt was either an overdraft or credit card and is appx 8/9 years old. Latest letters from Lowell's and Hamptons which threatens to pass to Fredrickson international Ltd who will apply charging order, warrant of execution etc. What should I do? Also we had failed IVA with debt free direct appx 7 years ago and other than annual statements from one creditor, Tesco we have heard nothing. We owed around 5 creditors appx 40,000. Should I worry?
  5. Hello. I am currently in an IVA (4th year now) I have recently opened a basic account with the new TSB. One of my creditors is Lloyds. My wages have not been paid in yet. I am wondering if my money will be safe there now that the bank is now a separate bank within Lloyds until next year. Their (TSBs) new terms and conditions state that the offset right will no longer apply to accounts outside TSB and vice versa. Does anyone know if this is correct and if my money will be safe. Thanks.
  6. Hi All , I have just received a statutory demand from Lovell via BW legal stating that they have bought a debt from Lloyd bank . I have always denied owing this amount to Lloyds(£3000) and asked them to take me to court to argue it . this so called debt incurred as they decided to cancel my overdraft . I came to an agreement to reduce the overdraft by £50 per month initially and was managing fine , then they changed the rate of repayment to £100 per month which I could not manage and assigned some ludicrous amounts in overdraft excess fees to my account and debi
  7. Hi I defaulted on my LloydsTSB Mastercard back in late 2008 (I lost my job of 15 years a few months before), I paid the minimum £1.00 a month until summer 2010 when my debt was passed on to Robinson Way and i've continued to pay them £1.00 a month and still do. During this time I was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Type1 Diabetes and a few other things (Leg amputated) and am surviving on only sickness benefit. My local LloydsTSB which is literally about 50 feet from my front door has recently been converted to a TSB branch I decided to take the plunge and apply f
  8. I think I am right in thinking that you cannot place a claim in advance for JSA, fairly sure of that ... (?) but if someone is moving area and knows the date they will be moving in to their new home are they able to place a claim for housing benefit from that moving date giving the date in advance? Reason being someone I know is due to move in 2 weeks and has the money for the deposit and rent in advance for the first months rent but then will have no money at all for the next months rent so we are worried that the housing benefit will not be processed in time for it to have st
  9. Hi all, I am owed money by a client and she is "declining" to pay. The payment was due three months ago and although there is a signed contract they are refusing to pay up. I want to take them to Court, but they are playing silly buggers and as they go in and out of the country I am concerned that they will get any judgment against them set aside on the basis that they were not here to defend it. (I know I can fight the set aside, but this is dragging on forever. ) So far she has had the Letter Before Claim, which she replied to by email on the last day specified in my letter and
  10. Hello all! My question is, if I make a claim for PPI against a credit card that I defaulted on back in 2006, that is still with the OC, are there any arguments that can be raised to prevent them off-setting any settlement sum against the outstanding debt? I haven't paid or acknowledged the debt by the way. All thoughts appreciated! Figgydoody.
  11. http://www.dnaindia.com/money/1905975/report-jp-morgan-set-for-13-billion-dollar-fine-over-risky-mortgage-backed-securities
  12. Hello, would like some advice if possible... I had a current account with Halifax, which had a direct debit going out each month. I opened a savings account and transferred most of the money into that. I moved to a different address and forgot to change my address with them as I was really busy studying. I later found that my direct debit wasn't being payed, and that the current account had gone into overdraft which I was getting charged for. I found out that they had taken the money from my savings account to pay off the charges they had given me and then close
  13. Hi all, Very long story short - I received a CCJ as the claimant sent the forms to the incorrect address. This was paid within a month of the judgement - however I was not sure whether it was within a month or not. So as I was applying for a new mortgage in the short term, I applied for it to be marked as satisfied, but also took action to have it set aside. The court took their time after supplying the information to set aside, but then I phoned the court to tell them that I wanted to cease the action to set the CCJ aside, as it was no longer applicable. They asked me to email them
  14. I have a hearing on Tuesday for a set aside for a CCJ from a company called Westcot. They applied for A CCJ last year that I only noticed on my credit report earlier this year. The CCJ was recorded at my old address which I moved out of 6 years ago. My defence is that I never received any paperwork, no court letters or default notices from the original creditor who are called Provident and also that they had access to my credit file so would have known that I moved as my new address had been showing for some time as has my registration on the E Roll. I haven't had time to SAR provid
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23791252
  16. I'm trying to complete forms 6.04 and 6.05 to have an SD set aside. I just wanted to double-check a couple of points if that's ok: 1. What do I put as the title on the forms? I assume it needs one as it has (TITLE) stated at the top 2. on form 6.4 do I need to put anything in the date, time and place fields (as below): attend before the Registrar/District Judge as follows:– Date Time hours Place 3) On the section below, is this my name and address needed? (d) State the names and addresses of the persons to be served The names and
  17. Hi, Its been a while since I have needed some advice thank goodness! Right cut to the chase... In 2007 a CCJ was entered by Neslon Guest on behalf of LTSB which I managed to get instalments of £50.00 PM. They then went for a charging order on my property at the time, I went to court and it was discharged as no paperwork, lies etc.. In Feb 2010 it was then Set Aside. Removed from registry trust etc. So I lowered my payments to them to £1.00 PM as a gesture of goodwill and to stop further enforcement. I have now received a letter from Wescots with no Claim Number and (fo
  18. Read the small print: Credit card user sets his own limit – then sues bank for closing account Dmitry Argarkov, 42, scanned the agreement into his computer, changed the terms of the contract and returned it to the lender... and they failed to notice Always read the small print. It’s a rule most of know and most of us ignore – and one often thrown back at borrowers by banks facing complaints about their terms and conditions. Dmitry Argarkov, a Russian who was sent an unsolicited letter offering him a credit card, has turned the tables, however, and struck a blow for ban
  19. This in relation to another thread I have but just running an idea through my head. Say someone is issued a judgement and later a charging order. 5 years later they discover that the claimant had no right to issue the summons because the debt wasn't legally assigned to them. Obviously the judgement can't be set aside but in theory could the defendant point this out to the claimant with a demand for payment equal to the judgement, which if not satisfied ie by clearing the debt/charging order, the defendant then issues a new summons for the same, on the grounds of fraud by the claimant (le
  20. Chancellor George Osborne is set to announce plans to begin selling off the Government’s shares in Lloyds Banking Group. The Sunday Times reports Osborne will use his Mansion House speech on 19 June to reveal how much of the Government’s 39 per cent stake in the bank will be sold off. The Financial Times says the Treasury is considering a sale of 10 per cent of its stake before the end of the year. Estimates suggest the total stake is worth around £17bn. Under the plans, the public will be offered discounted Lloyds shares at the same price available to institutional investors such as pens
  21. The parliamentary commission on banking standards is set to recommend splitting up the Royal Bank of Scotland into a good and bad bank. The BBC reports that a draft final report, given to members last Friday, calls for RBS to be split in the same way as Northern Rock was in 2008 with toxic assets separated from the profitable part of the bank. Commission members have until next Monday to make amendments and the final report is set for publication on 17 June. One commission member has told Money Marketing the paper could change “quite markedly” between final draft and final publication
  22. At the hearing for setting the judgement aside the claimant was unable to supply any evidence and had sent the court documents to the wrong address. My application to set aside was granted. What will happen next? Can I claim the costs I have incurred? Thanks
  23. My situation: Defaulted on considerable debts last year built up to pay for disabled child's care after restructuring at work and an unexpected tax bill. Tax bill being paid in installments until end of next year, takes up all disposable income leaving I got quite depressed and couldn't handle it, but started trying last year and started making token payments to a number of people (once the tax bill is paid it will take ~4.5 years to pay off sizeable creditors). I also told everyone to please not apply for CCJs as a) I have no assets and b) I am an FSA registered person an
  24. Hi after a messy divorce affairs depression and nearly bringing my life to an early end I have finally pulled myself together and I am facing up to my old debts . This is however three years later its taken me a while to feel settled enough to face up to stuff. Upon getting my credit report I have found that I have 2 CCJ's I want to try and get them set aside as obviously these will impact me on getting credit . one is from 2010 the other is from 2011 so they will impact me until 2017 I obviously moved out of my previous address when the judgment's were served back in 2010 and 2011 I
  25. hi all, I found out about a CCJ on my credit file when I was rejected to rent a flat. I traced it and worked out they had written to a previous address and this is why I had no knowledge of it. The debt was from 2007 and for £200. I went to my local court and today was told it would be set aside as I had no knowledge of it. What happens now though? I didnt want to ask the judge as she looked a bit mean! lol. She said they would serve notice again to my new address, what does this mean? Will I get an oppertunity to pay it without it going back to court?
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